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The new "Genetic Selective Penal Code" of the Apennine peninsula

I just mentioned the Holocaust denier professor Antonio Caracciolo of Forza Italia party and his studies on the juridical and political works of Nazi supporter Roman Catholic Carl Schmitt. It is not a strange coincidence that the penal law system of the Italian state is going to be shaped on the basis of a typical dictatorial state. Using the ‘divine’ concept of the state which is a typical Fascist thought, together with the concept of “active intervention” of the same state in order to ‘select’ the most appropriate genes for the goal of the masters of the state (National Socialist concept), you obtain the actual monster, a monster legitimized by a society totally manipulated. The process of ‘legitimating’ is called: “modern democratic elections”. Of course it is not a casual coincidence the re-appearing of a supporter of Nazi Carl Schmitt in the Italian chronicle just in these days. Nazi professor Antonio Caracciolo, together with his boss Nazi Silvio Berlusconi (who loves the swastikas), are occupying the mind of the Italians just when the Nazi Vatican campaign to support the Islamization of the peninsula is again at full regime. Of course also the Islamic populations are truly victims of the Jesuit racial war and they’ll surely not gain a better conditions of life till the moment they’ll let the Vatican and Jesuit masters to use them as a third hand to destroy the basis of the Western Christian world. At the opposite, they’ll gain only sufferance, the same sufferance which is inflicted to them today by the globalist Vatican economy, in order to destroy their countries and to push the inhabitants in foreign lands for the sake of Rome.
But see first how the Nazi-Islamization of the Italian penal law system is marching towards the realization of the Genetic Selective Penal Code. I don’t know if E. J. Phelps is 100% right in the details (he overestimate the clashing aspect of the Islamic invasion), but surely what is happening here is for great part a confirmation of what he says.

The sentence

Well, if you are a Muslim, have an “aggressive” genetic attitude and commit an homicide, you are partially pardoned by the ‘Christian’ (Roman Catholic and Masonic) justice. Of course the “genetic justice” will be sometimes applied – in order to confuse and to drag away the suspects – also on white Christian natives. But it is clear that if you are a white Christian native and you commit a crime against an immigrate from North Africa you get a worst condemnation – respect a crime commited towards a native - cause ‘racial’ and ‘religiously discriminating’ motives and enlisted by the criminal law. Even this blog is at risk because it exists the “Mancino crime law” condemning the “racial discrimination”. The “Mancino crime law” of course condemn also the restoration of the Fascist party, but this is the alibi to obtain with a moral trick the requested spiritual submission to the Vatican originated invasion from North Africa. It works like in the early ’90 in Germany with the Nazi-skin threat, but you’ll see it later.

Hence all that is happening in the II Pontifical reign – once “Italian Republic”. A court in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Court of Assizes and Appeal of the “Tribunale di Trieste”, condemned a Muslim to eight year and half instead nine and half of jail for homicide, because his chromosomes – tested in a laboratory – should give to him a “more aggressive” instinct than the usual average one. I refresh your memory for the n-time: the Tribunale of Trieste, from ’43 to ’45, was the seat of SS commander for North Adriatische Kuestenland Operative zone Odilio Globocnik and at the same time (also today) the building is linked with underground tunnels with the International Jesuit centre of Villa Ara. And with the former Hapsburg, then Italian, military hospital, today the yard for an university campus….

The Muslim, Abdelmalek Bayout, killed in 2007 an immigrate from Colombia in the near city of Udine after he was offended cause the cosmetic traditional signs around his eyes. In this judiciary case it was introduced for the first time the genetic investigation.

It is a very significant sentence, the one of the Tribunale di Trieste court. Just facing the building of the Tribunale, there’s the “Coroneo street jail”, whose director is the member of National Alliance party, the director Enrico Sbriglia. And what did he declare to the press, in the month of August? Do you remember my words in “Rifqa Bary of Pordenone (Apennine peninsula)” message? Date of the message: Thursday, September 17, 2009 (*)....
“…….Some weeks ago, the director of the prison of the city of Trieste, the prison known with the name of the street where it is located, “Jail of Coroneo street”, in an article appeared on the local Jesuit-Masonic daily “Il Piccolo” (the day before the 21st anniversary of the Massacre of Ramstein), intervening about the problem of the overcrowding of the Italian jails whose prisoners are for the great part foreigners, stated that the Islamic prisoners are “correct, respectful towards the authority and towards the rules” and the “self-discipline” is very strong among them…..”.
I tell you what will happen. In a pair of years, well before the fulfilling of the penalty, the Islamic assassin will be realised by the Jesuit Fascist judicial authorities of this sad country because he will reveal to be a “correct, respectful towards the authority and towards the rules” prisoner. Then the Jesuit Bolsheviks of the trade unions, of the many ‘anti-racist’ radical left associations and movements, will find for him “Food & Shelter”. Then, let we say in the 2012 or 2013, I could meet him in the street. Of course he, during his “correct, respectful towards the authority and towards the rules” sojourn in the Coroneo street jail, will meet many times the Jesuit Carabineers and their controlled State Police agents. And especially the chaplain of the jail who is a Jesuit priest of the 500 feet far away Jesuit church. And the spirit of king Victor Emanuel I will know an intense revival, by the hands of a mercenary Muslim.

