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The moment X.

 Above image - to speak of Syria is like to speak of China (and Africa)?

    Please, start in Russia:

"......8:26AM BST 17 Jul 2012.....
...Russian ex-policeman charged over killing of journalist Anna Politkovskaya

Russian investigators charged a former policeman on Monday with helping to organise the killing of journalist and Kremlin critic Anna Politkovskaya almost six years ago....

.....The case has come to symbolise the muffling of free speech and the corruption of the judiciary during Vladimir Putin's 2000-2008 presidency, and is now seen as a test for reform since Putin returned to the Kremlin in May. ......

.......The case is one of at least a dozen Russian journalists whose politically charged murders have gone unsolved............."

    If  "Zionism" would be such in control of Russia, at least you should think that the same Putin is a "Zionist" puppet.

    So, the "Zionist" [Romish-Masonic?] masters of Putin are forcing him,  or A) - to leave the Kremlin or B) - to implement some policies in Russia and/or in the foreign diplomacy with which he (or his entourage) may not agree....

    Then a jump in Bulgaria: 

"....... ....
Deadly bomb blast hits bus with Israelis in Bulgaria............
......A bomb explosion has killed at least seven people on a bus carrying Israeli tourists in the eastern Bulgarian city of Burgas, Israeli officials say. ......Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later accused Iran of being behind the explosion......

    [Excuse me if for a moment I play Barry Chamish without authorization, but what did I hear two days ago? ---> "..........Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews protested Monday in Jerusalem against attempts to draft members of the cloistered community into the Israeli military........." - see below References]

    In other words, the final dismission of Iran (and eventually of Jewry) is near?

    I would be very interested in that sojourn of SJ Hans Peter Kolvenbach in Lebanoon, in contact with Hezbollah, what he did, etc.

    It could be that the moment X is just here. That Ayatollah Iran is no more useful for the Big Enlargement. The world was looking at the "Zionist" aggression to the Islamic world, and now, the same "Zionist" aggression is making Russia to fall in the mouth of the Big Enlargement? A Putin [KGB/FSB] without an Iran and Syria in his hands has no more important arguments to use in the international diplomacy, specially with an Ukraine deeply aligned with an Euro(po)pean Union. Of course the "Zionism" will remain alive in order to supply arguments to Russians in order to induce 'em to accept the end of the Schism, in the name of the "common fight to Judaism". No more or less the Protestants of Germany were induced to abandon their religious and political resistance against the papacy incarnated by that Austrian corporal in the name of the "ecumenical, common fight against the Judaism".
    We'll see.... Maybe in such conditions, with the breath of a KGB/FSB on his neck searching new roles from where to find profit,  it remains to Putin to play only the card of the secular ice breaker for the union of religious Moscow with the popish Rome? We'll see....

    In any case I would be no more surprised if they could surprise even me. I swore that I believed Assad regime to survive (and still now I'm not really convinced about his fall). Probably Jesuit-Marxist China played the super-fool, and his role between a "pro-Iran", "anti-American/Zionism" Syria and the cradle of that "Zionist" and "American" Al-Qaeda, those Sunny monarchies, hid more than one dirty game. Maybe Jesuit-Marxist China convinced Assad to be able to stop the "Al-Qaeda terrorist" meanwhile Jesuit bishop Audo was fooling him....

    We'll see, we'll see if the Jesuit reward for this probable super-dirty game of Jesuit Marxist China is called "let  Africa fall in the hands of Beijing". [Central Africa of course, they are not stupid to abandon direct control of North and South tops].

    In any case an important result for Rome as the Democratic Republic of Congo was destroyed by the Roman Catholic Belgian family with the support of the Roman Catholic church which transformed that country in a giant mission of the priests of Rome. Who knows? Maybe the true Roman Catholicization of China will start just from Central Africa....You know, Communists of China, meanwhile are thinking to wash away their past presenting themselves as "civilzation force" in a "feudal barbarian" Tibet, could find a day some resistance by those Black Africans managed by Roman Catholic priests, and China don't want to present herself in the world in the role of an oppressive force with some black spots coming out from the past. A clean image today cost very much, what matters is to reach an agreement with a Rome selling it to you.
    Maybe that agreement has just been signed, and all this global spin on China, presented as the "light of the future" for humanity, could be just that service of Marketing the church of Rome - thanks her diffusion in all the corners of the planet - offers to the ones with almond eyes who evidently cannot infiltrate the rest of the world without to be immediately warned. Of course the marketing of Rome costs......

    At the opposite, the Roman Catholicization of Russia could start just from that sentiment of fear to remain excluded by a world where only the ones who knelt to the pope of Rome count.

    Also Chinese are now warned.

*   *   *
    And in the same days:

July 18, 2012 6:28 AM

Syria Defense Minister Gen. Dawoud Rajha, two other top ministers, killed in explosion in Damascus......

 CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports that in spite of increasing attacks in recent weeks, Damascus had remained a bubble of relative normality in Syria. Wednesday's crippling blow, however, will almost certainly put an end to that image - even among those regime supporters who have tried to ignore the encroaching reality.


    And look at who is speaking, the American minister of defense, minister trained at the Jesuit Georgetown University. Defense of which, of the global Ultramontane agenda?

