Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy to be a tool.


Islamic values being insulted by tag-team of Mossad, DVD and CIA - CIA, Mossad team up to insult Islamic values Egyptian protesters torch a US flag during a demonstration outside the US Embassy in the capital of Cairo. (Fi...
16 hours ago
    All that demonstrated only one thing: that someone there, in Islam, is very happy to be provoked and was waiting just for Terry
    Mossad, 'DVD' [= a certain obsession for Protestant Prussia, isn't it true?] and CIA are simply tool of the Romish-Masonic Islam. Romish Masonic Islam is seeking, in agreement and subordination with Rome and her Jesuit order, only an alibi  to instigate, with  fanatism, the Islamic masses. This murderous fanatism with whom to pervert the Arabs is aimed 1) to divert the attention from the Roman Catholicization of North America and North Europe, 2) to divert the attention away from the Big Enlargement of the Romish church with the absorption of the Eurasian Orthodox world (Moscow) till the Straits of Bering and - last but not least - 3) to divert the attention away from  the extermination of the Jewish nation in Middle East (and possible in the rest of the world).

    [Note. Don't worry if I say that "CIA and Mossad's Terry" is a tool of murderous Romish Masonic Islam; rather, see Barry's letter in the below link where he exposes the Shabtai Tzivi deviation from Judaism as tool of (Jesuit/Vatican) Nazism, and all will be more clear]

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Barry Chamish cyber-attacked. Is the hour "X" near?


     Are these butcherers a tool of CIA/Mossad or, rather, is it more exact to say that such assassins are  happy  to be tool of CIA/Mossad??? And they secretely are blessing the Terry's army???
     If you think well, you see that this is not a nut as difference. Satan and perfidious anti-Christendom, which likes to appear in the clothing of a continue 'Christian' preach,  love to  hide himself inside little fades...:

[Note: where are the 'defenders' of women's right here???]


Above two images:
1) Theo van Gogh
Theo van Gogh
Theo van Gogh was Dutch film director, film producer, columnist, author, actor, relative of Vincent van Gogh and fighter against Muslim expansion. He made the film Submission, which criticized the treatment of women in islam. Film was directed by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. - URL:
2) "4 Americans including ambassador killed in Libya attack

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