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The False Flag sentence?


     I wrote the below post some minutes ago. I decided to publish it with but a punctualization. Why the invasion of Islam in Europe? EJP and others of course are right when they say that Islam is also a provocation for a reaction. But at the  same time they don't say that the front pro-Islam in Europe, has to introduce  the "Islamization", which not properly means to start to pray in direction of Mecca five times per day, or prohibition on vine, beer, whiskey and porks, and on and on and on.
    "Islamization" is a style of mind, an asset of value easily shared also by not-Islamic ones, to be assumed by  the secular lay society in order to  kick out of it modern and liberal costumes, an ideological/religious vector for the Jesuits' hate to Israel and America (even if controlled by them, if they could they would reduce 'em in ashes!) and so to facilitate a return to a Vatican, not  Islamic, Middle Age (especially in the minds and hearts).

    For this reason the Islam had to be put at war against Israel and America. Very few understood this. And for this reason the Vatican/Jesuit crusade against liberalism is at work also inside Islam, presenting it as in two parts, the 'good' one at war with Israel and America, the 'bad' one as ally of the aggressor. World wide religiuos pedagogy, but all that I explained thousands of times before.

    The most important reason for the Islamic invasion, and this is more clearly perceivable today in the environment of financial and economical disaster in Europe, is to present a distraction in order to hide the fact that the true invasion of today is the one of the Vatican and of the Jesuit order which exploits the crisis in order to instigate the "Latin block" against the "North block" (Roman Catholic vs Protestants). At the same time the "Latin block" will see strenghtened his alliance with Islam, a fact pursued for example by the well engineered and exhibited provocation of Islam coming from an exponent of the "North block", protestant Danemark.

......If Mr Draghi really is the Latin bloc’s monetarist avenger, the Germans will find out soon enough........"

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After the False Flag attack a False Flag sentence?

Above video - "Frankenstein (7/8) Movie CLIP - The Torch-Wielding Mob (1931) HD" - URL:

    A complicated title, isn't it? But the question generating it is simple. Problem: how to psychiatrize the Freedom of Speech, in better words, how to declare 'insane', 'mental-ill' a faith, a belief, a creed which is not coinciding with the ardent desire to dedicate the proper life to pope and his dark controllers?

    Well, they should put a patent on the Massacre of Oslo and its related trial, as it revealed one of the best tool to castrate Freedom of Consciousness and Expression.

    More important thant those 77 deaths, the trials reveals to be the  seat to inaugurate the Psychiatry as tool to implement in the society the Syllabus of Errors of Pious IX. The recept is very simple. You want to use psychiatry to declare Freedom of Thought a "mental illness"? Well, after a massacre (which smells to have been created just for this goal), you cannot impose the  concept for which ideas are"fruit of psychosis" (which will render a Marxist the most happy person on the planet). You act in the exact opponent way. You declare Anders Breivik sane of mind and therefore with the danger to see him, after this 21 years, again in the streets of Oslo, you provocate (intentionally) the people who, with pitchforks and  cheers in their hands,  will ask a declaration of "mental illness" not  only for Anders Breivik, but for whichever else 'strange' person with 'strange' ideas and especially with a 'viril determination' to expose his faith. (allusions purposely searched).

     After the False Flag attack a False Flag sentence?

    Not strange therefore that the sentence is of today, the same day when in 1572 the blood of the members of a  "strange sect" (the "terrible" Huguenots) who were "psychopats" in their resistance to "not surrender" to the pope's authority, was wiped away from the streets of France by the garbage collectors of the pope and of the Jesuits, after a sort of Waco-blitz by the Roman Catholic forces wiped them away in the previous night.


".... 24 Aug 2012..

Anders Breivik verdict: live

Anders Behring Breivik has been declared sane, and faces 21 years in prison for killing 77 people in twin attacks in Oslo and Utoya, a Norwegian court has judged. Live coverage.

    And yesterday?

  Breivik trial ends in Norway with walkout by families.......It's not about his mental health - it's about us never seeing him on the street again”    - Bereaved mother...."



On the top of this message it should be a pic of Anders Breivik with 'Templar' salute. If you don't see it, here URLs:

" ......If Mr Draghi really is the Latin bloc’s monetarist avenger, the Germans will find out soon enough........", see:

Oslo, 24 August 2012: officially inaugurated the Psychiatric way to suppress Freedom of Speech?

Crhonicle of an hot sleepy post-saint Bartholomew Friday.

    Coincidence. I look at the new issue of “il venerdì della repubblica”, and the cover is dedicated to a new film (instigating hate against?) on the  “sects”: “The master”, a film which “tell the history of American sects”. (Ops, for which reson now I'm working again on another PC, as the previous one I used to post an answer (never then published) in my AGKH blog failed to connect with the web? Maybe there's a sect online?)

    Then the talk show on RAI3 (the same public channel with his “documentaries” on the religious situation in Germany under Adolf Hitler, documentaries presented by SJ Federico Lombardi, the spokesman of the Vatican). The argument of today: a couple adopted a child and then was charged with the accuse of having ill-treated adopted child The only good figures in the show where the psychologists who “warned of the danger of such adoptions". I imagine that also the Norwegian psychologists warned about the danger of a return in the streets of Norway of Anders Breivik after the detention. Mental association in the spectator searched with a deliberata association of news???

    Five minutes later the  news, TG3, (Tau, “G” and the 3 sides of the Horus  triangle). With the announcement of the condemnation of Anders Breivik at 21 years jail because "sane in the brain". But for this you surely have just read those my above poor lines.

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