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Romish WDG consigning the Western world in the hands of Jesuit-Maoist PRC military intelligence


Or [also]: How the Jesuit Masonic Italian local section of WDG ["Italian government"] is opening the doors of the Western scientific treasuries to the Jesuit Maoist Communist party of China.

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Above image - constructivism from once Amber Path South end, today North Adriatic regions: "1872 - 2012, 140 years of mission". Year: probably 2012. Author: unknown.

".......Antony Sutton has been persecuted but never prosecuted for his research and subsequent publishing of his findings. His mainstream career was shattered by his devotion towards uncovering the truth. In 1968, his Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development was published by The Hoover Institute at Stanford University.

Above image - Antony Sutton

Sutton showed how the Soviet state's technological and manufacturing base, which was then engaged in supplying the North Vietnamese the armaments and supplies to kill and wound American soldiers, was built by US firms and mostly paid for by the US taxpayers. From their largest steel and iron plant, to automobile manufacturing equipment, to precision ball-bearings and computers, basically the majority of the Soviet's large industrial enterprises had been built with the United States help or technical assistance.



From "IL FOGLIO" of Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"...........CRnitallsti Marquises who try Huawei's case, between floors in the EU and moral suasion in Australia and India Rome. Mario Monti's tour in the Far East coincides with a change of strategy of some Chinese giant who could facilitate agreements, joint ventures and collaborations between Rome and Beijing. Albeit respecting the stakes just imposed by the Decree Law 21 of 15 March, the one that gives special powers to the state ownership of corporate entities in the areas of defense and national security as well as the activities of `strategic importance in energy, transport and communications , modifying the old legislation on golden shares voted down by the European authorities.

".............This shift is particularly emphasized with regard to Huawei, the largest Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and the second in the world by revenue, landed in 2000 in Europe, including Italy (since 2004).
Huawei, of which the honorary president for Italy [read: of Italy `s branch]
is Giancarlo Elia Valori, has recently been involved in .......".


"......GiancarloElia Valori (Meolo,January 27, 1940)is anItaliancompany director, was chairmanof several companiesincluding:AutostradeSpAfor Italy,the concessionaire that runs theItalian motorway network, theEMS-SouthernCompanyElectricity,theUIR-Industrial Unionof Rome.

"........From 2006 to 2011 has been president of Lazio Development [1], holding company of all the companies in the region, and I'll be back building of the International Spa Since 2005 he serves as honorary president of Huawei Technologies Italy [2], is then chairman of the Central Financial Holding Spa General [3] and since 2009 President of the Italian delegation of the Abertis Foundation [4] [5]........

"........Born in Meolo, near Venice, January 27, 1940 by Tuscan parents, his father Marco is classmate of Amintore Fanfani. He studied business administration and moved to Rome. In 1965 he joined RAI in the first as a consultant and then as an official international relations: the brother, Eni's representative in Argentina introduced him into the South American government. Meanwhile, cultivates relationships with the Roman Curia until he was appointed, in 1963, waiter swashbuckling, the first award of a long series. G. E. Valori ​​will make the most of his later career, thanks to his diplomatic skill, his contacts with foreign countries, with the Catholic community as well as with the Masons. In fact, despite the Vatican's excommunication for freemasons, he enrolled first in 1965, the Lodge of the Grand Orient of Italy Romagnosi, then, the P2 lodge of Licio Gelli.

"..........In 1976, Deputy Director General of Italstrade and in this period he does tightening relations with personality of the intelligence: Nicholas Strata, an officer of the military security service, Giuseppe Santovito, then commander of Comiliter of Rome and later director of the SISMI (both members to P2, like many other friends and acquaintances of G. E. Valori ​​in that period, including the journalist Mino Pecorelli) In questioning before the judge Rosario Priore, Valori ​​says, about his relationship with Santovito, "that the services could have a role incisively about the economic and trade openness to foreign markets, especially to Libya, Iran, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey (...) Knowing that the Service had relations with the Arab world at the time, I asked General Santovito to keep in mind, within the law and the interests of the state, society dell'Italstrade, IRI held company, for any work to be done in those countries. "[6]

".........In 1981 the scandal broke out, and P2 values ​​appear on the lists of Gelli as a member expelled.

