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Italian general Ruggero conversation with the bishop Rožman in the autumn of 1942

From the introduction of the book:

“Again, after more than fifty years, the legendary book “Belogardizem” of FrančekSaje has been published. The first edition in 1951 sold out within weeks. Saje wrote the book as a full blooded chronicler and analyst. At more than 600 pages there is: - thoroughly analyzed the pre-war social, political and party image Slovenia; - precisely described and documented the development and work of the Slovenian collaborationist organizations and their supporters; - documented the relationship of the Roman Catholic Church, of the clergy and of the bishop Rožman with the Italian occupants; - All this is seasoned with a number of interesting documents and testimonies which show the hindrance of the political and religious leadership of the Slovenian collaborationism at home and in the London 'exiled' government, knowing that they were collaborating in front of the eyes of the their own suffering nation and of the world anti-fascist coalition.”

I chose a summary of the principal lines in the Slovenian Roman Catholic collaborationism which are dealt in the book of Franček Saje. The summary appeared in a Slovenian forum, thread: "Škof Rožman ukazal likvidacije antifašistov?"/"Did the bishop Rožman order the liquidation of the antifascists?", under the author's name “Sfinga”:

In the monarchic Yugoslavia the governments of Karađorđević and Stojadinović were leading the state to the economical dependence from Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. On 25th march 1937 Stojadinović signed the agreement with Fascist Italy by which Yugoslavia, on a request from Italy, sent back the antifascist Slovenians (*). In May 1939 Vladimir (Vladko) Maček secretly negotiated with Italy, meanwhile Pavelić was just arisen as trustee of Mussolini. Hitler asked the government of Cvetković the immediate joining of Yugoslavia with the triple pact. On 25th March 1941 the government of Cvetković signed the entry in the triple pact. On 27th march 1941 in all Yugoslavia begun antifascist demonstrations. At that moment Hitler had just decided to attack to the Soviet Union for the 15th May 1941. So, cause the development of the events in Yugoslavia, the project “Barbarossa” was moved to 22nd June 1941. On 6th April 1941 the Nazi Germany attacked Yugoslavia. On 10th April it was created in Zagreb the Fascist NDH (**). On 17th April the representatives of the Yugoslav's army signed the without-conditions capitulation. On 28th April 1941 monsignor A. Stepinac invited the Croatian priests to collaborate with the Ustaša NDH. More than 100 priests answered to this invite, many of them became infamous Ustaša chaplains, who shown with the weapons their clergy-fascist orthodoxy. “With the approval of the Vatican and under the directives of the bishops and of the Ustaša authorities the Orthodox inhabitants were forcedly converted.” (Franček Saje – Belogardizem, p. 22). Among the most bloody Ustaša chaplains there was Tomislav Filipović-Majstorović who, on 7th February 1942 in Banja Luka, was the first to butcher a Serbian child inviting then the Ustaše to join the carnage of the Serbian inhabitants. The Ustaša NDH which was ideologically supported by Mussolini, Hitler and the Vatican, in the Second World War carried out the project of the genocide of the Serbs slaughtering many hundreds of thousands of them in the most cruel ways in one of the most horrible concentration camps in Jasenovac (where are buried also many Slovenian victims). The example of NDH was followed also in Slovenia, at those times the former Dravska banovina, which after 22nd April 1941 was formally divided and occupied by Italy, Germany and Hungary. The two Slovenian leading collaborationists were bishop G. Rožman and dr. Natlačen .

(*) (the antifascist Slovenians escaped in monarchic Yugo from the persecutions in Italy – avles)

(**) (Neodvisna Drzava Hrvaska – Independent State of the Croats, the state of the Ushasha – avles)

On the 6th April 1941 it was created in Ljubljana the National Council/Narodni Svet (NS) consisting of the existing bourgeois political parties among which the majority was represented by the clerical SLS, precisely the coalition JRZ. As president of the Narodni Svet it was chosen doc. ban Natlačen (***). Just the day after the creation, the President of NS is intervened in the name of NS asking high officials of the Yugoslav's army to not destroy bridges, railroads and remaining strategically important targets/infrastructures. When the president of the Yugoslav's government Simović took knowledge about the activity of the collaborationist National Council in Ljubljana and Zagreb, he required from the general of the armade in Zagreb the immediate liquidation of the collaborationist leaders. Cause the collaborationist mercenaries and careerists, who were sponsored by the German and Italian intelligence and counter-intelligence, the Yugoslav's army worked in a disorganized way, little clashes developed only at the borders. The Dravska Banovina has been attacked only the 9th April by a single German division (§). The National Council in Ljubljana announced on 11st April to have got the power on the territory of the Dravska Banovina, in order to do every effort to help the occupant forces to have the least possible losses and obstacles in the occupation of the Slovenian land. The NS in the same day announced also the creation of a certain “slovenska legija” (slovenian legion), which should have taken measures for the peace and the order especially for the necessity to gather weapons and ammunitions of the dissolved Yugoslav's army in order to consign them in the hands of the occupants (meanwhile at the same time the antifascist patriots were hiding weapons and ammunitions as preparation for the armed insurrection). At the beginning doc Natlačen tried to start the collaborationist career with the Germans. On 12th April 1941 he met in Celje general Lantz who diplomatically made him to know that the German government absolutely doesn't recognize the National Council and its fictitious state authority.
On the same day the Italian army (division Isonzo) marched in Ljubljana. The fake sovereign authority of the National Council has been consigned on 18th April to Grazioli when he assumed it formally in the function of administrator and commissar of the province of Ljubljana. On 20th April the bishop Rožman visited the commissar for the province of Ljubljana. The sequent day Grazioli returned the visit, obtaining the exhibition of the Italian flags on the Slovenian churches in the occupied province of Ljubljana. On 3rd May 1941 Mussolini formally annexed the occupied Slovenian territory (named “Ljubljana province”) to the Fascist Italy. The National Council/Narodni Svet and the bishop Rožman, in the same day of the annexation sent a memorial of thanks. In the hymn to Mussolini an able literary style as been expressed especially by bishop Rožman: “Duce! We saw with great joy that the Slovenian territory occupied by the Italian army has been included in the Italian reign. We please You to accept the deepest thanks in the name of the whole priesthood of this land for the indulgent and attentive dispositions You have lavished to the Slovenian population. Accept also, Duce, the expression of our devotion and collaboration without conditions....”.
The bishop Rožman met nearly all the most important Fascist ceremonies or celebrations. On 25th May 1941 he celebrated a mass of thanks for the Duce and the Fascist Italy. The bishop with his collaborative work gave to the priests and their faithful the exemplar model of collaboration with the occupants. Also the Duce was happy with the clergy-fascist work of the bishop and of the priests and in June 1941 he awarded monsignor Rožman appointing him member of the High Order of “Commendatori” of the Italian crown.
In the second half of 1941 the bishop started a resolute propaganda action against the Liberator movement. In the conferences by him organized all along the province of Ljubljana, he issued in his speeches directives and instructions and publicized the delation and the armed struggle against the OF (£) and against the partisan army.