The Nazi-skin threat in the early '90 in Germany

Ok, so do you trust the Judiciary Romish-Masonic system and its functionaries? The analysis of laboratory? I absolutely no. In the sentence of Tribunale di Trieste which reduced the charge of an year to the Muslim killer, I see also another message: the violence of Muslims has to be pardoned meanwhile the opposition to the immigration has to be spiritually cursed (and materially destroyed). The Roman Catho-Islamic Steel pact and his Romanist religious war is at work, here and now. In fact what told to us the director of the jail of Trieste, weeks ago? He praised the Muslim prisoners as being “neat and disciplined”. Like an army the Jesuits cultivate in their prisons. But they effectively are a special kind of army, ready for the Jesuits’ religious dirty war. The case of the Muslim who get a year less of condemnation confirms what I told.
Unfortunately today the Italian minds are brainwashed by the Silvio Berlusconi’s television system Mediaset. Berlusconi, the prime minister, is the first responsible of the arrival of the Islamic immigrates in the peninsula. Together his friends Tarak Ben Ammar and Gaddafi (with which he directly deals the material contingents of human flesh to be sent on the Sicilian coasts? See his frequent visits in Libya) he manages an international television corporation, “Quinta Communications”. As I announced in the previous post, it seems that the last boat filled with immigrates sent to Italian coasts by the Colonel of Libya and friend of Berlusconi, has reached its goal: if not sinked, at least there’s one dead immigrate. With an exceptional timing the boat sailed just when it had to remain protected in the Libyan harbour, when the worst imaginable weather conditions should have suggested to the hypothetical masters of the boat to avoid a travel which, ending with a tragedy, would have arose the attention of the media and so created difficulties for their criminal affairs. But what those desperate purposely persecuted by hunger and wars (by Vatican SMOM global system generated) Arabs and Africans don’t know, is that they have to die in order to stage a bloody reality show which will be used to criminalize everyone opposing to the immigration invasion in the peninsula. It is also called: “Maoist pedagogy”. What did I say above about the “Mancino crime law” against the restoration of the Fascist party and against the racism? Look at the case of Germany. Germany, of course, has not coasts bordering the Mediterranean sea, so they used there in the past the inner “Nazi-skin” violence in order to arise scandal and emotional support towards the immigrates. Do you remember the early year ’90, with an everyday chronicle of Nazi-skin attacks towards immigrates in Germany? Especially the East, mostly Protestant Germany. Today it is suggested that Germany have to avoid to broadcast television services about the Masonic intelligence engineered shipwrecking or very risky sailing of boats filled with desperate women & children in the waters of the Mediterranean sea. It would arise some doubts about the policy of the Italian (read: Vatican controlled) government. Italians are stupid, proud of their don’t-care-less attitude, cynical, and plenty of indifference today. So their governments can do what they want – on the orders of Jesuits – with them. But the Northern populations of Europe are not yet to this sad niveau of ethic decadence and moral corruption, and you could have probably a not welcomed arising of a sort of opposition to the Vatican Novo Ordo Seclorum.

The theological background of the sentence of the Tribunale di Trieste

The mild condemnation of the Muslim rises so some questions. The first regards the materialist conception of the justice, where a material condition – the chromosomes and the material instinct - has been declared superior to the immaterial, moral request for justice. Her simply the Marxist dialectical materialism has been declared “funding element” of a legal system. The religious beneficiary of the application of this Nazi-Communist penal law system of Italy is a Muslim. For this reason the mother of all dialectic materialism, the Canon 32 of council of Trent, have a triumph. Islam too has its “Canon 32” and is hidden under the principles of “Zakat”. Pay to obtain the salvation. Or: the spiritual salvation is submitted to your material works. Pure materialism and Marxism. So everyone having a ‘genetic’ attitude towards violence will be favoured in the society. The ones who have a ‘genetic’ low attitude for violent behaviour will be of course repressed not only by the first ones more violent, but also by a judiciary (satanic) system which awards the most aggressive, violent and criminal ones with a milder penalty. The Jesuit Nazi genetic selective state is appeared for the first time in a ‘legal’, public, official sentence of the Tribunale di Trieste.
I call that: the modern theological Darwinism of the Jesuits' Counter Reformation war.

