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ANDERS BREIVIK & C. tool of Romish Italian Carabineers founded EUROGENDFOR?


24th March 2012: "Marxist ideology no longer corresponds to reality".

Above video - "Pope Benedict XVI: Marxist ideology no longer corresponds to reality " - URL:

17th April 2012: "Norway Killer Says Massacre Was Self-defense" [against Marxist multi-culturalism].

Above video - "Norway Killer Says Massacre Was Self-defense" - URL:

Above image - "Future looks more bright under the boots of the Eurasian Romish ecumenism" - surrealism/constructivism. Year ca. 2012. Author: unknown. Technique: photo-collage.

1) Terrorism in Europe as alibi to impose EUROGENDFOR i.e. a common Roman Catholic military police [with some not-Romish members as distraction from the core loyal to the papacy] which must took the control also of Protestant/Orthodox or with an important Protestant/Orthodox component countries. Such terrorism is filled with elements, both material as well ideological ones supplied by the contemporary political context [for example the electoral race in France] which openly are targeting the principal political points of the politic of Roman Catholic domination in Europe in order to arose sympathy to it as "victim of the politic of the terrorists", as the immigration and the destruction of the national, ethnic and religious boundaries, elements which are alluding to a Jewish direction in order to hide the process of gentile Roman Catholicization of the Old Continent.

2) The Massacre of Oslo reveals the theatrical frame in the mind of the true mastermind, articulated mostly on the technique (I labeled) of the "reversed representation", in its turn based on the famous principle of McLuhan: "the media is the message". Therefore if a negative media (the murderer of 90 "innocent-people-who-were-struggling-for-the-rightso-other-innocent-people-oppressed-by-a-diabolic-religious-force-named-Jewry") does a positive affirmation, it tends to become negative and the opposite. If Anders Breivik affirms to fight the Marxism in Europe the supporters of Marxism become more warm Marxist, meanwhile the opponents of the Marxism will become less anti-Marxist. Of course the declaration of the actor "Anders Breivik" have been coordinated with the some weeks before declaration of doc Ratzinger who told that "Marxism is no more belonging to reality". Therefore now the declaration of Anders "in art" Breivik being in opposition with the one of the pope are – McLuhan rule – read as an opposition to the Vatican policy and therefore presenting the popacy, the Roman Catholic politic in Europe (and her Jesuits controllers) in a positive way allusively joined together with the real victims of the Oslo's massacre as being "target's of Breivik's cruelty" too. Therefore when Anders "in art" Breivik affirms to support the pope he is right, and his theatrical role is really supporting the papacy of Rome and the Romanization of Europe (Eurasia).

3) The role of Anders "in art" Breivik is also aimed to the sanctification of the Marxism because Marxism is the disguised religious hate of the Council of Trent against the middle class. Jesuits couldn't directly fight the bourgeois, so their hate had to find a third subject in order to be exercised against the target without to betray the religious theological origin. Marxism as practical ideology to implement the Ultramontanism. From here it descends the obsessive accent on atheism of Marxism: to keep the distances from the true religious beneficiary of the Communist crusade [of course Jesuits, cardinals, pope, priests etc., are basically atheist luciferian pagan, but they hide that; in fact another service of Marxism is to make it appears that they really are believing in something outside the pure cult of the nature's forces disguised with Christian discourse/rituals].

4) The Massacre of Oslo, the terrorist murdering in France, and the attempt to the life of Putin are a bloody triangular theatrical frame on which is based the Big Enlargement, or the Roman Catholic church absorbing the rest of the Eurasian Orthodox world, a fact for which a "Jewish" and "American/White Protestant" aggression to Islam had to be built as diversion/alibi for the enlargement:

You don't enlarge without a common enemy, and if "Zionism" and "America" is the common outside enemy used to supply with arguments the absorption of Kremlin in the womb of Rome, the inner enemy is the "civil society" and her by-Pious IX-Syllabus cursed "freedom of conscience and expression" which is the "nest" for the "Zionist" and "American/Protestant" infiltration and their native "fifth columns" [this blog for example]. From here it descend the fact that the operation against the alleged terrorist who murdered Muslims and Jews in France was a total fiasco whose responsibility totally goes on the figure of the civil Police, because it must create as reaction a request of militarization of the civil police with greater power on/against the society given to the military Gendarmerie i.e. to the outlaw EUROGENDFOR to whom French Gendarmerie is member. All that follows eleven years and seven months the previous application of this technique with the 2001 Genova G8 bloody clashes, from where the civil Polizia di Stato was definitively destroyed in the image and in the honor. Great part of the new recruits of Polizia di Stato are former military which ended the previous military employment, therefore the civil Polizia di Stato is even more in Italy a subsidiary of the Carabineers' army and this is the destiny of the French civil police and of all the European civil police forces.

About existing resistance against EUROGENDFOR in Europe See please:

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".....Germany does not take part......."

Below - Italian
example of Carabineers/police involvement in terrorist/criminal/psychiatric operation of 'counter intelligence' aka repression of dissident/'heretic' thought and expression in the society [in accord to the Pious IX Syllabus of Errors]

From the forum of Radicali party of Italy and the personal blog of one of the authors, Abraham Roberto Scaruffi :

Above image - URL:
URL image :

....Abraham Roberto Scaruffi March 09 at 09:18
It 's all explained
And 'the office of the Secret Police-Police CARABINEERS [bold characters by avles] Pastrengo [MI], a mass murderer of State office, which gave [and'] directives to the Papa [a surname - INPS] and the Allacca [INPS]-PCI-DC-CGIL-CISL. It is the same office which cheated Sofri when he refused to bring LC to terrorimo and in this way he contrasted 'terrorism [organized, then as now, from Office of Special Police]
They have to organize something in those days, weeks, months, given that previously have failed them and I'm now exposing them.
An official from that office 'directives, for decades, those appointed by you to tell them what to do.
.........". [the same URL above]

Image #1

Image #2

Above two images - from ..."....31 August 2008 - I asked for political asylum at the Vancouver (B.C. Canada) airport.......It is the moment to talk, or to remain silent, about that! Canada is deeply involved in the psychotic and criminal operation of the Italian secret police and "government"/State, and it is continuing to provide full assistance to the them. However, I asked for political asylum in Canada against Italy, Belgium, China and Taiwan........." - URL:

"........Roberto Abraham Scaruffi
Dealing with an obsessive worldwide State/government-organized stalking going on since various decades, without any, from my side, criminal record and any psychiatric record or problem. I adore publicity. It pushes you to become better. It pushes infamous people, louses, infamous institutions, to better self-sink themselves. == [blog in Italian]:

I too in the target of Romish clergy-Masonic Italian Carabineers/intelligence criminal psychiatric operation?

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Who did lose these tickets?


(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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