Friday, July 13, 2012

The destruction of Naples and the "gang of Milanesi"

Above image -  Opus Dei Milanese Silvio Berlusconi consigning the traditional bell to SJ trained Milanese Mario Monti at the ceremony for the welcome of the new prime minister.

Italy of today is a total betrayal of the old original idea of unification,  is only an evil alliance between the Sanfedism of Southern Italy and the Ultramontanism of Northern Italy, with the latter at the command on the former.

The announced coming back of the infamous Opus Dei P2ist Constantine knight Berlusconi on the political scene, substituting Jesuitical Mario Monti governemnt [both are papists coming from Milano], witnesses the existence of what I call "clan dei Milanesi", aka the "gang of Milanese ones", probably the most influential Ultramontane elite core governing Italy.

Remember only that, in order to unificate Italy under the Vatican/Jesuit control with the capital city in Rome, the city of Naples had to be destroyed [Parthenopean Republic events] and the Southern Italy kept in the underdevelopment.

Never forget the role of the Masonry of Trieste in the destruction of Naples.

Never forget the archbishop of Ljubljana, de Brigido, Jesuit priest and member of at least two Masonic lodges.

And never forget the Jesuit-advised Napoleon - playing a military key role in the destruction of Naples as desired by his masters the Jesuits - welcomed in Trieste by the brother of Jesuit-Masonic archbishop of Ljubljana.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

SJ 'Quisling' Mario Monti applying the Vatican CANONICAL law against Italian Repulic [150 years old ULTRAMONTANE revenge]

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