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"An important contribute".


The importance of the social doctrine in the Roman Catholic conquer of the world is visible from the events of the twenties, where the Roman Catholic interference with the social questions was the alibi to drag the repression of the anti-Communist dictatorships also on the Roman Catholics engaged in the social political field.

Fascism was that perfect marvelous caricature of secularism that the Counter Reformation Jesuitical hate desired since the appearing of the modern ages. Fascism, beating the Roman Catholics and their social organization, should demonstrate that secularism is synonymous of "anti-Christianity" and therefore that outside the mother church there's only "pagan barbarianism". Stop.

Thanks to Mussolini, the Jesuits could cultivate that hate and diffidence against the secular powers inside their Romish herd, building the embryo of that "party of pope", present in every corner of society, and obeying only to the church's hierarchies. The fatal test for their "party of the pope" is still presented today as the "highest moral proof" to which the Italian people was submitted, i.e. The s.c. "anti-fascist struggle".

For this reason after the war the Bolshevik threat had to advance in the West the most possible. Not only to protect from the awareness about the active role of Rome in the birth of the European Fascisms supplying the oblivion with the Red threat, but also to poison the little freedom gained in the West after the war.

The "party of the pope" had to continue to hate the secularism. If before his hate could be confused with the "anti-fascist struggle", now that hate had to be directed also against Freedom, whose political expression called "democracy" was seen only as an useful "battle field" between two opposite secular concept, the right wing tending to Fascism, and the left wing tending to Communism. The initial anti-secular hate of the "party of the pope" born with the use of the Fascist secular baton, was so perfected and finally directed against the Freedom itself, presented only as a trick used by the secularism in order to again create the secular anti-Christian dictatorship, in the eighty percent of the cases in the shape of a Communist dictatorship, in the minority of case under the shape of a coming back of the Fascism.

This was the true religious and theological essence of the post-war Italy, the true engine of the Gladio operation, of the Strategy of the Tension, of the mysterious massacres, from Portella della Ginestra to end (?) with Uno Bianca gang. You can detect this also in other European countries.

Today Rome governs the society not directly giving the order to the masses through pulpits in churches, but using the slight, slim and mobile army of her "party of the pope". There was no sunset of the church of Rome in the society, simply a transformation from the old wide bulky rigid style of the traditional military doctrines, to the new agile, mobile guerrilla of the "parties of the pope". From von Clausewitz to Sun Tzu. Also this was a task of the Second Thirty Years War (1914 – 1945) and of the Cold War Hoax (1945 – 2001 about).

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Rome - On pensions the government will present our proposals. The ICI? One is excluded who has one house

Rome - The CISL does not contest the decision of the number one of Lingotto Sergio Marchionne to terminate contracts of employment of all domestic Fiat plants in order to extend the model (of contract - avles) of Pomigliano. It was said by the secretary Raffaele Bonanni interviewed to "La Telefonata" ("The Phone Call") by Maurizio Belpietro on Channel 5. The choice of Marchionne, the union leader noted, "is not new. What will happen is already happening at the Post Office, Enel and other large companies. The only novelty is the fact that Fiat is out of Confindustria and wants to get a contract to measure ". Bonanni illustrates the position of the CISL. "We are interested in maintaining a national rule for all Fiat plants and to establish contractual terms of a second level that are matched to each individual company Fiat."

From Il Velino AGV press agency

URL: http://www.ilvelino.it/agv/news/articolo.php?idArticolo=1482335&t=Fiat__Bonanni__Non_contesteremo_disdetta_contratti

Above image - Use & throw away? After having being used, the members of the political class are thrown away. The article confirms it. They are presented as opportunists who converts to Roman Catholicism for their interests. In other words: the poooor church is innocent, is only exploited by people without scruples. Or maybe it is the same Roman Catholic Apostolic church of Rome (of Constantine) which exploits the people without scruples? Her world domination surfs on the historical waves of "people without scruples". At the end of the sum only they will appear as "bad guys", meanwhile the church only as pooooooor martyr.... You know how it works.... If the church of Rome would have not the absolute power on the world, how it could be that the scoundrels are since millenium searching for her help?.... Significantly the article appear in the "anti-clerical" magazine of publishing house L'Espresso, owned by a front-Jew of the pope, De Benedetti. Of the same group also the local daily Il Piccolo of Trieste where the religious agenda behind the expulsion of Italians from Istria and Dalmatia is finely manipulated... (Cover of Il Venerdì di Repubblica of 18 november 2011, n. 1235)

Above image - welfare minister in the previous Berlusconi govt., Maurizio Sacconi. Quoted in the article of the last number of "Il Venerdì della Repubblica" nr. 1235, 18 nov. 2011. Title and under title: "Metamorphosis of a fellow of Craxi who wanted to become servant of God - enemy of CGIL (the labor union adversary of CISL of Bonanni - avles) crusader of bioethic, first communist, then socialist, now he goes to mass before every meeting. The long march towards the faith of an interpreter of the Berlusconism"
Wikipedia URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maurizio_Sacconi

Above image - archbishop of Trieste, Giampaolo Crepaldi - URL: http://digilander.libero.it/Trieste.Storia/vescovi.Trieste.index.html
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giampaolo_Crepaldi

Above image - ".......In any case the fact that the bishop is a man with multiple relations...........". Read below this excerpt from Il Piccolo of May 2010.

<<...In any case the fact that the bishop is a man with multiple relations - cultivated inside and outside the Vatican with charges of increasing responsability – for no one is a mystery. For example among his "dear friends" there are the leader of CISL Raffaelle Bonanni. And the minister of the Welfare, Maurizio Sacconi, the one who the last September – as the same Crepaldi explains - invited him to explain to an audience filled with ministers and under-secretaries of ministers during the meeting of the PDL party (headed by Berlusconi – note of avles) at Cortina the "Central role of the person in the Caritas in Veritate", the encyclical to whose develpment the bishop brought an important contribute....>> (<<...Del resto, che il vescovo sia un uomo dai contatti importanti .... (.....) ..... alla cui redazione il presule ha portato un contributo importante...>>). From Il Piccolo of Trieste, 21st May 2010 – page14

Caritas in Veritate encyclical:

lunedì 21 novembre 2011

Dopo il Pontificio Governo Monti arriva il Pontificio Governo Mondiale

(After the Pontifical government Monti it comes the Pontifical World Government)

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