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29th Sept 2012: saint Mohammad, give us the NAZI-ISLAMIC pic of the day


    Probably many 'Christians' will enter in action soon, in order to dissuade America from the attack to Iran. But I consider them coordinated with the (Jesuit/Hegelian?) opposite front of the 'Christians' asking the "military intervention" (which can be easily turned to be a military catastrophe). The 'bad' latter ones simply are working in to give to the apparently opposite front of the former 'good' ones the occasion in to spread sense of guilty, psychological inferiority and a sense of impotence in front of the advancing (Roman Catho-) Islamic tsunami. You can un-mask 'em just only seeing how they wast energy and time in to 'save' the soul of the Western Christians, meanwhile they don't care about the ones of the Muslims who can well go, yes, to Hell, but not before having conquered the soul of Christian world and destroyed it. 

    To "use the moral principles of the enemy against him the same" is only an implementation of the Sun Tzu manual of war. Don't know if Jesus will pardon you for having confused salvation with psychological warfare.

    A question for the experts: will these guys of the image below go to Hell or save their soul??!

Above image - Islam today (presumibly "Palestine") - url:
From the post: "Saturday, April 24, 2010 - A Useful Fiction?" of blog Infidel Bloggers Alliance - URL:

Above video - "WW2 1941-1945 Hitler Grand Mufti Nazi Islam 02" - URL:

    Below some excerpts from the pages where I sighted the above video:
Soros has sinister ties to anti-semites and Nazis. I received intel from David W on the connection and association of George Soros and Nazi Third Reich’s treasure keeper Francois Genoud.
Genoud was part of the Nazi party.  He met with and funded the Grand Mufti under orders from Hitler.  He managed the hidden Nazi treasury after the war, and funded the defense of many of the Nazis’ and terrorists up until his suicide.  He admitted to being the creator of the 1972 hijacking of a commercial plane by Palestinians.  He was creator and owner of Arab Commercial Bank of Switzerland that many muslim countries and terrorist organizations use, and he used the banks money to fund the operations of terrorism, and the defense of many of his allies, he may have even started his bank with the Nazi treasury that was stolen goods and gold from the Jews.


".....Amin Al-Husseini swears allegiance to the Ottoman Empire  during the Armenian genocide [i] . [ii] He is an officer stationed in Smyrna and participates first-hand in the Armenian genocide. One and a half million Christians are slaughtered under the sword of Islamic Jihad by the Ottoman Army.  Allegiance to Ottoman Empire and Islamic world take-over will be echoed by Osama Bin Laden in his post-September 11 declaration"

"ODESSA network [xlv] .  Egypt, home of Muslim Brotherhood, and Syria incorporate thousands of Nazi experts into Egyptian and Syrian [xlvi] army, government and propaganda service. Vatican heavily involved in providing travel visas for Nazi officers.
Amin Al-Husseini is directly implicated in providing safe haven to ex-Nazis in Arab lands. He is the main connection with Francois Genoud, Swiss banker of Third Reich [and Soros mentor] , who finances the ODESSA network with money stolen from European Jews"
"I was astounded when he [Hitler] told me that he knew about my Tazkirah. The news flabbergasted me. . . I found him very congenial and piercing. He discussed Islamic Jihad with me in details. In 1930 I sent him my Isharat concerning the Khaksar movement with a picture of a spade-bearer Khaksar at the end of that book. In 1933 he started his Spade Movement." [pp 11-12; see source data below]
So, Hitler started his own Spade Movement. In other words, Hitler copied something that Khan was doing. More importantly, Hitler was interested in Islamic Jihad. That means, that Hitler, who worshipped war, was interested in how the Jihad concept could help him conduct fanatic, perpetual war by means of his own people.
 The Khaksar movement was similar to the Nazi SA, the brownshirts, in its "first stage," while Germany was still "demilitarized." Khan considered Hitler's Mein Kampf a "masterpiece." Members of Khaksar wore brown uniforms and carried a spade, "symbolizing both labor and a readiness to fight."