(***) (SLS or “Slovenska Ljudska stranka” or “Slovenian Popular party”;
JRZ is the 1935 created Jugoslovanska Radikalna stranka with the participation of the SLS;
“ban” was the head of the “banovina”, a territorial administrative region in monarchich SHS Yugoslavia)

(§) (They awaited to see if the deal of Natlačen to avoid sabotage actions were succesfull – avles)

(£) (Osvobodilna Front or Liberator movement/front, the political organization of the resistance movement against the occupants – avles)

On 12th February 1942 the collaborationist politicians members of the former political parties met with bishop Rožman and founded the leading committee of the s.c. “vaške straže” (the ”sentinels of the villages”). Among the Belogardist organizers the bishop had the leading and coordinating role. Among the most active organizers of the Quisling-like army named “Belagarda” (the “White Guard” from “bel” = white and “garda” = the guard - avles) it prevailed the clergy and especially the clerical assistants of Katoliška Ackija (Catholic Action) (&), which worked as clergy-fascist elite organization. In springtime 1942 the organizers of Belagarda army created also the regional and local groups of the s.c. “sentinel of the villages”. Cause problems related to the creation of the Quisling-Belogardist armada, at the end of May 1942 the bishop went to Rome. Mediator between the Vatican and the Fascist government of Mussolini was the Jesuit Tacchi-Venturi, known to be a strict collaborator of Pious XI and intimate of Mussolini. With his support, the bishop Rožman got the political support and the approval of the Fascist government for the creation of the Belogardist armada. “Finally, at the end of July, the Belogardist leaders agreed with the Italian military command the creation of their armed units for the joined fight against the Slovenian partisan army. The Italians promised to them, the Belogardist units to support with weapons, men and food”. (Franček Saje, Belogardizem, p. 248). On the 29th May 1942, basing on an initiative of the direction of the SLS, it was founded the “Slovenska Legija” (Slovenian Legion), which was the core of the Belogardist armade. In that organizational structure there were active also: Katoliška Ackija, the “Stražariji” (Sentinels) of Ehrlich (%) and the group of chaplain Glavač . Among all the Clerical-Fascist groups, Katoliška Ackija (KA) had the longest tradition.
Pope Pious IX founded the Catholic Action in 1865. Pope Pious XI, after his election (1922), re-organized it, and ordered to the bishops of all the world to found national organizations of the Catholic Action as a form of elite and leader ideological-political Catholic structure. In the Dravski Banovini the KA was reorganized in 1940, it worked secretly and had the status of an independent and ideologically leader organization with the goal to train political executive cadres of the clerical party. In the Dravski Banovini KA directed the national committee following regional and provincial hierarchic principle, it had 8 unions where men and women were members of separated organizations. The membership of KA was working secretly basing on the principle of the information service (operative troikas), they gathered data, they created police-records-files-like archives where they analyzed the (individual) political inclinations of the people living in their zone. The local councils of KA were headed and coordinated by assistants of the church (in great part chaplains and priests). Just in Autumn 1941 the national committee of KA was prepared to fight against the liberation movement. The leadership of KA organized in Ljubljana the school for the officials of Belagarda. The training started on 25th November 1941 to end on 31st March 1942. Till the first half of 1942 the KA numbered 155 active male and female members, who formed the leading organizational structure of the Quisling-like Belagarda. The priesthood, in the role of clerical assistants of KA, represented the majority among the local organizers of the Belagarda in the Slovenian regions of Notraijna and Dolenjska. The membership of KA has been the leader also in the propaganda, especially as regards the collaborationist press (Slovenec, Slovenski Dom, etc.), with which the Fascist occupation authorities were satisfied. After the Italian capitulation on 9th September 1943, the KA has been among the most agile organizers of the Domobranci armade.
The clergy-Fascist organizations: Slovenska Legija, Katoliška Ackija, the Stražariji of EhrlichGlavač , worked for the propaganda and the intelligence. In the Spring 1942 before the Italian offensive they were present at the creation of the Quisling-like Belagarda army, where they were dealing with the recruitment and with the supply of weapons, ammunitions and the pertaining equipment. Without the Belagarda intelligence or activity of delation, the occupant authority would have been enough ineffective, considerable smaller would have been the number of the victims and the number of the interned in the Italian concentration camps (Rab, Gonars, etc.) where, cause the work of the Belagarda, 40,000 male and female Slovenians have been imprisoned.

