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The bloody rose [+ NEWS from the KurDARK SIDE of the earth].


".....Turkish army kills 42 Kurdish militants, official says...." .

    The news is of six days ago, 9th November 2012. But the the camera of the mainstream media were as usual absent. 

     As there aren't a disposition images of the facts, I'll put here an image of the recent Israeli bombing of "Palestina":

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    Unfortunately we are not so readily informed about possible casualties among Kurdish children, as we usually are with the Palestinian ones, as well have not so much statistics, numbers, witnesses about the suppression of the Kurdish nation by Turkey, Syria and Iran.
    [It continues below].

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 .....where doc Franci Derganc, a surgeon in the Tito's partisan army, tells in chapter aside,  about the dilemma of doc van Dong, a Vietnamese surgeon doc Franci encountered in the pre-German occupation Paris, a Vienamese surgeon who was part of Ho Chi Minh insurgent Communist army. Precisely when doc Van Dong was asked to kill an hospitalized spy of the French occupation forces. He refused for his oath and for the rest of the life will be obsessed by that dilemma and will consider himself a person not able to defend the proper opinion. The spy of the Frenchmen was then killed by another Vietnamese doctor of Ho Chi Minh services with an injection of infected pus from the wounds of another Vietnamese hospitalized in the same hospital cause the torture inflicted by the French occupation forces.

And now:
------------------------------NEWS from the KurDARK SIDE OF THE EARTH:

 A reason for which the Kurds don't appear in the mainstream media is probably due to the fact that all the camera and journalists  of the world are concentrated in Gaza, the concentration camp for the television troupes:

 1) Are the "anti-governative" rebels of Syria coordinated with their "enemy", Assad, in a joint provocation aimed to drag the Syrian fire on the Kurdish villages? From this point of view, the recent clashes between the Syrian and Turkish armies could hide a secret coordination in the use of the "rebels" ' provocation as alibi to finally liquidate the Kurdish question....:

"...."I don't want the rebels in my town," the 25-year-old Kurdish man laments. "Why would I want Assad's planes to come and bomb us? I don't want Assad, nor do I want the rebels."
His is a familiar sentiment among refugees from Ras al-Ain, a mixed Arab and Kurdish town on Syria's border with Turkey that was dragged into Syria's civil war last week with the arrival of rebels fighting to oust President Bashar al-Assad.....
 By Jonathon Burch

CEYLANPINAR, Turkey | Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:51am EST...."


      "....I don't want Assad, nor do I want the rebels.....". You can exercise the faculty of speculation about various dynamics of hidden coordination between the two fronts of war in Syria. As the Arab monarchies of the Gulf are every day more on the side of Beijing it is not difficult to imagine how they will satisfy certain Chinese desires in the managing of the "anti-Assad" rebels in Syria. 
    And I just told months ago my vision of the facts: Kurds must be liquidated as they could break the Islamic continuity in the Middle East.

 2) Bombing the autonomous Kurdish region of Iraq. Never forget that Turkey and Iran jointly operate against the Kurds. But also for this the media troupes and mainstream media are present in those areas like the rain in the desert:

Wednesday, 14 November 2012, 02:32 GMT

Wave of bombings kills 17 people across Iraq

"..The deadliest explosions took place in the disputed northern city of Kirkuk. In the first attack, a parked car bomb exploded near the offices of a Kurdish political party, then another bomb went off as police and rescuers gathered, a police officer said. Such double bombings are a common insurgent tactic. Five members of a security unit from the nearby Kurdistan self-rule region were killed and four were wounded, officials said. ..."


      Evidently it is better to keep hidden such terrorist attacks. To accuse the enemy of Iran would result in a grotesque failure, as Iran and Turkey are well engaged in the suppression of the Kurd nation in his territory. With the complicity of the "pro-Palestine pacifism":

Turkish army kills 42 Kurdish militants, official says

 By Jonathon Burch
CEYLANPINAR, Turkey | Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:51am EST

(Reuters) - Turkish air force jets and attack helicopters pounded Kurdish militants along the border with Iraq and Iran for three days, killing 42 militants, the local governor's office said on Friday.


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