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INSIDE THE MIND OF ROME – pedophilia scandal and Islam question in the Peasants' war/jacqueries of Rome

Above image - On the road to my home, the chapel devouted to ''virgin Mary''/Lady of War has been refreshed with colors just in these days. Coincidence? with the incoming Vandean Jacquerie in Italy? Provoked by a little Napoleon, Silvio Berlusconi, who - another coincidence - was just some years ago nick-named ''the little emperor'' (and as I noted in those old prophetic messages). But just look at the numerological coincidence, next year, the year 2012, is the 212 anniversary of the Jesuit Napoleon instigated Reaction, the Peasants' War/Vandean Jacquerie known under the name of ''Viva Maria!'' movement: ''......On 28th June 1799, the Roman Catholic anti-French and anti-modernist movement of the Centre Apennine peninsula named “Viva Maria!”, murdered 13 Jews and some of them were burnt alive in the city of Siena. Coincidence. Like those 210 years passed from the Roman ......'' - URL:

* Case #1: Silvio Berlusconi, the most important agent of the papacy in the country

* Case #2: French law against face-covering garments in public

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Case #1: Silvio Berlusconi,

the most important agent of the papacy in the country

Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, the head of Italian Conference of Bishops (CEI), attacks the prime minister Silvio Berlusconi:

ROME - The bishops play the "de profundis". "Mortify having to take note of behavior not only contrary to public decorum, but inherently sad and empty." And again: "They chase each other with sad stories concern that, if proven to detect different levels lifestyles hardly compatible with the dignity and decorum of the institutions and public life."

26th September 2011


Of course without to name it. Why? But because Bagansco knows well that it would meant to pass across the last borders between a ''legitimate expression of opinion'' to the ''interference inside a deep crisis of a government by an high functionary of a foreign state''. In the matter the cardinal head of CEI just passed the borders. It is the same premier to confirm that cardinal Bagnasco is doing something which, if it would have been done by a whoever else member of the government of a foreign state, it would have immediately caused the call of the Italian ambassador back to Italy as form of diplomatic protest:

ROME - Bitter. Full of anger: "An attack that I do not deserve," it is told that in this way Berlusconi vented after listening to the inaugural lecture of the head of the Italian bishops, Angelo Bagnasco, against the degradation of morals in politics. He had not expected an attack of this value, the prime minister, despite being early warned that "something big" was about to pounce from the CEI. And nevertheless, they explain at Palazzo Grazioli, the knight (*) does not believe the words of Bagnasco to be an open comdemnation, but he reads in them spaces that will open possibilities to retrieve the report. In fact, shortly after that hard lunge was pronounced, the diplomats have moved (ie, Gianni Letta) to try to mend fences. In particular, we focus attention on the Vatican Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone, in silence for a few days. Someone would push Berlusconi to ask for a meeting at the Vatican for a face to face with the hierarchy. But on this Prime Minister seems not to hear. It is not known whether political tactics. For now, would not want to lend hand in new controversy.

27th September 2011


Of course in the supposed meeting with the hierarchy the dignitaries of the Vatican reign – the true royal palace governing Italy - will present to the 'knight' Berlusconi the bill. Or at least in this way the matter will be smuggled to the less ingenuous political spectator. Because it is clear that Berlusconi it is at least in objective collaboration with the counterpart accusing him. He reacted just how the Holy See desired in order to fill that accuse with his name and surname with the pencil of his reaction.

The manipulation of the secular ideological fronts in the country is visible at the eyes of everyone. Berlusconi owes everything to the church of Rome. From the priest Verzè with whom he started his career of businessman (and shared scandals and crimes). Passing through don Zuliani of Pordenone, a 50 years long of 'spiritual teaching' with many keys to the secrets of Berlusconi's carrer. To the mafioso Marcello dell'Utri, trained in Jesuit school, then right hand of the Silvio Berlusconi. It was dell'Utri the one who once said that ''I owe the most important encounter of my life to the Opus Dei''. Of course the encounter is the one with Silvio Berlusconi, an encounter occurred thanks the church of Rome. Berlusconi of course is fronted by an opposition which is controlled no more or less like him. In other words through scandals. Maybe the greatest one is the funding of the Milosevic '97 electoral campaign, which allowed him to get the power just when the NATO intelligence was funding the UCK terrorists. The former Communists D'Alema and Fassino are among the central keys used to control the opposition to Berlusconi. They were used not to destroy the old Communist party (as done with old Socialist and Christian Democratic party), but to transform it in a dust of groups controlled by the Roman Catholicism.