Creating a subtle state of panic, fear and terror

The article about the Tribunale di Trieste sentence appeared the day after the election-day held by the Democratic party (opposition of centre left against Berlusconi coalition) to chose the new leader of the party. In the same two pages - facing one to the other and hence with the articles well visible without to turn over the page, the local daily “Il Piccolo” published the news of the sentence near the chronicle of the threats consisting in bullets enclosed in mails and sent to many authorities, to seats of parties, circles, clubs, etc. A the page 9 the article dealing with the last heavy threat directed to the European parliament member Debora Serracchiani, who is also member of the leftist ‘anti-racist’ Democratic party. An empty calibre 7.65 cartridge clip with words of threats to the Serracchiani member of Democratic party was sent to the seat of the Roman Catholic workers association A.C.L.I., a seat sited in the most leftist, ‘anti-racist’ and populated by immigrants district of the city of Trieste, a district named with the significative name of S. James (“San Giacomo”), I once heard to be also the name of another famous ancient district of the Roman Catholic Dublin. The acronym - S(aint) J(ames) - is the same of S(ociety) of J(esus). So the timing of the sentence, the threats to the ‘anti-racist’ organizations and authorities of the city, are smelling of a planned, engineered coordination. It is evident also to an idiot that the Vatican, the Jesuits, the Masonry, using the intelligence, the political forces, the police forces, the judiciary system, are creating a slowly but forcibly increasing climate of panic, fear and terror aimed to destroy anyone opposing to their cultural, genetic and religious war of extermination of the Western civilization based on Christian principles.

Page nine of the local daily “Il Piccolo di Trieste” of the day Moonday, 26th October 2009. On the right the article about the sentence of the newly introduced Genetic Selective Penal Code (title: “Geneticamente violento: pena ridotta di un anno” aka “Genetically violent: penalty reduced of a year less”). On the left the article reporting the threats to one of the most apparent, publicized, and always in the first line to support the Islamic immigration organization, the ACLI and the European Parliament member Debora Serrracchiani who is coming from that political-religious area (title: “Un caricature vuoto e minacce in una busta alle Acli” aka “An empty cartridge clip and threatens in an envelope sent to the Acli”). The article below is showing an example of execution on the public media press scaffold of the usual traditional folkloric local scapegoat, a man who, cause his troubled judiciary past, is always used like a target and alibi in order to charge him with many crimes he – with the most of probability - never committed. What matters is here not the material hand, but the mind which inspired this Nazi-Maoist plan to spread fear, panic, suspect (and terror). A very interesting detail: in the article about the threatens to the ACLI the journalist tells about the authorities inquiring on eventual fingerprints on the cartridge clip. My thought immediately goes to that night of end July when someone stealthy entered in my home. Not only to bring here something, but also to bring away other things. Maybe fingerprints and chromosomes?

And I didn’t show you the previous near page 8. The big title of the giant article there appearing is: “Ater, oltre mille nuove case entro il 2011”. ATER is the public agency which provides social apartments for the people. Translating: “Ater, over thousand new houses before 2011”. Thanks to the hunger for employment, a new plan to build apartments is ready to start in the municipal area. Can you guess who shall be the new tenants? The Greys from Zeta Reticuli? A native Mitteleuropean population belonging to the Italian state national domain with one among the most decreasing demographic rate in Europe? A city which is considered the most "elderly city" in this European zone? Or maybe the prolific Islamic immigration from North Africa?
So you have here the explanation of another Italian ‘mystery’, the very high cost of baby foods, baby medicinal, etc., often at the centre of very scandalized television and press reports. The near-the-border living families, when they have a baby, go to purchase, since decades, such vital goods abroad where they can obtain the same exact article for the half of the price or less. In the near Slovenia the articles for babies are not cheap, they have simply the right price. In the Italian country baby goods cost very much and if all that helped to sink down the native peninsular demographic rate, now you have all the required information in order to understand the true secret reason of it.