(&) (a member of this infamous organization was Lojze Grozd, beatified on 13th June 2010 in the Slovenian Eucharistic congress at the presence of cardinal Tarcisio Bertone – avles)

(%) (S.J. doc Lambert Ehrlic was another infamous Fascist collaborationist Roman Catholic priest, he graduated in the Jesuit institute Canisius of Innsbruck – avles)

and the group of chaplain
One of the first Belagarda armed group (at the time of the creation of the local groups of “vaške straže”/“sentinels of the village”) started its work on the 15th May 1942 in Loški Potok. Just on the 17th May the (partisan) zidanški battalion after a short battle destroyed this Belagarda group. The leader of the Belagarda group was the chaplain Puhar and the partisans released him. The commander of the (partisan) battalion Smeli, in a speech for the captured Belagarda told them that “for their first rash gesture they are pardoned”. (F. Saje: Belogardizem, p. 251). In May 1942 the staff of the Belagarda armada moved to the monastery of Notre Dame at Šmihel near Novo Mesto.
On 2nd June 1942 the partisans attacked the Belagarda camp at Primoskov. The activity of the Belagarda expanded especially during the Italian offensive ordered on the 8th June 1942 by the Italian staff, who decided an offensive in the province of Ljubljana (together with the 3rd offensive of the occupants in Yugoslavia) an offensive which was considerably based also on the spy activity of the Belagarda. The Belagarda spies among whom prevailed especially the priesthood, informed the Italian military officials about partisan locations of strategic importance, informed the Fascist authorities about the male and female members and sympathizers of the Liberation movement; frequently sent to the occupants – also in exchange of money awards – bulky lists of supporters of the Liberation movement, and suggesting to the Fascist authorities the names of the ones who had to be sent in the Italian concentration camps. In the second half of May 1942 the first Belogardist unit camped in Št. Jošt near Stopič (south-east to Novo Mesto in direction Gorjanec) in the region of Dolenjska. Disguised as partisan with the collar badges of the partisan army, the Belogardists presented themselves as a false štajerski battalion ($). The masked Belogardists murdered with cruelty at the back many partisans, especially the carriers of orders and little patrols. The Belogardist chaplain member of the false štajerski battalion, T. Šinkar, in his daily wrote: “Streljamo bolj malo bolj pobjamo” or “Let's shot less (and) kill more”. Belagardisti were ill-famed for their cruel, often sadistic tortures, with the knives they cut single parts of the body of the prisoners, burned them with the fire or on the fire, they warped the victims in every possible way, the female prisoners were often raped before to be killed. An unknown Belagarda member, in a letter to the leading organizer of the Belagarda unit in the Dolenjska province – the chaplain Babnik – described the Belagarda horrors: “Very bad was the influence on the boys when, before to execute two partisans, they tortured them. At the beginning they beat them with the whip (Janko), then tied to the stake and roasted on the spit, in order to get the confession”. (Belogardizem p. 328). The same source reported in this letter about other two similar examples, which are recalling even more the horrors of the Inquisition. The assassin activity of the masked Belagardist units (in June 1942 this unit was counting in 30 Belogardists and Chetniks), named 'štajerski' battalion, was openly carried out in the second half of July 1942. After minor clashes with the partisans the collaborationist army withdrew in the Italian bulwarks. On the 16th July the un-masked Belagardists camped in Bršljin in the surrounding of Novo Mesto near the Italian barracks from where they were supplied with weapons, ammunitions, food and other material. During the August 1942 the Belagardist “ štajerski battalion” was re-organized and re-named as Legija Smrti (the Legion of the Death). On 23rd August the mentioned Belogardist unit received from the Italians a greater quantity of weapons and ammunitions, on 28th August received also Italian helmets and 4 machine guns with ammunitions, in order then to be involved in the offensive operations, which at those times were dealing with the zone of Kočevski Rog, in coordination with other offensive actions. The assassin Legija Smrti was composed by members of Katoliška Ackija, by members of the group of chaplain Glavač , by the Stražariji/Sentinels of Ehrlich and by the group of Chetniks; the commander M. Krajnc was authorized member of the Quisling-like Chetnik army – named also Plavagarda (the “Blue Guard”) – whose principal representative in Slovenia was the major Novak. Inside the Legijo Smrti often arose conflicts among the Belogardist chaplains and the Cetnik officials. The most militant was the group of chaplain Glavač , which even killed two Cetnik officials. Conflicts between both Cetnik and Belagarda fractions were useful to get out of a scrape for the Slovenska Zaveza (Slovenian Union, founded on 26th March 1942), which represented the right wing party in the Quisling-like coalition where the clerical SLS-Slovenska Ljudska stranka had the prevailing role. Great part of the Belagarda members was formed by the clerical party Slovenska Ljudska Stranka which, on 29th May 1941, founded the Slovenska Legija (Slovenian Legion).

($) (“štajerski” or from (Slovenian) Styria – avles)

