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China & Russia buying the Arab consent for their veto with purchasing of oil and massive investments? [the Stalingrad of Western world is coming]


"....... February 6, 2012, 7:07 AM

Russia, China Veto A Second UN Resolution On Syria

By Samuel Rubenfeld

Russia and China vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution against Syria for the second time in four months.

The resolution vetoed Saturday came hours after a crackdown that killed hundreds of people and that gave Western powers the impetus to bring the resolution to a vote despite objections from Moscow registered all week. It was stronger than the resolution vetoed in October by Russia and China


".....Bishop Audo: Syrian Christians Support President Assad

by Edward Pentin | April 28, 2011

(Milan) - The international community is exaggerating the crisis in Syria which has been staged mainly by outsiders, according to Bishop Antoine Audo, the Chaldean Bishop of Aleppo. The Jesuit who has been bishop of the diocese since 1992, spoke with April 27th about his concerns over the protests, but stressed that Syria is no Iraq and that President Bashar Assad remains popular, also among Christians. On Wednesday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 453 civilians have so far been killed during almost six weeks of demonstrations. The UN Human Rights Council will hold a special session on Friday to discuss the military crackdown.

Here, 10 percent of the population are Christians and all are with President Assad. I'd say 90 percent of Syrians are with the president. Those who are making trouble are coming from outside. They have their own interests and are being pushed. They have taken money from abroad to serve foreign interests.


and reported in my:

Above image - the Long March of the World Democratic Government to pave the way for the World Roman Empire. One world, one money, one army, all under one religion, the religion of Rome which must become universal. But this is not a secret, as they have it fixed even in the trade mark of their religious global corporation: Roman Catholicism © [= universalism].

Strangely such facts aren't aligned with the verb of EJP and Craig Oxley. It seems that the consent of those Arab monarchies [embryo of the s.c. "Great Caliphate"] for the Assad's Great Repulisti ("repulisti" = deep and wide cleaning of opponents/heretics) has been purchased by China (with the consent of Iran, who reduced his exportations to China) with the money of massive investments (nuclear energy) and the possibility of purchasing greater quotes of Saudi Arab oil.

It will be very difficult now to see those Arab countries, especially after a disastrous NATO intervention in Islamic North Africa (purposely managed in order to arise hate against the Western world? Was this the true task of all those inhuman bombings of Libya by NATO? To render easier a successive veto against new NATO interventions?), especially after they gained the most powerful purchaser of their oil, the China which is going to grow, grow, grow till the point to eat the Western economy.

The next future? The instigation of a massacre of "Palestinians" by the Israel army and consequent no-fly zone over Israel? An attack against Iran by Israel/America which will be then betrayed/stabbed at the back by those Saudi monarchies now looking forwards for the Chinese yuan?

The World Democratic Government is preparing the Stalingrad of Israel and America [= of the Western world middle class based, inspired on the Protestant Reformation theology and hostile to Romanism, the religion of Rome].

(See how a fake war, like the one of Jesuit Hitler against the church of Rome in the middle of the thirties, is implemented just in time to hide the exact opposite, the perfect alignment of purposes, interests and goals of Beijing , Kremlin and Rome (with Rome as undisputed master of both!). See how the Tehran of Ahmadinejad (= of his Romish Masonic Islam masters) agreed with her direct controllers - China and Russia - to sacrifice a little of his oil in order to purchase the consent for the veto (to allow the "Great Repulisti" in Syria) in the UN by China and Russia. And finally, please, note the impressive timeline of the date of both events: 17th January - 20th January. And confront them with the date of the second stronger veto at the UN seat, 6th Februray. All of 2012 of course....)

Can China Benefit From Growing U.S.-Iran Tensions?

By Austin Ramzy

"...But even as China appeared to reject U.S. calls for reducing its purchases of Iranian oil, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao traveled to the Middle East, where he discussed plans to boost Chinese energy supplies. In Saudi Arabia, China’s largest foreign oil supplier, Wen told Crown Prince Nayef that both countries “must strive together to expand trade and cooperation, upstream and downstream, in crude oil and natural gas,” Reuters reported. Wen was also in the kingdom as Chinese oil company Sinopec completed a $8.5 billion deal with Saudi Arabian oil firm Aramco to build a refinery at the port of Yanbu by 2014. Wen is also visiting Qatar and the United Arab Emirates over his six-day trip.

Above image - "Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (C) is welcomed by Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum (L) after arriving in Abu Dhabi, Jan. 16, 2012.

" URL:

»17/01/2012 08:57
Rev. Savio Hon: Freedom for the bishops and priests arrested, is also good for China
by Bernardo Cervellera
Even if the government does not give answers or to the Holy See, or diplomats, or to friends of the Vatican and China, it is important that "no one will forget." The Chinese government's official response when you ask about is always: "We do not know." "We need to pray first," "but we must also appeal to those who hold them."

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "China should free the bishops and priests arrested because it would make good on China's international image." Rev. Savio Hon Tai-fai, secretary of the Congregation for Evangelization of Peoples, AsiaNews commented on the campaign for the liberation of the bishops and priests have disappeared in police custody or detained in the camps. He stressed that even if the government does not give answers or to the Holy See, or diplomats, or to friends of the Vatican and China, it is important that "no one will forget."
Archbishop Hon, Chinese Hong Kong, said he was "proud of their testimony. I am Chinese and my brothers to see the testimony of bishops fills me with joy and comfort. " "These martyrs - he added - make fruitful our evangelization. These figures remain as models of heroism in front of all the faithful in the world. "
Here we have a personal interview Msgr. Hon Tai-fai:
etc. ..... etc..... ".



