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ICON OF EVIL II: "Human Shields".


Egypt bus crash kills 50 children near Manfalut

    The day after I posted the images of the brains of the Israeli soldiers exhibited by Nazi-Islam assassins???
    The day after Israel destroyed the Hamas headquarter???,0,1404144.story

Please, focus on this excerpt:

".......Next door, unemployed engineer Mahmoud Abu Mohamed, 65, swept up the broken windows of his family home. He was praying at the mosque down the street when the early-morning strike took place. Frantic, he rushed back to check on his wife and children, but everyone was OK.
He had been worried that Israel might strike the Hamas building next door but said his family has no other place to live. Even with all his windows broken, the family plans to stay put......".

    Human shield - definition (by Wikipedia):

".......Human shield is a military and political term describing the deliberate placement of civilians in or around combat targets to deter an enemy from attacking those targets. It may also refer to the use of civilians to literally shield combatants during attacks, by forcing the civilians to march in front of the soldiers. This is done in the hope that the other party will be reluctant to attack them. Furthermore, if the other party attacks these targets anyway, the resulting civilian casualties have propaganda value............".


    But what if the human shields are deployed in the hope that the other part will kill them?? Because the casualties among the civilians do help to conquer the hearts of the world??? In definitive they teach this since the day after the 911. Why it would be valid only for the Americans and Israeli and not valid for Islam? For example someone who is very evil, could gain an enormous profit for Nazi-Islam if a casual Israeli shell would hit the Iranian Finance Minister who  is ready to visit the Gaza Strip ..... And if the Israeli forces would be reclutant to fire that shell, it could be well a shell of Hamas to do the job.... "False shell attack"...

    Human shields must be declared. In the bombing of Belgrade the Italian journalist Santoro participated with a live tv in a deployment of human shields on a bridge of the city in order to protect it from aerial bombing. It was an openly declared operation of human shields. "I warn you, NATO, if you bomb here you kill me". Honest and clear.

    But "Palestine"? Which else government in the world surround his military and civil headquarters with such a density of the population? How please?? "...Palestinian are poor and cannot allow to themselves appropriate military building for their authorities"???.... But you have just admitted that the poverty in "Palestina" is a card that plays at favor of Hamas terrorism, because is the alibi to create a continue not declared scenario where the central role of the Islamic terrorism is the civilian human shield. The human shields must not be declared, because every human reasonable mind would oppose to such a cruel use of the proper population. They must always to appear as "casual victims". How many times did the anti-Fascist partisan purposely drag the fire on the homes of the villages in order to increase the opposition of the local populations? In Slovenia the Nazi-Fascists burned the villages not in consequence of their fire answering the one of the partisan nested among the homes, but as reprisal. Partisan never purposely dragged the Nazi-fascist shells on the villages. But Nazi-Islam does it, and it works, especially if the world mainstream media is at the service of the Nazi-Islam with thousands of television troupes risking the life to show the effect of Israeli shells. But not the one of the Iran's army on the Kurds. Or the one of the Turkish army on the Kurds. Or the one of Roman Catholic Francis I order member Assad against the opposition. The only point to care about is that you never had to declare the civil population "human shields", but always to  create the premises in order to transform the local population in "human shields" in a manner that seems "natural", "not wanted", fruit of the "casual contingency". Million and million and million of dollars and Euro from America and Europe are flying in the cashes of the "Palestinian" authority, and is the salary of Hamas which must kept the Arabs of Gaza fanatized and oppressed, because this is not a war of shells, but a war of souls and the battlefield of Satan against God the Lord.

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illupodeicieli said...

ciao. Sono illupodeicieli: ci siamo conosciuti su CDC nel 2006 e anche via email,sempre sul sito. Oggi ho letto un post su stampalibera riguardante i gesuiti e mi è venuto in mente ciò che tu,già allora, mi facevi osservare. Ho cliccato sul link che avevo nella email che mi avevi inviato e ho scoperto che il tuo blog è ,però in inglese. purtroppo non lo mastico.Mi fa piacere che hai continuato a scrivere e difendere e diffondere il tuo pensiero. Anch'io ho un blog (quello su leo è stato chiuso dal gestore) ma ben diverso dal tuo. Stammi bene. illupodeicieli

avles said...

