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A question of volumes.


Above image - "Pressure as exerted by particle collisions inside a closed container." [Wikipedia]

    We are accustomed, when dealing the matter of Holocaust, with the diffuse motto "just only one life is important" as to underline that, in front of the evilness, numbers and calculus doesn't hold.

    Well, it seems that the Vatican (= the Jesuit order) has some problems with the numbers, so he went to the source of them and now  is prying into Jewish history:


 ....(......).....The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Jerusalem (in my view it is both — a memorial and a museum. And often times it is a bit confusing that the space insists on being both) has changed the text of the panel on Pope Pius XII’s actions during World War Two (Yad Vashem Press Release, July 1, 2012). That would hardly be reported by Reuters and others if it wasn’t for this:
Recently, following the recommendation of the Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Research, the panel regarding the wartime activities of the Vatican and Pope Pius XII has been updated. This is an update to reflect research that has been done in the recent years, and presents a more complex picture than previously presented. Contrary to what has been reported, this change is not a result of Vatican pressure.
The press statement also provides the new text. Compare if you will with the “background on Pope Pius XII still on Yad Vashem’s website (here).
Although the Pope himself never spoke out against the atrocities being
committed, other members of the Church did get involved in rescue work.
.....(......)......I personally think it is very likely someone from the Church approached Yad Vashem and asked them to soften the language in the exhibition. That’s the world of politics  (and the matter of the Holocaust is very much political). I do however not think the Yad Vashem ‘gave in’ or published a text not supported by research......[Posted by ]."


    "Contrary to what has been reported, his change is not a result of Vatican pressure".  Who did it report? Maybe the first thought it comes in your mind?

    So we discover that it exists a certain thing called "Vatican pressure".  Which, from a simple  empirical observation, we can consider far, but far greater than the alleged "Jewish pressure", as it reaches  even the symbolic core of the modern Jewry on earth.

    Physics teach us that when you want to increase the pressure of the same quantity of gas, you can add further molecules in the same volume or, remaining the mass of the gas constante, you can reach the same result diminishing  the volume. If then from that mass of gas you even subtract consistent quantity of other kind of molecules, the second option is the obliged one. 

    It seems that in order to increase the pressure of the Romish molecules in the world, Rome followed the second option. When Mussolini  was offering his secular services for "the increase of the 400 millions of men, who in all the corners of the Earth are looking at Rome",...... 

     ........probably he was unaware, but Rome was just thinking about a relative increase,  obtained with a strong decrease of the not-Romish molecules present in the same volume. A parallel strong diminishing of the volume was therefore impossible to avoid.

    Today we see that the volume destined to freedom of speech and expression in the world is terribly diminishing.The same Holocaust museum seems disappeared. And the entire world is more near to resemble a narrow gas chamber where your heart and your mind will be suffucated by the gas of Rome.

"........The head of the government (Mussolini) said to Pietro Tacchi Venturi in a private talk (Thursday 7th April 1938) that, in front of Hitler, it would be convenient to be more forcible, without ambiguity; not now, immediately, but waiting the most opportune moment, in order to adopt these more strong measures, for example the excommunication, and that is convenient to avoid to think that the Hitler’s phenomena could be transient, as this man obtained for Germany great successes............."

 Above image - SJ Pietro Tacchi-Venturi, controller of Benito Mussolini, personal friend of Il Duce at least till the election of pope Pacelli as 'Pious' XII.

 URL (original in Italian):

    The gas-theory was just applied with the Germans and the Italians. A strict Roman Catholic volume where the fight among the Nazi and the Fascist molecules to gain the acknowledgment of the 'vicarious' was of vital importance in front of those 400 millions souls "looking at Rome".

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