Monday, November 05, 2012

"Hell is truly an insult to God." [= 'cause ALL Jesuits will burn in Hell for the eternity???]


    As usual i'm using another PC and another internet line as my suddenly ceased to work just after I clicked on this link:

"Link (here) to the British Jesuit's online journal Thinking Faith. The piece is written by Fr. Josep Giménez Melià SJ"


    Yes, the line literally went off like one had cut the physical line. I had also in mind to make later an online order to purchase some KJV Bibles, now I have to dealay it as I have at disposition only a limited time with this PC and this line. 

The ‘Last Things’: Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

Josep Giménez SJ

On this day each year, we observe All Souls’ Day and pray for all the faithful departed.  Jesuit theologian, Josep Giménez discusses concepts of heaven, hell and purgatory, which are often brought to mind on this occasion but can be so difficult to talk about meaningfully.  What form can our discourse about these eschatological topics take?
    Practically Roman Catholicism reveals to be only materlialist atheism hidden under Christian appearance. Therefore it is clear that there's the Jesuit order at the basis of the creation of Communism, Fascism, Nazism, etc., all the modern bloody ideologies. 
    To say that "Hell is truly an insult to God." means that the sin doesn't exist no more, better, never existed and that the church said only lies till now. This is pure relativism. But for the true Christians (not simply 'Protestants' etc.) this, in its turn, is not a novelty, as they know that Rome, her church and his Jesut order, are the Great Whore, Babylon, Mother of all the Prostitutes and Abominations on Earth [Rev 17.5].

    Remember, if the "Hell is an insult to God", the sinner who doesn't repent is a "victim of an insult to God" therefore to make sin become a way "to approach God" [and to destroy the significance of "repentance"]. But also this is not a novelty. Below: Roman Catholic faithful "approaching" God in Croatia during WWII - evidently they were convinced that "Hell is an insult to God" therefore they relied on the 'good will' of (their) God who would have not allowed to be insulted letting Satana to threw these Roman Catholic Ustasha barbarians in Hell as they deserved [and where they now are burning for the eternity]....:

Above image: URL:
"CAPTION (page 303): The Ustasha murderers proudly pose with the cut off head of [Serb] Jovan Blaženović from Drakulić, a worker at the tobacco factory in Banja Luka [Serbian majority town in Bosnia]. The photograph was taken by Stipe Kraljević. The Ustashas in the front row are [Croat] Ante Pezić, [Bosnian Muslim] Meho Cerić, [Croat] Franjo Likavac and [Croat] Marko Kolaković.".

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