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And they took the control.



Sunday, July 20, 2008: "central banks must take the role in restoring order"


Friday, June 29, 2012: "EU summit, Draghi: European Central Bank will assume Banking sole Supervision ["Vertice Ue, Draghi: Bce assumerà vigilanza bancaria unica europea"]

Above image - from an article of TMNews online of 29th June 2012 - see the article below (*).

I'm not an insider, an agent, I'm simply Avles Beluskes.

I'm constrained to re-open ABE blog, and surely not to defend me from an accuse, but because I'm fully confirmed in what I said.

This is no "fourth reich", no "German Uber alles" as someone is crying. If a "fourth reich" will born, it will stay to the old and only true German reich (which were only two, both in the good they contained than in the the evil for which they were used as a Troy's horse: Middle age and Bismarck's/Hohenzollern's reich) no more or less than Christendom stays respect the church of Rome.

A true "Third Reich" never existed, figure it out a "Fourth" one. It existed only the ULTRAMONTANE revanchism of Rome building a sort of Great Central Germany Roman Catholic confederation with the submitted regions of what remains of old Protestant Prussia.

Jesuits' soldier Mario Draghi in four years of posts in Avles Beluskes Exposed blog [label: Mario Draghi]:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

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Sunday, July 20, 2008: "Sad surprises are awaiting us in the next future.":

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The Catalyst - (J.t.M.D. Admiralty guy appendix):

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18 JULY 2008:

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The 'Prussian' discipline of the World Democratic Government:

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"........and responds to the dictates of the European Central Bank..":

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THEY, not I, told you that, in 2008. I simply repeated it to the deafs:

Monday, January 16, 2012
".... and let establish the Jesuits' Central Banking System dictatorship on the wave of a global pogrom!":

Above image - Avles Beluskes  [Edoardo Roncelli] in Primož Trubar ..........................[correction: the old image with brother Trubar under my image was substituted with the more respectful for his figure, he is above me and not below me or a still too much pagan-luciferian Avles beluskes - 01 July 2012].

   1) Avles Beluskes is the archetype of the eternal struggle against Rome. 
   2) Brother Primož Trubar was materially backed by the archduke of Wuerttemberg Christoph, being Wuerttember a Protestant [Lutheran] state. This is the reason for which the Jesuit order and his master  26th general superior Wladimir Ledochowsky set up the Satan's chess game of 1941-1945 occupation of Slovenia in order that they had  to be the Germans the ones to cause the greatest loss and sufferance to Slovene, in order to cancel with the blood the old religious ties between the birth of  the Slovenian nation and Protestant  Germany.
   3) "Roncelli" was the forced Italianization of Slovenian surname "Renčelj", forced Italianization implemented by a Jesuit/Vatican masterminded Benito Mussolini/Savoy bloodline Fascist Italy's royal decree. 


"...Rome, June 29 (TMNews) - The European Central Bank "will take on the role of banking supervisors to the Eurozone." He said the ECB president, Mario Draghi, on the sidelines of the ongoing European Council in Brussels. Draghi said that, according to the agreement reached last night by the eurozone summit, "the European Commission will present a proposal under Article 136 paragraph 6 of the EU Treaty for the creation of a single supervisory mechanism by which the ECB assume the role of supervisor for the Eurozone. "Regarding the agreement reached yesterday at the summit on the shield anti-spread, Angela Merlel explained that "the plans of aid funds save European states of Spain, and possibly on Italy, will be subject to supervision of the troika," the commission of Technical Commission of the European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund.On the agreements reached yesterday - including the opportunity for Spain to intervene to save the bottom of EU states directly to the rescue of the banks, and as requested by Italy can also use these funds to create a mechanism to contain increases in yields and spreads government bonds, a "shield antispread", will begin with a formal request for aid by recipient countries.Then "the procedure is the following - said Merkel - the country will receive a report from the European Commission, will then drafted a" memorandum of understanding "with the country and then there will be supervision of the troika, as established by the treaties on saving money States. This applies to Spain as in Italy, you should stick to these programs. "Satisfaction with the outcome of EU summit was expressed yesterday by Premier Mounts, who spoke of "satisfactory measures for the stabilization of the Eurozone," enough - this is the desire - to avoid a Black Monday market. Italy will therefore receive the long-sought stability mechanism "will be worth - he said - for the virtuous countries that meet the recommendations specific to their country, the Stability Pact and other criteria, such as Italy at this time respects."Int........."

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