".........Again, thanks to its network of international contacts, G. E. Valori ​​contributes decisively to the release of three French hostages kidnapped in 1985 by Islamic extremists in Iran and released in 1988 during a business trip to the Far East on behalf of the RAI [public television network], G. E. Valori ​​came to know the North Korean President Kim Il Sung, and turned to him to convince the religious leaders in Tehran to exert their influence on the kidnappers, so as to secure the release of hostages. When, years after his responsibility in the affair came to light, the French president François Mitterrand appointed him Knight of the Legion of Honor.

"...........On December 28, 2007, Judge Luigi De Magistris, heard by the prosecutor in Salerno in the events of the process, "Why Not", states that the investigations:

"........"They rebuilt the influence of occult powers (...) in the vital mechanisms of republican institutions: in particular I was rebuilding the contacts maintained by Giancarlo Elia Valori, Luigi Bisignani, Franco Bonferroni and others, and their influence on the world banking and economic Financial (...) Giancarlo Elia Valori seemed to be present at the top of "contemporary Freemasonry" and G. E. Valori ​​ has been often occupied with public works [7] ......"

Translated from:


"............has recently been involved in the realization of broadband networks in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore, and Europe - according to the reconstruction of sheet - the tip even to open a second headquarters in addition to China, yet the company was thwarted several times by the United States. In fact, Washington has imposed some vetoes for acquisitions in the telecommunications sector, because of alleged links with the Armed Forces of the Republic of China, albeit repeatedly denied by the group. Founded by a former officer of the People `s Liberation Army, Ren Zhengfei, Huawei is chaired by Sun Yafang, formerly at the Department of Communication of the Department of Homeland Security. The company is a charge that some of the other `move` 1.vora with Iran and Belarus, countries in the "black list" of Washington. `From India to Australia, moving to Italy`, `the attitude of U.S. authorities obviously influences the behavior of his old allies. In our country, for example, as revealed by Il FOGLIO newspaper in January, environments of the intelligence reported and requested more information from the executive about two calls for tenders where Huawei had taken a leading role: to create a network of wide band t.i.c. [wide band telecommunications] in order to ensure connectivity to the scientific and academic community, the other one to provide technology to the remote control system of the national electricity grid and to the management of the electricity market.

".........Just as Monti [= Jesuit trained Italian prime minister Mario Monti] arrived in Asia, however, Huawei according to the Financial Times has decided a significant change in its strategy in Australia, after the government in Canberra has delayed a call for tenders to build the nationwide network of broadband, The first tranche was won by France's Alcatel-Lucent. (Romano, insert the following in `I)` To Australia, according to the reconstruction made yesterday by the newspaper of the City, the Chinese company has offered a series of guarantees.

"..........In addition to disprove once again available for the shuttle service to the army of Beijing, the vertices of Huawei have been assured would be ready to use only Australian citizens in security practices, willing to provide the government in Canberra the access to the codes and sources of the society, and to allow a third party controlling the safety of his equipment. The shaky Australian Prime Minister, the Labour Julia Gillard, has in turn ensured that however there are no preconceived positions to international competitors. Moreover, China is the largest customer of Australian raw materials and then you can not offend with impunity.

"...........Meanwhile, Huawei has convinced the government in New Delhi, which had also hindered its penetration in India (traditional adversary of China), to temporarily lift the ban in force for their products, accepting very strict rules that foreign competitors had refused. The shift of Huawei, some analysts explain, is due to the need to expand its business abroad. The slowdown in growth in China and Beijing's growing political problems they may have as a first consequence of the reduction of the huge domestic investment in infrastructure, equipment and intangible assets. And to be back in force even on the Italian market as it becomes clear to come to terms with the needs and demands of the West.

Peter Romano [.]


End quote from the page

......... ... . . .. . . . .

It is known the links of Ceausescu with the P2 of Licio Gelli. Today in Italy P2 is hidden by judicial inquiries on the P3, P4, etc.

Links? Practically and at least see all the posts from the beginning of this year.

