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21st November.

 Above image - "London's Soccer 'Yid Army' Crosses Pond - Tottenham Hotspur's Fans Show Off Unusual Jewish Heritage - Published September 15, 2012, issue of September 14, 2012 By Elliot Olshansky" - URL:
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 Above image - radical left wing and radical right wing melted in the Western Nazi-Islam; URL:

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    Very briefly and shortly: some days ago radical right wing soccer holigans of Roma attacked the English ones cause the standard of Tottenham soccer team represents also a David Star:

"....Aggression to the fans of Tottenham anti-Semitism case
Roma's ultras arrested for acts of Campo de 'Fiori. "Heterogeneous group"

 Rome, 22 November (TMNews) - Of the 15 identified after the attack on British fans of Tottenham last night in a pub in Campo de 'Fiori in Rome, 6 were accompanied to the police station Trevi Campus Martius and is under investigation on their responsibilities in' episode of violence. Others, are heard as witnesses. Romanist is a ultras was arrested by officers, accused of drug, which was found during a search.
 Same caution on the matrix: some witnesses, retailers and restaurants in the square, said they had heard choirs with anti-Semitic insults. The curve of Tottenham in fact exposes the Star of David on behalf of the London borough of the Jewish community, where it was founded the club.

etc etc. translate for yourself on G.trannslator.


    Well, what did say the article?

    It said "last night", therefore the attack happened on the day 21st November. Maybe on the first hour of 22nd Nov., but it holds that it is 'near' the 21st

    OK. And what is celebrated on the 21st November? Please, give a look at this my post, from where I'll take two important excerpts.

“….The patron of the Carabineers Army is the Virgo Fidelis.
“Virgo Fidelis” is the title of honour and praising with which the Madonna is invoked during the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary: on the 8th December 1949 pope Pious XII proclaimed officially Mary “Virgo Fidelis Patron of Carabineers” establishing the celebration of the holyday on the 21st November, day of the presentation of Mary at the Temple and of the recurrence of Culqualber battle….”.

 Above image - "Virgo Fidelis"

 "...[Culqualber battle]...
“….East Africa (AOI). Culqualber was the name of an area (a mountain pass) on the road that the British had to necessarily pass through in order to reach Gondar, where Gen. Guglielmo Nasi and his rmaining troops intended to make the last resistance. That place was consequently oraginzed in a stronghold and a very violent battle followed. As reinforcement to the Culqualber stronghold was sent the Primo Gruppo Carabinieri Mobilitato (1st Mobilized Carabinieri Group) that was made up of two nationals companies and one of colonial (Zaptiè) men. This was on Aug. 6, 1941.........
...........At the end, without ammo and only a bunch of Carabinieri remaining alive (more or less half a dozen, IIRC), they refused the last of a very long series of surrender offers from the British and bayonet charged them. As you may understand, a part from some wounded recovered in the caves of the area, nobody survived. But one of those last bayonet chargers indeed surived the last fight: he was Carabiniere Penzo Polluto (awarded the Gold Medal for this and preceiding actions, also those of food, water and ammo procurment), who was found still alive a couple of days after the action (he was firstly believed to be dead) and taken good care of by the British who were able to save his life.
  [the title of my post - above URL - is: Friday, November 28, 2008 - Simply to destroy the innocence (part two)]

    So, seventy one years after, someone thought well to express gratefulness to the British, assaulting and attempting to kill ten English soccer fan. This is the 'free' Europe in which you are living. This is what is waiting for you if you don't bow down to the Roman Catholicism and her daughter, Islam. 

    But what really interests is that the celebrating assault was in contemporary - with a difference of some days, with other facts:

1) anniversary of the anti-Jewish racial law by Mussolini, 15th November 1938; 

2) with the foundation in Trieste of the same Nazi-Islamic ("Nazi") party which now is growing in the favour of the population in Greece - about the same day of the above anniversary; and on 21st November archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi celebrated the Roman Catholic mass for Carabineers in Trieste's cathedral saint Just;

3) with the victory at the US presidential electoral race of the candidate of the Jesuits and of the Muslim brotherhood, Barack Obama;

4) with the nth- Nazi-Islamic cannibalistic attack to Israel;

5) with the coupe d'etat of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt;

    Especially as regard the point #5, I can send you to the page where you can have a more detailed exposition of the facts in six points:

Above image - Mussolini brandishing the "Sword of Islam" in 1937.

Obama and EU’s man i Cairo new Hitler of Egypt



    A last observation. Culcaber battle occured in the East Africa occupied by Mussolini after he was financed by the Vatican:


Above image - the sanctuary for Italian criminal of war Rodolfo Graziani, the head of the mass murder of Coptic of Ethiopia guilty to not bow down to the pope of Rome and to be linked with the tribe of Judah and king Solomon. The Nazi-Islamic sanctuary was paid with public money of the Italian people and inaugurated this summer a.D. 2012.


".......Even Mussolini's attack on Ethiopia on October 3, 1935 was not condemned by the Holy See. Nor did Pius XI restrain the Italian hierarchy from war enthusiasm. "O Duce!, declared the bishop of Terracina, "today Italy is Fascist and the hearts of all Italians beat together with yours."[Cornwell, p.175] ........."

URL: excerpt you can find also in my: 

  Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Luke, 4:7.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Nazi-Islamic terrorist dawn also in Trieste.

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