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Above image - 28th June 2012, the 98th anniversary of beginning of first world conflict. More allusive couldn't be a picture: Germany between the pincers of Jesuit revenge. [ 28 June 1914, assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria]

Far left and right wing organization are controlled by EUROGENDFOR? The doubt arises after having checked two anti-German spin video on you Tube which are putting the blame for the creation of EUROGENDFOR on Germany. Usually intelligence, masonic, religious orders, military entities implement the counter-propaganda, in order to remove the water around the fishes of a possible opposition: they create a preventive fake and controlled opposition which is based and carries false premises and false goals.

But this is absurd, as Germany is the state which opposes to the creation of a common European military-police force, namely EUROGENDFOR:

 "....Germany does not take part [of EUROGENDFOR], as their constitution does not permit the use of MILITARY forces for police services..."

From my:

Probably the recent defeat at European level of Germany, represented by the defeat of Maerkel in front of the “Latin” (= Roman Catholic) "block" headed spiritually and politically by Jesuit trained Mario Monti's Italian government, and by Jesuit trained head of BCE Mario Draghi, will create the premises to impose to Germany the membership of the Roman Catholic (and Italian) centered European papal military-police force EUROGENDFOR.

Therefore the anti-Germanism spread in every ideological context, from the Beppe Grillo propaganda blog to blogs self claimed “anti-Jesuit” oriented like truthseeker (with whom I had just a polemic some months ago), has its sense at the light of the Roman Catholic encircling of the homeland of Luther and of the first succesfull attempt of Reformation, Germany.

In the first video coming from Germany a protestor dressed up with the masque of Guy Fawks is killed by a policeman dressed up in civilian dresses. In consequence the other protestors attack the policeman with violence. The video is more fine of what could appear, and present an occult instigator which want to provokate social riot in order to later introduce the EUROGENDFOR. Interesting the spin of the “Jesuit order victim” of a plot (Jesuit order represented by the masque of Jesuit puppet Guy Fawks), and the abundant images of German policemen without to mention the Roman Catholic (“Latin Block”) origin of the EUROGENDFOR:

Above video - “EUROGENDFOR” - URL:

The second video manufactured for a Greece is more brutal and directly present the today Germany as an eternal Third (Fourth?) Reich, seeking to submit the poor countries with a military-police force which.... the same Germany, at least for now, doesn't want to be part of!!!

  Above video - “EUROGENDFOR in Greece? (Ευρωστρατός)- URL:

[I downloaded the video. If they disappear I can upload them again]

Fourth Reich”, “Germany ueber alles”, etc., such anti-German spin appearing in the 140th of the Bismarck's Jesuitengesetz speaks clearly of the Jesuit religious war against Germany. Fundamental purpose of this blog is also to expose any of such Counter Reformation proganda spin without regard for what their authors pretend to be and to appear. This Euro(po)pean Union is only as farce a “fourth reich”, she is moreover adefinitive settling the score with a culture and a nation considered by Rome, and probably since the Teutoburg disaster where Arminio the German hero disintegrated the legions of Rome headed by Varo in 9 a.C., an infidous nation toghether the other ones, the ''Slavic'' or better Slovane nations and cultures. 

Germans! Learn from the Raseni! They were the Raseni who firstly reached even Sweden and inner Germany with their products and first civil engineering capability, not the Romans who brought only submission, exploitation and organized luciferanism [= Rome's civilization]!

Therefore who could inside the Italian parliament ask for an interrogation about the Carabineers army involvement in EUROGENDFOR and for eventual black illegal subversive operation of psychological propaganda and social terrorism carried out by such military-police entities? No one. All the parties in the Italian parliament are kept in silence thanks the skeletons in their wardrobes (corruptions, scandals, etc.). Any desire of the JESUIT ORDER expressed by his puppet, the head of an illegal and subversive junta/government, prof. Mario Monti, is immediately accepted by the parliament. 

