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'American' [Romish Masonic] Aerial-refuelling for the Milanese Lady of War?


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Lady of War flying over the Vatican peninsula?

A precisation about the previous post ["The destruction of Naples etc..."]. Mario Monti is born in Varese, the same Lombardy region with Milano as capital, not in Milan. In any case we can consider him member of that group gravitating or having the center in Milano, the clan/group of “Milanesi”. Identified for cultural, historical social membership related to the symbol of the Northern Italy Ultramontanism, the Milano's cathedral. Read history and see that in the Middle Age Milano had a central role in the struggle against the predominance of the papal authority on the secular authority.

     On the anniversary of the murder of the Archduke in Sarajevo it was reported the opinion of Confindustria:

....Confindustria: "The crisis is like war, hit the vital parts of the country. Abyss GDP: -2.4% in 2012" ....[28 June 2012]."

     Confindustria is the greatest employees' association in Italy:

     In 1835, on 11th July, pope Gregory XVI approved the don Vincenzo Pallotti's association:

"......With official approbation for his Society from Pope Gregory XVI (July 11, 1835), Don Vincenzo had by no means finished his great work. He had only just begun to fight. And fight he did. He declared a war — with his army of twelve in the Society — for “the annihilation of sin.” That same year he became confessor of the Seminary for the Propagation of the Faith, the Roman seminary for foreign missionary students. Thus, his goal of extending the True Faith in foreign lands was being met by spiritually forming missionaries. ......."  See:
     Two weeks after Confindustria, on the same day of July, SJ trained, Mario Monti declared that in Italy there's an "assault course", a battle field in other words:

"..........Mario Monti: 'In Italy assault course
Berlusconi was humiliated at the G20 " ........[Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 13:20 ]."

     It easy to decode the underlying Counter Reformation plan reading it from the numerological symmetry between two ages apparently distant on from the other as pertain the timeline, but practically in spiritual conjunction as pertain the evil spirit of restoration of the Vatican Canonical law and of the power of papacy on every secular entity in the country. 
     Not for a coincidence, the last issue of the magazine “Il Venerdì”, supplement of daily La Repubblica, published a series of articles pointing out the 'disappearing' of the church from society. I agree, in fact when the church of Rome (= the Jesuit order) has the total control of any institution, not only she must tactically disappear from the lowest social layer, but she even doesn't need to be present there as the order of Vatican are now directly smashed on the people not from the pulpits of the churches, but from the alleged 'secular' and self-acclaimed institutional representatives of the civil society.

     Therefore “Italy is at war”. But you cannot represent a war without some actors playing the role of “enemy”. Is maybe Moody's the best expert fitted for the task? Who knows, being the Goldman Sachs, were SJ trained Monti and Draghi worked, a bank [do you remember Goldman Sachs “Doing God’s Work”?], probably an help for this government (which needs of an enemy in order to survive his il-legal and subversive anti-constitutional condition) could arrive from another banking institution:

.....(AGI) - Sun Valley, July 14 - The Moody's downgrade on Italy 'was a disgrace, we are virtuous and instead punish us but the market has rewarded us, and rod and' went well.
   Thus 'the prime minister Mario Monti has defended Italy ahead of the elite media and the new American economy, as reported by Gianfranco Zoppas, owner of the homonymous company'.

     Moody's refuelling the Lady of War of the Milano's cathedral? Plenty of Ultramontane and Sanfedist revanchist bombs?

     And also here have another perfect theological symmetry, built and at the same time hidden by the time-line. Please, note again the previous date (July 14th) and the events:

"......The French, Neapolitans, Austrians, and Spanish finally came to the rescue of the Pope. General Oudinot fought Garabaldi and Mazzini, whose minions were turning Rome into a war zone and a brothel at the same time. Oudinot fought successfully, and, on July fourteenth, the General declared the restoration of Pius IX’s secular rule.39 The Pope, however, did not return until April of 1850. When he did, it was “no more Mister Nice Guy.” It was then that the archconservative Pius IX of the Syllabus of Errors, Vatican I and papal authority was formed. In large part, Pallotti was blamed for this change. ........." - see always:
     "Papal authority",  for this reason Rome fought the secular empire in Milano, six centuries ago.
      Ultramontane 100% or: when Continuing Counter Reformation totally imbues the political/social horizon:

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The destruction of Naples and the "gang of Milanesi"


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SJ 'Quisling' Mario Monti applying the Vatican CANONICAL law against Italian Repulic [150 years old ULTRAMONTANE revenge]



Goldman Sachs chief says 'we do God's work' as he defends the bank's mega profits


 Eric John Phelps' Vatican Assassins:

 Pope Benedict XVI: Goldman Sachs “Doing God’s Work”

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