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".....The beginning of a new dawn........"


Subtitle: America exists no more, is only the name of the alibi for the Romish WDG expansionism [and for the liquidation of Christian originated Western middle class]

Above image - From a post on African Heritage blog: "......I choose the category ‘Great Moments’ because this map reveals the turning page from the European domination in Africa, and the beginning of a new dawn, the Chinese dawn in Africa......." - URL:


Scholars have argued that the PRC's supporting dictatorships in Africa is counter-productive both for long-term Chinese policy towards Africa, and to the African people. The PRC's involvement currently benefits primarily the elites, an opportunistic practice for which it has been criticized by humanitarians and others.

The Zimbabwean example is relevant. Relations between China and Robert Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe have also been the focus of criticism by a few Western countries. China was accused of supplying Zimbabwe with jet fighters, vehicles and other military equipment.[46] China declared in 2007 that it was dropping all kinds of assistance and limiting assistance to humanitarian aid.[47] In July 2008, the Chinese diplomacy asked Mugabe "to behave" though critics see that as a way for China to protect its own interests in this country should a regime change.[48]

..........." URL:

".....Jesuit-trained Black Savage Robert Mugabe, awarded the Order of the Garter by the “Wicked White Witch of the West,” Queen Elizabeth II—that spiritual mistress of Pope Benedict XVI, has totally destroyed the once beautiful Rhodesia renamed Zimbabwe. He systematically killed off all the White Protestant farmers in accordance with the Order’s Council of Trent, which mass-murder, gang rape and theft has now caused mass starvation of the Blacks, many of whom are Protestant and Baptist Christians. It is the continued story of post colonial Africa: kick out or kill out the White Protestants and Baptists so the Black Bible-believing Christians can starve to death or be beaten to death by the Pope’s Black Communists (Nelson Mandela) or the Pope’s Black Muslims (Idi Amin) secretly working together........."


I can give a confirmation on the above EJP words. I personally spoke with a white immigrate who lives in former Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. A childhood friend of my father. He remembered how the neighbor were discovered, after a long period of disappearing. Buried in the garden. Evidently not a suicide. Murdered just by those Africans driven insane by the WDG brainwash. Plenty and plenty and plenty of similar stories. He fatalistically accepted, once returned in former Rhodesia, a similar fate. Probably was spared. Being from Italy (Trieste) was considered a friend of the pope and therefore till that moment not a Protestant to be murdered.

In 2008 Vatican and China's Republic Communist party held an important meeting in Vatican the same. The same year about, the Black pope visited Africa. I'm now following my memory, the detail are in any case at disposition. The general superior once appointed in about that period of time, affirmed that the “future of the church is in Asia and in Africa”. Of course he cannot say “China” and used “Asia”. This means that the church of Rome literally gave in leasing the immense resources to China's Communist party, both material resources as well human resources, consisting in hundreds of Black slaves managed in great part through 'charitable' Roman Catholic missions.

Why? But the answer is very easy to find. Communist China, with her inner feudalism exploiting some hundreds of millions of Chinese of the land, is the economic sword of the Black pope in order to cut the head to the cursed middle class of the Western world. In fact Communist party of China has carte blanche/white paper against his Muslims, meanwhile Israel is always on the target of world media, just look at the can-can arisen with the unsuccessful blitz on the Mavi Marmara. Why so all this loud noise on Israel meanwhile China is always helped with the silence? But my little hypocrite darlings, the de-localization of industry etc., is not executed in the Negev deserts of Israel, but in China. So never spit on the table where you are eating. Roman Catholic world oriented media system regularly – especially in the last ten years, spit only in the Israeli dish.

Well, this western middle class is retained, cause the Christian cultural origin, the natural nest of heresy and denial of any kind of papacy/temporal power of the popes on hearth. Reformation had the natural environment among the rising bourgeois class. Priests of Rome always blamed the Reform having as only cause the need to grab the wealth of the church [founding the ideological model then used by Jesuit aided intellectual Karl Marx]. For its formation, the bourgeoisie tends to the individualism, meanwhile the DNA of the Roman Catholicism tends to the destruction of the individualism, being it an obstacle to the domain of the papacy on every secular power on earth [being the pope a material manifestation of divinity it requires, as material consequence, the kneeling of every being on earth to him].

For this reason the western middle class must be suffocated and substituted by another one, (from the point of view of the RC theological basis of the papal temporal power on earth), more reliable as based NOT on the Christendom but on Confucian doctrine, Buddha, Marx etc. creeds. Precisely the Chinese (Communist) middle class. Filled with Lamborghini and Ferrari:


World’s super sports cars geared towards roaring demand in China

by Neil Gough

Feb 06, 2012

Life feels sexier when you are flirting with 300km/h; on the straightaway at Shanghai's Formula One racetrack; behind the wheel of a new 6.3 million-yuan Lamborghini; cheered on by a group of young mainland millionaires.

That cocktail of adrenaline, exclusivity, youth, and money is proving a recipe for booming success on the mainland, as the world's biggest manufacturers of super sports cars grow increasingly geared toward roaring demand in China.

