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Above video: “Indebitati col Diavolo” PT 1 or “Indebted with the Devil” part one. URL:

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Indebted to the devil PT 2
We are overwhelmed with debt. In Europe as in the U.S., there are questions about the responsibility 'of the big banks. But beyond the 'complaints of verbal nobody knows what to do. In America the debate is about the ways to restore the deficit: the right wants to cut social spending, liberals are asking for more taxes for the rich. In Europe, Greece and Iceland there's who speaks of an odious debt and refuses to repay. Meanwhile in Italy the acquittal of the big banks involved in the Parmalat affair has raised the issue of protection of small savers. They are also victims of the crisis while the banks continue to make huge profits. ....”.

Well, and where's the devil in this picture? But this is simply the human sphere of activity which is “moved-by-the-selfishness”. The bankster is blessed, because he is dealing a very important theolo- (and pedago-) gical task, to show to the pious masses that to work for themselves and not for the others (read: for Rome who rules the others), is a satanic activity. To tell to you directly that if you work for yourself this is “anathema!”, probably it could awake some of your intellectual and critic faculties, which in their turn could suggest to you that the ones telling such things are 1) criminal or 2) deficient (often both). So it is better to resort to the Industry of the Compassion. A product practically disappeared from the moral market, and substituted by a cheap chemical surrogate. At the guise of the children, it is better to convince you instead to force you. Therefore producing poverty and starvation and to use it as moral weapon to convince you that “working for him/herself” is a sin carries less unwelcomed collateral effects than the Inquisition courts. This is done in the name of a theology which unifies the sense of existence of Goldman Sachs and of the starving African children (on condition that you look both from the perspective of the Rome's hills).

* Financial system: a colossal farce

* Banknotes will do that for you.

* Inexorably falling

* European Central Office for the Indulgences

Financial system: a colossal farce

Which banking system? Yes, since years I hear that the banking system is very powerful. It can order wars and murders, propaganda campaigns to destroy enemies, etc. But, magically, it is suddenly paralized when some poor journalists and 'alternatives' are exposing him? How is it possible? Mossad, as it is well known from the sources which expose the "Zionist" engineered 911, never had scruples to eliminate adversaries of the "Jewish plot”. But strangely they forget to eliminate Faurissons, for example. Or Mattogno, the Roman Catholic Italian who is the "greatest expert in the world" about the (denial) "truth" on Auschwitz. Are they protected by the Aliens of Zeta Reticuli? Or are they protected maybe by the 'divine' papacy, which provides them with a sort of magical shield, which even the "perfidious", "bloody" Zionism is unable to drill?

Ok, jokes a part, we can affirm with certainty that we are in presence of a colossal farce. A power described "homicidal", without "scruples" to act at the light of the sun, then, suddenly is paralyzed by the fear to liquidate a pair of tens of Mr. Nothing (as they pretend to be), who are "exposing" him in a "strict circle" of people who, in their turn, consider themselves an "heretic minority" of a "blind society". Wow! If I was the Mossad, I couldn't expect better conditions in order to carry out my "Zionist" plans of liquidation! To then give the guilty to the Nazis who are trying to make accept their theories with a pair of homicides of their friends! (Aren't Zionists "perfidous"?). But probably the truth without marks, is not properly walking in this way. Because all that is only the external appearance of a comedy, and of course a bloody comedy because, as the ancient Romans knew well, it is the blood to instigate the animal instincts and the original Sin of the mob.

Banknotes will do that for you.

Well, all those psychoanalytical yaks above I constrained few of yours to read, to what purpose they are serving? The purpose was to introduce to you how the prophecy of the Tetzel of our days, Mario Draghi, seems to knock at the doors of the daily chronicle: that “…Central banks must take the lead in restoring order…”. A slogan proposed by Mario “Tetzel” three years ago in Dublin (*).

If I work ten hours per day for my survival (and for my darlings), this means that the most important material activity of my life is not properly aimed to celebrate and to exalt that other reality, that material reflex of the 'divinity' on earth, the papacy and its 'holy' vicarious. For this reason it is just my job the one that must become a tout-court religious activity if it doesn't want to see himself hit by the accuse of blasphemy. Logical and evident the urgency of the Counter Reformation: The unification of the entire planet under the power of the 'divine' papacy in saint Peter square, from where the works, the universality of works of humans will be surveyed and judged, needs of a center of administrative control to manage the fantastic colossal bookkeeping of the balance "good work/bad work" on the planet.

