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Un-employed Al Qaeda found second job with [Jesuit-Marxist masterminded] China?

Above video "Homs Massacre a Fake, Syria 04-02-2012
" - URL:
    If under Obama Al Qaeda was dismissed, she needed to find a new job. But where, when and especially: with whom?
    Do you remember what I told you in that post of February 6th of this year?

"......It seems that the consent of those Arab monarchies [embryo of the s.c. "Great Caliphate"] for the Assad's Great Repulisti ("repulisti" = deep and wide cleaning of opponents/heretics) has been purchased by China (with the consent of Iran, who reduced his exportations to China) with the money of massive investments (nuclear energy) and the possibility of purchasing greater quotes of Saudi Arab oil......"
    Don't you perceive a certain stench in watching that video and reading that word "fake"?

     Official western media, apparently supporter of NATO, "Zionism", etc., works in a great accordance with the "anti-Zionist" alternative information, creating confusion and doubts which then will be exploited by the "anti".

    Official media announce a massacre in Syria. Then on the same media the Assad's opinion attacking "foreign terrorists" is hosted with the same nonchalance. The spectator, confused, then goes in the web. There he will find the 'alternative' who is teaching him how "the guilty of civil war in Syria is on the shoulder of Zionist-instigated terrorism". Stop. The process of manufacturing of a fifth column of World Democratic Governement ("BRIC") is ended.

    Or maybe all this geometrical deployment of ideological forces, contrasting information, etc., are hiding another deeper truth?

    The truth for which the today's BRIC's "World anti-imperialist Front" (like the Stalinist one of the thirties) must take the power on earth, and Jesuit-Marxist China is maybe the most important pillar which must 'softly' and 'correctly' squeeze the opposition in the Islamic world.

    Therefore Jesuit-Marxit Chinese imperialism cannot be justified by no else alibi than the one of the "mission of peace". Every other political actor able to help for a compromise and an armistice between Assad and opposition must disappear, and this is the task of the Islamic-Masonic Turkey (which bought in the Primorje former factories to work meal with the Islamic religious costume, just to change argument) and his "peace conferences" hosted in Ankara/Istanbul, with the discrete collaboration of the rest of the Jesuit infiltrated "Western" world are only a comedy (with the fireworks of a Phantom F4 burned in order to excite a bored spectator?).

    Then Jesuit-Marxist China buys the services of the "Zionist" Al Qaeda, produced by the Gulf monarchies, to which Beijing promised in exchange the purchase of great quantities of oil for the Chinese economical growth plus enormous investments of Chinese banknotes in the energy sector in the Arab peninsula.

    Then the "Zionist" Al Qaeda will supply Assad with alibi to exterminate the Sunny Islam in the name of the "right of self-defense against Zionist/CIA infiltration", and will supply the Western 'alternatives' with ideological bullets in order to transform them in Fifth columns of Assad's (of Jesuits's) regime in the Western world, killing in that forest called "diffused information" every cultural, political and religious opposition against Assad's regime [remember what did by the  killers at the order of Jesuit Stalin, father of that "anti-imperialist front", in the thirties in Spain, against Trotzkists, anarchists, dissident Communists, etc.].

    Then you can conclude observing how the declining Western economy is dragging the Gulf Petrol monarchies in the crisis, and they naturally search a new buyer for their oil. Who is this? But of course the one whose economical growth is based on the death of the Western economy, the by-Rome controlled China. Therefore the Al Qaeda, born to serve the (Romish  masterminded) Bush family, and being dismissed by the changing of power in the White House, must absolutely find a new job. Chinese are generous and can offer many opportunities to an unemployed Al Qaeda which can be recycled at the best to serve the satanic Jesuit goals of the new "World anti-Imperialist Front", that BRIC of World Democratic Government.


     Did I told all to you? No, there's still a thing to observe. Look at Nigeria, another world reservoir of oil, traditionally in western hands. Why all that Al Qaeda-like terrorism against the Roman Catholicism?

 Above video "Boko Haram Bombs St Finsbarr Catholic Church in Plateau State Sunday March 11, 2012" - URL: - (see References below).

Using David Icke's formula, all that appears appalling banal and simple:

Problem: perfidious "Zionist/CIA" Islamic terrorism hits the poor loyal to the pope of Rome

Reaction: something must be done!

Solution: let's put Africa in the hands of the (Jesuit-Marxist) China, which just proved in the central Africa (let's say where the Vatican is controlling the territory with missions or third political entities?) to be a factor of stabilization, peace and agreements between different religions....

