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"Our hero al-Husseini" [Nazi-Islamic roots of Arab terrorism]


".......Born in Jerusalem to a family originally from Yemen, whose grandfather has been appointed the Mufti (expounder of Muslim law) of Jerusalem by the Turks, which was at that time largely a figurehead position with little authority.[1]  After a childhood of average academic achievement, at 19 he was sent to Cairo to study Islamic philosophy.  Without completing his studies, he collected enough money to make his pilgrimage to Mecca and Media in 1913.  After his pilgrimage he returns to Jerusalem, foregoing further study in Cairo.  Shortly after his return, World War I broke out and he served as a Turkish officer in Smyrna, Turkey.  During the war he observed the massacre by the Turks of the Armenians.  After the war he retuned to Jerusalem and became a tutor in a Moslem teacher�s school.  Starting in 1919, Haj Amin became active in Arab nationalism and his writings and speaking struck a popular cord with many of the common Arabs as he made appeals in the name of the Koran.  �He was passionate in his hatred of the British and the Jews.�[2]............."

"........April 4, 1920 was a day that catapulted al Husseini into the public limelight of Jerusalem once and for all.  This was the day that al Husseini incited Arab mobs into a four-day riot throughout Jerusalem against the Jews.  The Arabs went through the Jewish quarter massacring, burning, and pillaging the defenseless Jews.  The events in Jerusalem lead to similar activity in a number of towns throughout Palestine at that time.  �A total of forty-seven Jews were killed and over 140 wounded in the first significant bloodshed in Palestine in hundreds of years.�[3].........."

".........Things were pretty quite in Palestine until August of 1929 when al Husseini instigated a series of simultaneous attacks by Arabs against the Jews throughout Palestine.  He used fabricated pictures showing the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem supposedly vandalized by Jews who, it was said, were making plans to rebuild Israel�s Temple.  This pogrom against the Jews �resulted in the murders of one hundred and thirty-three Jews with over three hundred wounded.�  This riot resulted in the murder of sixty-seven Jews in Hebron and the Jewish abandonment of the ancient city until Jews returned in 1968................"

"...........The election of Hitler as Chancellor of Germany, January 30, 1933, was an event that galvanized the entire Arab world and this would serve to further accelerate al Husseini�s growing influence.�[5]  By April of 1936, in response to more propaganda from al Husseini, more Arabs riots throughout Palestine broke out.  In the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem, sixteen Jews were murdered and seventy-five were seriously wounded. ............."

".......On October 2, 1937 Nazi SS officers Adolf Eichmann and Herbert Hagen arrived in Haifa and had a meeting for 48 hours with al Husseini.  Even while exiled in Beirut, al Husseini was able to direct many terrorist operations back in Palestine for another year and a half, ending in 1939.  al Husseini�s �Arab revolt would result in the deaths of 2,652 Jews, 618 British and 6,953 Arabs.�[8].........."

".........As the coup in Iraq failed, al Husseini once again flees, this time to Berlin, with a stop in Rome to meet with Mussolini on October 17, 1941.  al Husseini is called in Germany �The Fuhrer of the Arab World� and lived in Berlin until May 1945.  He labeled his residence in Berlin as �"The Research Institute on the Jewish Problem in the Moslem World".�  The displaced Mufti of Jerusalem was funded by the �money confiscated from Jews on their way to concentration camps............."

"...........It is said that many of his ideas about killing Jews originated with him during his time in the Turkish army during the First World War as he observed the Turks during the massacre of the Armenians. .............."

      After the Second World War, al Husseini was under house arrest in Paris and was to be tried on the World Court as a war criminal, for which he certainly qualified.  As he had done a number of times before, he escaped and made his way to Cairo and lived within the Arab world until his death in 1974.  He never returned to Jerusalem after his 1937 departure and had very little influence.  The former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem left quite a legacy!  As the father of Middle East Muslim terrorism, his place as leader of the radical, nationalist Palestinian Arabs was taken by his nephew Mohammed Abdel-Raouf Arafat As Qudwa al- Husseini, better known as Yasser Arafat.  In August 2002, Arafat gave an interview in which he referred to �our hero al-Husseini� as a symbol of Palestinian Arab resistance.  Just such a profile could very well foreshadow some of the events destined to unfold during a coming tribulation.  Maranatha!.........."

 Excerpts taken from:

The Father of Arab Terrorism


Dr. Thomas Ice

Above image - "An Armenian woman kneeling beside dead child in field "within sight of help and safety at Aleppo."" [Wikipedia]

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29th Sept 2012: saint Mohammad, give us the NAZI-ISLAMIC pic of the day



 Top images - below the banner saluting the pope ("Hezbollah hails the pope"):

1) Muftì al Husseini visiting (by him recruited for Hitler and Himmler) the Islamic SS troops "Handzar";

2) "Faisal Husseini (left) with Yasser Arafat". Excerpt of related text: 

"Until his death, Faisal Husseini was Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas’s right-hand man. Right before his death, 

“. . .Faisal Husseini, the top PLO official in Jerusalem…[was] quoted as likening the Oslo accords to a ‘Trojan horse.’. . .[T]he weekly Al-Arabi,[6] quotes Husseini as calling the Oslo accords ‘just a temporary procedure, or just a step towards something bigger. . .the liberation of all historical Palestine from the (Jordan) river to the (Mediterranean) sea, even if this means that the conflict will last for another thousand years or for many generations.’ ”[7]

...." etc. -  from URL:

  3) Arafat's guard doing Roman salute ("Sieg Heil!")


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