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"With the Ministry of the Interior, with Ucigos"


"..........Tronchetti then was not favored by the political world and especially by Berlusconi. I remember Tavaroli with the help of the consultant Margherita Fancello organized several meetings.

With who?
Tremonti, Gianni Letta, D'Alema, Brancher. And let me add another.

What other covers boasted Tavaroli?
Through the journalist William Sasininni (indicted, ed) had relationships with magistrates of Rome, and Milan.
With the Ministry of the Interior, with Ucigos [Ucigos ].
[see below entire article]

    Just an half hour ago I was searching for the sexual agenda, Pussy Riot, Continuing Torture on me, etc. when  the internet line went off. I tried again even excluding  the  firewall: no response. When I called the phone-service of Telecom Alice 187  (= year 1870) they told me that "there's a problem outside on the line".

    Then I used another PC on the same line which should have problems and as you can see the line instead works well.....:


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The Madunina - I 

[note how the picture of Tronchetti Provera with at his back TELECOM ITALIA logo disappeared from this post]



Telecom Case: Tronchetti Provera knew everything. Interview with The fact
Published: June 10, 2010Posted in: press, spying, telecom

On May 28, Fabio Ghioni closed its accounts with justice for the Telecom case. Drop the charges of embezzlement and the negotiated punishment for criminal conspiracy, it's time to talk. And to tell in detail how Tavaroli were acting on orders of President Tronchetti Provera. Here is the full text of the interview with The fact of 8 June 2010:

I boss 'spy' in the service of Tronchetti

Ghioni: In my e-mail evidence of the involvement of top managers Telecom

The smile of someone who knows how long, the urge to tell publicly, now that he has bargained the penalty, what he said behind closed doors at the court of Milan Mariolina Panasiti, and much more. Fabio Ghioni, former head of the "tiger team" security of Telecom, accusing Tronchetti Provera. He asks his former chief, Giuliano Tavaroli, to say the truth even to the courts and not only to newspapers. Believes that the Milan prosecutor's office had the information to investigate the former president of Telecom as a result of illegal files and information attacks against RCS, Brazil Telecom, the Authority. Ghioni May 28 has bargained three years and four months of sentence for criminal conspiracy in competition with Tavaroli and other defendants, aimed at corruption and abuse of access to information or computer system. Drop all charges of embezzlement. Sign that the judge acted illegally Panasiti interest of upper management.

The "spies" Telecom bloom with the arrival in early 2003, Tavaroli, wanted by Tronchetti.
Become the manager of security instead of Modena, Luciano Gallo, a man trusted by Enrico Bondi. The Ad was gone, as I said Gallo Modena, because there were too many expenses out of standard. Tavaroli gave to understand, correctly, that his shoulders were covered from all angles. He was lobbying operations in the world to introduce Tronchetti Berlusconi.

But Tronchetti said he did not need institutional Tavaroli Meeting ..
Tronchetti then was not favored by the political world and especially by Berlusconi. I remember Tavaroli with the help of the consultant Margaret Fancello organized several meetings.

With who?
Tremonti, Gianni Letta, D'Alema, Brancher. And let me add another.

What other covers boasted Tavaroli?
Through the journalist William Sasininni (indicted, ed) had relationships with magistrates of Rome, and Milan.
With the Ministry of the Interior, with Ucigos.

When asked her Tavaroli an illegal thing to say?
Every time I ordered, Tavaroli was returning from a meeting with Tronchetti and the preamble was: 'The President wants ...'

He could brag ...
But what cared about Tavaroli to spy on Telecom Brazil, the former CEO of RCS, Colao, De Benedetti, etc.. etc.? Once I was in the waiting room of the office of Tronchetti is, in Negri in Milan, waiting for their Tavaroli. As always when he was President, he changed his tie and put the Inter.

