Monday, July 23, 2012

Bringing the water to the Jesuit mill



Above 2 images -  "Metamorphosis of the third millenium", a surrealist constructivist series of collages, by avles. Original #1 at URL:

     Among many ambiguities at least with one thing I can agree with Eric John Phelps: that the Jesuit order and his minions have in mind a global wide carnage ["purge"] of any opponent to their religious satanic madness. Weapons must be kept off from the hands of the ones to be murdered in the next massacre of the Eternal Counter Reformation :

    From Douglas Willinger's Continuing Counter Reformation blog:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Papacy: Firearms in the hands of civilians should be strictly limited and eventually completely eliminated.

[modification of Ratzinger's image is an artistical intervention of avles]

VATICAN LETTER Jan-14-2011 (930 words) Backgrounder. With photo. xxxiGun control: Church firmly, quietly opposes firearms for civiliansBy Carol GlatzCatholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The Catholic Church's position on gun control is not easy to find; there are dozens of speeches and talks and a few documents that call for much tighter regulation of the global arms trade, but what about private gun ownership?

The answer is resoundingly clear: Firearms in the hands of civilians should be strictly limited and eventually completely eliminated.

    "Let the evil ones to bring the water to your pious mill", so stated the Romish parole in the Trieste of Nazi occupation, where Jesuit Stalinist,  Jesuit Fascists and Jesuit Nazis collaborated in that "united enmity" in order to carry out the desire of the Vatican and Jesuit politic for the North Adriatic city. History repeats today, in very different forms and in far away corners of the world, but with the same core.

    Let (?) to be the others to bring the water to your Jesuit mill to grind Reformation, modernism, liberalism, and to make out of their corpses the flour of Satan:

"......after the  Nazi-Fascist campaign of beheading of his leadership it ended in the hands of.....  Roman Catholic priest Don Marzari [meanwhile two months later the Communist Lugi Frausin was captured and murdered by the Nazi-Fascists], priest then of course supported by the Stalinist assassin Vittorio Vidali in to accuse the Titoists for an alleged betrayal at the basis of the Nazi-Fascist successful actions of repression! ".

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Continuing Jesuit-Stalinist liquidation of Dante Corneli [and of Luigi Frausin?] on the pages of IL PICCOLO


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