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Twelve beams = The Twelve Ideals?


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"......."The half hour that filed fascism." The vote of July 25, 1943 as told by politicians and clergymen
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["“La mezz’ora che archiviò il fascismo”. Il voto del 25 luglio 1943 raccontato da esponenti politici ed ecclesiastici
Postato il 24 luglio 2012 da giovannipreziosi    "]

    In the article of Giovanni Preziosi, we come to knowledge of the important role of former minister and member of the Italian senate Luigi Federzoni in the fall of the Fascism with the well known event of end July 1943. But even more important there's the background role of the Vatican and of the Jesuit order who protected the same Federzoni.

    On the morning of 27 July 1943 pope Pacelli/Pious XII calls the general procurator of Salesiani order, don Francesco Tomasetti, who report what he heard from Federzoni the same. The king was agreeing in to dismiss Mussolini and cheated the Germans who asked information about the critical situation of the Italian government. The king agreed with the army and the exponents who were the most near Mussolini all the procedures to avoid an escape of Mussolini. Then with Federzoni (who was also member of the Great Council of Fascism) and Grandi on how to convince the other members of the Council to vote against Mussolini. 

    Mussolini was arrested on 25 July by an order of the king after having being substituted by general Badoglio. And Federzoni, the key man for the fall of Mussolini? He was received on 29 July by pope Pacelli 'pious' XII who heard from his voice the events. Then Federzoni was condemned to death by the Fascist Tribunal of the Fascist Italy occupied by the Nazi troops. Thanks to the future pope Paul VI/mons. Montini and state secretary card. Luigi Maglione, he fled  in Portugal and then , with the help of  Emilio Costanzi, missionary  of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, reached Brazil.

    Worth to note a particular of the Hall of Great Council of Fascism, with double sun,  twelve beams each:

#1 - meeting of 25 July 1943 in the Hall of Great Council of Fascism; notice the double sun;
original at:

#2 - ....with twelve beams each.

Maybe the twelve......?...

The Twelve Ideals

of a Jesuit Education

(found on the walkway in front of Monroe Library)
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Respect for the World, Its History and Mystery
  • Learning from Experience
  • Contemplative Vision Formed by Hope
  • Development of Personal Potential
  • Critical Thinking and Effective Communication
  • Appreciation of Things Both Great and Small
  • Commitment to Service
  • Linking Faith with Justice
  • Special Concern for the Poor and Oppressed
  • International and Global Perspective
  • Discerning Mindset: Finding God in All Things

*   *   *

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140 years after: Continuing Jesuitical Großdeutsche Lösung?


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" of interest and a proud even for us who are Italians".

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