But which religious strategy of war is serving such ideological twenty years long engineering? Simply here Rome is repeating what done with her Napoleon, with her Metternich, with her Mussolini, with her Hitler. To create a secular power, no matter if a dictatorship or formal democracy, which then will be used to hit society with unrighteous policies, with corruptions, with scandals or open persecutions. Practically a psychodrama where the secular actor is constrained to stage the role of the 'bad' in order then (Hegelian dialectical rule) to make automatically appear the not-secular one as 'god'. This was also the true task of her Napoleon, Metternich, etc., i.e. to wipe away from the stage every other possible secular competitor in the role of ''opponent to the evil dictatorship'' (and also religious competitor, see the opportune fragmentation of the Protestant field in Germany during the thirties).

It is well clear now that you can define ''who is the true enemy'' also from the adversary you put in front of him. If you want to appoint the secularism as enemy #1, you must eliminate every kind of secular opponent to the material/ideological actor. This would mean that it doesn't exist a 'god' kind of secularism and that particular charismatic dictator resume in himself the universal concept of secularism. The multiple ideological contain of the National Socialism, which was described as a form of Bolshevism, renders in a wonderful way that. But you must also eliminate other competitors in the role of opponents of your charismatic dictator, and such are the religious ones. This would indicate that it doesn't exist another 'god' religious actor opposing the secularism.

At the end, to oppose to the 'bad guy', on the scene and under the spotlights it remains only the 'good guy', the church of Rome. Applause, please. All that is happening in Italy now, with the charismatic dictator of the Holy See, Silvio 'knigh' Berlusconi. The difference is that the opponents are not silenced, as occurs in usual dictatorship, but defused by intestine fights. Similarly the coalition under the leadership of the charismatic knight Silvio is not completely at his orders, and is very careful about the political directive of cardinal Bagnsco. In Italy and Germany of the thirties the enemies of the church were openly against her, today have only 'polemics'. After the continue appeal of doc Ratzinger in to oppose the ''increasing secularism'' in the society, after the increasing immigration from Islam and related religious tensions which are offering to the religious leaders of Islam and Romanism a further stage in the decisional centers of the society, the planned result of the actual crisis is a society where the secularism will be not wiped away, but reduced at the level of a pure tool of that ''party of the pope'' that transversal mafia which infiltrates every vital corner of the society and obeys exclusively to her Fuehrer, the papacy (= Jesuit order).

The important role of the pedophilia scandal can be fully understood if seen under the light of the above key of lecture which, pay attention, is not a secular one, but a religious, Christian, Protestant key of lecture. If the church of Rome is so heavily interfering with the inner life of a country, it must offer to the counterpart also an analogous reciprocal faculty of interference in the church's life, in order to not offer to the counterpart an easy point of critic. The rising so of the pedophilia scandal is simply warning us about the deep destruction – provoked by the Counter Reformation - of the Western world intended as product of the Reform. The church of Rome is paying in advance her 'right' to heavily interfere in the decaying secular political scenario of the Western world, with the banknote of the 'right' of interference in the sphere of the private sexual life of her priests. Tell me if such exchange is or not simply a fantastic affair for Rome!

It is the ''L'Avvenire'' (bishops' conference daily - avles) of yesterday to revive the message served by the President of the CEI, Angelo Bagnasco: "The sentence of the President of the CEI (" It is to purify the air ") - says the bishops' newspaper - is not just an phrase with effect which leaves a strong mark on the page and in the mind, but a profound expression which interpretes the anguished and hopeful cry that rises in many different ways from the Italian society". Words that come to seal the uneasiness widespread in the majority, beginning with the Northern League, whose thinking is well summarized in the words of Vice President of Members of the Northern League, Carolina Lussana for which to Bagnasco "is a message addressed to all, could also apply to the church as regards the child abuse. It's a warning to all, who is without sin cast the first stone. we all have an obligation to keep a decorum in behavior''


