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....."and the “self-discipline” is very strong AMONG them".


“…….Some weeks ago, the director of the prison of the city of Trieste, the prison known with the name of the street where it is located, “Jail of Coroneo street”, in an article appeared on the local Jesuit-Masonic daily “Il Piccolo” (the day before the 21st anniversary of the Massacre of Ramstein), intervening about the problem of the overcrowding of the Italian jails whose prisoners are for the great part foreigners, stated that the Islamic prisoners are “correct, respectful towards the authority and towards the rules” and the “self-discipline” is very strong among them…..”

"......Hence all that is happening in the II Pontifical reign – once “Italian Republic”. A court in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Court of Assizes and Appeal of the “Tribunale di Trieste”, condemned a Muslim to eight year and half instead nine and half of jail for homicide, because his chromosomes – tested in a laboratory – should give to him a “more aggressive” instinct than the usual average one.........."

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"Hezbollah welcomes the pope in the homeland of coexistence"


A correction added the day after publication: I forgot the day before to underline the word "among", a central point in the exposition of this matter, therefore today 17th Feb 2012 (09:29 local hour) I changed the character in the title for the word "among", now "AMONG", and underlined in black with larger characters the expression: "Among them the self-discipline is ".

The above four images:

2) SJ Silvio Alaimo, chaplain of Coroneo Prison of Trieste where it reigns a "peaceful ecumanical spirit", "positively influenced by the Islamic preaches".

3)  "The focus on this web page is Mohammad Amin al-Husayni who was Grand Mufti from 1921 to 1948", see the page of on Nazi Islam - URL:

4) and 5)  Hezbollah doing Roman salute.

"We were the first to think of translating Mein Kampf," wrote Sami al-Jundi, a leader of the Syrian Ba'ath Party in the 1930s. "Whoever lived during this period in Damascus would appreciate the inclination of the Arab people to Nazism, for Nazism was the power which could serve as its champion" (26). Al-Jundi also confessed that "we were racist, admiring Nazism, reading its books and the sources of its thought, particularly Nietzsche, Fichte, and H. S. Chamberlain" (25).

The Nazi-Islamist Connection – Herbert Eiteneier, JCPA


"...The Islamic prisoners are “correct, respectful towards the authority and towards the rules” and the “self-discipline” is very strong among them…..”

...Are  the attribute of an army?  ..... Below a source for the above quote:

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Category: NewsPosted: 27.08.2009 04:45 send your written information Trieste: info@informatrieste.euTRIESTE The presence of about eighty prisoners that comply with Islamic rules in these days of Ramadan, is having a positive influence on the management of the prison of Trieste Coroneo. The claimed yesterday Sbriglia Henry, director of the same prison where they detained more than 260 prisoners, 60 percent of them foreigners. Among them, the North Africans are the majority and democratically elected without fraud and their Imam, a young North African prisoner."These Muslims guests of Coroneo are right people, respectful of authority and rules. Among them the self-discipline is strong. They are understanding the enormous difficulties that we are facing due to the lack of funding and overcrowding. They adapt to the law and respect the other people. "Henry Sbriglia with these words has somehow reversed the notion that yesterday at the meeting of Rimini was expressed by the Minister Angelino Alfano. The owner of Justice had spoken of the twenty thousand foreign prisoners locked up in our prisons, stating further that the Italian prisons are suitable for the Italian prisoners, but with the addition of aliens, it exceeds the capacity not only regulate but also tolerable. "Sbrigia Henry, Secretary of the Union of Directors of prisons, also announced that the times of Coroneo take into account - for Islamic prisoners - the requirements of the Ramadan. Every day we consulted the special Islamic calendar and meals are served to the prisoners by the rules. But there's more. Sometimes the sound of the collective prayer of the eighty prisoners Maghreb, can overcome the physical barrier of the walls of the prison. If the traffic is low the voice of the imam and the faithful are perceived clearly in the adjacent streets. Pray five times a day, according to the prescriptions of the Koran, but during rush hour the roar of the engines above the rhythmic words."The celebration of Ramadan is having a positive impact inside the prison. Brought more peace and reflection for prayer, because any prayer, also involves all those who have a different faith, "explains Enrico Sbriglia. "The detainees of Maghreb are building some wooden frames that will be offered as a gift to the highest authorities of our country. To President Giorgio Napolitano at the top of the Senate and House, Renato Schifani and Gianfranco Fini. "(Il Piccolo)


".... condemned a Muslim to eight year and half instead nine and half of jail for homicide, because his chromosomes – tested in a laboratory – should give to him a “more aggressive” instinct than the usual average one..."

     ....and of course the other important attribute for an army is: aggressiveness, aggressiveness and then still aggressiveness.

Genetically violent: sentence reduced by one year

Category: NewsPosted: 26.10.2009 10:46 send your written information Trieste:

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Genetics has entered the council chamber of the Court of Assizes of Appeal in Trieste, asked to rule on a case of murder committed in Friuli.The door was opened to the genetic
by the President Piervalerio Reinotti which granted a reduced sentence for the accused considered "genetically vulnerable": the national Algerian Abdelmalek Bayout has thus benefited from a reduction of  12-months in the  sentence imposed for having stabbed to death in 2007, Udine, the Colombian immigrant Walter Felipe Novoa Perez, 32. Must serve eight years and a half, compared to nine thirty imposed at first instance.Through the research of innovative chromosome on which pointed the defense, it was found that the genetic heritage of Bayout were and there are some genes that would make the defendant more likely to show aggression if provoked or felt discriminated against socially.This "genetic vulnerability" would be crossed with "estrangement caused by the need to combine the respect for his fundamentalist Islamic faith with the Western pattern of behavior," leading the man to "an important deficit in its ability to understand and will. " In short, a partial infirmity of mind which triggers the mitigation and the 'discount' of punishment.The origin of the murder - said the President of the Court of Assizes of Appeal, Pier Valerio Reinotti, extensor reasons for the decision - was the attack on Abdelmalek Bayout by a group of young people, including Novoa Perez, who had mocked for having painted eyes with kohl, apparently for religious reasons.The crime took place in March 2007 and was committed to Udine in the way of Cernaia, a short distance from the railway station. The weapon used was a knife.(Little)

For the above two excerpts see the historical posts where I mentioned them for the first time three years ago:

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The new "Genetic Selective Penal Code" of the Apennine peninsula

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Rifqa Bary of Pordenone (Vatican Apennine peninsula)

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