Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Top Italian Hotel Agrees Muslim Porter Won't Have to Take Orders from Woman Boss"

Where are the defenders of the "women's right" here???

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Top Italian Hotel Agrees Muslim Porter Won't Have to Take Orders from Woman Boss

| ...n this occasion it is the the famous Hotel Danieli in Venice that has demeaned itself. In the past, it has played host to such luminaries as Wagner, Alfred de Musset, George Sand and Goethe. More recently, its standards seem to have fallen.

A Muslim porter, of Egyptian origin, told his bosses that he wasn't going to take orders from a woman. The management initially invited him to respect Italian norms. But when he refused, and handed in his resignation, the management decided to appease his sensibilities "as he was well regarded by clients and other employees".

We therefore decided to guarantee that during his work hours, his boss would have a male colleague at her side who would act as a liaison with the Egyptian to communicate the tasks to be performed.


......Too much busy with conferences on the grace of Roman Catholic women under the blessing of the archbishop???




Wednesday, August 29, 2012

.....and the bishop laughed.


Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

They should have simply let the iSLUMic guy go for not coperating with his employer.

avles said...

No, the one that probably must go is not the Muslim porter but me. Cause this:

....and cause in the forum where I work I openly asked:

"was mons. Staempfle confessor of Hitler?"

"was he the true ghostwriter of Mein Kampf?".

They are preparing my farewell.