BEIJING—China signed billions of dollars in deals with key U.S. allies during its premier's visit to the Persian Gulf, forging ahead with long-term efforts to rely less on its traditional oil suppliers, including Iran—even as it publicly brushes aside U.S. and European pressure to cut its Iranian imports.

Premier Wen Jiabao on Thursday wrapped up his trip to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Though Mr. Wen didn't visit Iran, his trip came as China faces questions over its apparent support for Tehran.

Mr. Wen defended Beijing's deep-seated energy ties with Iran on Wednesday but in an acknowledgment of concerns in the region said China opposed Iran's nuclear-weapons program which Saudi Arabia and others view as an imminent threat to regional security. "We are deeply concerned about the situation in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East," he said during a news conference in Doha. [= only Chinese sand-in-the eyes/shadow play - note of avles]


Besides diversifying its oil suppliers, China is increasing the ways overseas oil reaches China. Mr. Wen on Wednesday said China opposed Iran's threats to blockade the Strait of Hormuz. Beijing also fears transit disruptions in the Strait of Malacca, near Singapore, and a major potential chokepoint where the U.S. Navy has a strong presence.

China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corp., a subsidiary of CNPC, is building a pipeline to bypass the Strait of Hormuz. The pipeline is expected to begin operation later this year. CNPC is also operating a separate oil pipeline from eastern Russia to the Chinese refining hub of Daqing.


[Below two images: first one, Loyola with Red standard, URL:
Second one: the modern version of the World Democratic Government]:

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Flags for the enlargement

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T minus 25 days: China creates military schools for Slovenia [= NATO]

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From Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering: the true cause of the contemporary events shaking the world

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)


Douglas A. Willinger said...

Re-published here:

avles said...

Thanks for help to focus attention on that. Some days after the veto in UN, the visit in Washington DC. Not for a case:

<<.....Concern about trip's timing

The visit comes just days after China and Russia blocked U.S.-supported condemnation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime and is also framed by the U.S. political season. Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney has repeatedly hammered Obama for being too soft on China. There was some concern by the Chinese before Xi's arrival over whether scheduling the trip during the American campaign season was a good idea, says Bonnie Glaser, an analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.........>>

[I am really curious to see this attack to Iran...
As regard the sincerity of Mitt Romney your message reveals all: ].

avles said...

(I should have pasted also your Communist Loyola on that Chinese flag with Jesuit superiors, but it would have resulted a too much charged image so I opted to put Loyola's Red Flag OVER them...).

avles said...

<<.....Iranian ships reach Syria, China warns of civil war.....By Khaled Yacoub Oweis and Angus MacSwan

AMMAN/BEIRUT | Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:14am EST

(Reuters) - China accused Western countries of stirring civil war in Syria and two Iranian warships docked at a Syrian naval base, underscoring rising international tensions over the near year-long crisis.

[I fear I was right, damn right....]

avles said...

Ah pardon, I used just that version with also a little Communist Loyola... My brain is gone...

avles said...

Doug, see here this news:

<<.....Putin announces new arms race worth $773 billion
......18:14 20 FEB 2012

(AGI) Moscow - Certain he will win the March 4th elections, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has announced Russia's largest rearmament plan since 1991, to oppose what is considered the "threat" posed by the USA's anti-missile shield.
Putin himself announced that over the next decade Russia will spend 23,000 billion roubli ($773 billion) to buy, among other weapons, over 400 ICBMs with nuclear warheads, 8 nuclear submarines and 20 conventional ones as well as 28 anti-aircrafts s-400 systems . ....>>

Its related with your green gasses topics in your FB wall. Questions:

1) ask yourself how much ecological is this Putin's arm race

2) ask yourself if the ecologists in Russia have the same power to innfluence Putin's power in Kremlin

avles said...

Ecologists could well have they say [and for certain arguments are even right], the problem is that they DENY that PROBLEMS are USED for a global ROMISH agenda of disintegration of America and Israel as standard of Western civilization.

avles said...

look at the stop of oil supply by Iran to France & UK. Now ahmadinejad threats also....the Italy of jesuit trained PM Mario Monti. The strategy is to use the argument of the CONVENIENCE as regard the support of America and Israel in the hypotetical attack to Iran..... Of course the Jesuit strategy is to convince to abandon their Western allies for ECONOMICAL reasons. In fact RC Slovenia who signed an IMPORTANT ECONOMICAL AGRREEMENT with Iran just two weeks before Oslo Massacre, see the price of gasoline to continuously increase "cause the Iran/America tensions", as media is obsessively repeating. Practically RC Slovenia is JUST on the side of Tehran....

avles said...

Ecological arguments here, no matter how much contain truth, are ONLY a disguise for such RELIGIOUS war. Ecologists who refuse to ackowelede this must be immediately exposed!!!

avles said...

The attack to Iran/internvention in Syria are mostly an excuse to cause the political total collapse of the last rests of ideologgical cohesion in the Western world.