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Young priests "do not even want to stop having sex, eroticism and relationship with women" [continuing psychic torture]


"......he answered to me "....don't be obsessed with sex, at the end of all sex is boring!" (!!!). Of course this person f**ks and  f**ked for all the life long - if you allow to me a vulgar but sincere expression.........."

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".....Well Uran, you are a fortunate person. Look at me, I was only a pair of months with a woman in my life, for the rest: mathematical ZERO. I envy you. In those long night in those pubs in the Brkini I have hallucinations, in the late night I see priests who, from the screen of those typical digital televisions of the bars and pubs, are inviting me to the only alternative of a life of loneliness: made yourself a priest! So, if the church of Rome is so in contrast with your inner conscience, you, which joined it for spiritual and noble reason, should have no moment of doubt to leave it in order to "made yourself a Trubarian!", to find your Barbara and  to say definitively "adijo Roma" ["bye bye Rome"].........."

URL: http://adrgegenreformationheute.blogspot.it/2012/07/saturn-commands-uran-obeys_29.html

     Briefly: as it should be known from the rip "Sex with the Vatican" blog,  the only occasion when I had sexual relation with another different from me human being on this sad planet, was a woman, twenty years ago, during a pair of months of Summer. Before and after the total ZERO.     
    What? You don't know the mathematical meaning of ZERO?? Well, here you'll find 'satisfaction':

0 (number)

     Satisfied? Ok, only two (or three, take the third one as reward/tip) months on a total of about 360 months of adult life till now (total amount of months in my entire life: more or less 576). Till  last year/begin this year, when I, pushed by a devastating  depression which instigated in me suicidal tendencies, for the first time of my life I decided to pay a sex worker. You know, if you want to kill yourself you can also decide to make a robbery, to hire a bulldozer and smash down a monument,  take debts, etc. I decided sex workers. At the end of all it was (is) the lack of sentimental and sexual relations to decisively push me in the cemetery. Exactly in a year and half I paid the sum of more than 500 Euro (like the anniversary of 2017!) to have five sexual encounters with female professionals. Of course the only sexual encounters in my life after those two or three months.  An average teenager today have more sexual encounters than I in my life of nearly half a century. I avoid the details of those five encounters, for reason of time of course. Taking them with a positive attitude, they could be considered even comic, worth of a film of Woody Allen. But frankly told they were a disaster. A Serbian professional did the diagnose:  place that all the life long I was sexually alone, I'm no more able to conceive a real sexual relation with a woman outside the phantasies. Practically and paradoxically i'm f****d off. Physically I'm OK. Mentally I'm an handicapped till the grave.

    Well, all this intro not for sport, but for a precise reason. At a certain point, after having posted some arguments in the AGKH blog, it happens that they appear some news on the media. Torture? Noooooou. They are doing this only because they.... "loooove you". Of course under a good meter of soil and closed in a solid case of mahogany. Oh, the space here is too much little to contain all the expressions of how much I hate you. Go for an holiday in Cambodia [and let Jello Biafra to sing it also here], the rest of the public can have satisfaction reading this:

Celibacy violates 60 percent of Polish priests

world - Tuesday, 07/31/2012 16:56 Text: (two)

".......Warsaw - With 60 percent of priests in Poland in breach of celibacy and have  lovers, from ten to 15 percent of them even have children for whom maintenance is payable on monthly basis, usually from a special church funds have shown a new sociological research.

Polish weekly magazine Newsweek Polska, in this issue, which was released on Monday dedicated phenomenon "fathers in talars." For this the magazin decided, after recently come to light that a priest in a parish near the town of Poznan did not call emergency assistance to his mistress, who had a complicated birth and the child was born dead.

Young priests "not even want to stop having sex, eroticism and relationships with women ".

Doctors reported to the police, the priest is liable to a penalty of three years in prison, if it turns out that he is guilty of criminal assistance to maternal rejection, reported the Belgrade news agency Beta.

As for the weekly newspaper said sociologist of religion at the University of Poznan, Jozef Baniak, research shows that 60 percent of priests in Poland have a relation with a woman. Many mistresses do not hide and the faithful know them. 10 to 15 percent of priests have children and are paying maintenance, the actual percentage of priests with children would be significantly higher.

In particular, this is all evident in the younger generation of priests who, according to the Baniaka "not even want to stop having sex, eroticism and relationships with women."

The mission of the clergy should be saved

The Catholic Church in Poland priests who violate celibacy, usually supported. Transferred them to other parishes, for any child maintenance is paid from the special, set aside funds. This was said by the priest, who in spite of complications in childbirth is called rescuers. Ecclesiastical authority was transferred to Ukraine.

As, for Newsweek Polska emphasized Baniak, the mission of priests in the Church of the utmost importance, so it should be saved. "This can be understood as the law of silence. In Poland, unlike the rest of the world, there are not big scandals with sex crimes of priests. Love relations between adults, kids - this is not sexual offenses, they cannot be denounced," recalled Baniak.
....." [end of the article].

    "Made yourself a priest!" - those allucinations were right.

    Well, just yesterday night, after I come back from a pub in loneliness,  I walked up and down the corridor of my home with my life passing in front of my life like they say it happens when you are dying. Not a rare experience for me. And as usual in such occasion I slept only four hours. Once there was a serial-romance, published on the Romish Masonic Primorske Novice (a daily coordinated with "Il Piccolo di Trieste" and the "Primorski Dnevnik"), entitled: "Everyone dies alone". Agreed, but unfortunately the serial ended too soon in order I could put with a pen a personal addition: "but the ones who are alone, they die every day".

    F**k off such cretin serials! How would I care if I die 'alone', if then I die every day??!

    Hey, do you believe me? Really. I'm tired to write, the muscles of my arms and my finger now suddenly weakened and a sense of void captured my womb. I'm going to bed to laugh and cry bitter tears at the same moment, a fact that denotes the effective mental disintegration of the author of such boring blogs. Yes, this is psychic torture, no jokes. So please, for a further text as comment, you can find satisfaction reading my two latest posts in Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute blog where, in the below comments, i'll continue to put further material [and maybe my personal experiences,  I'm grateful to that Serbian professional].

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Brace yourself, my dear 



Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturn commands, Uran obeys 


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Pol Pot. I recommended you to him. Have a pleasant stay in the Hell, with my heart in hand.

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