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Pacif(asc)ism burying Kurds with ''astounding archeological discoveries'' [& with Gaza]


Please, first follow this sequence of images, which are nearly all common and every-day images; as you know an image is often 1,000 words worth

Above images:
1) Jesuits' sun to burn 'heretics'
2) "Photo2. Peres and Blair. Two sides of the same coin. " Masonic Shabtai Zionist Laburism is simply the true party-of-the-pope in Israel, is the longa manus of the church of Rome in to pursue Jerusalem as the capital of the One World Religion aka "all the cults in the world submitted to Rome". Further, the true objective supporters of Peres are just Turkey, Syria and Iran, because only with the blood of Gaza they can strenghten their regimes and erase freedom and secolarism from their countries as the 'divine' emperor of Rome, doc Ratzinger (and his Jesuits masters), wants - URL:
3) Hide the building of the Roman Catholic religious capital of the World (Jerusalem) with the blood of Gaza - URL:
4) A pacif(asc)ist convoy, to help Gaza's Hamas rulers, under the assault of Israeli special forces. A convoy 'for peace', coming from the country - Turkey - whose Romish-Islamic elite continue to suppress and annihilate religious nations for the benefit of the emperor of Rome; I have no doubt they were able to defend successfully themselves against the IDF raid. Being them so skilled to haunt and murder Kurds, they have just the 'right' spirit to murder also Jews - URL:
5) Oppression of Kurds - URL: Sorry, but there are not so much cameras between the Kurds, as much they are between the 'Palestinians'. No image. In any case I have an interesting history on the matter to tell you, next, in the future. A very telling story....

"...Article sent 04th Sept 2011...The recent discovery (1994) of the archaeological site of Gobekli Tepe, located in Southern Kurdistan,...". Archeological claptrap chatting and David-Icke excitement cultural gas chamber, all is good in order to suffucate the Kurds question under the idiocies of the 'alternative' pacif(asc)ist 'information':
7) The suppressed 30 and more million Kurd nation - URL:
8) Another view of the suppressed Kurd nation - URL:
9) The ashes of Lutheran Koenisberg in 1945 and annihilation of Protestant Prussia, together with Kurds' suppressed nation, is another issue today silenced with the blood of Gaza. - URL:

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"........Article sent 04th Sept 2011

The recent discovery (1994) of the archaeological site of Gobekli Tepe, located in southern Kurdistan, happened on the quiet, as often happens with things that really change the lives and human history..... .............
It 'obvious: the radiocarbon dating of fossils found in the place, which tells us, beyond' reasonable doubt, that the complex was built 12,000 years ago, maybe even 13,000 years. This means it has been built around 10,000 BC

'Gobekli Tepe changes everything,' says Ian Hodder, Stanford University.

David Lewis-Williams, professor of archeology at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, says: 'Gobekli Tepe is the most important archaeological site in the world'.

Some go further and say that the site and its implications are incredible. University professor Steve Mithen says: 'Gobekli Tepe is too great for my mind'.
by Alessandro Pinardi Feletti


Pardon me if I further elaborated the title of the Douglas Willinger's blog. Today Turkey's and Iran's Romish Masonic shadow govts are full allies of Rome in the present World Democratic Government and in his crusades to destroy the religious secularism in the world, for the sake of the Eternal Counter Reformation. Some tens of millions of Kurds are living oppressed by the Romish Masonic government of those countries, but the 'alternative' information has only voice for the 'Palestinians' (when it doesn't describe the Kurd independent movements as "Jewish-backed", see the journalist Maurizio Blondet, linked with the Equestrian order of holy Sepulchre).

The site Luogocomune of Massimo Mazzucco as well thousands of others, supports this pacif(asc)ist crusade meanwhile the Romish Catho-Islamic NATO is purposely creating fear and hate against the Western (i.e. against the religious and Reform originated secular world) with undiscriminated bombing and intelligence guerrilla in Libya, a way-to-deal which has the only and unique purpose in to consign the hearts of the North African Muslims in the hands of the Romish Masonic controlled Ankara, Tehran and Damasco, local idiotic and despotic branches of the Romish World Democratic Government.

The Jesuts' evil receipt is simple. Keep defamed with the information or with material actions of Romish-masonic intelligence (see CIA or: (Romish-) Catholics In Action), every movement inside the Islamic world which is fighting for more freedom and more secularism. With CIA/Mossad, tools of the Romish World Democratic Government, infiltrating every kind of movement, party, organization which is trying to exit from the theocracy in the Islamic galaxy, you obtain that the same attempt to gain more freedom and secularism is then labelled as ''evil Zionist influence'' and/or ''American imperialism''. Exactly like they did with Breivik in Norway, whose action defamed any serious question about the immigration, and especially the relation the religious secularism born from the Reform of the Western world must keep with Islam.