"............U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the situation in Syria is "rapidly spinning out of control" and "it is more essential than ever" for the international community to broker a peaceful transition of power.............."

[same address]

    I'm really curious if I too should change some of my beliefs in the near next future:

".........The national security headquarters is among the most tightly secured buildings in Damascus. If rebel forces did in fact remotely detonate a bomb, the individual who planted the device likely was an insider. Officials told Al Jazeera that the person who planted the device was one of the cabinet member's personal bodyguards..............."

[same address]

    And, who-knows-why, my mind always goes to the picture with Chinese premier and Prime minister of United Arab Emirates. Just only think a (Jesuit-Marxist) China in global alliance with the cradle of Al-Qaeda.  Sorry my dear Nazi-Stalinist warriors  but money-is-money:

".....While official diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and China were not established until the 1990s, defense relations began beforehand in the 1980s. When the United States refused to sell Saudi Arabia long-range fuel tanks for Saudi F-15 fighters, Saudi Arabia arranged a deal with China in 1988 to obtain between fifty and sixty nuclear-payload-capable CSS-2 intermediate-range ballistic missiles.[34] However, the missiles that China sold to Saudi Arabia ended up being widely inaccurate and unusable. One commentator asserted, "The Chinese in essence hoodwinked the Saudis into buying an antique missile system worthless without its nuclear warhead."[35] After this interaction, there is no more documented evidence of similar transactions. However, there is speculation that Sino-Saudi strategic military cooperation has continued to grow. Experts believe that China has based more than one thousand of its military advisers at Saudi missile installations. Press reports indicate that China has offered Saudi Arabia the opportunity to purchase modern missile systems. (i.e. 373-mile range CSS-6, 1,118-mile range CSS-5 solid-fueled missiles, 3,418-mile range CSS-2 intercontinental ballistic missile.) China is one of the few countries supplying this type of technology and as such is capable of demanding a cash transaction.[36]............"

    So if it is the China of the actual "anti-imperialist/anti-Zionist global front" BRIC to sell to Saudi Arabia the threat which gives to Iran the alibi for his nuclear program, well, the least you can say is that friends and enemies are dancing all together in a global ecumenical/universal pot.... Please, note how the lacking nuclear warheads for the Chinese bad missiles could arrive for example from the same Pakistan who was allied with China in the war against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.... And today China, at the side of whom is? Of India or Pakistan?

    To end a little refresh on Bashar Al-Assad and his international friends - I wanted to publish it in the previous post about the delivery of Hong Kong to China, but I chose to save it for another occasion:

The Mexican cartel of drug surely works under the blessing of the Madonna, the Vatican one. Like Bashar Al-Assad who is a member of the order King Francesco (Francis) I of the Two Sicilies:

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Are today Russian and Chinese the bayonets of the pope?

So meanwhile our Bashar Al-Assad is only a member of a sub-order of the Constantinian order of st. George, Berlusconi is a true knight of the same order, [as just revealed in the old UHM forum three years ago]:

".....In March 2003 in a ceremony at Palazzo Chigi, the current President of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister) of the Italian Republic, Silvio Berlusconi, was invested into the Constantinian Order as a Knight Grand Cross with Gold Star and Collar within the Special Category. ......."

And that Silvio Berlusconi, from Milano, had an important role in the Arab Spring movement, should be not a surprise for you:

".....The company's capital Nessma Entertainment was held at first only by the advertising group Tunisian Karoui & Karoui World. On May 21, 2008, the group announced its entry into the capital of the Italian group Mediaset - owned by Silvio Berlusconi - and the Tunisian group Tarak Ben Ammar's Quinta Communications, fellow of the first, the extent of 25% each. ......[Wikipedia:]....."

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Berlusconi, Tarak Ben Ammar, Nessma and the Egyptian & Tunisian (WORLD DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT instigated) 'revolutions'

    End of the missing excerpt. [If I must be sincere I hope to come no more back on such topics related to the actual events which are dragging time and  energy from me and my exposition of the the past: Mussolini as soldier of the Jesuits for the  mission of Romanization of Eurasia, WWI and WWII, the Great Italy of the Balkans, general superior SJ Wladimir Ledochowsky, SJ Anton Preseren and doc Janko Kralj etc. etc. ]

 *   *   *

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Hong Kong and Syria

Friday, March 16, 2012

".....The beginning of a new dawn........"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering: the true cause of the contemporary events shaking the world


It seems to me to hear Barry Chamish, when he warns about that inner war of Israel's Nazi Masonic Sabataian circles to kill Orthodox Jews.... is maybe the long awaited war near the corner?

Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest Israel draft plans


JERUSALEM (AP) — Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews protested Monday in Jerusalem against attempts to draft members of the cloistered community into the Israeli military.
The government is trying to find a formula to obligate ultra-Orthodox Jews to serve in the military before a court-determined Aug. 1 deadline. The current law largely exempts the community from military service. That infuriates many Israelis, since almost all others are required to serve. Israel's Supreme Court ruled the law must be revised.
In the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim, children wearing handcuffs and signs reading "save me" marched the streets Monday. The ultra-Orthodox fear assimilation in the secular military and claim they are serving the state by serving God in prayer and study.
A high-profile panel aimed at finding a compromise was recently disbanded.

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