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".......Entrepreneur on the dome of St. Peter: "enough Monti, enough Europe"
  by: WSI Posted October 3, 2012 | Time 10:24
Marcello Finizio, 47, is still there, waving the banner where it says "enough multinationals." And this is his second climb. WATCH THE VIDEO.
ROME - It is still at the top of San Pietro Marcello Di Finizio, an entrepreneur from Trieste  of 47 years who managed to climb the dome Tuesday afternoon.


".....The camerlengo manages to parachute safely onto the roof of St. Peter's just as the canister explodes harmlessly in the sky. ......"


    Remember that on the 3rd October 1203 United Kingdom was given [via an indulgence] to Vatican [together with "future pertinence", i.e. later America, India, etc.].

   See also Douglas Willinger's:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Something Happening in 2012

    [PS: I hate such cretin theatrics of Vatican which are causing to me a waste of time and energies instead to utilize it for more important and serious topics, due to Jesuits playing with their pope like with a Barbie or Big Jim].
Edited 04 Oct 2012: no, aren't cretin theatrics, but serious manipulations of reality. They should be studied and exposed for what they are, see the connection "reality as prosecution of the storyboard of a film", where for example the film Angels and Demons is only the introduction for a manipulation of the reality where the people and the events are the true stages.

Top post five images:

3) "Trieste with the POPE", contained in my album with the same title, I erased in a moment of depression. It was the center-right junta to express the solidarity to the pope for the protests in the university La Sapienza, where students opposed to his speech. Today in this the same palace there's the once 'centerleft' opposition, practically a Roman Catholic leftist junta....
3)  "Sistema Giudaico-Massone" aka "Jewish-Masonic System", for this statement the member of Ultramontane (anti-Protestant) North League party, my school mate at lower level school Polidori, was reported for having broken the international law on racism by Jewish lawyerman Kostoris, URL:
4) Marcello Di Finizio, the 'parachuted' (camerlengo?) on the saint Peter dom - URL:
5) avles beluskes aka edoardo roncelli/Rončel.

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