Ultramontane Vatican Jesuit coupe d'etat I exactly forecasted time ago (first post: Jun 15 2007, 06:34 PM in my “Low Intensity Golpe Acted Through Carabinieri At, Work In Italy? (long post, sorry)." in the first The Unhived Mind forum now r.i.p.) is under the eyes of everyone (and spreading itself abroad for example in Slovenia with Ultramontane govt. of Janez Jansa).


Above image -  
   1) Avles Beluskes is the archetype of the eternal struggle against Rome. 
   2) Brother Primož Trubar was materially backed by the archduke of Wuerttemberg Christoph, being Wuerttember a Protestant [Lutheran] state. This is the reason for which the Jesuit order and his master  26th general superior Wladimir Ledochowsky set up the Satan's chess game of 1941-1945 occupation of Slovenia in order that they had  to be the Germans the ones to cause the greatest loss and sufferance to Slovene, in order to cancel with the blood the old religious ties between the birth of  the Slovenian nation and Protestant  Germany.
   3) Edoardo Roncelli. "Roncelli" was the forced Italianization of Slovenian surname "Renčelj", forced Italianization implemented by a Jesuit/Vatican masterminded Benito Mussolini/Savoy bloodline Fascist Italy's royal decree.


nwo-truthresearch said...

Ciao, io ho solo tradoto un articolo che parlava del quarto reich guidato dai tedeschi e dal Vaticano. Io dall'articolo ho inteso la guida "tedesca" unicamente come fronte dietro il quale si nascondono i Gesuiti, proprio come il terzo reich; non ho inteso il quarto reich come unicamente tedesco; sarebbe un errore mortale intenderelo così; pertanto forse hai inteso male lo spirito dell'articolo. Il riferimento al Sacro Romano Impero è la prova che dietro ai "tedeschi" vi è l'Ordine dei Gesuiti e il Vaticano. Naturalmente se mi sono espresso male e se vuoi suggerirmi qualcosa fammi pure sapere. Saluti

nwo-truthresearch said...

Dietro Hitler vi era l'Ordine dei Gesuiti, così come dietro il Sacro Romano Impero in formazione con il fronte "tedesco". Questo certo Grillo non lo dice. Dire che il mio blog è "antitedesco" vuol dire non capire quando affermo che dietro i "tedeschi" ci sono i Gesuiti e il Vaticano. E' un grosso fraintendimento; eppure mi sembra di averlo spiegato bene...

nwo-truthresearch said...

Naturalmente senza polemiche. Siamo qui per scambiarci opinioni civilmente. Non sono la scienza infusa e non riesco a dedicare molto tempo alla ricerca. Quindi, per cortesia, se non condividi qualcosa o vuoi segnalarmi un errore ti chiedo di farlo gentilmente senza sottili diffamazioni al mio blog indicandolo come "anti-gesuita" tra virgolette, il che intende che in fondo non lo sia

avles said...

<<...Quindi, per cortesia, se non condividi qualcosa o vuoi segnalarmi un errore ti chiedo di farlo gentilmente senza sottili diffamazioni al mio blog indicandolo come "anti-gesuita" tra virgolette, il che intende che in fondo non lo sia...>>


<<..So please, if you do not agree with something or want to report me an error asking you to do so gently without thin smears to my blog indicated as "anti-Jesuit" in quotes, which means that basically it is not....>>.

But the fact that I should report to such blog my critic pertains more to the Science Fiction than to reality.

avles said...

So I should BEFORE to publish it, to communicate to Truthseeker etc. my doubts about this this and that. Practically Truthseeker etc. has drafted me as collaborator of his blog without to ask me anything, just because.... "We have your link on our page!" so I cannot refuse , "report to me an error" etc. BEFORE TO PUBLISH IT INDIPENDENTLY ON MY BLOG.

Just to start I suggest Truthseeker to use the English language, for respect of the rest of European and world population constrained involved in the Jesuit and Vatican plot.

nwo-truthresearch said...

Se non ti piace il mio blog nessuno ti obbliga a mantenerlo nella tua lista blog; Saluti

avles said...

<<....So please, if you do not agree with something or want to report me an error asking you to do so gently without thin smears to my blog indicated as "anti-Jesuit" in quotes, which means that basically it is not.....>>.

