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Spain not like Norway


Above image - "mercury & money" a perfect symbol of the Jesuit/Vatican control of WWII carnage - URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pound-coin-floating-in-mercury.jpg
From the page on mercury at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercury_%28element%29

On the pretext that Norway needed protection from British and French interference, Germany invaded Norway for several reasons:
  • strategically, to secure ice-free harbours from which naval forces could seek to control the North Atlantic;
  • to secure the availability of iron ore from mines in Sweden, going through Narvik;
  • to pre-empt a British and French invasion with the same purpose; and
  • to reinforce the propaganda of a "Germanic empire".

URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occupation_of_Norway_by_Nazi_Germany

    See how it continues the Jesuit controlled propaganda on the WWII, divided in the Jesuit fractions of the symphatizers of Hitlers and the opponents of it ("democrats"), where the invasion of Norway is openly claimed to have been realized also cause the control of the routes of raw materials and the sources of it, meanwhile the sources of mercury, even more important, have not been touched by the Jesuit Nazis. At the opposite, with an astounding contradiction, instead to invade Spain and to cut off the supply to Russia and Western allies with mercury, Hitler did invade Russia in order to let Stalin to kill as much Protestant Wehrmacht soldier as possible with the Jesuit supllied Spanish mercury.  

    [....and to perform the Holocaust of Jews and the extermination of other 'heretics', liberal Catholics, Orthodoxies, etc., it is clear]

    Of course in the middle there it was the role of Italy who was occupied in 1943 also in order to control the source of mercury for Germany. It is evident that Hitler and Himmler, had good arguments in front of the Wehrmacht in order to distract the attention from Spain, as the Fascist Italy was never a certain ally and in the case of German invasion of Spain Italy could have been turned the back to Germany, a nightmare for Germany in the period before the Italian capitulation and especially as regard the back front of Operation Barbarossa, that occupied Yugoslavia and its Italian popish generals (and criminals of war) like Mario Roatta always tempted by an alliance with monarchic Serb Chetniks and Churchill's London....
    Therefore it is evident how Hitler and Wittelsbach's Himmler were controlled by the Vatican/Jesuit control of all fronts of war, not only the political ones but also the economical and industrial ones:

"......In 1932 the Jesuits purchased the Italian mines of mercury and till some years ago they controlled nearly all the world market of mercury.
     In the second world war the Jesuit order supplied both fronts of the war with this mineral so important for the industry of the weapons. The Spanish companies supplied the allies and Russia, the Italian companies supplied the German military industry......"
[from an article der Spiegel/L'Espresso appeared in 1958]

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vatican/Jesuit control of the world economy – end of the summary [der Spiegel-L'Espresso 1958]  


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