Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The truth in one image


Above image - collage based on the pic 95 of the album "Mučeniška pot k svobodi", album presented in the post: http://adrgegenreformationheute.blogspot.it/2012/07/to-drive-wedge-between-between.html .
The execution of a Slovenian partisan (then also identified) occured by the hands of Nazi-fascist cohorts of Wladimir Ledochowsky, in the surrounding of Gorizia/Gorica, where about four centuries before, the Protestant brother Primož Trubar, founder of the Slovenian Protestant church linked to the Augsburg Confession, held an historical evangelical speech in Slovenian, German and Italian language. Not for a coincidence:  http://adrgegenreformationheute.blogspot.it/2011/07/queen-of-europe-and-rome-wall.html

    With the demolition of the public administration, today a psychopath obsession of the Italian Ultramontane junta of prof. Mario Monti, demolition which followed decades of well targeted policies of destruction from within of the state institutions by the same forces to which belong the puppets of Rome today at the government, the Vatican and the Jesuit order are administering their revenge against that secular world who refuses to become the secular arm of Rome.

    The preventive decades long destruction from-within of the public system in the country is a work of that "party of the pope", the Ultramontane Democrazia Cristiana party, which reigned in the country from the end of WWII to the Tangentopoli judiciary coupe d'etat in 1992. She was 'wiped' away by that coupe, but only because the final coupe of ax on the secular head of the country should have been administered by an executioner NOT directly identifiable with the Roman Catholicism and the papacy. Maybe was just for this reason that Silvio Berlusconi increased a choreographed apparent attrition with the church of Rome in the last years of his government.

    The Italian Republic is a not-confessional state born from Porta Pia's Breach and based on the principle of freedom of conscience and freedom of expression condemned in 1864 by the Syllabus of Errors of Pious IX as "evil fruit of the Protestant heresy" .

    Therefore every not confessional state, institution, organization must be destroyed. Economical and financial crisis are only an alibi, the axes to behead the modern, liberal world, no more than the boycott of Nazi Germany by Zionist organization was the alibi to start a pogrom that then led to the Holocaust.

    SJ trained Mario Monti in Italy, SJ trained Mario Draghi in the BCE are only expression of the implementation of this Ultramontane reactionary continental cleansing whose inspiring souls are living in Vatican and in the Curia Generalizia:

Saturday, July 07, 2012

SJ 'Quisling' Mario Monti applying the Vatican CANONICAL law against Italian Repulic [150 years old ULTRAMONTANE revenge] 



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