The leadership of the SLS party together with the bishop Rožman offered themselves to the Italian occupants for the collaboration. In the second wave of the uprising – springtime 1942 – especially since the offensive of the partisan army in April, the Italian Fascist circles and the military staff agreed with the collaboration where, however, the Belogardist staff had a subordinate role, it was completely subordinate to the Italian army. The Belogardist soldiers, officials and chaplains received the same monthly wage of the Italian military personnel, as well they received the weapon, ammunitions and uniforms and the remaining equipment. The Italian military staff intended to include to then dissolve the auxiliary Belogardist groups inside the units of the Italian army, but such project was stopped by the capitulation. The direction of the Slovenska Legija, after months of organizational preparations (foundation of the committees of the “vaške straže”/“sentinels of the village”) on 6th August 1942 issued the order for the mobilization (recruitment). The organizers of the Belagarda had many problems in the recruitment for the Quisling-like army, as since 16th May till 10th August 1942 they gathered only 150 Belagardists, meanwhile many thousands of male and females Slovenians joined the unities of the partisan army. During the 6th stage of the Italian offensive from June to November 1942, the organizers of the Belagarda, with the Italian support, started the violent mobilization/recruitment. The Belagarda officials, the chaplains and remaining collaborationist leaders, with a series of threats, intimidations, with the most different methods of blackmailing, performed the mobilization for the Belagarda armade, often among prisoners and arrested people. The great part of the ones who didn't answer to the call of the recruitment, was sent in the Italian concentration camps or in front of the firing squad (execution of hostages), or the Belogardists burned their homes. “In the month of March 1943 Capuder arrived in our village and forced us to join the Belagarda army. In one hand he had a revolver, in the other one a whip, with which was beating the ones who didn't want to join it...”. (Belogardizem, p. 461). “During the Italian offensive in the Dolomite in the middle of September 1942 it arrived in Dobrovo a certain Belagarda unit, which executed there twelve peasants who didn't want to join Belagarda. After them, it rushed from Ljubljana the chaplain Tone Duhovnik, in order to recruit the terrorized people in the armade of the traitors. He too hadn't lucky. The sequent day the Italian Fascists blocked the village and shot six young” (Belogardizem, p. 484).
There were even more of such examples of violent Belogardist recruitment. The Belogardists even recruited prisoners of Italian prison, everywhere it arrived the Belogardist intelligence. Often they threatened the recruited ones with the threat of the internment in the concentration camps. The organizers of Belagarda involved in the mobilization/recruitment also the interned of concentration camps, especially the officials of the Yugoslav's army and the ones who, during the elections before the war, voted for the clerical party, joining the Belogardist armada in order to be released. There were also some examples where the Belogardist officials shot those recruited people who didn't want to shot against the partisans. In every locality where the local Belogardist mobilization was having difficulties in their results, the local organizers obtained reinforcement from the archbishopric of Ljubljana, from where it arrived fanatical and trustful clergy-fascists, in great part informers of the Italian intelligence.

The Belogardist priesthood, during the Italian occupation, increased the traitorous activity, they delivered to the occupant authorities bulky lists of members and sympathizers of the OF-Liberator movement, meanwhile in front of the people they presented themselves as their defenders. Italians, with the support of the Belogardists, burned many villages in the province Notranjska, especially around Osilnice, the same happened in the province of Dolenjska. During the time of the Italian terror and of the offensive, in the most important localities where Italian units where displaced, the Belogardist organizers created Belogardist strongholds and MVAC units (Milizie Volontarie Anti Comuniste aka Voluntary Anti Communist Militia, the official Italian term for “Belagarda units”). Among the organizers of Belagarda there were also the abbots of the monastery in Stična together dr. Avguštin Kostelc at their head. Pater Placid organized a special unit to kill partisans and activists of the OF. The monastery of Stična has been transformed in the center for the Belogardist activity in the east territorial area of Dolenjska till the border with the Slovenian area occupied by the Germans, meanwhile the monastery of Šmihel served as headquarter of the Belogardist staff for the central territorial area of Dolenjska. The operative military staff of Belagarda for the province of Ljubljana was working in the sphere of the command of Italian XI armed corp (in Ljubljana). In the Notranjska the first big Belogardist stronghold was created on 26th July 1942 at Št. Jošt pri Vrhniki. Among the organizers of Belagarda in the Notranjska as well in the remaining zones of the province of Ljubljana there prevailed the local priesthood, which received instructions and orders from the military ordinariate of the Ljubljana bishopric, from where came the trustful clergy-fascists who were sent all along the province and many of them were coming from the Theological Faculty of Ljubljana. Among the principal organizers of the Belagarda in Begunje pri Cerknici there was the priest Viktor Turk; leading organizer of the Belogardists in Bloke was the priest Anton Hren; in Stari Trg demonstrated their Belogardist loyalty to the occupant: priest Franc Presetnik and chaplain Franc Kramarič etc.... Leading Belogardists, during the Italian offensive, decided about the life or the death of the population. The most infamous Belogardist role was empersoned by the priesthood, which denounced and sent its parishioners/faithfuls in front of the Italian guns, or proposed them for the detention in the Italian concentration camps; but in front of the people – especially the exponents of the liberator movement – it was playing the hypocrite perfidious role of the liberator, of the benefactor, of the local “advisor”.

Certain leading Belogardists like the priest Ignanc Kunstelj, were on the payroll of the Italian information services just before the war. The Belogardist chaplains received every month from the Italian army 1,400 Liras and gratis food. Together with the Italian sponsors, the Belogardists were financed also by the emigrant government in London (#), by the Vatican which, thanks a special agreement, sent monthly to the military ordinariate of the Ljubljana bishopric the sum of 500,000 Liras, and by the financial capital of the Union of Cooperatives in which the church was the principal stock holder. For example the credit institute of Ljubljana was dealing as the counter window for the operations of the Italian Fascist party and of the Fascist Youth organization. The clerical financial capital of the credit institute Commercial Cooperative bank, and of the credit bank of Ljubljana, sponsored, besides the important Fascist members, also the Belagardas, named Domobranci after the Italian capitulation. The emigrant government in London financed both the Belogardist armada in Slovenia and the Chetnik army in the occupied Yugoslavia. The course of the controversial politic of the emigrant government changed in the second half of 1943, when the capitulation of Italy was only a question of time. The representative of the emigrant government doc Alojzij Kuhar wrote to the bishop Rožman saying that the English consider the Belogardist armade to be a Quisling-like in other words a collaborationist formation. In September 1944 doc Kuhar invited the clergy-fascist organizers of Domobranci to cease the war against the partisan army.

