Friday, November 23, 2012

Nazi-Islamic terrorist dawn also in Trieste.


 "Immigration" as alibi for pro-Islam and anti-Jewish parties:

    Typical Islamic-terrorist movements rising also among de-Christianized Westerners:

Above image - from the related article of the Slovenian magazine Mladina [the image is not local, shows rallies in Greece]: "Trieste obtained a neo-Nazi party [like the Greek] Zlata Zora - Igor Mekina  |  13th November 2012"; see References.

Above image - see comment of 18th November 2012 in "ICON OF EVIL II: "Human Shields". " - URL:

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     Blood brothers - Nazi-Islamic riders; better you start to get a weapon, the struggle against immigration is only an alibi. Also here like in America, true Christians, Bible believers, Jews and any kind of not-submitted to the pope human soon or later will face these terrorists:

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Hofjuden of the Muftì.



    Nazi-Islamic terrorism rising in the Western world is not a consequence of the "capitalist crisis", but, at the opposite, the economical crisis is pursued in order to cultivate Nazi-Islamic terrorism. Jesuits owe very much to the Islamic mentality and trickery. From this point of view, Communism, Marxism, etc., will have still a future, as they helps to arise confusion and to present the matter always as "consequence" and not as "goal". Pardon, I forgot: also the radical leftism is a form of Nazi-Islamic terrorism.  

 "Trieste obtained a neo-Nazi party [like the Greek] Zlata Zora - Igor Mekina  |  13th November 2012"


In Trieste was founded neo-Nazi party  Golden dawn and its Italian version by Alba dorata. It was founded by the former head right movement Forza Nuova, 44 - year-old Alessandro Gardossi from Trieste. New party it supported the revival of the Free Territory of Trieste. Gardossi with a new client wants to appear at the next Italian parliamentary elections in the spring next year. Italian Golden Dawn opposes tax saving, sacrifice and restrictive policies. Among its major enemies, banks and bankers, especially those from abroad, especially oppose immigration of foreigners and everything the client does not seem enough Italian, writes the Primorski Dnevnik daily. They are also of the establishment of the Free Territory of Trieste (WTO), which of course also includes the part of Slovenia. Website Italian Golden Dawn was registered on 4 November, members will also be collected through Facebook and Twitter.

What kind of future they want and for which values ​​are committed members of the right, shows the events in Greece, where the "Golden Dawn" is also becoming increasingly important in political and everyday life. Its leaders are not ashamed to like swastika Sun symbol, not the Nazi greetings and does not attack the immigrants who have become their trademark. Police often passive, as in Greece, according to some estimates already 50-60 percent of members of the Golden Dawn policemen. The members of the Golden Dawn instructions even after the police increasingly accept the role of "protectors of people". The popularity of the party while dangerously increasing. Recent opinion polls show that in May this year of the Golden Dawn had a positive opinion of only 12 percent of people today have a positive opinion for 22 per cent of respondents. Party leader Nikos Michaloliakos went on to become an 8 per cent more popular. Golden Dawn has opened an office in New York, where her "swastika" attracted a lot of interest in the plan is also opening offices in Australia and Canada.Popularity customers evidenced by the latest opinion polls. For example, Greek politicians according to opinion polls CAP agencies entrusted only three percent of the population. Left SYRIZA coalition opposing the austerity measures, has the support of 23.1 percent of respondents, slightly more support from 20.7 percent in June. Golden dawn would support 10.4 percent of respondents - June to do the same for 7.5 percent. After some research the other party voted even 12 or 14 percent. Support for New Democracy, which leads the current Greek government, while the CAPS survey fell from 23.6 percent to 20.6 percent. In this two-thirds of Greeks no good opinion of any of the politicians, reflecting the major crisis of confidence in the country. At this state the Golden Dawn continues its "success", one of the last, it was possible to see in Agios Panteleimon, where črnosrajčniki Golden Dawn attacked the Greek journalist Michael Tziarisa, who works for an Internet portal Journalists were on the ground, kicked him and beat him and stole the entire press card, as reported on the racist attacks in the area of ​​St. Panteleimon and painted raging members of that party. Golden Dawn by chasing mainly black emigrants, against attacks and are required to call that "real Greeks" increasingly defended well throughout numerous citizens of Greece, which are members of the Golden Dawn in appearance seem a little too "European". One of the influential Golden Dawn has even threatened that his party, if it comes to power, carried out raids in hospitals and kindergartens in order to kick immigrants from the country and their city would be able to come Greeks. In Greece, a now lives only about 7.3 percent of residents who have roots in other countries, but chauvinism fueled by a severe economic crisis and the fact that Greece has a number of emigrants from Africa, the first European country in which they arrive after crossing the Mediterranean or leaving the African countries.

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