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The feedback of the word "Apartheid"?

    I used the first time the word "apartheid" here:

"......Sunday, July 29, 2012....
.....After one year and half of course I knew many people, but the Jesuitical, masonic apartheid to whom I am victim, absolutely didn't change.......
....The minimum I could say to such  milieu [imbued by 'pious' clergy-Stalinism], and the entire leftist “anti-racist”, “anti-apartheid”, “anti-fascist” ideological/political/psychiatric establishment with their "Basaglia", their "Beppe dell'Acqua", their psycho-therapeuts (?),....." etc. etc.


    ....and the last time, six time here (only the first time is quoted):

"......Monday, August 13, 2012......
......... I don't hear a single woman to criticize, attack, to point out the apartheid of the women inside the church of Rome, and this notwithstanding women are aware of the immense power of the church of Rome............"


    I have the sensation that what I write generates a feedback .....:

"......Friday 17 August 2012

Mine massacre shocks post-apartheid South Africa

Citizens and media are questioning South Africa's post-apartheid soul after the police killing of more than 30 striking miners.
Newspaper headlines screamed "Bloodbath", "Killing Field" and "Mine Slaughter", with graphic photographs of heavily armed white and black police officers walking casually past the bloodied corpses of black men lying crumpled in the dust.
The images, along with television footage showing a phalanx of officers opening up with automatic weapons on a small group of men in blankets and t-shirts, rekindled uncomfortable memories of South Africa's racist past.
After more than 12 hours of official silence, police minister Nathi Mthethwa confirmed at least 30 men had died when police tried to move 3,000 striking drill operators armed with machetes and sticks from a rocky outcrop at the mine, 100km north-west of Johannesburg.
"A lot of people were injured and the number keeps on going up," he said in an interview on Talk Radio 702.
The incident was South Africa's bloodiest security operation since the end of white rule.
One radio station caller likened the incident, at Lonmin's Marikana platinum plant, to the 1960 Sharpeville township massacre near Johannesburg, when apartheid police opened fire on a crowd of black protesters, killing more than 50.
In a front page editorial, the Sowetan asked whether anything had changed since 1994, when Nelson Mandela overturned three centuries of white domination to become the first black president of the continent's biggest economy.
"It has happened in this country before where the apartheid regime treated black people like objects," the paper said.
"It is continuing in a different guise now."
...." etc. etc.


    Here you have other pics:


Mine 'bloodbath' shocks post-apartheid South Africa

Police shot dead more than 30 at Marikana mine; Brutal images shock post-apartheid South Africa; President Zuma cuts short Mozambique trip; World platinum prices spike, Lonmin shares slump



    Yes, the sensation is as this blog deal with arguments from a point of view from which   probably no one on this planet dared to consider before, therefore it is better to start to suppress the single "bacteria" (this blog) creating around it a sort of events with an opposite ideological and religious sign. Is this the truth? As the words and their significance are of a property of the Black pope and his Jesuit order and you are not authorized to change their use. As they cannot (for the moment) obstacle me, at least they can change my environment and the environment of the readers of this blog

    This is not the first time I noted such feedback with the object of my blogs. For example some weeks ago I dealt again with this argument, and in the forum where I have the job I again focused the attention on the schizophrenic dissociation by which the "rights of women" value only outside the church, being the church of Rome never touched by the feminist critic. Well what happened just some days after?

"......Wednesday, August 8, 2012 - 20:00
MILAN - A young Swiss who went away from home without a trace a few days ago, and came to Milan, was primed in the center and then kidnapped and raped by two Romanians who had met by chance and who were traced and arrested within hours.
After the alarm, in fact, and after first aid, the police investigations, throughout the night, allowed the detention of the two, seriously suspected of sexual assault. These two workers uncensored 24 and 36 years, with wife and children, who committed violence in the same area where they lived, and then they are back home.
...The girl attacked, a Swiss citizen of 21 years, in Italy without a fixed abode and with some cognitive impairment, was approached around 21 with a playful excuse and after a chat in the car voluntarily increased the two to spend the evening with them. The two, however, arrived near a farm, and between Carugate Bussero, just outside the city, they both brutally attacked and raped in the fields....."

    Its very strange. It seems that Rumanians read my comments on the local forum. Or it seems that every day Rumanians are raping women but the security and information remember the duty of information to the large public only after reading my comments.

    In any case the great importance to have a diffused psychiatry in the society lies in the fact that this post can be labelled as "fruit of insane, psychopath mind". Application of Syllabus of Errors of Pious IX under a 'scientific' dress. More clean and politically correct that to start an Inquisition trial.


For other slightly different examples see:

Laura Knight-Jadczyk: Zionism as fruit of "the machinations of psychopaths". 

"......Considering Ponerology, yesterday I wrote an editorial that included a long quote from psychopathy expert, Martha Stout, in an effort to explain why so many people are susceptible to the machinations of psychopaths. In that article I mentioned Nachman Ben-Yehuda’s exposure of the fraud of Masada, the myth created in the early part of the 20th century, that was utilized to unify (by terror and mind control) Jewish immigrants to Israel, and turn them into efficient killing machines so that they would not feel any pangs of conscience over dispossessing the Palestinians of their land and their lives.........."

     Another example from Laura:

"........Criticism of the Bible has always been considered subversive. But, the fact is, the Bible is a masterpiece of invention, the product of energetic mythmaking very much like the making of the Masada myth, the sacrificing of Truth. And this sacrificing of Truth is what has shaped the soul of Western Civilization. ......"

[Therefore this doesn't pertain to Islam (Palestinian) and China. As this defect pertains to Roman Catholicism he could re-pent with an alliance with Islam and China. Of course Romanism will "re-pent" and go back to the before-Luther and against-Luther anti-Western Middle Age. Protestantism and Judaism - standard of Western civilization - will remain at the stake. But why to waste psychiatric terminology to present the political and religiuous  Vatican/Jesuit politic of the Big Enlargement from Dingle Bay to Bering ??]

    Zionism entirely and without differences condemned by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. Who is the psychopath?  
    As pertain Zionism see also: 

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Chamish- Solving 9-11 A Review

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