(#) (the former Yugoslav's government fleed abroad after the invasion – avles)

Certainly also the leadership of OF often invited the bishop Rožman to come in the partisan liberated area. But the bishop, notwithstanding the undeniable fact of the unavoidable defeat of the Nazi Germany, continued with the collaborationist policy, discrediting or excommunicating those priests who joined the partisan army. On 13th December 1942 the head of OF invited the Slovenian priests to join the national liberator army. The supreme staff of NOV (@) and of the partisan detachment, on 12th January 1943, after the introduction of the religious referent, appointed the secretary of the bishop dr. Metod Mikuž as principal religious referent at the supreme command of the Slovenian partisan army. Illustrious religious referent of the 14th division was Jože Lampret. Especially after the Italian capitulation priests joined the partisan army, who worked as religious referents in nearly all the partisan brigades. This fact proved wrong in a sufficiently clear way all the Belogardist and Domobransko propaganda claiming that the partisan army was fighting the religion. In the Liberator Front (OF) there were united all the male and female Slovenians no matters the religious and the ideological differences, the goal of the OF and of the partisan army was in fact the struggle against the occupant. After the capitulation of Italy and the rout of the Belogardist army, the collaborationist leadership continued the collaborationist politic and agreed with the Germans the creation of the Domobranci army. The principal sponsor and controller of the Domobranci formations was the Obergruppenführer SS and head of the police Erwin Rossner. With numerous crimes also the Domobranci army continued the shameful tradition of the Belogardism. Spokesmen of the Domobranci collaborationism saw the future of the Slovenian nation in the Nazi Germany, but they clearly hidden the process of Germanizing and the project of the genocide inside the German occupied area, from where just from the second half of 1941 they moved Slovenian inhabitants in Serbia, in the Independent State of the Croats (NDH) and in the concentration camps. For example the German community of Kočevje , who in great part welcomed the Nazi ideology, just before the war promised to pave the roads with the Slovenians heads. The German occupation authority assigned to the collaborationists a second class role. The leading role inside the Domobranci army was held by German officials. The Domobranci units were submitted to the German operative staff, the members of the Domobranci were on the payroll of the German army, (and of the) Gestapo. Notwithstanding the undeniable historical facts of the betrayal of the nation it is astounding, in our days (in the nineties of the 20th century), the easiness with which the today's right political area together with the church, justifies the collaborationism. The apology of the Domobranci and of the Clergy-fascism devoted itself with the politically indoctrinated mythology of the so called “national reconciliation”, with which clearly also liberal or center area opportunist political forces agree. The clergy-fascists ascribed the responsibility for the rout of the collaborationism and of the Domobranci army and for the victims of the war to the winners of the Second World War, in order to minimize (to render irrelative) and to mystify the leading role in the collaborationism played by the church, especially of the archbishopric of Ljubljana and of the Slovenska Ljudska stranka party. Both at the time of the Second World War and today the church describes the Belogardists and the Domobranci as “martyrs”, hence ascribes to them the mystical and mythological role of “soldier of a saint war”. The newly born clerical fundamentalism today wears the mask of the democracy and of the philanthropy in order to reach the goal of the hegemony. It is clear that the economical interests determine the discourse not only of the “democratic side of the capital”, but also of the church, which works on the principle of the multinational corporation. Unlike the classical age of the capitalism the trend of the hegemony in the information age – instead direct repression – uses economic means and a constant media engineering. Therefore religion works as structural mechanism which, cause its structural wideness of the ideology, works as hegemonic mechanism conditioned by the at the moment existing economical-reproductive social relations.

(@) (Narodna Osvobodilna Vojska or National Liberator Army)

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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The bones of Belagarda, Domobranci, Ustaše, Chetniks executed by Tito's services after the fall of the Nazi Reich. Of course Tito did a crime! To kill the crusaders and assassins of ROME is always a crime! - World War Two is not ended:

".....World War II is not ended, and Stres & Pahor are still fighting meanwhile the 99% of population lives in a cerebral letargy. They again praised the new fetish toy the Counter Reformation gave to them, those bunch of bones of the most cruel assassins of the religious war of Ledochowsky, Pacelli, Mussolini, Pavelic, Hitler & C. ......"

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FASCIST-COLLABORATIONIST Stres & Pahor giving another stab to Slovenia and Yugoslav's people!!!

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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LASKO, a prototype for the new Assassin Belagardas/Ustaša of the XXI century?


Plot: Bruder Lasko was a German soldier, who after having lived the horrors of war in Kosovo, and to be traumatized, decided to retreat into a convent and joined the monastic order Pugnus Gods. The Pugnus Dei is an order of monks, experts and knowledgeable practitioners of martial arts. Thanks to his status as a combatant, Lasko is chosen to join the group of monks called the Ring-bearer, a congregation that deals with fighting against the mysterious lodge of Ares, which for centuries is trying to submit the church to its interests............

“.....The pedophilia scandal on the media is nothing else than "a Zionist attack, seeing the strenght and the refinement: they don't want the Church, they are natural enemies. Basically, historically speaking, the Jews are killers of God (“deicidi”)....”.

Monsignor Giacomo Babini, Roman Catholic emeritus bishop of Grosseto
- reported by the site Pontifex

Now the NAZI Babini found the avenger for that " attack" from the "killers of God". He is the Roman Catholic monk Lasko.

The release of the first movie dates back to 2006. All that should exclude, from the possible reasons, an eventual necessity to counter-attack through the media system the recent increased exposition of the crimes of the Roman Catholic church and its Jesuit order and their involvement in the s.c. “New World Order”.

"Lasko" is not a sort of defence or Rome, but only an aspect of the eternal Romanc Catholic offence.

