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A Kleindeutsche slap in the face of the popish Second Großdeutsche Reich (*) [= EU]?


 ".....If Mr Draghi really is the Latin bloc’s monetarist avenger, the Germans will find out soon enough. It is Germany that will overheat, inflate, and suffer a “Latin” credit bubble as EMU’s wheel of fortune turns. Europe’s crisis will take on a whole new political turn. But that is a chapter for tomorrow......".

    Well, you may also conceive the latest gaffe of Jesuit trained Monti as a planned provocation in order to test (see Maozedong 100 Flowers revolution methods) "who is with us and who against us". Or worst: after having created the "Latin block" with his avenger and leader, the Jesuit trained Mario Draghi [see below References], maybe now it is time to make explode the clash between the "Latin block" (= Roman Catholic European front) and the "Northern block" (= Protestant lead northern Europe front). Or they have in mind to worsen the situation and then to 'demonstrate' that the parliaments are really obstacles for the life of the nations: "if you believe to parliamentary modern concept of secular governance you become poor and starve". An efficient method of persuasion applied with the weapon of the the Jesuitical financial usury. This could well exist having in sight the near future loosing of any European parliament - considered an obstacle or worst a garbage of the history - in order to let only the Central European parliament to make (popish Canonical)  laws for the whole Europeans.

    But whatever could be the true conspiracy-reason for the SJ trained Monti's statement in the interview with the Spiegel, about the parliaments in general which, in Europe, should be submitted to the governments, one thing is clear: the answer, even if openly instigated,  is a slap in the Jesuits'face.


".........Nothing but gaffes, Monti's interview with the "Spiegel" is a disaster
The prime minister urges EU governments to "educate" parliaments. Berlin and Europe arise. And relations with Germany collapse.

06-08-2012....19:16......Marco Ventura....

A disaster full of consequences . Maybe it was just a gaffe Mario Monti's interview interviewed by the German weekly "Der Spiegel". Our Prime Minister has begun to give lessons in democracy in Europe, in Germany, when it is the only one who can not afford it not having an investiture as head of government staff people...
In a very delicate moment, crucial to our fate, in which anxiety in Germany and throughout Europe is waiting for the decision of the German Constitutional Court on the legality of ESM, European Stability Mechanism, the professor comes in straight leg susceptibility in Germans with objectively outrageous statement for any liberal and / or democratic. "Every government has the duty to drive their own parliament," to preserve "degree of autonomy", because if governments were to follow "only the decisions of parliaments, the disintegration of Europe would be more likely its integration." Treacherously, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes: "Well, the Constitutional Court will take note."....
Ready for the reaction of right-wing and center in what appeared to be the country the most enthusiast for Monti. "Quite the opposite," says the president of the Bundestag, Norbert Lammert (CDU). The secretary of the Bavarian CSU, Alexander Dobrindt, speaks of "attack on democracy". So the liberals: "Monti should not try to solve the problems of his home by downloading them on the German taxpayer." Ditto the Social Democrat deputy group leader, Joachim Poss: "Saving the euro has strengthened, not weakened, the national parliaments." The decisive rejection by the foreign minister arrives in Berlin, Guido Westerwelle, in a statement stressing how the overpass of the national assemblies  "is beyond question."
Monti did also grant to himself to undercurrent make fun of Berlusconi who described as "very cordial" the relations with Angela Merkel, and it was heard a reply that there were no direct contacts after the resignation (but first collaboration was good). Monti now defines "cordial and friendly" the relationship with the Chancellor, and to  the reporter who remembers the episode Berlusconi-Merkel, overacting smiles: "Then let's wait quietly another refutation." That comes, substantial and pungent. "The decisions of governments must have a democratic legitimacy" said in fact, the spokesman of Merkel. "In Germany the Chancellor is aware that the law must be supported by Parliament and that this will be actively involved."
After all, just a beautiful service we had from the say of the Professor [= Monti - avles] to Merkel, as naively trusted the "Spiegel", that there is "a growing resentment of the Italian parliament against Europe, against the euro and against the Germans" . And that if he had to follow the directions of the (Italian) parliament he would have absolutely introduced  the Eurobonds. Monti has also incensed the Germans as admirably people , that means serious, opposed to the funny guys who are the Italians. Gaffe, cliche.
Well, we also come to this with the Professor, that the Germans should give lessons in democracy and they are right. Then there is to note the embarrassment of the same EU institutions who know how delicate is the issue of relations with national parliaments. And when Monti, in an attempt to remedy the disaster, says surprised by the surprise, because he intended to refer only to the relationship between parliaments and European institutions, he betrays his crisis of identity , as he was still that anti-trust European Commissioner chosen by the Berlusconi and confirmed by Prodi . The professor will clarify ideas. A European Commissioner is not formally representing the country of origin, but Europe. Who represents Monti ? Europe?
And what kind of Europe? And who is then Italy? Monti is better than not, if the message is that with him Italy has slipped into a authoritarian drift under the guise of a technical government, led or more bred by two  dominus [dominant ones - avles] : a prime minister who  lacks of  the political legitimacy of the popular vote, and a President of the Republic that one day yes and also the other day decides that he does know about everything. Educating about who should govern the parliament, about when you should go to the polls, about when it's time to be scandalized by the publication of wiretapping ...
No, there is something wrong in the Italian democracy today. They noticed it  also in Europe.