    [It is clear why the "Mossad" and "CIA" created Osama Bin Laden must quote the genocidal excerpts from Amin Al-Husseini. As his figure is destined to be "exposed as a Zionist fake", together with his figure also the assassin sentences of Grand Muftì will be considered a "Zionist/CIA fake". And Nazi-Islam only a "pooooor victim of bloooooody Jews". Supreme  perfidious tactic].

    For me it is clear now a certain 'allergy' for the matter WWII by many self-claimed "anti-Jesuit" sources of information. Evidently too much links between Nazis and Islam, very disturbing ones, and they are disturbing especially today when the same today's Iran is considered the spiritual (and military) heir of the same Nazi-Islamic supporters of Hitler of seventy years ago.  [Probably many compromises which are helping  to keep open self-claimed "anti-Vatican" sources of information are based on a counter-price of silence on the yesterday's and especially today's NAZI-ISLAM advancing in the world....].
    And especially when today the pope of Rome is considered, in the Roman Catho-Islamic steel pact,  the Leader of Islam, being him the vicarious of the 'prophet' Jesus Christ therefore the only one able to keep united the Islamic world. All this is just contained in that "Hitler's Spade Movement" [= Nazism]!
    I have no doubts, that the 'prophet' Jesus Christ would have surely used his the same gospel to stop any attack to Iran.


    Well, the first rule is to detect the real enemy, under a rain of rhetorical words. Here below some words probably you didn't hear or read  till now:

"........The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History is a 2008 book by Brown University professor of medicine Andrew Bostom. It has been described in the Jerusalem Post as a “collection of sources, Islamic and others, which testify to the long and sorry history of anti-Semitism in Islam.” [1]
Benny Morris writing in The New Republic calls Bostom's book "important and deeply discouraging." [2] Morris discusses a great deal of material that Bostom has omitted, concluding that in many ways the anti-Semitism of the Muslim world is even worse than portrayed in the Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism. However, Benny Morris later apologized in the review for this comment, saying "Mea culpa. I somehow missed the references to the Aden and Moroccan massacres and the medieval pogroms and apologize for writing that they were not mentioned in the book." [2][3]
According to Hebrew University professor Raphael Israeli, “the author delves in considerable detail into the main sources of Islamic jurisprudence - the Koran and the Hadith, complemented by the Sirah (the earliest pious Muslim biographies of Muhammad), where an abundance of references, usually not complimentary but rather derogatory, are made to Jews, collectively known as Israi'liyyat (Israelites' stories). This is a trove of anti-Jewish stereotypes that have become the Shari'a-based uncontested "truth" about the People of the Book. Those accounts are invariably cited in sermons during Friday prayers, thus assuring their universal diffusion among Muslim constituents and the constant poisoning of the souls of young and adult Muslims alike, something that renders their fundamentally negative attitudes to Jews and Israel unchangeable.” [1]
The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle praises the book for making its case with exhaustive use of original sources, "Anti-Semitic passages from the Koran, the hadith (collected anecdotes about the Muslim prophet Mohammed’s life), the sira (early biographies of Mohammed). Anti-Semitic essays, speeches and excerpted book passages by Muslim scholars, theologians and thinkers from the Middle Ages to the present. (and) Scholarly, witness and journalistic accounts of Muslim persecutions of and discrimination against Jews over more than 1,000 years." [4]
........." - URL:

    And the below sources of information? This site has probably censored as from the link of the above pages about Grand Muftì  you are diverted to a "warning page" where they say that the site is 'dangerous'. The only danger is the cyber-censorship of the Romish-Masonic NAZI-ISLAMIC world intelligence net. They want you only to fall in psychological inferiority respect Islam. "Sense of Fault" is the key word. Well, why you don't have the same psychological inferiority in front of the "Zionists" you are attacking from the morning to the night? Or in front of the Jesuits? Answer: because Islam is the Sword of Jesuits, and in this universe you must fear a sword. Here the link my darlings:


    For the ones who have the 'alternate' memory, i.e. are recalling only the Roman Catholic involvement in the GENOCIDE of the Serbian Orthodoxies in the West Balkans [excerpt from the above 'prohibited' site]:

  Christian Serbian Genocide
Husseini’s Personal Project [xxvi]
Al Husseini meets Croation Nazis
Amin Al Husseini meets Croat Nazi A.Artukovic and M.Budak during WWII.
April 25th. Amin Al-Husseini is made chief architect [xxvii] of Nazi offensive in Bosnia:  Serbian-Cyrillic alphabet outlawed. Orthodox Serbs forced to wear Blue armband.  Jewish Serbs forced to wear Yellow armband.
While in Bosnia, Amin Al-Husseini takes the title “Protector of Islam”.  One hundred thousand (100,000) Bosnian Muslims join the Nazi ranks. They seek Nazi approval to establish autonomous Nazi protectorate for Bosnian Muslims.
Amin Al-Husseini approves the Pejani Plan, calling for the extermination of the Serbian population. Nazi Germany refuses to implement the Pejani plan.  
 Bosnian ethnic cleansing under Amin al Husseini:
     . Orthodox Christian Serbs:  200,000 killed
     . Jewish Bosnians: 22,000 killed
     . Gypsies:    over 40,000 killed
Husseini’s legacy of hatred is a major factor in today’s Bosnia/Herzegovina conflict against the Serbs and their leader Milosevic.
Amin Al Husseini
Amin Al Husseini Inspecting His Muslim Troops. 1943.

"Pejani plan":
Armed with material supplied by the Italians [see References], the Albanians hurled themselves against helpless settlers in their homes and villages. According to the most reliable sources, the Albanian burned many Serbian settlements, killing some of the people and driving out others who escaped to the mountains. At present other Serbian settlement are being attacked and the property of individuals and of communities is either being confiscated or destroyed. It is not possible to ascertain at the present time the exact number of victims of those atrocities, but it may be estimated that at least between 30.000 and 40.000 perished.
Bedri Pejani, the Muslim leader of the Albanian National committee, called for the extermination of Ortodox Serbian Cristians in Kosovo Metohija and for a union of a Greater Albania with Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Rashka (Sandzak) region of Serbia, into a great Islamic state. The grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin El Husseini was presented to Pejani a plan which he approved as a being in the interest of Islam. The Germans however rejected the plan.
[Albania is only a part of the Italian Jesuit province]

Above image - Grand Muftì Amin Al Husseini and Wittelsbach's Himmler (location: presumibly Auschwitz, visited by Grand Muftì) - from the above link: "Also a good quote from Paul Johnson's "Modern Times," p. 481: "The year before [he had been appointed Mufti of Jerusalem for life] he had been given ten years hard labour for provoking bloody anti-Jewish riots. He had innocent blue eyes and a quiet, almost cringing manner, but he was a dedicated killer who devoted his entire adult life to race-murder. There is a photograph of him taken with Himmler: the two men smile sweetly at one another; beneath, a charming inscription by the SS chief to 'His Eminence the Grossmufti': the date was 1943 when the 'Final Solution' was moving into top gear. The Mufti outrivalled Hitler in his hatred for Jews." ".

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"PA Mufti: Muslims will kill Jews in name of Islam" [video and related problems to my PC, see also the Prophecy and the Beast]

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From Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering: the true cause of the contemporary events shaking the world

"......The next phase of political Islamic Fascism opened in 1937, the year when Mussolini in Libya enters in mosques, pays homage to the tomb of Sidi Rafa mugiàhid, holding the Sword of Islam (6), receives the praises of the Islamic authorities (7) and in his speech at the Castle Square proclaims his part: "Fascist Italy wants to ensure the Muslim population of Libya and Ethiopia peace, justice, prosperity, respect the laws of the Prophet and also wants to demonstrate his sympathy to Islam and the Muslims the world over"........"

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