The propaganda of Lasko follows the steps of the European Union in the creation of a single super-national European continental state under the heel of the Holy See. Lasko reveals to us some fragments of possible future plans of the Jesuit order for the European society. The mind-programming obtained with such a television and cinema brainwash aims to create ideological supporters and violent “defenders” of the church of Rome all through the continent.

The arrogant brainwash and religious propaganda is building today the psyche of the clergy-fascist collaborationists of tomorrow, the new Belagarda/Ustaša European wide spread troops who will exterminate the ‘heretics’ from the European continental society in the next future civil (religious) wars.
The economical crisis could prepare the masses to accept violent revolutions and/or epochal changing in the civilization towards a more violent, bloody world.
Midddle Age is coming back and today the Kung Fu of the Chinese tyrants marries the experience in the torture and persecution of the Grazioli's and bishop Rožman's Belagardas - general superior Adolf Nicolas docet:

"I'll tell you honestly what I think of the MVAC. I'm not Slovenian, but also watch the Slovenes and their struggle: MVAC helps us Italians very much ... but among the Slovenes it creates such hatred that in fifty years you will not be able to overcome it."

Italian general Ruggero conversation with the bishop Rožman in the autumn of

Saturday, July 17, 2010 - BELOGARDIZEM

The building of stadiums able to gather tens of thousands of people (see for example the last giant stadium of Ljubljana) I started to describe in my on-line album “Future 14 Sect Crimes” fits perfectly with the revealed necessity of Rome to build new groups of fanatical and homicidal supporters:

Future '14 Sect' Crimes

The violence contained in the Lasko movie is purely and simply a Roman Catholic declaration of religious war. If we had only the movies and tv series we could treat them simply like an ugly cultural phenomena dictated by the natural religious arrogance of the Roman Catholic church. But “Lasko” is something more. When we have such religious propaganda and at the same time an open, shameless, bully spiritual recognizing of the operate of the thousands of Laskos who were spying, murdering, torturing for the 'sanctity' of Rome in the occupied Yugoslavia of seventy years ago, we are facing now to the rising of an evil pedagogy for the masses, a Roman Catholic terrorist crimanal pedagogy:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The church of Rome playing with fire: archbishop of Ljubljana Anton Stres rehabilitating collaborationism with Nazi and Fascist aggression

The continue instigation to fight against a “not defined, obscure plot against the church” which gives to the Roman Catholic monk “Lasko” the alibi to perform his criminal actions, is nothing else than the same instigation contained in the preaches of the Jesuit priest, traitor of his nation, instigator of massacres Anton Korošec who, before the early WWII turned in a giant massacre, was instigating the Roman Catholics Lasko of Slovenia to join a war of massacre of dissidents and heretics “in the name of the war against Communism” and of the return to the “old Christian civilization”:

“Our great leader doc Korošec, who particularly saw this evilness at its roots, gave us this short order: fight always and everywhere against the greatest shame of our age – against communism (Lj. Union 27. III. 1940)..... We Slovenian Catholics know what to do...... This war will end five hundreds years of European decomposition.....Yes, it deals with the restoration of the Christian civilization!.... Don't fear! At the present it doesn't imply 'clericalism', not the JRZ, neither the SLS, it implies much more! It deals with the renewal of the spiritual fundamentals of the Christian civilization. The solution is only one: Back to the Christian civilization!” (*).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trieste 13th July 2010 tri-national concert and “Katoliška akcija” of Lojze Grozde


Tomislav Filipović-Majstorović, the Roman Catholic LASKO of Croatia of seventy years ago, and some of his comrades, during the hard fight against the "mysterious lodge" of the Orthodoxies who wanted "to submit" the "pooooor" church of Rome to their "interests":

Should everyone who is not Roman Catholic start to prepare him/herself to face this new Roman Catholic terrorist threat?

Products of occult propaganda like the series “Lasko the Kung Fu Monk” are part of the strategy of the Holy See which uses the media and the entertainment system as a psychological and ideological weapon to fight her religious war.

I think that Protestants, Jews, the Orthodoxies, the atheists, believers or not-believers, member of whatever else cult, everyone who doesn’t recognize the ‘divine’ emperor of Rome, the pope, as his temporal and spiritual master, should start to seriously reflect on what is happening, and to prepare to defend the Freedom like those Jews are just doing for their defence:

Friday, July 9, 2010

IDF soldiers train American Jews in self-defense and counter-terror techniques at training camp in Upstate NY!

Starting in late July, a group of Israeli combat veterans will be holding a training camp in Upstate New York to teach advanced self-defense techniques to Jews in U.S. communities. An increasing number of American Jews have expressed interest in the program following a wave of anti-Semitic incidents worldwide over the past year, organizers report.
The group calls itself Kitat Konenut New York – a reference to the “rapid response teams” active throughout Judea and Samaria. Rapid response teams in Israel, comprised of local civilians who are IDF veterans, have often been the first on the scene of terrorist attacks and other emergencies, and have prevented casualties.

It was founded in 2006 in response to a shooting attack at a Jewish center in Seattle, Washington. One woman was murdered in the attack, and several others were wounded.

The group is apolitical, and does not take part in demonstrations. “Our agenda is to protect Jews,” says group member Yonatan Stern.
However, the group does have a firmly held belief. “We believe in the constitutional right to bear arms,” Stern says. Kitat Konenut encourages all American Jews to learn how to use weapons, and to purchase their own firearms for self-defense.

Trainees learn the IDF's unique martial arts style, known as Krav Maga, and learn to identify suspicious objects and dismantle improvised explosives. They are also trained to use a variety of both non-lethal and lethal weapons, including assault rifles and sniper rifles. Trainers review techniques to deal with situations ranging from knife fights to urban warfare.
Training this year will begin on July 28th and conclude on August 8th.

For more information on the program check out KKNY's website at

Or contact them at

And here is an interview about KKNY on the Tamar Yonah show, done July 11, 2010:


DS said...