Banknotes will do that for you. You don't have to worry about. Just follow the orders and don't think. To think is “Jewish”, and carries you directly in the Devil's hands – pardon, debts. For this reason to get the salvation of the soul through good actions, it doesn't require a great effort of the abstract faculties of the human brain. It's “ready to use”. Weren't right, Nazis and Fascists, with their cult of the 'action'? (and also their spiritual fathers, the founders of Dialectical Materialism). They all were just men of action who freed Europe from the enemies of Rome.

Inexorably falling

What really and only matters is that they can continue with their religious plan. And these plans are advancing in a marvelous way. The sense of the words I wasted above is clear now. You need to make degenerate the entire world banking system, which was used simply to express an universality of selfishness. At the same time those 'selfish' agents, are blessed, because with their 'selfish' behaviour they destroyed the credibility of the secular (for the ones who have problems with concepts: "outside the church") sphere of the human activity, which usually expresses itself not only in the parliaments, but also in the economical activity (If you don't believe to this strange phenomena, just give a look at the world around you). And of course after the universality, there's also a Roman side in the fine, calibrated management of that selfishness. It consists in that Roman center of moral values towards which the entire world system of the ethic, so hardly beaten with the hammers of the , "private", "secular" reign of the "individual selfishness" (and please, don't tell me that your brain doesn't understand the elementary concept that when I don't care about the 'divine' pope I am a "selfish" being), is – want it or not – inexorably falling. Which moral preaches that center? Evidently you didn't read the initial “Above video” paragraph.

Therefore you have no alternatives. Or you work for a secular finality, and hence you get “indebted with the devil”, or you have the only alternative, to work for Rome (“salvation”).

European Central Office for the Indulgences

Mario “Tetzel” Draghi is only the bureaucrat of Rome which must accompany this planetary move which usually first occurs in the abstract world of the concepts and then in the lower material world of the human actions. He is the chief of the clerks of the Counter Reformation economy, the temporal fiduciary who will manage the European Central Office for the Indulgences during the forced absence of their owners, the Jesuit order and the papacy. Diligent school boys of the generals of Rome (religious-military training center: Istituto Massimiliano Massimo of Rome – Italy or Second Pontifical reign), he knows well how to touch the heart of the spectator when he exhibits those expression of compassion for the short-term workers living constantly on the edge of the poverty (and receiving the applause from the most important labor union of Italy, the Communist CGIL). But this is the spirit of the time today [“Zeitgeist”]: the Industry of Compassion – a chemical compassion which killed and substituted the original living one.

Adequate to it or die, because no one will have then true compassion for you.

* * *

Industry of Compassion [an example]:

".......This Church of the Gesu altarpiece by Jesuit artist Andrea Pozzo, S.J. (1642-1709), featuring Ignatius Loyola with his Red Standard, and reported by an article in the June 14, 2008 New York Times, was effectively buried about 1908, shortly prior to the rise of various 20th century political movements employing this Standard of a Red Flag........."

Sunday, June 15, 2008 A Buried Standard

Above image - URL:
Lost Baroque Work Is a Spectacle Again

ROME — Every afternoon at 5:30 sharp, the “ta-da” moment arrives at the Chiesa del Gesù, the mother church of the Jesuit order.

As choral music fills the church, a meticulously choreographed light show begins in the left transept of the Chapel of St. Ignatius of Loyola. During the startling crescendo, a painted altarpiece descends slowly, exposing a deep niche in which a majestic silver statue depicts St. Ignatius, founder of the Jesuits, jetting into heaven.

It is a quintessential Baroque spectacle, one that fell out of favor about a century ago. At the time, the church’s caretakers retired the canvas altarpiece, which depicts Christ presenting a royal standard to St. Ignatius, and the mechanical apparatus that lowers and raises it, so that the silver statue could remain on display.


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Mario Draghi
Vice Chairman and Managing Director
Goldman Sachs

(see a copy of his speech)

Mario Draghi, a graduate of the University of Rome, earned his PhD in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1976 and subsequently served as Professor of Economics at the University of Florence from 1981 to 1991.

He was Director General of the Italian Treasury from 1991 to 2001 and served as Chairman of the European Community’s Economic and Financial Committee. He was also a member of the G7 Deputies and Chairman of Working Party 3 (OECD). In 1993 he was appointed chairman of the Italian Committee for Privatisations. He served as an advisor to the Bank of Italy in 1990 and was an Executive Director of The World Bank from 1984 to 1990.

Mario Draghi’s corporate experience developed both as a lawmaker, having chaired the committee that re-drafted Italian corporate and financial legislation, and as a former board member of several banks and corporations (Eni, IRI, BNL and IMI).

He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies and has been an IOP Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. In June 2003 Mario was appointed to the Board of Trustees of The Brookings Institution.