I put here as symbol only the last message of 2011:

Antony C. Sutton — Feb. 14, 1925 - June 17, 2002
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)


avles said...

".....Protestants, Baptists, and Jews. It is for these reasons that the financial might of Hong Kong was given to Red China, along with an American Naval Base in Long Beach, California. It is for these reasons that the Panama Canal, built with American blood, sweat, tears and Yellow Fever, was given away to PANAMA to be manned by Chinese soldiers imperiling the American navy. ........".


".....They’re creating deliberate agitation with nations like China, with the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. They’re creating agitations with China, Japan, which will ultimately result in Japan and China uniting. With the military power of China, with the economic power of Japan—when already Hong Kong has been given to China, which now, because of that financial might, China is able to take control of the Panama Canal; they control the canal locks through Hutchen Wimpoa, a Chinese corporation. They are now
building the largest shipping dock in the world in the Bahamas, owned by the Red Chinese. The Red Chinese now have the Long Beach Naval Station, which is now COSCO........".


avles said...

task being completed, the ending of the Cold War signaled the beginning of the
destruction of Fourteenth Amendment America in dead earnest!) It is for these
reasons that the financial might of Hong Kong was given to Red China along with an
American Naval Base in Long Beach, California. (In 1998 the China Ocean Shipping
Company (COSCO) signed a backroom deal to take over the strategic Long Beach
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989 .....".


avles said...

The excerpts in the above two comments are from Vatican Assassins of Eric John Phelps.

".....China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company, known as COSCO or COSCO Group, is a Chinese shipping and logistics services supplier company. It is a government-owned company of the People's Republic of China. Its headquarters is in Ocean Plaza in the Xicheng District in Beijing.[1][2] It owns more than 130 vessels (with a capacity of 600,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU)) and calls on over a thousand ports worldwide.[3] It ranks sixth largest in number of container ships and ninth largest in aggregate container volume in the world.[4]

They are the largest dry bulk carrier in China and one of the largest dry bulk shipping operators worldwide. In addition, the Group is the largest liner carrier in China.......".


avles said...

"......Poppy Bush is a most important member of the Pilgrim Society and he is probably the MOST important member of MJ-12 at this time too.Poppy Bush also is the head of PILGRIM INVESTMENTS and that(Poppy that is) is the majority stockholder of Hutchinson-Whampoa which is always identified as being controlled by Li Ka Shing…the top Chinese Illuminati bloodline.As you must know..Hutchinson-Whampoa controls the Panama Canal and is very closely linked to the 100% PLA controlled COSCO which took over the largest container port on the North American west coast..Long Beach.You can Google COSCO to see ALL the western hemisphere ports that have COSCO facilities or total control in those ports........".


avles said...

"....Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL; Chinese: 和記黃埔有限公司; SEHK: 0013; OTC Pink: HUWHY) of Hong Kong is a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. HWL is an international corporation with a diverse array of holdings which includes the world's biggest port and telecommunication operations in 14 countries and run under the 3 brand. Its business also includes retail, property development and infrastructure. It is 49.97% owned by the Cheung Kong Group........
HWL operates in businesses related to:

Ports and Related Services: Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) operates across Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It operates in five of the seven busiest container ports in the world, handling 13% of the world’s container traffic. Hutchison Whampoa operates container terminals in PANAMA, as well as MEXICO and other parts of the AMERICAs.


avles said...

"......Home > Articles > 1999 > Current Events > International > Congressional Investigation Into Canal Zone
A Strategic Review:
Congressional Investigation into Canal Zone
by Chuck Missler

[Ed. Note: A one-line statement in last month's article, "Behold a Red Horse," stated that China would gain control over the Panama Canal by the end of this year. This brought a flurry of concerned questions from many of our readers. To answer these concerns, we offer an update of a report issued to K-Rations subscribers earlier this year.]

The Panama Canal is once again a point of controversy in Congress. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott has called for a congressional investigation into allegations that the operations of the Panama Canal will, by the end of this year, come under the control of a company which is said to be closely tied to the Chinese government. In essence, it has been alleged that the Chinese will be able to control who can enter the canal and who will be given priority. This control issue is critical to U.S. naval operations, as well as to private commercial shipping.