Logs in an interview with Il Giornale has confirmed that espionage was your work without his knowledge. He also said that Tavaroli, who accused him from the pages of La Repubblica, mind. While he spoke the truth when he defended in the courts.
It seems normal that continues to deny his involvement. The news would be admitting its responsibility. It is as if, for example, investigators are asking is that if a mobster. He says no. Obviously. Regarding the two truths of Tavaroli, 'procedural and media', as defined them Tronchetti, it would be nice in fact that you decided to tell it like it is the judiciary as well as to newspapers, just like I did.

She has never had direct contact with
No. But both I and my office have been in contact via email with signoraLongaretti, personal assistant Tronchetti. So it's not true that the president was not concerned with security.

We go into the details of what she calls unconventional operations. For example, the foray into the PC was in 2004 that Vittorio Colao CEO of RCS.
The transaction will create an alarm by Adam Bove (Security Chief Tim, who committed suicide, Ed.) He claimed that Vodafone, which Colao was at the top, was in possession of the list of customers 'Gold' by Tim who were contacted to switch to the competition. In October-November 2004 Tavaroli asks me to enter the computer to see if Colao actually still working for Vodafone. As always says it's Welded want.

Rcs suspected of security Telecom. Logs, before the preliminary hearing judge Panasiti Colao said he committed a "serious mistake" in not having said it would help him. And she would go to jail immediately.
(Ghioni shakes his head) When Colao has been warned of an intrusion probably Telecom, Tronchetti contacted me through Tavaroli, asking a written report, which was to present to the Board of Directors of RCS, in which I talk about anomalies that we found in network. We had to pretend to have helped them.

Tronchetti when he testified before the preliminary hearing judge said that reading his report had not understood dell'hackeraggio. Indeed he thought that you had done 'a good service to RCS' warning of the 'hole' in the network.
(Laughter) That remark served to protect Tronchetti. There is an exchange of emails between my office and that of Tavaroli to correct the report to the comma.

She also illegally entered into the system of Kroll, a security agency who was working for Telecom and Brazil Telecom has spied Italy.
It's true. In January of 2004 Tavaroli told us that the President would have paid for a holiday in Polynesia if we had solved the problem in Brazil.

Before the judge has launched a serious charge, he says that with Professor Francis Mucciarelli, Tronchetti lawyer, you have agreed on "untrue statements" for the prosecution, right on Kroll.
I confirm. When Telecom was about to make a complaint to distance itself from what was emerging from investigation, I called Gustavo Bracco, Chief of Staff, to tell me that I had to go Mucciarelli. The professor first asked me the names of those who know about the operation Kroll (and all interior lots) and then told me that I should have to pm the same version of Telecom: we know that Kroll spying on us, through a dvd anonymously. And so I said. After the arrest, however, I told the truth.

So Professor Mucciarelli asked her to tell lies?
I prefer to say that the lawyer told me to protect the company and its top management.

Kroll was investigating what illegally?
He had been asked to look for evidence on the alleged involvement of Afef and his brothers in arms trafficking in the Middle East and in the financing of international terrorism.

With what money are financed these operations?
It was Giancarlo Valente (former Telecom executive, Ed) who ran this type of transaction through an account called 'account of the President'. Allowed to issue invoices circumventing controls Telecom. Needed to produce even more cash by false invoices issued by investigators such as Emanuele Cipriani, Marco Bernardini.

Who has talked about this bill?
He told me in detail that Valens, when I asked him on input Tavaroli. That money, he said, the president had used them for his travels in the Middle East. At the outbreak of the investigation into the security Telecom, Valente told me that some of his friends warned him that GDF had been found on his personal account a transfer of Cipriani in 2002. I advised him of being a lawyer and he replied: 'Oh no. If they take me, I'll blow the whole show '.

But Valente has never been investigated ...
Perhaps it was easier shot at those who would not have blown up the cabin. Maybe the secrets guarded by Valente are so shameful that someone was better that way.

The investigator Cipriani, who will be tried in September, said the Milan prosecutors have ignored the elements provided by him and that show the involvement of other managers Tronchetti and Telecom.
If the prosecutors had also checked my e-mail would have found ample evidence ...

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