Kol Hakavod, Kitat Konenut NY. I am proud of you! If I were younger and stronger, I'd join too. Are women welcome?

DS said...

SHmuel says:

My KOL HAKAVOD to the KITAT KONENUT and the trainers.
That is precisely my intent by promoting here the inclusion on the Basic Law of a copy of the US Constitution Second Amendment rights.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The denounce of the "dark occult organization" controlling Trieste by professor Pahor and Parovel appearing from the spam-comments to my blogs?


Yesterday and today, after I have posted the above comments about my personal evolution and the Jesuit-Fascist Mafia I noted an increased Fascist presence (an openly self declared Fascist) around me in the job environment.

An old former colleague of mine, linked with the Mason Giulio Camber, time ago boasted of being in knoweledge of people that can use professional punchers who are able to transform the target to be 'educated' in a paralyzed person for the rest of his life.

I remember professor Samo Pahor and Parovel at the Radio Ópčine when they were denouncing the occult clima of conspiracy suffucating the city of Trieste, exposing the existence of a sort of "dark organization", a mixture of magistrates and judges, members of security/police/Carabineers forces, politicians, Masons, far-right extreme militants, sectors of clergy etc. all united in a sort of SECT, having, among other goals, the important duty to keep the city of Trieste always in war against the Slovenians.

Was that "dark organization" the same one I am exposing? The one linked with the Fascist and Masonic environment, controlled by the Holy See and Jesuit order?

Seeing the daily usual spam-comments I receive exclusively on Novo Ordo Seclorum, Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute and The Vatican crusade in the Balkans blogs, it seems that I have hit the real target.

In fact for a coincidence, two days after I spoke of my personal life and former contacts in the city of Trieste, the cyber-chimp, maybe too much shy to post comments on the D. Willinger's post, defecated his daily three messages on my blogs, using that familiar pathetic tone, a mix of a Mafioso warning with a staged coreographed (failed) artistical touch:

誠紋 has left a new comment on your post "I want simply to imagine":

Man is not made for defeat. A mean can be destroyed but not defeated..................................................................

The problem is that I cannot trust neither a person like Douglas Willinger. When I see him in contact with Mister E.J. Phelps, a man who exhibit his "Venetian" contacts with people who smell to belong to that elite environment once denounced by professor Samo Pahor and Parovel, I know that I cannot trust anyone.

Here the comments:

Thursday, July 8, 2010
Letter About Turkey

Blogger Douglas A. Willinger said...

Where would you know these spam comment authors personally?

July 19, 2010 12:41 PM

avles said...

When I was anti-semite, thanks to 911. Fascists of the city of Trieste. The behaviour, the content, etc. of the mails point directly to a particular 'failed' artist, aware to be a failed person but just for this reason an admirer of Roman Catholic Adolph (The prototype of the human failure which became a sublime 'myth').

Well, in the Locanda Mario, this guy (who could be the author of such spam comments), relating to an artist initiative facing problems, told me: "YES, I TOO DON'T LIKE THEM (the priest), BUT CANNOT AVOID TO RELY ALSO ON THEM".

Well, tell me if this is not a revealing sentence.

The guy is claimed to have been also linked with Roberto Menia, today the right hand of Gianfranco Fini head of former Alleanza Nazionale party ally of Berlusconi. Of course many people could have been in touch with Menia, but......
July 19, 2010 3:07 PM

Douglas A. Willinger said...

An article about your intellectual evolution from being anti-Jewish (which is what I think you meant by antisemite, which would logically include Arabians), would be interesting.

I did something of the sort for me at facebook when asked by a person that knew me in High school.


Paul Richmond: Okay, I remember you from NRHS as the Hawk You have gotta tell me how you got from there to here

Douglas Willinger: Its a long story............. essentually BOTH the standard left and right are BS

Paul Richmond: Go on

Douglas Willinger: Well, think about it; one enters some political entity one 'either side of the isle', and each has a flawed agenda; and no matter how good the argument one adds, and regardless even if everyone you speak to agrees with you, there is some higher up force always saying no.

Example, the people at Womans International League for Peace and Freedom wanted to campaign for ending the criminal war against a plant that is a non carcinogenic alternative to tobacco but was demonized by WR Hearst and co at the same time cigs were treated most differently. Much of that organization resigned when the invisible force at the top of the political pyramid said no to any coca campaign.

Douglas Willinger: Other things- aka the sheer inability of thepeople who condemn Israel, rightfully or not but would never say anything if the same or worse is done by others- think of the 1995 US military backing of 'Operation Storm" expelling some 300,000 Serbs from their ancestral homes in Krijina; the reaction against Rhodesia and South Africa versus that ... See Moreregading South America; the slant of the english language media regarding Germany in the years leading up to WW1 and WW2 (the opposite of what it should have been.

All of these things and others point to a certain political dynamics, a 'wobble effects' of political ...

Douglas Willinger: Ever notice about any of the above, nor about how little emphasis is given to the history of the protestant reformation and the rcc counter reformation?

Douglas Willinger: About political wobble effect:

Douglas Willinger: And an example regarding the concept of political dynamics'

Douglas Willinger: And another as reflected via art:

Douglas Willinger: And the idea that fostering ignorance of history can have severe consequences:

And please follow the links within and at the end of that piece. ... ·
July 19, 2010 6:14 PM
avles said...

Firstly: sometimes it appear only a link:

" Von GALEN, SJ Federico Lombardi and RAI3 Jesuit tv public channel
Ontological questions?.... Ontological answers!"

The first one ("Von Galen, SJ etc.") sometimes is invisible.
July 20, 2010 7:42 AM
avles said...

It was just the potential candidate as author of those spam-comments to start to manipulate me in a casual meeting during a travel. The guy showed (with the awareness of today) to search people in order to exploit 'em and to manipulate their mind through "art".

