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And democracy was born.

"And they cried out again, Crucify him."  [Mark 15:13 KJV]
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Pope + former patriarch of Venice, today archbishop of Milan:


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    I should told about the Intifada/Peasant war going on in Slovenia with clashes and wounded people in the center of the capital, Ljubljana, exactly when the prime minister Ultramontane Janez Jansa was visiting Albania (Italian Jesuit province) in the occurrence of the historical anniversary of independence of this Islamic country. [References]

    But I have no time. Rather I will put under your attention the process of democratic terrorism going on today. Rome and her Islamic allies don't want to erase the opposition with a coupe d'etat, but with democratic terrorism and democratic pogroms. From this point of view my new term World Democratic Government or WDG explains this reality and goes further beyond the usual ambiguous term “New World Order” or NWO which can be used even by Jesuits.

    As demonstrated by the recent event in the U.N., the goal is to create a world democratic majority which will give the 'legitimacy' to wipe away the opponents of her. Democracy is only an ambiguous term in order to hide the rule of the majority: I'm the 50% plus 1 per cent - I'm the god's voice - I'm right to wipe you - the 49% - away from the face on earth. Forget the filthy cosmetic of the unending discourse about the “guarantee-for--minority's-rights”: such discourses are just rhetorical excrement which lasts at the surface of the world only the time needed by their owner in order to pull the washing button and to wash 'em away together with you, the “minority-to-respect”. Stop.

    [added some minutes later: The discourses about the "rights of the minority" are exploited by entities such Vatican and Jesuits and their allies only when they are a minority and their insane goals are clear to all the sane people. They are exploited to infiltrate sane nations and when they've got the power they wipe away any opposition!]

    The referendum called by Nazi-Islam/Islamic brotherhood Mohammed Morsi , in Egypt, [References] is the perfect model of what I have enlisted to you. Not by a coupe with tanks, even if they are very useful, but the final wiping away of heretics must be declared by god's voice aka the voice of the people (the mob?), therefore in a democratic (“democratic” without marks) way. The only thing remained to the Western friends of Islam is to hope that the Muslim Brotherhood will be "used” by the pope to “provoke” the Western world with attacks to Christians in Egypt, and to instigate an “attack” to Islam to “wipe it from earth” (for example). But this hope can perfectly be turned against the same one who hopes in that, as this could be used only to demonstrate that the “Zionism” wants to “subvert” the democratic (without marks) response in Egypt “stirring hate” between 'Christians' [Roman Catholics] and Muslims and therefore Israel is the “cancer of the world”, a world to be spiritually healed “wiping Israel away from the maps” (Pardon! They are very gentlemen and uses the term “...from history”.). Here precisely you have an example on how the same anti-Jesuit positions can be used by the Jesuits the same and recycled in the WDG.

    Not strange so the smell of Western Spring in Europe as the Intifada/Peasant war episode in Slovenia [first actors: Nazi-skins, soccer hooligans and left wing hooligans] witnesses. Instead to consider the protests as a response to the crisis, you should consider the crisis as a mean to drag raging people in the streets and to use the mob (as said by Maozedoong to ride the tiger) in order to crush down the last rests of civilization opposing your plans (= taking back the calendars to the Vatican Middle Age). The procedure is to lower the social level of the Western world in order to be put at the same level of the Islamic one (North Africa) and to import the “Springs” here. For this reason Israel is slowly destroyed, because Nazi-Islam and Rome need of it as the alibi for their global Steel pact. Then Rome needs of Islam in order to destroy the rests of 'Protestantism' (= historical term still valid to term with it the Christians aware of the Satanic nature of Roman Catholicism), with the alibi of the War on Islamic terror in which Protestant countries have been morally destroyed [again Sun Tzu and Islamic tricks] and now are magnificently sinking. At the opposite Islam is aware about the needs of Rome, and exploits it as a form of power in front of Rome, the ally. A bargaining where Islam put himself at the service of Rome's desires [supplying Rome - thanks the demographic superiority - with civilians to be murdered whose blood will destroy the moral superiority of the Protestant and/or Western countries], and at the same time uses this to gain every day more field in the enemy's territory (field = the heart of the Western masses). Don't worry if the traditional politic is destroyed, because it must leave space to the direct management of society by Jesuits and Vatican. Of course it will occur not with a priest in every municipality telling directives (in any case we'll see even this), but through the social implementation of the Satanic global Roman Catho-Islamic Steel pact here, in the Western world, a continue Intifada/Peasant war managed by intelligence, military police/EUROGENDFOR, religious orders, Jesuits, Mafia, criminality, psychiatrist caste and so on and so on, nice entities whose common enemy is the “Eternal Jew” and the Bible.