In order to understand the current controversy, it is important to review the trail of events leading to the present situation. In 1977 President Jimmy Carter agreed to return the control of the Panama Canal to the Panamanian government in 1999. The Senate ratified the treaty with what was called the Deconcini Reservation, which guaranteed the U.S. the right to use military force, with or without Panamanian permission, if necessary to keep the canal open.1 However, the Panamanian government agreed to the treaty only if any use of military force were used in cooperation with Panama. What this means is that terms of the treaty were not mutually acceptable, and each country signed different versions of the agreement.
......." [part 1 - it follows in the next comment].

avles said...

".....In keeping our end of the bargain, the U.S. military is in the process of withdrawing from the Canal Zone, which should be completed by the end of this year. The withdrawal is being conducted with the now uncertain understanding that the 1977 Panama Canal Treaty guaranteed the safe passage of U.S. military and commercial ships in perpetuity. It is critical that American access to the canal be maintained, as 40% of our grain exports and 15% of all exports pass through the canal each year. In fact, one-third of the world's shipping travels through the Panama Canal.2 Militarily speaking, the canal provides the navy with quick access to either the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean.

To complicate matters further, continued U.S. access could be at risk due to a deal struck between the Panamanian government and a Chinese-based company named Hutchinson Whampoa, Ltd. On March 19, 1997, in a $22.2 million/year deal, the government of Panama gave the Hong Kong company 50-year rights to two prime American-built port facilities flanking the canal zone at Balboa and Cristobal: both ends of the canal. Hutchinson Whampoa has worked closely in the past with the China Ocean Shipping Co. (COSCO) on shipping deals in Asia even before Hong Kong reverted to Beijing's control in 1997. COSCO is the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) controlled company that almost gained control of the abandoned naval station at Long Beach, California.3

Hutchinson Whampoa is owned by Chinese billionaire Li Ka Shing, who has such favorable ties to the Beijing government that he was at one time offered the governorship of Hong Kong.4 Li also has served on the board of directors of the China International Trust and Investment Corporation, a PLA- affiliated giant run by the same Wang Jun who enjoyed coffee at the White House in exchange for a modest donation to the Clinton-Gore 1996 slush fund. 5........". [part 2 - part 3 follows in the next comment]

avles said...

".......The agreement with the Chinese was enacted by secret Panamanian legislation, passed on January 16, 1997. It provided to Hutchinson Whampoa "first option" in taking over the Rodman naval station, rights to operate piloting and tugboat services for the canal and private roads near the two ports, as well as authority to deny ships access to the ports and entrances to the canal if the ships are interfering with Hutchinson's business. This is a direct violation of the 1977 Panama Canal Treaty, which guarantees expeditious passage for the United States Navy. There is also another troubling report that a U.S.-based company had submitted a higher bid on the ports' lease than did the Chinese. This has lead many Americans, including U.S. Senator Trent Lott and former Reagan Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, to seek answers from the Clinton administration and the Secretary of Defense as to why a company with possible ties to the Chinese military was allowed to assume control over these former U.S. military installations.6 (Both the Panama Canal authority and Hutchinson Whampoa have denied the allegations, calling them preposterous, and the reported control of canal traffic, impossible. For its part, the Hong Kong-based business is contacting various lobbying groups in Washington to help take the heat off its Panama dealings.7 )

The House of Representatives will also be considering both a resolution (H.Con.Res. 186) and a bill (H.R. 2244 - "The Panama Security Act of 1999") calling for a review of the contract between Panama and Hutchinson Whampoa for possible improprieties.8
This article was originally published in the
November 1999 Personal Update NewsJournal.
For a FREE 1-Year Subscription, click here.


Moorer, Thomas H., Admiral USN Ret., "Save Our Canal," The New American Magazine, Vol. 15, No. 16, August 2, 1999.
Lott, Trent, U.S. Senator, "China and the Panama Canal,", press release, Oct. 1, 1999.
Morton, Robert, "Eager eyes covet the Panama Canal," The Washington Times,, March 4, 1999.
Oliver, Edward, World Net Daily,, Sept. 19, 1998.
Op.cit., Morton, Robert, March 4, 1999.
Op.cit., Lott, press release, Oct. 1, 1999.
Torode, Greg, "Hutchinson Hits Back at Canal Claims," The South China Morning Post,, October 13, 1999.

