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    It remains to understand which is the true object of this bargaining revenge. See Cameron in these days in EU institutions.....

 Above four images - "By 1991 – a year after Pope John Paul II made him Knight Commander of St. Gregory the Great in honour of his charity work – Mr. Savile had bought and sold 17 new Rolls-Royces, telling a BBC psychiatrist it would be easier to sell a new car if he had to move abroad quickly with little money." - URL:
 [(third image) he is exhibiting a British royal award.... not the Roman Catholic one...And in the black and white picture (second image) there's a not well identified medal. On the top (first image) his the true Knight Commander of St. Gregory the Great medal. Uh yeah, for the pic with David Icke, you'll see it later,... in References as usual (fourth image).].

    Jesuits' motto N° 1:  "Use and throw away":

 Above image - "....Lombardi tells BBC bestowal of papal knighthood to Jimmy Savile was a mistake....".


    Jesuits' motto 2: Roman Catholic church never does mistakes. Others do. It is just thanks to the mistakes of the others that we could survive 2,000 years of history. Amen.

Above image #2 - URL1:

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    2007: the scandal of the BBC documentary on the pedophilia in the church of Rome shakes Italy, the new (Second) Pontifical reign:

".....Politics and tv - The controversyVideo of Church and pedophiliaIt breaks the  case SantoroThe journalist wants to broadcast from Rai the investigation of the BBCThe CEI: garbage. From Viale Mazzini, there is still no yes
TOOLSPRINTABLE VERSIONThe more readSEND THIS ARTICLEROME - "Sex crimes and Vatican ', namely' Sexual Crimes and the Vatican ', is a' TV investigation of 39 minutes. Michele Santoro wants to buy to build around an episode of "Annozero" never vertices Rai [public television broadcast company] for now they have not authorized. "Avvenire", the bishops' newspaper, yesterday on the front page called the documentary stuff "from the garbage can." So, before anyone decides to put on air the Church feels that the work is a disgrace and the battle would be hard. The tsunami that already reigns in Rai no one has yet taken place. Neither Marano, director of RAI-2, according to which Santoro does not depend on him, nor Di Bella, director of TG3, which is responsible for "Annozero" only for a level playing field pre-election.Everything, therefore, in the hands of the Director General Cappon. To transmit the movie involves a serious accident with the Vatican, prohibit the acquisition means send Santoro in the trenches: the journalist may denounce censorship live. Third ways no one can see, the case is ready. The issue we are talking about is the terrible violent pedophilia of some priests in Ireland, the U.S., Brazil. In "Wild Things" the Catholic Church is accused of wanting to cover her ministers guilty of sexual abuse of minors. In particular, the former Cardinal Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI, is accused of having endorsed this policy of secrecy and cover and to have centered in the Vatican each survey.

The video is not new and brings a prestigious BBC, who sent him in October 2006. Now, in the wake of the conflict lay-Catholics, those of "doublethink" portal of Sicilian friends Beppe Grillo, decided to subtitle "Wild Things" and upload it - earlier this month - on Google Video. Result: You seen the movie for days at that site. The thirty-nine minutes more reminiscent of the style of Michael Moore, aggressive and with a thesis to prove, rather than the equidistance of the Anglo-Saxon journalism. The conductor is Colm O'Gorman, a victim of the violence of a Irish priest in 2002. Gorman moves in the U.S. for Father O'Grady, who confessed to the process of raping thirty boys and girls and then in Brazil and California with other stories of priests and sexual abuse.But the burning heart of the documentary about the "Crimen sollicitationis", a document of 1962, in which - according to the BBC - the Vatican stated "how to silence allegations of sexual abuse," "forced victims, priests and witnesses in strict secrecy under pain of excommunication. " And here's the point: "Joseph Ratzinger, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, imposed for 20 years in respect of" Crimen '"and issued a sequel, according to which' every accusation was examined only in the Vatican." The documentary concludes: "The Vatican has not responded to requests for interviews." Future retorts: "Everyone wants to consoles as before the Catholic vitality documented last Saturday in Piazza San Giovanni." Then begin the corrections, "" Crimen Sollicitationis "is a statement issued by the Holy Office in 1962 and in that time theologian Ratzinger was still engaged in Germany ... The document was designed to educate the canonical cases and lead to the lay state pedophile priests involved in atrocities ... forced anyone know of a use of the confessional for sexual abuse to report it all, on pain of excommunication ...Ratzinger, later became Prefect of the Congregation, shall sign a Letter to the Bishops where it is expected that the crime committed by a cleric against a person under eighteen years, and under the direct responsibility of the congregation itself. Sign of willingness to give maximum importance to certain crimes. " Thus: "The slanderers should bow his head and apologize." Michele Santoro, however, would like from "Wild Things" to discuss with fanfare. Its structure has contacted the BBC and there is already a price of video, around twenty thousand euro. As was the case with the "Da Vinci Code," about this video only adds to the curiosity. Historical or morbid.Andrea GaribaldiMay 20, 2007.........".
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    I always doubted about the true reasons for this mega-exposition of the church of Rome for pedophilia. If she is so powerful, why not to hide all? The answer, I just gave it years ago. First they expose themselves as criminal, then they exposes their enemies as criminal too. The psychological effect is overwhelming, and all the ones who once cried against the church of Rome now are making penitence in front of the Roman power.

M't:18:6: But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. [KJV]

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[No, I didn't forget the Nazi-Islamic and Jesuit cannibalistic attack on Israel; I hope to return on it soon]

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...reported in my:


  "....David Icke joined the team of Newsnight, in 1981.......". 

    I'm not insinuating now at any cost that David Icke was too a pedophile. The affair could be more intriguing than a rough epilogue like the ones of a Z series movie. Doesn't it seem that Icke has been silenced on BBC, just to conserve a cartridge to shot in favor of the Roman Catholic church, after the cases of pedophilia of the Vatican would have been digested by media and public opinion? And, in this hypothesis, who did silence him? 
    In other words: who are the masters of David Icke? Who does control him?

David Icke heard about Jimmy Savile being a paedophile, from the early days of his BBC career and said nothing!!!


David Icke’s been boasting recently, how clever he was for revealing that Jimmy Savile was a paedophile back in 2011, and how nobody else believed him at the time. What I want to know is this—how many years ago did David Icke, really know about Jimmy Savile sexually abusing hundreds of children while working at the BBC, before finally coming forward with his story?

David Icke joined the team of Newsnight, in 1981. Esther Rantzen had known about Jimmy Savile’s sexual exploitation and abuse of children, since the 1970′s. How likely is it that in an organisation like the BBC (which is very close knit), David Icke wouldn’t have heard the rumours about Jimmy Savile as well? Not very likely. David Icke has been aware of Jimmy Savile’s child abuse activities, just like all the other prominent BBC presenters. David Icke like the rest of them, chose to say absolutely nothing.
Now this vile, cowardly man who put his own career before the safety of hundreds of children and teenagers, has the audacity to come forward and take ‘credit’ for exposing Savile as a paedophile after his death!!!
Congratulations Mr Icke—You like all the others, have shielded a monstrous serial paedophile from prosecution to save your BBC career and in doing so, you’ve made sure this appalling man was able to carry out the satanic, ritual sexual abuse of as many children as he wanted, for years and years—you should be very proud of yourself!!!
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Lily Mouse said...

Have you worked out why his knighthood medal is in an 8 pointed golden star like that? No one else pictured with their knighthood has that. And I've found images of his medal on the day he got it, it was the same as everyone elses. But when you see him in later pictures it is mounted on that 8 pointed star. Very strange.

avles said...

No I don't know why.