Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Lady of war" today: also "Lady of censorship"

The top three White supremacy propaganda mills were shut down this week by an investigative journalist who survived blackmail, libel, and physical threats to accomplish the historic victory for humanity’s peace and inter-racial harmony.

The peace of the Counter Reformation cemetery of Freedom and the harmony with the tyranny of Rome

Sherri Kane is only a tool of the Lady of War - and the Massacre of Oslo is a work of the Lady of War:

Above images:
1) Lady of War (original matrix);
2) Klingsor, the soldier of the Lady of War;
3) Sherri Kane, the nun of the Lady of War.

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Here's the probable cause/excuse [Douglas Willinger's exposition of EJP contradictions]:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

EJP's Jesuitical Racist Subversion of Protestantism & Prussia

I encounter and uncover this- Up Front & Hidden in Plain Site

So I figure what only about Washington DC and recent US foreign policy but also about WW2

And I figure out this- Wlodimir Leochwoski Kulturkampf Revenge

So look for plausible allies to help spread the word

And what do I find? The Subversion of the Reformation by attaching to it a heavy weight of Eric Jon Phelps Jesuitical Racism- Apartheid
Blatant Strategic Blunder- ignore Prussia, the worlds first Lutheran State murdered by the counter reformation, and prime candidate for new reformation state against the ancient regime, for the sake of needless race-baiting and a needlessly white only apartheid ‘Probatical’ in Eric Jon Phelp’s home state of Pennsylvania.

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and here's an example of my online problems:


Saturday, August 20, 2011

''This board has been closed for Terms of Service violations''



This is the setting for the page of ABE blog, I chose seven messages to be published per page:


Show at most 7

on the main page.

If Days is selected, a limit of up to 500 posts will be enforced.


But I see only one post per page. The last message before the one you are reading now, is a message of 20 august. It should appear on the CCR blog roll list, but it appears still the one of 19 august (not excluded that such joke is regarding only me, meanwhile for you all is OK).

This is the situation on CCR blog today 23 Aug – it should appear my post on ABE of 20 aug [''This board has been closed for Terms of Service violations''], but you see only the one of 19 aug ["....Avles Beluskes Exposed - Vergar-Oslo - >...."] :

Blog Roll

Topic Labels


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The UnHived Mind CENSORED!

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EJP Jesuitical Racism Sidebar Link Deactivated

In 5 years of blogging, I've never seen this happen- a Blogger side-bar link de-activated "Eric Jon Phelps Jesuitical Racism"

This intermittent error started occurring yesterday.


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Saturday, August 20, 2011

''This board has been closed for Terms of Service violations''

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