Tuesday, September 11, 2012



"...The first office building to open will be the 72-story 4 World Trade Center at the southeast corner of the site. It has reached its full height of 977 feet and is scheduled to open in October 2013......."

URL:  http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/world/world-trade-center-slowly-nearing-completion-as-new-york-remembers-911/story-fnd134gw-1226471727304

    Above image - the Twin Towers symbolized the Jesuit/Hegelian Thesis and Antithesis, which divides the world and opposes to its unification. The fall of those double Towers meant the end of the "disunion" [Thesis-Antithesis dialectic] of the world - URL: http://www.todaysheadlines.org/2010/09/911-quotes9-11-photospictures-twin-towers-september-11-memorials/twin-tower-attack-pic-5/

    Above image - "ONE World Center", for the friends: the Synthesis rising from the mutual destruction of the Thesis and Antithesis ["Twin Towers"]. The fact that two "T" [the scism in Christendom caused by the "heretics"] disappeared to reappear in ONE gives us the idea about the Counter Reformation core of the event. - URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:1WTC3Aug2012.jpg


To complete the job now it is only required a traumatic event hitting directly the explicit spiritual core of  that "ONE" around which to make the entire world to gravitate, in other words: the church of Rome. Only at that moment all the emotions of the world could be canalized by the giant One World Trade Center psycho-antenna in order to directly support the ONE center of the World in the implementation of the "One government - One army - One money" but  especially of the  "One religion - One pope" for the entire planet.

[Observation. Note how the same initial capital letter "U" of "Unification" symbolizes the union between two opposite "towers". Note also the sum 11 + 11 of this anniversary (eleventh anniversary of the eleventh September), or the number 22. It represents also the four tops of the Romish Masonic cross:  http://apparentlyenemies.blogspot.it/2012/09/masonic-square-and-true-significance-of.html]

Monday, August 27, 2012

"Globalization is the [Vatican] UNIFICATION of the world" 


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