So there's no contradiction in the fact that the pacif(asc)ist convoys for Gaza are departing now from Turkey, and are electing its Jesuitical government, the Great Oppressor of Kurds, as another moral homeland of the supporters of the Fundamentalist and enemy of the religious secularism Islamic Hamas ruled Gaza. Those 'alternative' paci(fasc)ists and their 'alternative' sources of information, are only the loudspeaker of the Romish governments of Ankara, Tehran and Damasco, supported by the Italian intelligence which is nothing else than the longa manus (= long-hand, tool, means, instrument of -) of the saint Peter square. It is therefore not a contradiction also to say that the innocent Arab children of Gaza must pour their blood because it is just with their sacrifice that the flame of the anti-Jewish hate can be hold high and bright for the glory of Rome, of its 'divine' emperor and its Jesuit masterminds.

A gentile pacif(asc)ist rite of blood.

Silencing Kurds with 'Palestinian blood'.

Cancelling the living memory of the Koenisberg's ashes with the siege of Warsaw.

Eternal Counter Reformation

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Above image: "...The international community is exaggerating the crisis in Syria which has been staged mainly by outsiders,.." (Caldean Bishop of Aleppo, SJ Antoine Audo - Also a Jesuit bishop's allusion: the ''Jewish outsiders'' backing Andrew Breivik???).

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Kurds (also) oppressed under Syrian Arab Racist Apartheid regime

By freedemocracy

Kurds under racist apartheid Syrian Arab Republic


..Like Gaddafi today, seven years ago Assad deployed his air force against the Kurds.

Scores were killed and thousands were arrested. Many of those arrested were tortured by Assad’s forces.

The discrimination that Kurds have faced under Assad and his father is appalling. Since the 1970s, more than 300,000 Kurds have been stripped of their Syrian citizenship. They have been forcibly ejected from their homes and villages in the north and resettled in squalid refugee camps in the south. The expressed purpose of these racist policies has been to prevent territorial contiguity between Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish Kurds and to “Arabize” Syrian Kurdistan where most of Syria’s oil deposits are located.

The Kurds make up around 10 percent of Syria’s population. They oppose not only the Baathist regime, but also the Muslim Brotherhood. Represented in exile by the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria, since 2004 they have sought the overthrow of the Assad regime and its replacement by democratic, decentralized federal government. Decentralizing authority, they believe, is the best way to check tyranny of both the Baathist and the Muslim Brotherhood variety. The Kurdish demand for a federal government has been endorsed by the Sunni-led exile Syrian Reform Party.

This week the KNA released a statement to the world community. Speaking for Syria’s Kurds and for their Arab, Druse, Alevi and Christian allies in Syria, it asked for the “US, France, UK and international organizations to seek [a] UN resolution condemning [the] Syrian regime for using violence against [the Syrian] people.”

The KNA’s statement requested that the US and its allies “ask for UN-sponsored committees to investigate the recent violence in Syria, including the violence used against the Kurds in 2004.”

What is Mr Blair’s Mission? – By Dr Kamal Mirawdeli 01/11/2001 00:00:00 …
It seems that Mr Blair has not even known or even discreetly mentioned to his hosts that Syria is occupying a part of Kurdistan in which one million Kurds are living who are subject to the most appalling racist apartheid policies of oppression and assimilation. 150,000 of them are even deprived of having passports, being considered as ‘foreigners’ with no right, legally, to enter into employment or marriage. Syria does not allow the Kurds or to call their children Kurdish names.

Syria does not allow the Kurds to use their language for education and promote their art and culture, or to have their own legal political organisations. That is despite the fact that the Kurds are Muslims! But being Muslim for Arab racist regimes that use Islam as an Arabising racist ideology, is equivalent to being an Arab – full stop.

What happens when your oppressors are next-door neighbors … 14 Jun 2006… I raise my palm for Turkey, Syria, Iran and even Iraq…. and that Apartheid didn’t just melt away on its own, …
Western Kurdistan which is occupied by Syria, by – File Format: PDF/Adobe

Dr. Jawad Mella – Western Kurdistan which is occupied by Syria racist,

bloody and despotic regimes of the world. It is the same now for the

Syrian regime …

West Kurdistan and the “Arab Awakening” ‎ 3.2.2011
By Minhaj Akreyi

February 3, 2011
Following the mass protests throughout Tunisia that was caused by an act

of self-immolation by a frustrated young man due to high unemployment,

food inflation, corruption, lack of freedom of speech, poor living conditions, among others, which brought down an authoritarian government of 23 years, the Arab people are finally becoming courageous and brave enough to stand up to injustice and oppression against their government; and this new phenomenon among the Arab people is starting to spread hroughout the Arabic countries. Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s incumbent president, or more like dictator, of 30 years who is feeling the high frustration and anger of its 80 million population protesting vigorously in the streets of many of its large cities, including Cairo, is greatly on the verge of collapse and may soon be joining his Tunisian colleague Ben Ali in Jeddah. Algerian, Jordanian, and Yemeni frustrated, oppressed, and angry people have also joined their Tunisian and Egyptian brethren protesting in their homeland against their highly corrupted governments.