Mario Draghi joined Goldman Sachs as a partner in January 2002 and is Vice Chairman and Managing Director.

The ECGI is grateful for support for the Launch Conference from

* * *

".........In this capacity, he is a member of the Governing and General Councils of the European Central Bank and a member of the Board of Directors of the Bank for International Settlements.

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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* Corruption

* Why did Gold and Silver disappear?


Of course whatever organization of humans dealing with the materiality of this world without to put it under the domain of the papacy and without to involve any Roman Catholic concept of salvation is an absolute enemy of Rome. Under this label, just for a coincidence, it falls the general concept of the state. If the materiality of the state can avoid to consider the theological desires of the pope in the administration of the real world, it implies that the universalism of the pope is disintegrated – and this just cause the same exact definition of “universalism” (“catholicism” in Greek).

But the modern division between state and church, a division the same church introduced in a temporary way to prevent with a ready-to-use solution any possible autonomous development of the religious resistance against her power (from here the apparent contradiction between a war on modernism by Ledochowsky and his contemporary support to other particular form of secular modernism), could brought a subtle sarcastic collateral effect for Rome. Precisely when a state cannot forbid certain actions of humans which are aimed purposely for a Roman Catholic salvation, but can limit them establishing with the power of the state sovereignty precise rules and laws imposing actions and works to human outside any religious (read: Roman Catholic) consideration. Precisely, the (involuntary) sarcasm in front of Rome consists in that allegorical role of secular “pope” played by a state and its collectivity, when they dare to impose a milestone to evaluate actions or passive behaviors, living so as if saint Peter square and the pope contained in it were only characters on the illustrations of a romance.

But the Universalism of Rome couldn't care the less about the religious color of the state, a color decisively turning towards the Protestant side of the rainbow, and just in spite of this, for a certain spirit of contradiction, she continue to produce material actions (or the denial of them, the good works of passive papal resistance), and this totally outside any consideration for the secular finality of the state.

Such phenomena is known today under the limited, secular definition of “corruption”. The “corrupted” administrator, seen from the side of the Council of Trent theology, is not a criminal, but a knight of the church. He gained a great amount of indulgences (“banknotes”) in an active or passive activity of 'good working' against the theological essence of the state and against the modern, secular concept of “public wealth/interest”, but not to destroy it entirely, as you would argue, instead, in order to paint it with the Counter Reformation colors, of course after having smashed him down on his kneels.

The corruption and financial disaster of the public sector are in a marriage, because they are only two sides of the immense Roman Universal resistance against the centers of autonomy from Rome in the society. The final result of this theological guerrilla, for great part developed in an instinctive spontaneous way, couldn't be else than the pure and simple dismissal of the state (at least the one we know today) , a refrain which in Europe as well the world is from day to day an obsessive pray:

Above video - People's Revolution at the Dam square - URL:

"......Similarly, the Greek government measures focused on declining the debt through dismissals in public sector, cuts in education, healthcare and social security (wages and pensions) and increasing labor elasticity. What were the results of these policies? The unemployment increased from 8% in 2007 to 16% in March 2011, the minimum wage declined from 700 to 560 euro. However these measures aiming at declining at least the debt totally failed: the debt increased by 9% in one year. So, currently a new packet of measures for another 60 billion euro loan is being discussed, which will privatize the majority of public sector, decline even more the wages and increase the cuts...........".


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Why did Gold and Silver disappear?
Because they were the true money. Rome, instead to sell to you indulgences, and hence transforming them in another kind of goods, among other goods in the stores, thought well to eliminate money (Gold and Silver) and to substitute it with indulgences (“banknotes” with absolutely no value). From being considered at the times of Luther only another good among others, indulgences became the only instrument able to supply you with the means of survival. Don't worry so if Gold and Silver are disappeared, if it exist a 'divine' entity on earth, any form of materiality must be submitted to it. Hence any human actions must pass through a theological check. Another phenomena not well known, as it is smuggled in the world's awareness under the Marxist concept of “commodification of the human life”, which can be extended to the above mentioned phenomena of the "corruption" with the term of "commodification of the state for the theological profits of Rome":

".........The news is as important, even if the mainstream media will not find a trace. Scott Alvarez, a lawyer of the Federal Reserve, the U.S. central bank, the previous June 1, in a debate with Republican Congressman Ron Paul, has admitted that the Federal Reserve has said that she does not own gold and the gold ascribed to the budget of the U.S. Central Bank refers to certified gold in 1934. See the video of the debate in which the lawyer Scott Alvarez says that the Fed does not own gold since 1934....".

Seen in:


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Roman Capitalist Catholic church

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)