"....hello. Are illupodeicieli: we met on a CDC in 2006 and also by email, only on the website. Today I read a post on stampalibera on the Jesuits and I came up with what you, even then, you made me look. I clicked on the link in the email that you sent to me and I found that your blog is, but in English unfortunately I don't speak it. I'm glad you continued to write and defend and spread your thought. I also have a blog (the one leo was closed by the operator) but very different from your own. Take it easy. illupodeicieli.......".

avles said...

Don't understand why you can appreciate what I write if you are a Muslim.

avles said...

Patrik Brinkmann, the man who bought the Nazis and took them to Israel
Posted on 14/12/2010 by Miguel Martinez

"The mosques turned into gyms, madrasas turned into nurseries. The patriots fight racial another Great Patriotic War, to defend their homeland, the great Eurasian continent, through preventive offensive, attacking the lands of the false prophet, and breaking the heads of picchiasorelle wearers towels, before those desert rats can infiltrate the lands of the Great Race and touch only the members. And peace will come to all, eternal peace among the children of Adam from his cheeks pink. The lower races will serve the superior race, the master race, paying their tribute through service and respect. The good behavior of the lower races will be imposed by the laws of caste. Thus, the whole world will benefit from the principle Eurasian: who's in charge will be at the top, who serves at the bottom. "

[Patrik Brinkmann, l’uomo che si comprò i nazisti e se li portò in Israele
Posted on 14/12/2010 by Miguel Martinez

“Le moschee trasformate in palestre, le madrase trasformate in asili nido. I patrioti razziali combatteranno una nuova Grande Guerra Patriottica, per difendere la propria patria, il grande continente eurasiatico, attraverso un’offensiva preventiva, attaccando le terre del falso profeta e spaccando le teste dei picchiasorelle indossatori di asciugamani, prima che quei topi del deserto possano infiltrare le terre della Grande Razza e colpirne i membri. E la pace arriverà per tutti, una pace eterna tra i figli di un Adamo dalle guance rosa. Le razze inferiori serviranno la razza superiore, la razza suprema, pagando il proprio tributo attraverso il servizio e il rispetto. Il buon comportamento delle razze inferiori sarà imposto attraverso le leggi della casta. Così tutto il mondo beneficierà del principio eurasiatico: chi comanda sarà in cima, chi serve in fondo.”]

avles said...

To drag the fire of Israeli army on Arab babies is a fine strategy of Nazi-Islam, the same one which pushes all around the Western world pathetic Nazi-Islam stuntman which must play the role of the "persecutors of Muslims".

[Trascinare il fuoco dell'esercito israeliano sui bambini arabi è una strategia fine di Nazi-Islam, la stessa che spinge in tutto il mondo occidentale patetici nazi-Islam stuntman che devono svolgere il ruolo di "persecutori dei musulmani".]

avles said...

GH Bush purposely let murder 3,000 Americans to convince to invade Iraq, Nazi-Islam uses the same America, through his master the Vatican, to kill the proper civilians and to defenitively invade the heart of the Western Catho-Islamized world.

[GH Bush volutamente lasciò ammazzare 3.000 americani per convincere a invadere l'Iraq, nazi-Islam utilizza la stessa America, attraverso il suo maestro il Vaticano, per uccidere i propri civili in modo da invadere defenitively il cuore del mondo occidentale catto-islamizzato.]

avles said...

You are nothing else than the old 'good' Roman empire satanic paganism which persecuted the Christians. As you cannot openly confess this [because you think to deceive God the Lord, but all will be showed to you the day of Judgement], you started to kill in some wars Muslims [by your the same Roman Catholic and Jesuit brothers infiltrated in America], and this "in the name of Judaism", in order only to have the alibi to exterminate Judaism and with it Christendom. Because Jesus Christ was Jew, 3/4 of the Bible is the Old [Jewish] Testament, and the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross by your masters the Romans, fulfilled tens and tens of Jewish prophecies. But till your death you have still an option of Salvation, just believe in Jesus Christ the Savior and that he died for your sins on the cross.