The North League is in full expired-time zone because that movement should have opened the mouth well before. But that party is born from below the cloak of the Vatican, in fact the logo carries the most esplicit symbol of the papal crusade to Roman Catholicize the rest of Europe (Alberto da Giussano with Templar crossed shield). Now the stones are starting to fly also in the head of Carolina Lussana, and the useful idiots of the North League can be executed for the sake of the papacy. Just read some comments of the launcher of stones:

32. angelo

The church is the voice of the People, or the People are represented by the acting of Berlusconi? Poor Bossi if he thinks to silence the Voice of the People using the pedophilia of the Church! The People is sick and tired of the arrogance of Berlusconi and Bossi, and tired of these senile presences that have nothing to say, they are only examples of an unprecedented rot. And the voice of the people can be expressed solely through his spiritual guidance: that is the Church.

27. Bruno Abate

Wellcome to the words of the Church, if they serve to explode this house of unscrupulous politicians, in permanent scandal and disgrace to Italy.

The above and below comments are still coming from:

What a gentle breeze of Roman Catholic stoning (to death) in the air! The below comment is even more explicit as regard the true reason of employ for the argument ''pedophilia scandal''; note the important point: Berlusconi has been also indicted to have had sex with a teen ager (in any case near to become adult). This is important in order to present the rest of his sexual adventures with adult women as 'dirty' affairs and so to allow the leftist and Roman Catholic mob to ask the head of the premier in the name of ''moral purification of the country'', but also to balance the pedophilia scandal of the church, as now being the prime minister also openly involved with underages, his supporters find the knives of the ''pedophilia scandal'' as useless. Don't worry, when Berlusconi was inviting without scruples all those girls & women in the seat of the government, he knew what he was doing, he was only executing the orders to him assigned by the Holy See:

28. Marcello Ledda

good reasoning of LEAGUE... because the church is full of pedophiles politicians, the government can do all the FILTY THING of the world (steal, corrupt, go with the girls, be condemned for MAFIA, etc etc THIS WOULD ... ALL NORMAL ? .. BUT HIDE YOURSELF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24. Diegotrex Colombo

The Church condemns pedophilia and is apologizing.
Instead, the League is so against pedophilia to be voted in parliament for the credibility of the history of Mubarak's granddaughter who, at the time of the help of Berlusconi, was 17 years old

13. James Moriarty

ok pedophiles are disgusting being them priests or not God-fearing people .... but how much are priests who give their lives for others? I understand the mental and intellectual limitations of those brain of League = Thief but the fact that [the North League - avles] generalizes and say that priests are pedophiles seem to be exaggerated and ignorant and insane (read LEAGUE = THIEVES ).....

Especially the last comment. Here you perceive the great profit from the pedophilia scandal. Rome here divides herself in the 'good' side and in the 'bad' side in order to confuse the enemy with the Hegelian deception. The 'good' side, those ''priests who give their lives for others'', are the tactical cover to hide the 'bad' side. But now the 'bad' side is not the classical 'church which plots the destruction of any secular independent power', and/or the annihilation of any other faith/cult in the world, etc. Now this true side of Rome is hidden by a false image of it, the image of the pedophilia scandal which divert the attention away from the project of political global domination of Rome, to focus it in the narrow cul-de-sac of the private, intimate sphere of existence of the priests of Rome. Also this is an unbalance which serves Rome. If you see the side of Rome plotting against the secularity of the world, you understand immediately that those 'good' priests are only a propagandistic legion. But if you don't have a disposition a political bad image of Rome, the only one she present to you is accepted without criticism, therefore from here the cult of the 'good' priest which infect the Apennines peninsula/Second Pontifical reign.

And as End? A last comment, of course ironical. But it is a telling-truth comment, in any case even if not in agreement with the initial part of it, I like it. And to see it as a whole, the greatest irony is concentrated just in the first part – as well a deep truth in the final part:

14. Remo De Lafayette Baldasseroni

keeping aside religion and politics, the cardinal is free to open his mouth like all citizens. I think we are on a downward turn which involves the whole, and in particular without public spirit, morality .. when we will return to the Middle Ages, perhaps will find again the true values ​​to go then back again in the future.