Bishop Audo: Syrian Christians Support President Assad

 by Edward Pentin | April 28, 2011

 "...The international community is exaggerating the crisis in Syria which has been staged mainly by outsiders,.." (by Caldean Bishop of Aleppo, SJ Antoine Audo)

    Why the Jesuit bishop of Aleppo let know in public his (= of his evil order) political secular opinion on the uprising in Syria?..... Maybe because Jesuits knew all in advance, they knew that the "Zionist terrorism" in Syria had to work as justification for Assad's massacre and therefore, exposing it as "foreign infiltration", they would have with the time gained benefit from it like it is gaining Assad from it today??! ...... If that Jesuit bishop of Aleppo and his order weren't totally sure on how thing would have developed after one and more year of bloody civil war, if they weren't sure that their NATO would have kept their bombers in the hangars, they would have never opened the mouth. They knew it all, stay sure.

    Well, I stay firstly with the Sunnis, who are hit by the bestial secular ax of Assad and his Jesuit supporters. Sunnis today, under the control of the Jesuit Masonic corrupted monarchies, are constrained to play the role of the "barbarian" side of the Islam, in order to make appear the rest of the Islam a poor victim of the "Zionism". That "Zionist" alleged terrorism in Syria, is working for the benefit of Assad's Sanfedist persecution against modernization and liberalism in Syria because  it will push further the Sunnis in that embrace of the reactionary monarchies, and for the benefit of his supporters, first of whom the Jesuit-Marxist Chinese global imperialism, which needs of a "mission of peace" in order to justify his Dialectical Materialist (= Continuing Counter Reformation) expansionism in the world. 
    The Tibetan question is instigated just for this reason, in order to "expose" the feudal regime of Tibet with a refined coupe-de-theatre [it is "not true that Tibetans are innocents as they are a barbarian feudal regime"], and to make accept to the Western that (Romish controlled) China is a "factor of progress and modernism" in the world.

Bullshit. Only Jesuitical bullshit.

[edited + added later: the below post is difficult to download on the browser, it usually is deprived of the  below section where there's the reference of the title. For example I cannot download it even on my hard disk! Could it be that it is disturbing someone because I expose here the true agenda behind the propaganda on "Zionist/CIA" Al Qaeda? Remember Jesuit-Marxist China intelligence which is increasing his presence in the web.....]

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"The United Arab Emirates and Turkey are said to have close links to Mossad and the CIA." [Monday, February 27, 2012]


Text from video "Boko Haram Bombs St Finsbarr Catholic Church in Plateau State Sunday March 11, 2012":


A suicide car bomber attacked a Catholic church Sunday in the middle of Mass, killing at least 10 people in the latest violence targeting a church in a central Nigerian city plagued by unrest, a state official said.

The bomb detonated as worshippers attended the final Mass of the day at St. Finbar's Catholic Church in Jos, a city where thousands have died in the last decade in religious and ethnic violence. Security at the gate of the church's compound stopped the suspicious car and the bomber detonated his explosives during an altercation that followed, Plateau state spokesman Pam Ayuba said.

The blast damaged the church's roof, blew out its windows and destroyed a portion of the fence surrounding the church's compound, Ayuba said. At least 10 people died, Ayuba said, while many others were wounded in the blast, including soldiers who also had been stationed at the church.

"He destroyed so many things," the spokesman said.

No group immediately claimed responsibility though the city has been targeted in the past by a radical Islamist sect known as Boko Haram. The sect claimed a series of bombings in Jos on Christmas Eve in 2010 that killed as many as 80 people. The sect also claimed a similar church bombing on Feb. 26 on the main headquarters of the Church of Christ that killed three people and wounded 38 others.

The sect, which speaks to journalists through telephone conference calls at times of its choosing, could not be immediately reached for comment Sunday.

Jos and surrounding Plateau state have been torn apart in recent years by violence pitting its different ethnic groups and major religions — Christianity and Islam — against each other. Human Rights Watch says at least 1,000 people were killed in communal clashes around Jos in 2010.

The violence, though fractured across religious lines, often has more to do with local politics, economics and rights to grazing lands. Muslims in the city also say they are locked out of lucrative jobs in the region as the Christian-led state government doesn't recognize them as citizens.

The Catholic church attack also comes after a failed raid Thursday by British and Nigerian commandos left a Briton and an Italian hostage dead in Nigeria's far northwest. British officials have blamed a splinter cell of Boko Haram for the attack, something a spokesman for the group has denied.

However, the attack has opened a new front on Nigeria's ongoing struggle with terrorism, showing any region across the nation's Muslim north can be attacked — and anyone, including foreigners, could be targeted.

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