    And now I tell you something I have in mind from years but never told about it. Why the immigration? But this is very simple. Being the international laws based on the canonical law of the Roman Catholic church (isn't the Greek term catholic meaning universal therefore  international?), every immigrate belonging to the WDG coalition now at power in the planet, being this coalition a religious one, this immigrate represents the will of the majority of the planet, in every corner of it. For this reason immigration must upset nations and ethnics, because, for example, in that far away village of Finland where the 1,000 inhabitants are protestant Christian, the arrival of a single immigrate which comes from countries which are religiously part of the democratic majority of the world, represents the material will of the same world majority over the rest of the village, no matter if the immigrate is in that village only one part on thousand.

    Therefore "democracy" (with marks) without the right of independency and secession is less than nothing, is the basis for the Planetary Concentration Camp.

*   *   *

    Ironically the greatest haters of Jews in history have always been at the same time the greatest fans of the methods of those scribes and pharisees who instigated the mob to ask Pilate for the crucifixion of Jesus:

“But the chief priests moved the people, that he should rather release Barabbas unto them.” [Matthew 15:11 KJV]

    And democracy was born. For this reason today the 50% + 1 of the world is instigated to  ask to the Pilate in Rome for the crucifixion of Israel.

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Monday, February 07, 2011

Towards the World Democratic government tyranny

....and again about the psycho war of Nazi Islam and the Vatican to conquer Jerusalem:

Friday, December 7, 2012

Hamas Missle to Destroy the Dome of the Rock?

  ".....While Hamas leadership hides in the underground tunnels, the civilian population in Gaza takes the brunt of IDF strikes; where is fairness, even-handedness and responsibility towards their people here?...."

  [added later: the next step is to see all this linked with the 911 and the eleven years long exposition of the true strategy behind it meanwhile an analogue strategy based on the self-victimization was going on thousand of times heavier and without to be warned - think only the month-before (before 911) "scandalous" walk of Sharon which triggered the Palestinian riot...]


"I should speak about the Intifada/Peasant war going on in Slovenia":

Protests in Slovenia and Ljubljana fighting round the world
From breaking news portals in the neighborhood to the BBC and RT's

First December 2012 at 11:33
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO / STA

It is rare that Slovenia arrives blast news media such as BBC and Russia Today - it has managed to Friday's protest and conflict.

 The protest wave after Slovenian cities and especially police clash with hooligans Undercover in Ljubljana was striking news that is facing many of the world media, supported by many news agencies have also contributed, supplied by the leading trio Reuters - AFP - AP.

BBC: protests against budget cuts
The BBC's Friday night protests in Slovenia ranked first among the news from Europe and give it a prominent place on the entrance portal of the international version of the most resounding news and messaging portal in the world. According to updated news, the news entitled "Conflict Slovenian protesters with the police due to budget cuts."

....etc. etc.


The prime minister of Slovenia Janez Janša in Albania:

Slovenian president accused of “justifying violence”

LJUBLJANA -- Slovenia’s PM Janez Janša, who started an official visit to Albania Wednesday, has accused President Danilo Turk of justifying violence with his statements.

and in:


28. 11. 2012

Slovenian Prime Minister Janša begins his visit to the Republic of Albania


Above imge - an attempt of a Masonic sign with right hand below the suit? URL:

"....The referendum called by Nazi-Islam/Islamic brootherhood Mohammed Morsi , in Egypt,..":

Egyptian president calls for referendum on draft constitution in 2 weeks

 By Associated Press, Published: December 1

CAIRO — Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi called Saturday for a referendum in two weeks on a contentious draft constitution, setting a date for another milestone in the country’s transition to democracy. Widespread disputes over the charter and Morsi’s recent seizure of near absolute power have marred the process and thrown the country into turmoil.


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