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Hong Kong and Syria


Above image - an image found in a post of the blog Jewish Odysseus: "Kurds and Policemen Being Executed by the Mullahs " - Was the Ayatollah revolution of Islam, only a disguise for an Islamic Sanfedist annihilation of the liberal and modern ('heretic') minds in Iran? Also there the greatest support for the revolution came just from that Black Evil inside of the Western world.

    But only see what happens two days after I posted the previous message on my idea about an  Al-Qaeda hired by Romish China :

"......Mexican drug cartels laundered billions through HSBC ....
Published: Today at 09:27
......The shock report by a US Senate committee also claimed that the British-based bank provided services to some lenders in Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh — believed to have helped fund al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. .......
....MEXICAN drug cartels laundered billions of dollars through HSBC’s US operations because of its lax controls, an investigation has found.

    Wow!  I'm shocked.

    So the "Mexican drug cartel" is evidently an excuse. What interested in this case is that "Al-Qaeda". If it is plausible that China of the "World anti-imperialist Front" BRIC purchases the services of "Zionist" Al-Qaeda in Syria, services managed from the "Zionist" Sunni monarchies of the Gulf, as China [and Putin] needs an alibi for their expansionism in its turn finalized to the Eurasian Roman Catholic unification with Moscow, an help must come of course from the same western world, as it was just this 'western' world to create the actual (Jesuit-Marxist masterminded) China.

    In fact who consigned in the hands of the Chinese Bolsheviks one of the greatest stock exchange of the world?

".....The transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China, referred to as "the Handover" internationally and "the Return" or "The Reunification" by Mainland Chinese, took place on 1 July 1997, and marked the end of British rule in Hong Kong. ......."

    Uh! It was the Tatcher, that "bastard aggressor" against  Argentina. The prime minister of the same country which later helped the US Neocons in to build the "fake threat of Al-Qaeda". In the negotiation with China for Hong Kong there was involved also the later...... adviser of Benedict XVI, Kissinger . What a couple! :

"......A few months after Thatcher's visit to Beijing, the PRC government had still yet to open negotiations with the British government regarding the sovereignty of Hong Kong. Unsure of what to do, Thatcher consulted former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, though consultation proved fruitless in the end. ........"
[Wikipedia as above]

    So our Iron Lady had absolutely no moment of doubt into instigate the hate of the Latin Roman Catholic world against Anglican and Protestant Britain, and this only to be sure to keep off the Russian Commies from South Atlantic [Russians who maybe offered to the Iron Lady the desired alibi with their satellite support to Argentina in the Falkland war, anyway a support which was useless]. 
    But then, when the Russian Commies are r.i.p., what does our Lady do? She fails in to prevent Communist China to become the true successor of the expired Communist threat in the world, consigning in Maoist hands the control of the finance in Far East Asia!:

".......Lady Thatcher has spoken publicly for the first time of her regret at the "impossible" situation she faced while trying to negotiate the handover of Hong Kong to China.
In her first interview for almost five years, the former prime minister has revealed her disappointment at failing to persuade Deng Xiaoping, the former Chinese premier, to let Britain extend its lease on the colony.
In a rare dropping of her guard, she admits to feeling "sad" when, seven years after she had left office in 1990, Britain's and Hong Kong's 145-year relationship ended, bringing down the final curtain on the British Empire.
"What I wanted was a continuation of British administration," she says in the radio interview, to be broadcast later this month.
"But when this proved impossible, I saw the opportunity to preserve most of what was unique to Hong Kong through applying Mr Deng's [one country, two systems] idea to our circumstances."...
12:01AM BST 10 Jun 2007

 How many years after she has leaved office in etc. etc.? Seven? After the year 1990? And in the 1989 what happened in China?

Above video - "Tiananmen Square Massacre. The 1989 Student Democracy Movement, Beijing China" - URL: http://youtu.be/qOJeA0s3x2A

    Let's return to the post. Weren't those student of Tiananmen Square natural allies" of Margaret Tatcher?

    The receipt for building a global successor of Soviet Russia [who absolutely had to be dismissed together with Warsaw pact in order to let the space free for the building of Ultramontane Euro(po)pean Union which is no "Fourth Reich", but only a continental Jesuit Reducion], is very simple: you find a territory which cannot be refused to China as no one in the world, especially after the bloody 'anglo-imperialist' campaign of the Flakland against a pious Roman Catholic poor country, would give the political support to an hypotetical war – even only diplomatic - of London against China in order to maintain Hong Kong as English protectorate (and fifteen years after, probably  the purpose of those no-sense bloody bombing of NATO in Libya, i.e. to dissuade later a second intervention in Syria and so to help Assad? I'm only asking...). Then you build on that territory the weapon you want to consign in the hands of China. The moment to consign the territory comes. And with the territory the weapon, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

    War with Communism? But I never saw in a war a loyal general who, in the retreat, don't blow the railroad and the bridges in order to stop the advancing of the enemy. Here not only the bridges/stock exchanges weren't destroyed, they even were strengthened notwithstanding they knew that it was inevitable that Hong Kong had to be given back. Normally this is a case of high treason. Fortunately a certain Marxist influence in the Western world will present all that as "spontaneous consequence of capitalist greediness" or similar fables.

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Un-employed Al Qaeda found second job with [Jesuit-Marxist masterminded] China? 



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From Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering: the true cause of the contemporary events shaking the world


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