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" point...rose to power via the Evangelical Xtian Movement in Germany. " [ANOTHER JESUIT DECEPTION?]


    The exposition of the Vatican and Jesuit order as mastermind of the Second Thirty Years War in Eurasia (1914 - 1945), notwithstanding it is a marginal discussion in the ocean of the 'alternative' information   seems to put in difficulty someone in Curia generalizia or saint Peter square. Don't think that they are staying hands in hands and don't counterattack with intelligence & propaganda....:

From the comments to the article on a new biography on Hitler, by A.N. Wilson:

PenguinA.N. Wilson has written biographies of novelist C.S. Lewis and Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, along with several works of fiction.

    Below - a pair of comments 

"............ point...rose to power via the Evangelical Xtian Movement in Germany. His speeches were more like xtian sermons than political speeches. He promised the people of Germany that he would turn the country into a xtian nation that worshiped the Big J.C. so that they would be ready for the return of the Big J.C.

The Evangelical Xtians worshiped Hitler as powerful Xtian leader.

Hitler, as soon as he got into office, started implementing the Evangelical Xtian demands to change the country to Xtian standards. 1. all schools had to teach Xtianity. 2. eliminated all other religion schools. 3. Rounded up the atheist and the gays and imprisoned them. 4. Put religious leaders (yes catholic bishops) into positions of power. All the way down to the elimination of the Jews because "they killed the Big J.C.".

Hitler was a Catholic Christian Evangelical leader just like what Rick S. wants to be.

Protect the separation of Church and State. Keep religion out of politics.
giovedì 29 marzo 2012 19:44:54


Anthony Aboumrad (Obstkuchen) wrote:

Guy Laroche (GayGuy) wrote: "Finally, do you have anything to add besides making a rash assumption on knowledge of another, all while showing your ignorance?"

Of this I apologize, as I mistakenly assumed you drew an outline around Catholicism because you were trying to separate it from Christianity.

A few of your other objections, however, are quite off-base. The split between the Protestant and Catholic church is 16th century European history. Not sure how I got that one wrong... Secondly, to say that Catholicism was tied to Nazism is not so cut-and-dry. Some Catholic churches were among the ranks of resistors outside of Germany, and it would be a mistake to ignore the impact of regional identity on complacency of Nazi policy. Not disagreeing with you in principle, only in emphasis.
Thursday, March 29, 2012 3:06:11 PM


Also, doesn't highlighting the divergence of Protestantism in Europe during the 16th century only support my position more? That Catholicism needs to be noted as its distinguishment from the general term Christianity?
giovedì 29 marzo 2012 15:22:22

     But did to any of such commentators come in mind that their concept of  'catholicism' is only synonymous of Romanism? Therefore of a method of domination of humans which uses but is not a religion, therefore is absolutely not Christendom?

    Did to any of such commentators come in mind that the entity, masonic luciferian entity which created a body called 'church of Rome', uses the tactic to cut one of the proper finger in order to appear morally not involved in the beheading of her religious enemies and therefore that  Rome have no problems to sacrifice many of her priests and faithfuls in order to not appear as the final beneficiary of a war of extermination of the religious enemy??

    Did to any of such commentators come in mind that for  Rome Luther and/or Calvin were not two "Protestants" (or not  two true Christians), but simply two 'bad' Roman Catholics who were in a 'deep error'?
    And that it is the Vatican the same the greatest annihilator of ('bad', 'heretic', 'liberal', 'modern', etc.) Roman Catholics the same???

".....Because the development of the Catholics in the world, the increase of the 400 millions of men, who in all the corners of the Earth are looking at Rome, is of interest and a proud even for us who are Italians....” [Benito Mussolini's first speech at the chamber, 21st June 1921]......".

"........The head of the government (Mussolini) said to [SJ] Pietro Tacchi Venturi in a private talk (Thursday 7th April 1938) that, in front of Hitler, it would be convenient to be more forcible, without ambiguity; not now, immediately, but waiting the most opportune moment, in order to adopt these more strong measures, for example the excommunication, and that is convenient to avoid to think that the Hitler’s phenomena could be transient, as this man obtained for Germany great successes.............". 

    Mussolini and Hitler (and many others) were only two opportunists who cannot avoid to gain support from the Vatican and from the Jesuit order in order to reach the power. Rome let 'em to use her support, in order then, when the game would have concluded, to appear 'exploited' by the 'evil' secularism. At a certain point the support was denied,  or given a stronger support to the enemies of those puppets, in order to make 'em fall after they did the dirty job for the benefit of Rome: the religious purge of Eurasia, the Jesuits' Continuing Counter Reformation.

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Northern Germany Ask Pope B16 About This!

Prolonging the War For the Oder-Neisse Line Destruction of Prussia

Managed for the Counter Reformation

It is the end of 1942.

The U.S.S.R. military forces have turned the war's tide, with the start of their counter-offensive November 19, 1942, driving out the Third Reich invasion forces that entered the U.S.S.R. since June, 1941- tremendously brutalizing the local populations and landscape. Such was in contrast to the 1915-1918 occupation by the Second Reich, causing many Jewish peoples to disbelieve the stories of Third Reich atrocities and hence staying to be slaughtered.

 Read the following at:

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