The trend, as it seems, will most likely hit Syria as well. The Syrian regime, which is controlled by the Assad family since 1963, is as corrupted as Hosni Mubarak and his party. Unemployment in Syria is as high as of Egypt; the police and secret forces are as brutal and oppressive; freedom of speech or press does not exist; and the living conditions are no better. It is only natural, and the right of the people, that the people stand up against this tyrannical and dictatorial regime and replace it with one who values human life; who values human dignity; who values education and employment for its people; who values its people; for no government should be allowed to exist if it fails to provide the basic demands of its people. And among all this, one that would give equal rights to its minorities, such as the Kurds, whom for the last 90 years have been systematically oppressed and having their
Kurdish language banned by the Syrian government.

Syria since its creation of modern state has done whatever it could to oppress the Kurdish people in its hope to eradicate and assimilate them.

The Kurdish language is banned; there are over 200,000 Kurds whom are
labeled as foreigners because the Syrian government has stripped them off
of their citizenship and thus these people are not allowed to get a job,
buy a property, open a business, and they are not even allowed to repair
their houses; in 1965 the Syrian government created an “Arabic belt” in
an attempt to change demographic features of the Kurdish populated areas
in which over 150,000 people were displaced out of their homes and today
it is as relevant as it is effecting the Kurdish people greatly; the
burial of over 500,000 Kurdish people alive; including the many other
atrocious acts such as the burning of a movie theater burning 300 students; mass disappearances of critics; various discriminatory and racist laws, among many other horrendous acts.

That is why in order to bring an end to this oppression, the Kurds of Syrian-occupied Kurdistan, or West Kurdistan, must carefully examine the waves of protests that seem to be spreading throughout the Middle East; they must monitor the protests very closely. The already-too many and divided political parties of over 15-20 of West Kurdistan must urgently
communicate with each other in order to lay out a map and plans on what ought to be done should the Syrian population mass protests and should the Assad regime fell. It is of most crucial that all the parties unite at this critical time and opportunity that may prove fruitful and may define a moment in West Kurdistan’s history; and I won’t be too surprised
if something like South Kurdistan is achieved. But of course, in order to reach the level of South Kurdistan,www.ekurd.netfor West Kurdistan it will not be as easy for if the Assad regime fell, there will still be standing Syrian army,the racist Ba’ath party, and other chauvinistic and racist Arab nationalists who would oppose any autonomy or even human rights for the Kurds and so they will do just about everything the Assad regime has been doing since 1963 to make sure the Kurds do not control their faith and to have the Kurds remain as oppressed.

Something that should have been done long time ago, it is still not too late that the more prominent and bigger parties of West Kurdistan should
reach the lesser known and smaller parties to create the same plans and methods in reaching their same goals. The political and religious figures there should gather along with the tribal leaders and youth and have their understanding and trust within each other; envision a coherent and practical plan on what ought to be done given different scenarios; must
have clear demands and goals to present it to a next government should it be needed; decided whether they will fight for autonomy or independence given the position they might be in. They should, if not already done so, contact Kurds outside of West Kurdistan and seek advises, not just with
Kurds from West Kurdistan but in all parts of Kurdistan. They should know their ways of communication and have plan B ready in case the Syrian regime shut off internet and phone lines, which is very likely; the Kurdish population should be made aware and be ready to mass protest.

However, if not most importantly, than equally importantly, there should be Peshmergas ready to fight and defend should there be the need, which most likely there be the need. Because with Assad in power or not, the Syrian army will most definitely fight and without Peshmergas there stands no chance for West Kurdistan to have its demands respected and goals achieved. But the question remains, where will Peshmergas come from
considering the fact that West Kurdistan does not have any? Should the veterans Peshmergas of South Kurdistan join their brothers and sisters for the fight? Should the PKK send some (in 1,000’s) of their freedom fighters there? Or should PJAK, for time being, leave the fight against the Iranian army and fight the Syrian army?

There are serious and absolutely important questions and considerations that needs to be done by Kurds of West Kurdistan and Kurds of all parts of Kurdistan including the Kurds in Diaspora to start right away weighing options and creating plans if the Syrian population rise to fight their
oppressive regime for their long overdue honor, dignity, freedom, human rights, employment rights, education freedom. There could be protests and there could be no protests in Syria; similarly, Assad regime could fell or it may not fell, but that is for future to see. What the Kurds cannot
afford to lose however is if the chance come and they are not prepared for it, and once that chance leaves, there won’t be another chance for a
very long time.

Take A Look in the Mirror / Ben Dror Yemini | Rivka Shpak Lissak First, it should be stated that all Arab countries conduct an official apartheid regime. The Kurds in Syria are under a violent military regime.

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  1. Mesta Says:

    I have some images of kurds being chased nd brutally tortured by Turkish, Syrian, and Iranian thugs. There is a slow, planned genocide of the Kurds that has been happening for years. Iran and Turkey actually have a formal agreement to do just that.
    Turkey uses the PKK as an excuse to legitimize their actions for wiping out entire villages.

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Monday, September 05, 2011

28,900,000 vs 6,720,000 - also in this way the Romish World Democratic Government assassinates

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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