(*) Berlusconi, as it is a common costume in the country, is also named 'knight', from the Italian Republic title ''knight of labor'' to him assigned.

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Case #2: French law against

face-covering garments in public

Douglas Willinger named it ''Continuing Counter Reformation''. As Cardinal Stefan Wyszinski said that ''With the regaining of the Polish western territories [= German eastern territories], the break-up of the Prussian state and the destruction of the German Reich the counter reformation has reached its aim'', we must at least for a little believe the cardinal. Of course he declared concluded a certain step of the Counter Reformation, the one which destroyed the secular states of the Protestantism and their people, firstly the East Prussia. But for the papacy and the Jesuit order every day it exists the problem of a rising again Reform. People associates among themselves not for the love to the papacy and the order of the church or Rome, but at the opposite complete different reasons. Every day humanity does secessions from the church of Rome because, at the opposite of sex, the thought dedicated to the pope is not properly present in the minds of humans at a frequency of one time every seven seconds. The secular independence of human must be destroyed, and it must be done with a keen policy, clashing the secularity against the religious sentiment:

A court in suburban Paris on Thursday handed out fines to the first two women tried in France for violating a ban on wearing face-covering garments in public.

Hind Ahmas, 32, and Najate Naitali, 36, were both cited in May for wearing niqabs, traditional Muslim face veils, while trying to enter the Meaux town hall with a birthday cake for the mayor. Meaux is a suburb of Paris, and its mayor, Jean-Francois Cope, helped push the "burqa ban" through France's parliament last year. He also leads President Nicolas Sarkozy's conservative UMP party.


From such theatrics it appears clear which is the game. Islam is exploited by the Eternal Counter Reformation in order to create a not-solvable clash with the secularism. This is not the first time I tell you this. As the secularism presumes a personal contact with the Lord, without to pass through the Mafiosi intermediation of any 'divine' incarnation of Him, a 'divine' emperor of Rome to whom every materiality of the world must submit to, it means that it is in frontal collision with the theological basis of the Roman Catholicism and of the existence of whoever kind of papacy. The trick of the Jesuitism consist in to put at war the secularism with the religious sentiment. The French state state must oppress the religious sentiment because the French state represents the general category of secularism for excellence. I explained this in the past saying that the religious chaos pursued with the immigration invasion would create religious tensions which are not solvable by the secular modern tools but only by the religious temporal powers the same like the Holy See, offering so to the priests of Rome the open and free stage for a great coming back at the guise of open recognized spiritual and temporal masters of the society. Of course the religious Roman Catholic attack to the secular state is not carried out openly. First the state is unbalanced on the side of the justice, of the application of the state of rights. Then is attacked using the ''human rights'' defenders, the ''anti-racist'' movements, the ''revolutionaries'' etc. These categories of radical ideological actors are doing the dirty job disguising with a secular discourse a theological attack of the Counter Reformation. Then, after the secular state and his 'unrighteousness' is defeated, it leaves the field to the ones who have in their hands the only key able to defuse a bloody degeneration of the religious tensions in the society, the caste of the priests of Rome.

So the secular state, and with him the heritage of the Reform which is at his basis , will disappear not after a bloody war, but because simply it becomes no more useful and is transformed so in a cumbersome wreckage to be definitively launched in the discharge of the history. At the end of all also the secular state represents a well defined religious vision of the world, a vision which is deadly enemy of the one of Rome, and the defense of the secular state is not properly a secular fight, but also a religious fight of defence, the defense of the basis of the civilization. This is the difference with a true secularism and a true modernism, respect the ones created and used by Rome: the former recognizes their religius origin (the Reform), the latter at the opposite has been created in order to make appear the secularism a product of ''anti-Christian'' thought.

Therefore those niqabs don't hide a Musllim, but a Jesuit heart. It is from that heart that originates the image of the future, a popish boot, put on the feet of the ''Voice of god'' (= of the papacy), that Romish subversive mob which is the product of an intelligent religiously driven degeneration of the Western societies, and stomping eternally in the face of Freedom and Christian truth.

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Friday, September 30, 2011

INSIDE THE MIND OF ROME – pedophilia scandal and Islam question in the Peasants' war/jacqueries of Rome

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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