Yeah, really a sad conclusion. I didn’t tell you about the coordination among the media services reporting the rescue of the boat filled with desperate Muslims, sailed from Libya and arrived near the Italic coasts (read my previous message) in an impressive timing with the new step of the trial against the Orthodox Christian Karadzic at the International court of l’Aia. The face of the “Orthodox criminal” and of the “Muslim victims of racism” again together in the same tv news. What a coincidence! Evidently days ago, when they pushed the boat in the waters, they knew that the new “tragedy of (Islamic) immigration” with the (searched) loss of lives drowned in the Mediterranean waters, would have been exposed contemporarily with the exposition of the trial against a “criminal assassin of Muslims”, the Christian Karadzic. But not only that. The same day when the news agencies announced the trial, they appeared again. I am referring to the Romanian (Orthodox Christians) immigrates who were exposed as being at the centre of some crimes in Italy. There were some weeks and months the Romanian were absent from the national chronicle. But only to be discovered the day of the public execution of another Orthodox in the court of L’Aia. The Media pogrom of Romanian continue to cover with its smoke the Islamization of Europe. Well, I’ll not bore you with further details about that. So we can conclude and draw some lines in order to get a result from all this criminal and terrorist action of the Romish Masonic Mafia in the peninsula and especially in the “Gateway to the East”, the Romish town of Trieste.

One: the true reason for the Homosexual and Paedophile core of Roman Apostolic Catholic church
Since the last summer the Italic peninsula is shacked by continue act of violence towards homosexuals. The ‘victimization’ of them is aimed to idolize the homosexuality and this should push to search the deep motivation of these criminal facts which are smelling like they were an intelligence job. As the Vatican has to destroy the Christian, Occidental, Liberal society, it has to demolish its genetic base, with an occult racist war disguised by a false ‘anti-racist’ struggle. To accept the army which will destroy the genetic and religious characteristic of your society is labelled ‘anti-racism’ and is praised. To fight the racial war (expression of the religious war) pursued with the immigration is labelled ‘racism’ and is condemned. In order to realize the material destruction of the Western society, it is urgently requested to weaken its moral and sexual costumes. Hence the Roman Catholic church is the most strong Homosexual and Pedophile mega-machine ever existed on earth. I hade under my eyes first-hand witnesses about the perverted homosexual tours of the priests of the city of Trieste. Probably some of them, their Jesuit masters, maybe the new bishop of Trieste – Crepaldi - are reading just these lines, and this will add further material threats to my life. The fanatical ‘protection’ for the natural family claimed by the Roman Catholic church is nothing else than the attachment of the parasite to the victim to suck all his energies. When it is no more useful, the victim – the family - is discharged - destroyed. Paedophilia and Homosexuality are the means to discharge the natural, heterosexual Western Christian family for the benefit of the anti-Western, anti-Christian Islamic family. This is the reason for which the Islamic immigration find immediately “Food & Shelter” provided by the local Marxist, or also Roman Catholic allied trade unions, parties, organizations, etc. In America the typical White, Protestant, Anglosaxon family has to be destroyed by Pedophilia, Homosexuality and various degenerative, corrupted social behaviour introduced by the Jesuits with the “cultural revolution”, “hippie movement”, “youth revolution” etc., movements which were more strong than in any other country in the world. The beneficiary: mostly the rural Southern American Roman Catholic typical immigrate. So also in Europe the White native, Christian Westerner family has to be assassinated by the Vatican, by the Jesuits, by the Masonry. On the other side of the barricade, using the alibi of the ‘anti-racist’ struggle, the Islamic enclaves, with their very die-hard rural costumes, are protected by the criminal mercenaries of the Vatican, the Communists and the Marxists who are doing the dirty job avoiding the Roman Catholic church to be exposed in first line for having supported the Islamic invasion. Meanwhile the genetic basis of the Westerner are from day to day weakened, the Islamic enclaves inside the Western Christian world are becoming more strong and kept pure in their anthropological costumes. For the details of the racial war see E. J. Phelps and The Unhived Mind forum, two subjects who, unfortunately are lately passed on the side of my enemies and of the enemies of the Mittleuropean populations, the side of the hated Venetian blue-blooded Novo Ordo Seclorum elite (see note added on 29 Oct (**)).