[Voi non siete niente altro che il vecchio 'buono' impero romano satanico pagano che ha perseguitato i cristiani. Poiché non è possibile apertamente confessare questo [perché si pensa di ingannare Dio, il Signore, ma tutto sarà mostrato a voi il giorno del giudizio], havete iniziato a uccidere alcuni musulmani in alcune guerre [dal vostro stesso Cattolica Romana e fratelli gesuiti infiltrati in America ], e questo "in nome del giudaismo", in modo solo per avere l'alibi di sterminare l'ebraismo e con essa la cristianità. Poiché Gesù Cristo era Ebreo, 3/4 della Bibbia è il vecchio [ebraica] Testamento, e con la crocifissione di Gesù sulla croce dei vostri padroni romani, decine e decine di profezie ebraiche sono state compiute. Ma fino alla vostra morte si ha ancora una possibilità di salvezza, solo credere in Gesù Cristo, il Salvatore e che è morto per i vostri peccati sulla croce.]

avles said...

"We [Vatican] created Islam for our goals, in the III century" [Alberto Rivera former Jesuit, reporting a meeting held by SJ Augustin Bea in Vatican in 1960 - meanwhile they were told that fourth degree oath SJ Fidel Castro was too in Vatican]

["Noi [Vaticano] creato l'Islam per i nostri obiettivi, nel III secolo" [Alberto Rivera ex-gesuita, nel suo rapporto di una riunione di SJ Augustin Bea in Vaticano nel 1960 - nel frattempo gli è stato detto che il quarto grado giuramento SJ Fidel Castro era troppo in Vaticano ]]

avles said...

"....So these craftsmen have been forced into debt to die of starvation (ten million), or work on plantations of opium monopoly of the English private company that then ruled India. And with the opium sold to the Chinese, the Company was able to buy armies to fire on the Indians, and the guns that slipped in 1857 the rebels captured, and then shoot them like bullets....".

The English "secessionist" crown is the same who provoked the hunger in Ireland to obey to the Jesuits and to send millions of ROMAN CATHOLIC poor Irish people in the Protestant America (the same did with South Italy starvation). The English Anglican crown ALWAYS conserved the title of DEFENDER OF THE PAPACY and therefore is NOT an enemy but a global PARTNER of the Roman Catholicism and of the pope. India must be starved because India, as well American soil as well United Kingdom BELONG to the Vatican after the 3rd October 1213 Act of Cession (= Indulgence) and was consigned in the hand of Vatican by Churchill just with the end of WWII (see Sonia Gandhi from Vicenza as the most important woman in the world).

avles said...

".... Quindi questi artigiani sono stati costretti a indebitarsi a morire di fame (dieci milioni di euro), o il lavoro nelle piantagioni di oppio di monopolio della società privata inglese che allora governavano l'India. E con l'oppio venduto ai cinesi, la Società è stato in grado di acquistare gli eserciti di sparare sugli indiani, e le pistole che scivolato nel 1857 i ribelli catturati, e poi sparate come proiettili .... ".

L'inglese corona "secessionista" è la stesso che ha provocato la fame in Irlanda per obbedire ai gesuiti e di inviare milioni di CATTOLICI ROMANI poveri irlandesi in America protestante (lo stesso ha fatto la fame del Sud Italia). La corona inglese anglicana SEMPRE conservato il titolo di DIFENSORE DEL PAPATO e quindi NON è un nemico, ma un partner globale del cattolicesimo romano e del papa. India deve essere affamata, perché l'India, come il terreno americano e Regno Unito appartiene al Vaticano dopo il 3 ottobre, 1213 Atto di Cessione (Indulgenza =) ed è stato consegnato nelle mani del Vaticano da Churchill solo con la fine della seconda guerra mondiale (vedi Sonia Gandhi da Vicenza come la donna più importante del mondo).

avles said...

Ac:20:29: For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. [KJV]

[Ac: 20:29: Perchè io so questo, che dopo la mia partenza lupi rapaci entreranno in mezzo a voi, non risparmieranno il gregge. [KJV]]