All that having in sight a not well defined final target, to 'conserve' the human 'sentiment' in front of a 'inhuman' world.

The 911 was just happened and as many others I started to think if the old world which opposed to Hitler was really wrong and of consequence the truth was lying on Hitler's side etc.

The guy doesn't use the direct political language, and exbits an apparently despise for the traditional politic.

Its only a deception because he simply praise sartistically and irrationally the same subjects other are praising with a political rational language.
July 20, 2010 7:50 AM
avles said...

Don't forget the importance of 911 in order to convert to anti-semitism people.

(I continue with that term, it was founded by the Fascist racial magazine "La Razza", "anti-Jewish" is an attempt to drag Arab Muslims in the "anti-Jews" hate)
July 20, 2010 7:52 AM
avles said...

I changed view cause the strange behaviour of that guy.

He seemed to me more preoccupied by other thougts than the ones he openly declared to be in his mind.

I realized that he was fooling and using me. Who praises openly to be like the "fuehrer", i.e. to pretend to have at disposition only obeying people, can well go to hell.

Well, I abandoned that bunch of idiots and started to search on the web a more satisfying answer to the problems: then from Chemtrails, Illuminati, Alien abductions, David Icke and other deception, I discovered three years later The Unhived Mind and finally all was clear: I found the answer!
July 20, 2010 7:59 AM
avles said...

It is interesting to notice some facts related to the guys who entered in touch with me (interesting fact even if he is not involved in such spam-comments):

1) the guy frequented Roman Catholic schools (I mean the ones with clergy personel, for ex. nuns, priests etc.)

2) he exbibits to be aware of the importance of the sustain of the church of Rome in the organization of artistical events who are simply the metaphorical sustain to the Hitlerian's phylosophy

3) he is linked with some people with political charges (f.ex. the mp Roberto Menia
and others I now don't remember

4) he is linked also with people who are important in the educative system (selection committee for new teachers in the schools), who are centre-left oriented, but also in touch with the clergy like him

(When I leaved those guys but I was still in touch with that person important for the role in the culture, I just discovered the Jesuit conspiracy in the TUM forum, and, after having explained it to that person, I obtained the sequent answer: "you should told these things to our Jesuit friend". I didn't insist on the argument, I realized what kind of social network they are part of, and I definitively abandoned also him --- a similar answer I obtained also from the son - a warm Communist! - of an Italian partisan who was in the Italian units of Tito's army).

Welcome in Trieste, the Jesuit-Masonic city for excellence!
July 20, 2010 8:12 AM
avles said...

(I hope these comments will be not manipulated by the Jesuit Ontological filter)

My 'conversion' to antisemitism (or anti-Jewish-ism if you prefer)occured so in consequence of 911. But before it a GREAT impression arise in me the later changing, the visit of Sharon at the Western Wall and the consequent clashes.

This is the reason for which I'll never stop to warn about the coreographed comedy of the "Jewish arrogance" which is only a means to arise antisemitism/antiJewish-ism in the world.

Being traditionally belonging to the left wing area, my crisis started after the fall of the Wall, with the first Iraq war and the rising to power of Berlusconi. I was upset and I tried more extreme left wing solutions. Around 1998, thanks the thirsty of knoweledge, I entered in touch with BATTAGLIA COMUNISTA. This group claims to be composed by PROFESSIONALS OF THE REVOLUTION.

They have a former cinema hall as official seat in Padova/Padoa. They, dressed up like Jeova's Witnesses, are claiming to knock at every door of the city of Padua in order to sell their propaganda material (effectively its an excuse to draw police-record files like archives).

They claimed that about in 15 years (hence around 2013) imperialist-capitalist war should arise between Europa and USA.

I soon abandoned such fanatics. Then the 911.
July 20, 2010 8:24 AM
avles said...


"....In the second half of May 1942 the first Belogardist unit camped in Št. Jošt near Stopič (south-east to Novo Mesto in direction Gorjanec) in the region of Dolenjska. Disguised as partisan with the collar badges of the parisan army, the Belogardists presented themselves as a false štajerski battalion ($). The masked Belogardists murdered with cruelty at the back many partisans, especially the carriers of orders and little patrols. The Belogardist chaplain member of the false štajerski battalion, T. Šinkar, in his daily wrote: “Streljamo bolj malo bolj pobjamo” or “Let's shot less (and) kill more”. Belagardisti were ill-famed for their cruel, often sadistic tortures, ......"

Saturday, July 17, 2010
July 20, 2010 8:30 AM
avles said...

That guy was praising the "ambiguity", the "duplicity", the "double-dealing" of the art.

He boasted of being able to disconcert and upset people with 'mysterious appearances & disapperances', etc., using mail and other technique with which he was filling a poor life.

Those spam comments are the perfect example of his psychopatology.

As he is at the centre of such a Jesuit-Masonic network using him and his psychopatology, it would reveal to me not a surprise to see him on the other side of the line....
July 20, 2010 8:39 AM
avles said...

Correction: it was not BATTAGLIA COMUNISTA but LOTTA COMUNISTA, the Communist party with the seat in Padua.

They are fractions of the orthodox Marxism.
July 20, 2010 8:57 AM

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Here some recent comments i sent to the Willinger's blog - I sent them to"Letter About Turkey" message. Meanwhile I received the mail certifying my comments, the comments of the cyber-chimps weren't followed by the usual mail of warning ...
Posted by avles at July 12, 2010 7:34 AM
Ontological questions?.... Ontological answers!
Wladimir Ledochowsky burns in Hell! And together him, his damned Jesuitical Ontological Cyber-cretinoids of the web! Here: Ontological Cyber-chimps newly at work! An adequate answer is required............: ...
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