But in fact I doubt about the sincerity of Truthseeker blog. Or should communicate it in PREVENTIVE way to the same Trutseeker blog????


nwo-truthresearch said...

Non è che tu dovresti comunicarmi questo o quello prima di pubblicare i tuoi post, solo ti chiedo di non usare un linguaggio diffamatorio e fare delle critiche civili, e non pensare che dall'altra parte ci siano persone in maa fede, perchè i tuoi post hanno questo sapore; non pubblico in inglese perchè non sono bravo a fare la traduzione inversa italiano-inglese, pertanto se puoi aiutarmi ti ringrazio

nwo-truthresearch said...

Se dubiti della mia sincerità allora cancella il mio blog dalla tua lista, mi chiedo che cosa lo tieni a fare; io non dubito della tua e ti ho inserito tra i siti in lingua inglese; se tu dubiti della mia cancellami dalla lista.
Cordiali saluti

avles said...

<<......Behind Hitler there was the Jesuit Order, as well as behind the Holy Roman Empire in training with the Front "German". This certainly does not say Grillo. To say that my blog is "anti-German" means not to understand when I say that behind the "Germans" are the Jesuits and the Vatican. It 'a big misunderstanding, but I think I explained it well ....>>.

I m really tired of this superficial blah blah which can hide an anti-German hate but moreover an anti-Protestant/anti-Reform hate. The article with the anti-German ("") spin is of Monday, June 25, 2012, only three days BEFORE the historical defeat of Germany inside EU, with Jesuit Monti & Draghi forcing Germany to accept the Jesuit Counter Reformation policy in the financial field.:

"4° Reich: La rinascita del Sacro Romano Impero "/"4 th Reich: The rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire"

"Qui sotto trovate due articoli che analizzano la concreta possibilità della rinascita del Sacro Romano Impero. "/"Below are two articles that analyze the real possibility of the revival of the Holy Roman Empire.".

I'm too much tolerant with Truthseeker.

avles said...

And three days when Italy defeated Germany in the soccer match, with the pope watching the match in his room and with the soccer fan (Italian of course) exulting in the surrounding, as reported by television reports. With Maerkel with nearly tears for the defeat, with the German press nearly for a time united in to underline the historical defeat.....

nwo-truthresearch said...

Mi metti in bocca delle cose che non ho mai detto; come li fatto che io suggerirei in modo sottile l'odio contro la Riforma protestante, davvero l'opposto di quello che penso e che riferisco nei miei articoli: "Il Vaticano fu l'istituzione più potente d'Europa e, sebbene la sua influenza sia declinata al tempo della Riforma, esso ha fatto un significativo recupero negli ultimi due secoli. Le nazioni Protestanti d'Europa, che furono liberate religiosamente, politicamente ed economicamente da una totalitaria Chiesa Romana, sembrano adesso ritornare ciecamente sotto il suo giogo."

E io sarei contro la Riforma e a favore del Vaticano?
Piuttosto ti chiedo di esaminare certi articoli in Italiano come questo:
Dove la colpa viene data alle "associazioni massoniche" il liet motiv del teorico del complotto italiano; strano che non critichi questi articoli

avles said...

Truthseeker blog is no more allowed to post comment here.

nwo-truthresearch said...

Davvero penso che tu abbia male inteso il mio blog; senza rancore. buon lavoro

nwo-truthresearch said...

Gli eventuali errori sono dovuti più alla mia mancanza di tempo per approfondire che alla malafede; leggendo i tuoi post concordo con tutto quello che affermi riguardo al Nuovo ordine (o ordine pre Luterano) imposto dai Gesuiti attraverso il sistema bancario centrale. Il ruolo di Mario Draghi alla BCE è proprio questo. Ho iniziato solo un anno e mezzo fa a studiare il ruolo dei Gesuiti; ti chiedo un po di pazienza perchè queste info in Italia non le divulga nessuno e io ho bisogno di tempo per studiare bene l'argomento. Non avercela con il mio blog, in fondo penso di fare nel mio piccolo un lavoro di consapevolezza in lingua italiana, con tutti i limiti e gli errori che posso avere. Saluti