Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Hofjuden of the Muftì.

Above image - surreal constructivism as even the atheist Srecko Kosovel would have never dared to imagine appearing in the future, in his the same lands: "Hofjuden of the Muftì". a.D. 2012 ca.

".......What’s happening to the Israelis is shocking, because civilian deaths are always shocking, however for the Palestinian people its 10, 100, or a 1000 times worse..........."

[Moni Ovadia - see References].

    Precisely the price paid by the Nazi-Islam and their Vatican and Jesuit allies in order to murder a Jew with the international consent and pleasure.

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".....But what if the human shields are deployed in the hope that the other part will kill them??......."

Saturday, November 17, 2012

ICON OF EVIL II: "Human Shields".



[Moni Ovadia, Jewish theatral actor and director from Trieste].
"...Presentation by Moni Ovadia:
“Heartfelt greetings to all the friends of Beppe Grillo’s blog. I’ve already been able to participate on the blog before, and at that time I showed a short film. I’m really happy to be able to come back again.
Naturally, we all understand that this situation in the Middle East, is a catastrophe. There are two levels. First of all, there’s the the situation of the innocent civilians. I have friends in this turmoil: in fact, just this morning I received a message from a friend of mine in Israel saying that a missile went within a hair’s breadth of the house where his little nephew lives and fortunately the toddler was not hurt. I’ve had other messages ... It must be really horribly to be there with the bombs falling all around you. There have been 5 civilian victims .
What’s happening to the Israelis is shocking, because civilian deaths are always shocking, however for the Palestinian people its 10, 100, or a 1000 times worse. ......".

 Above image - one of the "10, 100, or a 1000 time worse" Paestinian victims. Think only to the million and million of dollars arriving in Gaza to the bosses of these Nazi-Islamic 'easy' riders and coming not from the Islamic world, but from your homeland, USAID, Norway, EU budgets, etc. For them it seems that there's no "economical crisis".
From: "The hooligan killers in Gaza supported by the World" - URL:
URL of the pic:

"....Basically, the Israelis have somewhere to flee to, they have a structure, the iron dome that can protect them. The Palestinian people have nothing like that. They have mounds of rubble on top of more rubble. They are suffering in a shocking way: whole families are being wiped out by a single bombing episode. The bombing is meant to be targeted. But there is no targeted bombing. In the end, the true victims are the civilians, above all, the old people, the women and the children.


But Netanyahu and Lieberman don’t have the inkling of an intention to change their policy. Let’s hope that there’s a glimmer of hope in Israeli societyand that in the forthcoming elections they will change their policies The policies are obviously bad for the Palestinian people, who are suffering what they are suffering, by now it’s an endless calvary. But they are also bad for the Israelis because, like this, there’s no future for Israel!" Moni Ovadia....."

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