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Your Car - Your Guillotine [four years later]


I stopped my activity on the web, except for such cases which could concretely involve my life - for example this event occurred just about ten kilometers far from my home:

?Could hypotetical homicides, for a whatever reason be it also to create a climate of emotional disturbance inside the society, performed by the Shadow Government such the ones operating in every country for the advancing of World Democratic Government [secular arm of Counter Reformation in the world ], homicides performed under the appearance of strange suicides, could they happen inside tunnels, as there there's a perfect control of the traffic and an hypothetical remote controlled car crash could be executed with higher degree of success, cause the walls around the lanes, the limited condition of speed and the greater respect of the traffic rules by drivers inside tunnels, and cause the presence of video monitoring operating always at optimal conditions of light, without be stored by weather events and/or birds etc.?

Above image of tunnel car crash: URL:


Kastelec tunnel: a fatal collision in a parking niche
In the tunnel on the coastal highway Kastelec the vehicle crashed into a parking inner niche and was set on fire. One person has died.

Al. B., Su. K. / Koper
25. 3. 2012, 16:01 / Osveženo: 25. 3. 2012, 21:59 
According to the Fire Brigade of Koper the vehicle crashed into the first niche of emergency tunnel and then was set on fire.

In Koper, call center management to protect and save for later told STA that the accident occurred around 15:30 and that the firefighters have put out a fire.

The driver of the Audi TT is on the way to Koper crashed into a niche, communicates the Koper Police Directorate. The identity of the driver is not yet known. Police officers are investigating the circumstances of the accident.

In tunnels, special protection

If it is true that the vehicle hat intentionally hit a niche, this is the third such case in the littoral highway in recent months.

As for Žurnal24 told a few days ago, Darsu highway agency, precisely because it was observed the confirmed cases of deliberate crash inside the emergency niches in tunnels, decided that in the new tunnel Markovec the niches of emergency will be put at safeguard with special steel guard rails, which will be set at an angle.

Fire Operations Commander Denis Glavina Koper said, from this information, that suicides in the tunnels will not be prevented by the guard rails, because it can be fatal even the speed of 50 kilometers per hour, but that they can function psychologically and might distract from the intent.

He also warned that the situation for the fire accident in a tunnel are extremely demanding, because within a few minutes the temperature rises to a thousand degrees. Fire Brigade Koper just to work in tunnels, is training six new colleagues, and they will, especially due to tunneling, joined the following year by other six specialists.

Otherwise, it was on the highway to the coast due to the closure of traffic in the afternoon is quite a big crowd, namely drivers are warned that the highway in the direction of Koper, leave at junction of Kozina.

But also in the direction of Ljubljana was crowded, as many take advantage of a beautiful day for a trip to the coast, and back they had partially returned to the old road.

See new accident, occurred just in this day, this time in the tunnel “Trojane”:

Last years when I was in a serious depression with suicidal tendencies, I went to the psychiatrist in Slovenia and told her about my fatal thought when driving along in a depressive and desperate state, to end my life with a car crash. That speech was repeated to me [in an allegorical way, like he was hearing back the door, and then repeated the content of the talk changing of course names, datas, circumstances] in the month of July 2011 by my [former of course] dentist, who is linked with the Roman Catholicism of this city. In the same year it suddenly appeared a chain reaction of mysterious suicides with car crashes in Slovenian tunnels.

The tunnel “Kastelec”, scenario of those multiple car-suicides, is the one most frequented by me.

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"....Padova, 5th May 2012.....Padua - (Adnkronos / Ign) - The incident occurred towards Padua, the Euganean Spas at (PHOTO): the bus is rolled down an embankment.........On board the vehicle, started from Aprilia (Latina), retired Carabineers policemen who were going to the XXII Meeting of the Carabineers army in the town of Jesolo: a sign of mourning for today canceled all events. Unhurt but in shock the driver: "the bus  swerved suddenly".
..Unhurt but in shock at the 39 year old driver, admitted to hospital as a precaution, along with all the people who were aboard the bus. "It was better thaneven I die," were his first words. ...........
.....[above image: a scene from the bus-crash scenario]...According to the 39 year old coach the bus would have swerved suddenly for reasons unexplained. This bring back into favor the hypothesis of a technical problem even if the traffic police had not observed any signs of braking at the scene........."

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Your Car - Your Guillotine

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32 reasons to say: was it an assassination?

[The previous video, no more avalilable, has been substituted, on 12th May 2012]
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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