    I have also a weak impression, and underline impression, that probably Jesuits just smelled the bad air for them with the new course in Europe (building of the Second Großdeutsche Reich of the pope), and probably ordered to their puppet - Monti - to purposely make fall the paper-castle with some well calculated scandalous statements, before someone would have smashed it autonomously. All that after having demonstrated support to P2ist, Constantine knight, smelling of Mafia and Opus dei backed Silvio Berlusconi; now SJ trained Mario Monti is ready to consign again what from day to day seems more to be a Jesuit reduction called "Italy" in the hands of Berlusconi the same. The above article comes from the Panorama online magazine, owned by Silvio Berlusconi.  Ok, just an impression, nothing more for now.

    Craig Oxley is a good guy and, sincerely, if it was not for his The Unhived Mind forum I discovered in 2006 when still under the influence of the plague "It's Jewish!",  probably I would have been never here to waste time, energy and diopters with nothing else in exchange than more isolation, control, threats and related depression plus not pleasant dark self destructive intentions. But he, like the typical Englishmen, is obsessed by the "German encircling" syndrome, and sometimes he exaggerates the German component in the Jesuits' new world order. Therefore we are dealing here not with the classical "(un)holy German empire", but with a more modern (Jesuit) degeneration of it, the Großdeutsche Lösung/option exited from the Council of Trent military bases for the Continuing Counter Reformation war in Europe:

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140 years after: Continuing Jesuitical Großdeutsche Lösung? 


    Please, see how the anti-German (read: anti-Reformation) spin in Europe is at efficient and working:

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(*)  Second Großdeutsche Reich = EU;    the First Großdeutsche Reich is commonly known under the term of "Third Reich", ruled by two consuls of Rome, Hitler and Himmler or "HH" or "88" or the "sixteen".

The three top pictures come - the first - form the Eric John Phelps "Vatican Assassins", third edition, and is a Vatican cartoon describing the expulsion of Jesuits from Protestant Prussia in 1872 as a "Jewish work". Probably the cartoon is the Mother of all the Contemporary Anti-Jewish propaganda, from "Mein Kampf" to Alex John's activity.
The second is related to the discover of a Nazi message in the crypt at the Heldenplatz in Vienna (see link to Amber Path blog  on the Kleindeutsche Lösung vs Großdeutsche Lösung question).
The bottom pic shows two Jesuit trained functionaries with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"........Mario Draghi, the Latin Bloc’s monetarist avenger

The eurozone money supply is contracting at an accelerating pace on all fronts. The broad M3 gauge has fallen for the last three months in a row. A slump is already baked in the pie................."

URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/ambroseevans_pritchard/9047851/Mario-Draghi-the-Latin-Blocs-monetarist-avenger.html

.....and quoted in my:

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