Monday, November 19, 2012

I cannot post a comment....


 I cannot post a comment under this video:


Above two images - from the video "SyrianGirl debates FSA on Australian show 'Insight'
" - URL:
    Only after 15, 20 minutes the affair worked. Too late. And here you have, instead a comment, a new post.

    Well, the occasion to see the techniques with which Israel and Judaism is attacked [of course with the same aid of the legion of Jewish collaborationists with Nazi-Islam as Shabtai Tzvi, Masonic labour Zionism etc.] is no more hidden. 

    You must play on the Jesuit/Hegelian plan, which involves the Mass Psychology of Fascism [and Stalinism]. Observe it when is in action. The supporter of the the opposition to Assad is a representative of the mainstream elite, a 'bourgoise', and 'academic'. The supporter of Assad must give the impression of "spontaneous rebellious" youth. The same ones  today protesting "against the banksters" [always "Jewish" banksters of course], with the faces hidden by the masque of a Jesuit terrorist, Guy Fawks. What is the more explicit, Ladies and Gentlemen, if not this spiritual communion between a culture which dresses his babies at the guise of suicidal bombers [explicitly seeking their death as exhibition of Mohammad's preaches of 637 a.D.], there, in Gaza, and a youth culture inside our de-Christianized Western world which adore Guy Fawkes,  the figure of a Jesuit terrorist with suicidal  tendencies?

    Don't know if to look on the other side and to play the deaf  person, is a good idea.

    The concrete implementation of this global stirring up hate towards Israel is well documented at the beginning of the second minute of the political meeting held by the 'pasionaria' of the Jesuit Nazi-Islam:

    This is a Satanic hallucination, things must be decrypted with the true light of sincere hearts. The pasionaria , meanwhile accuses America [and Israel of course!] who "want to suppress the emerging countries like China and Russia", tells you the truth, but in the Satanic  Hegelian reversing of symbols and significance of words. She verily tells you that it is just the Israel and the America [the ones living in their propaganda representations] the true alibi in order to justify the rising of China, Russia, etc. like the new swords of Roman Catholicism [and Nazi-Islam] in the world, no more or less than it did the attack to the Twin Towers which was the alibi to invade Iraq. The attack of Gaza is an alibi for Nazi-Islam to invade the hearts of the Western world with words coming from the sepulchres.

Romans:3:13: "Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips:..." [KJV].

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Un-employed Al Qaeda found second job with [Jesuit-Marxist masterminded] China?

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