Friday, November 30, 2012

The Big Two.


Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. [Mat 5:17 KJV]

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[note: I added 24 hours after the publication some captions below the images - read 'em]

#1 Uh a very disturbing pic! This is the pope 'enemy' of Shia Iran, who goes in Lebanon to kiss and slap the shoulder of the 'enemy' Shia-IRAN controlled Hizbullah! [caption added 24 hour later after the publication of this post].
#2: above image: The Father of the Big Two. Twin Towers burning on 911 [I added this caption 24 hours later as I don't see anymore the image and I know that they often obscure some of my images because too much explicit]
#3: .........and here the rests of a burning Serbian church. Muslim of Kosovo pissing on the ruins of Serb-Orthodox church + friend taking image of the corageous act. This is a famous image which was submitte in this blog to various attempts of cancelling. But as it doesn't involves Ustasha, it seems that it also don't involves the attention of the "anti-Jesuiters" [caption added 24 hours later]

#4: Nazi-Islamic, terrorist, multi-millionaire and gambler of his the same people,  Yasser Arafat (largely known by some of his the same people as "Ali i Baba and his 40 thieves" (see Mr Hamdouni) with wife. Why the ones who exposes the Vatican and the Jesuit order don't expose also the gran Muftì of Jerusalem involved in the Holocaust? Probably are they just jumped on the vessel of the next winner of this world war, the Islam side of the Roman Catho-Islamic Steel pact? [caption added 24 hours later]

This is the Nazi-Islamic Haradinaj, responsible for the murder of many Serbs in Kosovo. Released by the ITCY. In the same days of the defeat of Israel. Of the Nazi-Islamic coupe d'etat in Egypt, of the victory of Nazi-Islamic Hamas ("palestine"...) at the by-anti-jesuiters soooo hated U.N. Of course "anti-Jesuiters" are very friend of the Muslims and will do any effort to demonstrate that the true responsible of the alleged Haradinaj's crimes is still SJ Pietro Tacchi-Venturi who gone in the future using the  DeLorean DMC-12 of doc. [caption added 24 hours later after the publishing of this post]. 


    Now expect the Big Two

    After the international Nazi-Islamic accuses to Israel for having poisoned Arafat;

    after the release of a Nazi-Islamic criminal of Kosovo;

    after the moral victory of Nazi-Islamic Hamas on Israel;

    after the Nazi-Islamic coupe d'etat in Egypt;

    after the re-election of the first Catho-Islamic president of America, cannot turn the head from the other side because you have no more excuses. 

    Now it is the good moment for a traumatic event to trigger a global pogrom against Jews:

 "...Call for Nazi-style “Jewish list” in Hungary...."

  The deceptive division between Sunni and Shia has worked well. An attack with a mass assassination of Muslims now, preferibly together with Roman Catholics losses, maybe during Christmas time, is the perfect ultimate event to fulfil  the dreams of Satan. 
    Everyone who hates Jews and Christendom hopes it to happen. Because it is Jesus the same to tell you that His roots are planted in the Judaism. Not in the Vatican nor in Prussia. Even if the destruction of Protestant Prussia was one of the most important steps of Satan to destroy Christendom in the last 1,000 years. To destroy Jesus' message you must destroy Judaism. To destroy Judaims you must destroy Israel. But this is not a conventional war. As the Reign of Jesus is not of this world, so the war against Israel is not of this world. As the Jewish prophets since long are no more, this is a war not against an army.  It is fought through the military, but is not military one. It is a war against the soul and is a war against the truth. Is not a war fought with tanks and missiles, but a war fought with lies. You need only to provoke your enemy to cause many victims among yours, and to use your weapon, the lie, saying you are sorrow for them meanwhile in your heart you have the hapiness of Satana for the innocent poured blood.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

And now rehabilitate Adolf Eichmann. [+ Barry Chamish bonus]

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