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35,8% of future CHINESE children condemned to thyroid cysts or nodules?


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    Ok, just switched on Dj Food soundtrack? Well guys, let's start!

"......Now 35.8% of Fukushima children have thyroid cysts or nodules — 13,646 do and 24,468 don’t......."

    And now what does Japan think to do with the 'barbarian' nuclear technology?......:




Aren't you convinced?

"......Thousands celebrate as Japan shuts off nuclear power.....
Last updated 19:49 05/05/2012......

Thousands of Japanese marched to celebrate the last of the nation's 50 nuclear reactors switching off, shaking banners shaped as giant fish that have become a potent anti-nuclear symbol.
Japan will be without electricity from nuclear power for the first time in four decades when one of three reactors at Tomari nuclear plant in the northern island of Hokkaido goes offline for routine maintenance checks.......
......The activists said that it was fitting that the day Japan will stop using nuclear power coincided with the nation's annual Children's Day, because of their concerns about protecting children from radiation, which Fukushima Dai-ichi is still spewing into the air and water. .......


    Interesting. Japan erased the nuclear system. To protect children. Now, in the Rising Sun country,  there's space only for the Russian, and especially for the Saudi-Arabian [China-sponsored?] oil.


     Let's make a jump in China!......:

Above image - "..Attributed to this situation, Mr. Zhang Guobao, director general of National Energy Administration charged in whole energy issues, raised the prospect that the number of nuclear power plants in China would reach to 104 eventually after 20 years. ..." -  URL:

    If for a case you need of more arguments, here you have plenty of......:

  • Mainland China has 14 nuclear power reactors in operation, more than 25 under construction, and more about to start construction soon. 
  • Additional reactors are planned, including some of the world's most advanced, to give a five- or six-fold increase in nuclear capacity to at least 60 GWe by 2020, then 200 GWe by 2030, and 400 GWe by 2050. 
  • China is rapidly becoming self-sufficient in reactor design and construction, as well as other aspects of the fuel cycle.
     Prior to 2008, the government had planned to increase nuclear generating capacity to 40 GWe by 2020 (out of a total 1000 GWe planned), with a further 18 GWe nuclear being under construction then. However, government targets for nuclear power have been increasing. As of June 2010, official installed nuclear capacity projections were 70-80 GWe by 2020, 200 GWe by 2030 and 400-500 GWe by 2050.  Following the Fukushima accident and consequent pause in approvals for new plants, the target is now more like 60-70 GWe by 2020.

     In December 2011 the National Energy Administration (NEA) said that China will make nuclear energy the foundation of its power-generation system in the next "10 to 20 years", adding as much as 300 GWe of nuclear capacity over that period. Two weeks earlier the NDRC vice-director said that China would not swerve from its goal of greater reliance on nuclear power. The former head of the NEA said that full-scale construction of nuclear plants would resume in March 2012.


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      Ok, satisfied from the touristic trip in China? And now let's come back in the Old Continent, in Rome. Who is the actual general superior of the Jesuit order?

"......Father Adolfo Nicolás Pachón, S.J., S.T.D. (born April 29, 1936) is a Spanish priest of the Roman Catholic Church. He is the thirtieth and current Superior General of the Society of Jesus, the largest male religious order in the Church......
 ......He studied at the University of Alcalá, there earning his licentiate in philosophy, until 1960, whence he traveled to Japan to familiarize himself with Japanese language and culture. Nicolás entered Sophia University in Tokyo, where he studied theology, in 1964, and was later ordained to the priesthood on March 17, 1967.........


"....... ".....The Society of Jesus has its new black pope: 71 years old a Spanish father Adolfo Nicolas (Reuters photo at right) and also between different languages ​​he speaks also Japanese, having taught for several years at Sophia University in Tokyo and being responsible for the Jesuits' Far East.....(...........)......Will the company of Jesus under the guidance of Father Nicholas to be able to get fully accepted in mainland China? It 'hard to say. Assuming your father Nicolas fifteen years of driving, it could coincide with the actual fall of the Wall of China with respect to religions and Catholicism in particular. And you should not forget that a Jesuit who died several centuries ago, the lifer Father Matteo Ricci (which is an ongoing cause for beatification) survived the desecration of the Red Guards 40 years ago and is an important reference point for many Chinese today........"
Monday 21 January 2008 by MAURIZIO DI GIACOMO
Source: Jesuits: a new black pope, obedient to "Cinindia" (Gesuiti: nuovo papa nero, obbediente su "Cinindia" - "Cinindia" = China + India)


     Well, we've arrived to the end. At the moment only of this post. And what do you think now, isn't it true? I mean: aren't maybe all this western "ecologists" and belovers of the "World anti-imperialist Front - BRIC" who are screaming against the nuclear energy in the Western world  after Fukushima disaster,  aren't they only Fascist imperialist-racists??! They care only of Japaneese children, but no one of such "ecologists" was heard from me from the media to cry some slogans or to do a rally in front of a Chinese embassy against the horrible nuclear plan of Chinese government which is putting (at least?) the 35.8% of Chinese children  at risk for severe illness from radiation in case a Fukushima-like disaster would occur in China.....

    Or the nuclear energy facilities in China are indestructible because blessed by the God of Rome??!

    Probably, probably. In fact in the Curia generalizia in Rome the wind speaks clear: "The future of the church is in Asia [=China] and Africa!".  Of course the charitableness of the Jesuit missionaries will provide for the spiritual comfort of the families of those Chinese children destined to a sad destiny in case of nuclear disaster. Let's make a pray for our Black pope and....Alleluia!

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 Monday, April 02, 2012

Romish WDG consigning the Western world in the hands of Jesuit-Maoist PRC military intelligence


Douglas A. Willinger said...

'Environmentalist' organizations/foundations etc love nothing more than propagating and protecting EXISTING technologies, which is why they never talk about way safer nuclear technologies, and I use the term nuclear broadly which of course covers things as cold fusion, water splitting etc.

That's why we get these elitist types who instead focus upon mass murder mass population reductions, as with the Georgia guidestones.

avles said...

"...they never talk about way safer nuclear technologies...."

Don't fear, Japanese of course aren't able to develop a safer n.t., but Chinese yes!

(see next comment)

avles said...

From the address of the above post:

<<.....Nuclear power
........ Moves to build nuclear power commenced in 1970 and about 2005 the industry moved into a RAPID DEVELOPMENT PHASE. Technology has been drawn from FRANCE, CANADA and RUSSIA, with local development based largely on the French element. The latest technology acquisition has been from the USA (via Westinghouse, owned by JAPAN's Toshiba) and France. The Westinghouse AP1000 is the main basis of technology development in the immediate future........>>

(follow another comment)

avles said...

[the address is this:]

Please note that:

"......The latest technology acquisition has been from the USA (via Westinghouse, owned by JAPAN's Toshiba) and France......."

After reading the word JAPAN go to those rallies in JAPAN to close nuclear implants and how Fukushima disaster has been manipulated....

Ecologism is only a dress for the manipulation of world by ROME.

avles said...

New technologies could be used just to preserve the natural environment - sometimes I have the impression that ecological problems are allowed to grow in order to create an ecologist reaction then easily manipulated by hidden political/religious agenda