Last year, as overall mainland passenger car sales eked out growth of just 5.2 per cent, the market for "supercars" kicked into overdrive.

Ferrari's sales on the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan rose 63 per cent last year to nearly 800 cars. Aston Martin's mainland sales more than doubled, rising 103 per cent. And Lamborghini delivered more than 340 cars on the mainland last year, up over 65 per cent from a year ago and following on growth of 150 per cent in 2010.

"Racing and super luxury sports cars have become the basis of a powerful, just-emerging subculture in China," says car industry consultant Michael Dunne of Hong Kong-based Dunne & Company. "China's new world-class super highways let drivers open things up in ways that were previously only possible on German autobahns."

The Lamborghini track event in Shanghai provides a telling demonstration of how far supercar manufacturers are willing to go to woo wealthy prospective clients on the mainland.



Well, to pursue the liquidation of Western middle class, Africa reveals to be central in this global Counter Reformation strategy. OK, the World Democratic Government cannot a day awake you and tell: “hey you, we decided that today Africa is in the hands of China”.

No, all that requires to be accepted before that announcement. You mus fire the people, supplying an ideological/emotional alibi to justify the leasing of Africa to Chinese Communist party: an “American invasion”.

So prepare for the next war “America” will do to satisfy the desires of the Jesuit order. If the concluding war had the goal to drag sympathy to Islamic world [presenting it as natural ally of Roman Catholicism day to day more infiltrating “imperialist” America] and to push forward the Big Enlargement of Roman Catholicism till the strait of Bering with “historical” agreements Vatican-Kremlin of 2009, the sequent “US aggression”, having the target Africa, will be the alibi to ideologically justify the definitive fall of Africa in the hands of Communist China.

Not for a case just less than a month ago, both Russia and China announced the enlargement of their 'defense' budgets [Russia went even far away, with a colossal plan of total renewing of Red/Russian Army], meanwhile America today is even no more able to launch proper astronauts in the space if not with the Putin's help. But my darlings, this proves over any doubt, that “America” is – from day to day – only a puppet, emptied from any true military content, but with an ugly face and with the task to create alibi-es in the world for the advancing of the Jesuit World Democratic Government, whose economical/military pillars are just China and Russia.

February - March 2012:

"......March 12, 2012

Vladimir Putin has released new military spending plans and projections, according to the Voice of America.

Russia plans to build some 28 new “state of the art” submarines, 50 surface warships, 100 military satellites, 400 new intercontinental ballistic missiles(nuclear capable), 600 helicopters, 600 new war advanced planes and 2,300 new upgraded battle tanks.

All this to “counter” what it sees as an ongoing serious threat – namely the “United States”, which is currently threatening to bomb Iran, intervene militarily in Syria and increasing its military presence around the world, including South East Asia.

........" URL:

Published: March 4, 2012

BEIJING — China announced a double-digit increase in military spending on Sunday, a rise that comes amid an intensifying strategic rivalry between the United States and China in Asia and concerns in Washington about the secrecy surrounding the Chinese defense budget.


The increase, reported to be 11.2 percent, is in step with the increased pace of military spending by China over the past decade, but the official statement did not give details of what weapons systems China is developing or offer a description of military strategy beyond protection of the country’s sovereignty. China analysts said the true figure was probably significantly higher and was underreported because much of the military’s decision-making is kept opaque.

...................." URL:

".... Feb 14 2012 12:15....

US defence budget cut after decade of growth

The 2013 US defence budget that US President Barack Obama sent to Congress on Monday includes funding for a shift in strategic focus to the Asia-Pacific even as it slashes spending on weapons and personnel to reduce costs by $487-billion over the next decade. ....." URL:

Above image - "The future of the church is in Asia and Africa" (newly elected Black pope Adolf Nicholas' declaration) - URL:

Monday, February 06, 2012

China & Russia buying the Arab consent for their veto with purchasing of oil and massive investments? [the Stalingrad of Western world is coming]

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)


Douglas A. Willinger said...

Ah Rhodesia!

I remember hearing about that back during the 1970s, wondering where were Rhodesia's critics when it came to matters in South America (aka land ownership), and realizing it was either the complexions were less defined (less of a contrast between tanned Spaniards and Indians, then relatively pale English and Scotch people in Black Africa) than in Africa, or rather a double standard to condemn the "Protestant" while excusing Roman Catholicism.

avles said...

[I have problems with the PC so I couldn't follow all the mails etc.]

<<<...or rather a double standard to condemn the "Protestant" while excusing Roman Catholicism......>>>

But just look at the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile! I remember when child daddy brought me to a concert of Inti Illimani.... Italian Fascist were super defenser of Pinochet.... they were considered PRO CIA/PRO AMERICANS.... no one (except anti-Jesuit sources of information) pointed out the ROMAN CATHOLIC nature of general Augusto Pinochet, OPUS DEI & SMOM member.... always only "protestant" lead CIA on the target of the leftists... [in the sense they are the left side of the Jesuits' cloacks!]