[part 3 and - end].


avles said...

"......Finmeccanica / director Paul Arrested Pozzessere. investigated Scajola
Tuesday, 23 October 2012 - 08:06:00.....GIP REJECTS NEW MEASURE FOR Lavitola - For the investigation Finemeccanica are three pages in order to list only the charges: foreign bribery in connection with the promise of a bribe of 18 million euro to the President of the Republic of Panama Ricardo Martinelli and other politicians and government in the process of complete identification. This investigation the prosecution had asked for a new precautionary measure against the former director of Avanti Valter Lavitola but the judge did not accept the belief that Lavitola instance can not "be subject to other measures as already 'held ". Pozzessere, says the measure, and 'investigated in its quality' of the former commercial director of the holding company that controls the companies 'Telespazio Argentina, Agusta Weestland and Selex integrated systems, while Lavitola and' involved in the investigation for his role of "intermediary with representatives of the government of Panama ultimate purchaser of industrial products. "......"There is a worrying reliance by Finmeccanica company 'bribes related to the acquisition of contracts from foreign governments - we read in the order - are obvious profiles of criticality.'" The investigation, as stated in the indictment, revolves around promises to pay bribes and actually delivered. Indeed, there are also investigations of contracts won by Finmeccanica for "coastal surveillance systems and maps of the territory of Panama." Contracts, the most 'of the time, said the magistrate who signed the measure, won thanks all'ergoazione of money to the President of the Republic of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli..........."

[part 1]

avles said...

"....THE GIP, TANGENT FROM 18 MILLION FOR 'Agusta' IN PANAMA - A tangent to € 18 million, paid to President Martinelli in Panama for a supply of helicopters from Agusta Westland 180 million 'in the center of the investigation that led to today 'stop the band's manager Paul Pozzessere. A story that the investigating judge Dario Gallo defines in its order "appalling"....INCHIESTA SU FORNITURE SOCIETA' GRUPPO A PANAMA - In particolare, l'accusa di corruzione internazionale mossa dai magistrati coordinati da Francesco Greco riguarda le forniture effettuate da Agusta Westland, Selex e Telespazio al governo di Panama nell'ambito di accordi stipulati con lo Stato italiano attraverso la societa' panamense Agafia, destinataria di compensi per intermediazione che per i magistrati era riconducibile ad un politico panamense e interposta nelle forniture attraverso l'attivita' del faccendiere Walter Lavitola, all'epoca consulente di Finmeccanica. Perquisizioni sono in corso a Napoli anche nell'abitazione del presidente degli industriali Paolo Graziano, per una fornitura che riguarda invece il Brasile. Il numero uno degli industriali partenopei sarebbe indagato in questo filone di inchiesta....
.." [part 2]

avles said...

"..........Graziano and 'investigated in quality' managing director of Magnaghi for the supply of frigates to Brazil. A deal worth several million euro. The searches, as well as his home, also encompasses its offices in the headquarters of the Union of Industrial Naples. Pozzessere was investigated in Naples for some time, and was also heard from the pool of prosecutors who had started the investigation of Valter Lavitola Vincent Piscitelli, Francesco Curcio and Henry John Woodcock. Telephone conversations between him and Lavitola around orders Finmeccanica procurement related favorites agreement signed by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in Panama were already 'known from the investigation of the relationship between Berlusconi and the businessman Gianpaolo Tarantini Lavitola.

INVESTIGATION ON FOREIGN SUPPLIES ***, INVESTIGATED SCAJOLA - Former Interior Minister Claudio Scajola and his spokesman Nicolucci are suspects in the investigation of Neapolitan foreign supplies of the Finmeccanica group. Even for the former Minister of offense and the 'international corruption, and it' linked to an alleged mediation in supplies for Brazil, a line of investigation emerged in-depth investigative Procurement foreign Finmeccanica after arrest Valter Lavitola..............." [part 3 and end]