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Introduce International Canonic Sharia also in Trieste?



    There was some time I sighted this fact in my city. A school  mate of mine (from the sixth to eight class) is a member of the papal North League, the party which pretend to be "anti-Islamic", but carries the religious symbol of Ultramontanism, the Alberto da Giussano who should have been the commander of the Italian League which defeated the emperor Barbarossa at Legnano. Religious symbol of Ultramontanism (or true Roman Catholicism, but hidden from the eyes of the most liberal Catholics) because the League of XIII century  represented the supremacy of the temporal power of papacy on whichever secular power in the world (in the future: possible also in the rest of galaxy).

    Exactly like the same arrogant expansionism expressed today by card. Bagnasco when he fits the nose in the inner economical and criminal question of the Italian Republic. 

    On 15th April, the day after the anniversary of Lincoln's assassination by a Vatican/Jesuit plot, he affirmed in a public meeting of his party, North league, that the prime minister Mario Monti and his government are expression of the "Jewish-Masonic" power. He was reported to the judicial authorities by the Jewish lawyerman Alberto Kostoris and now he had to face a trial for having violated the International Convention on the Elimination of all the forms of Racial Discriminations:

Above image - article of today of "Il Piccolo di Trieste". 

    Of course this indictment for the attack to Jews - started from a report of a Jewish lawyer man who probably simply reacted without to be aware of further refined manipulations of the deal  -  seems to hide, in its turn, a fine anti-Semite policy, which could be manipulated till the point to be used as another propaganda alibi to impose the international law to protect Nazi-Islam under the alibi of the equalization of the legal treatment between antisemitism and Islamophobia.  Islam pretends to be not exposed and claims to be a "victim" like the Jews....who were victims of the protectors of the Jerusalem's Muftì!  The final beneficiary is the cult of the pope who will be protected as a reflex of the international legal protection of Nazi-Islam - see for example how Turkey prime minister applies this fine dialectic (Jesuit dialectic?):

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NATO drones killing innocent Islamic civilians [Erdogan's Turkey is a NATO country]

    Therefore not a casual fact. I mean not only the creation of an "alter ego" of avles/edoardo using a former class mate of mines, as it was just implemented for example in the Germany of one century ago where, in order to obscure the lights on the Vatican and Jesuit subversion of Protestant Prussia, they were moved on a new - purposely created - problem: the Jewish plot. 

     Above image - from "Vatican Assassin" of Eric John Phelps, third Edition. A Vatican cartoon describes the Jews as the true cause of the expulsion of the Jesuits from Protestant Prussia. The modern anti-semitism as a tool for the Vatican and Jesuit subversion of the religious enemy is born. "Jewish plot" to distract the attention from the Jesuit plot and to threw further sand in the eyes. These demonstrates that Vatican and Jesuit order are the mastermind of the persecutions of Jews in Europe.

    The other and most important coincidence involves the Islamic riots with which the pope presents himself like Mussolini of the thirties, the "sword of Islam". Really speaking Islam is now the sword of the pope (of the Jesuits), as the pope is the 'vicarious' of the most important prophet after Mohammad [Jesus Christ for Islam is a 'prophet'], therefore he can unify the Islam beyond the division among Shiite and Sunny. 

     Probably a particular escaped from the attention of many truth-searchers....

Above image - from the URL:
Original caption: "Just type on a searching engine "Mussolini + spada + Islam" and then waits the results (select "image" from menù). The celebrated image of Mussolini is present in abundant form in the web.".

    Therefore here is implied just the international law question. Sharia must be applied in every corner of the planet as it is part of one of the democratic majority of this planet, i.e. RC + Islam + China + various other puppets. Form the other perspective it is just this universal  (= catholic) application of the Sharia that gives further validation and sense of existence to the Canonic Roman Catholic system of law known under the term of "British Maritime Admiralty law".

    For this reason, in this discourse on the indictment of my class mate for having violated an International law, there's implied the Admiralty (Canonic Vatican) law and the world banking system which is another kind of "plasma" flowing, together with the universality of application of the Sharia, inside the veins (that Maritime law) built just for it. 

    Accusing Jesuit trained Mario Monti to be a "puppet of Jews", you protect him from being accused to be an agent of the Canonic Vatican Maritime law, especially in her application in the Italian country and others in the form of the today well known Financial Terrorist democratic regimes, of which Jesuit trained Mario Draghi is another exponent at European level.

    Things, as you see, are well fitted one to the other, like the gears of a Machine of Satan. 
Particular: the building you see in the picture in the back is the Tribunale di Trieste and Friuli Venezia Giulia. He is still linked not only with the German anti-aircraft bunkers, but also with the former residence of the supreme commander of the Special Operation Zone Adriatische Kuestenland, the  Slovenian SS Odilio Lotario Globocnik who seems to have been saved by a Roman Catholic priest of Austrian Carinthia before to be captured by Tito's partisans or Red Army, a priest who organized his fake funeral meanwhile he died at old age in Los Angeles .

     It is also the building where that Islamic murder was condemned to a lighter punishment because "he is gentically violent". As you see again, all fits:

 Sunday, September 16, 2012

....."and the “self-discipline” is very strong AMONG them".

    Today that residence is the Jesuit International Youth center with the annexed (of course) International Student's house to host foreign universitary students of Trieste university.

    I will publicize this fact even in local forums. 

    For the "Jewish" Goldman Sachs see:

Monday, August 20, 2012

And they took the control. [second part]

    Below, the article reported on the The Unhived Mind ...:

    ....about the free-murder licence (and sequent award) released by the Islamic authorities of Pakistan, of course not only the Filmer, but against all the ones who will and are resisting the Islamic sword:

 $100,000 bounty on Anti-Islam filmmakers

Federal minister announces $100,000 bounty on anti-Islam filmmaker
By Ema Anis / Asad Kharal
Published: September 22, 2012
Federal Railway Minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilour announced that $100,000 will be awarded to the person who kills the maker of the anti-Islam blasphemous film “Innocence of Muslims”.
Speaking to the media on Saturday, Bilour said that there was no other way to lodge a protest and instill fear among the blasphemers other than murder of the filmmaker. “I request all the rich people to bring out all their money so that the killer can be loaded with dollars and gold.”
The minister admitted of knowing that he was committing a crime by instigating people for murder, but said that he was ready to be a criminal for this cause. “If there is a case lodged against me in the international court or in this country’s court, I will ask people to hand me over to them… I want to show these countries that we will not tolerate any such things.”
He added that if he is punished, the country should not end ties with the US as this was a matter between him and his prophet.
He also commented on the burning down of a church in Mardan by protesters on the Ishq-e-Rasool Day and expressed grief over the incident. “The minorities over here, the Christians and the Hindus, they are all our brothers. They are also Pakistani.”
Traders’ association Sheikhupura announces Rs5m reward
The Markazi Anjuman Tajran (MAT) Sheikhupura announced a reward of Rs5million for the person who kills the maker of the anti-Islam film, The Express Tribune has learnt.
MAT Sheikhupura President Muhammad Pervez told The Express Tribune that the association has unanimously taken this decision and the announcement is not his individual act.
Pervez said that the members of the association are ready to sacrifice their parents, children and properties for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and will never tolerate the act of the filmmaker of blasphemous movie.

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