Two: the near incoming global internet censorship.
As emerges from the case of the Facebook group “Let’s kill Berlusconi” (“Uccidiamo Berlusconi”), they’ll do every effort to obtain the persecution of the dissidents and ‘heretics’ on the web also in the case of foreing providers located abroad. Remember that – one - in the White House there’s the favourite friend of Silvio Berlusconi, the Roman Catho-Islamic Obama who, together with his Jesuit administration, will surely satisfy the requests of the Italian government regard the censorship of the anti-Vatican opposition abroad. And – second – the incoming law to censor any opposition to the government even abroad, is apparently claimed to protect the Mafioso of the pope today prime Minister in Chigi palace, but is secretly aimed to destroy any opposition to the Communist arm of the Vatican which is supporting the Islamic invasion. As it happens in the employment field, the radical left is raging with the words against the destruction of the State of Rights, but secretly is happy because a more blackmailed and deprived by rights worker will surely kneel in front of the discredited trade unions, prostitutes of the Vatican.


(**) Note added on 29 Oct. Of course “…are lately passed on the side of my enemies” is an exaggerated expression and I hope they are sufficiently intelligent to understand when someone are using them. But the impression to find the enemy just where he should not be is very strong. I noted the curious coincidence consisting in the appearance of sources of information sited just about 150 miles from my home who are dealing with the same matter regarding the North Adriatic history I am exposing without consequence and that today are spread and accepted when other people are introducing them. Evidently I have no right to speak about the North Adriatic regions and I have to shut my mouth for the benefit of the 'Venetians' who always tried to conquer and dominate Illiria, Carniola, the Balkans. All that is very clear and esplicit but don't think I will kneel in front of that. See my Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute blog (inspired by Douglas Willinger’s blog). Venice is on the other side of the Adriatic sea under every point of view respect the other cultural, historical, spiritual and religious Eastern coast of the Adriatic sea. Venice was obsessed with the dream of colonization of the Balkan coasts (see the centuries of wars against the city of Trieste) and this was not only in competition with the Islam, but also with other religious, Christian, faiths of the Balkans and of Mitteleurope not submitted to Rome. The Turkish raids, meanwhile were raging in the Carniola under the strong influence of Protestantism (see Primoz Trubar welcomed like a triumph in 1561 in Ljubljana/Laibach), were stopped at the Eastern borders of the Roman Catholic “Slavia Veneta”. Did Roman Catholic world and Islamic world after Lepanto battle sign a pact of mutual not-aggression at the expense of other religious worlds?
Unfortunately today the building of the Jesuit Multiracial Terrorist Religious state in the peninsula with the rests of the dead Italian republic is simply an immediate threat against freedom and so is constraining me to neglect the AGKH blog which is the natural seat for these arguments. But if the 'Venetians' are using Craig Oxley and J. E. Phelps and the same "down with Jesuits!" litany for the Vatican & Jesuit Novo Ordo Seclorum I'll not remain passive, just give a look at the North Adriatic history .
To be against the Jesuits is a necessary condition, but not also a sufficient one.

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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Counter reformation and anti-semite worms from the political corpse of Piero Marrazzo?

Is the scandal of transex governor of Lazio region Piero Marrazzo just a part of the Vatican “spreading anti-semitism” operation? And the characters behind it, why they are smelling of the hate for the Reform stagnant in the papal sewers of Rome?

It is interesting the fact that immediately after the professor of La Sapienza University of Rome Antonio Caracciolo, a member and president of a Forza Italia party club (the party of Silvio Berlusconi the prime minister), has been discovered as manager of a “holocaust denial” group on Facebook, the scandal of the leftist governor of Lazio region Piero Marrazzo was on the first page of the media. Piero Marrazzo was one among the most vigorous in the condemnation to professor Caracciolo for his denial thesis. The same leftist daily, which started this spring to expose Silvio Berlusconi for his inclination for the prostitute and teenagers, days before the Marrazzo scandal, reported, in an article where the journalist was condemning Holocaust denier Antonio Caracciolo, the sentences against the denier coming from the Fascist major of Rome, Gianni Alemanno and from various other authorities of the local government of the city and of the province. Among them the most important statement of condemnation, reported by the journalist at the end of the other statements and just before the sentence of reaction of Antonio Caracciolo, the one of the near incoming object of a sex scandal, Piero Marrazzo, who stated: “I would look in the eyes this professor, in order to be able to communicate to him the images I brought with me (coming back – my note) from Auschwitz, from the Yad Vashem” ("vorrei poter guardare negli occhi questo professore", per potergli "trasmettere le immagini che io mi sono portato da Auschwitz, dallo Yad Vashem").

Today also the children of the kindergarten knows that the numbers of the dead Jews in Auschwitz are “false”, thanks to Jesuit theological propaganda hidden under the term “Holocaust denial”. If the Vatican allowed to the Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler and National Socialism to reach the power, it is obvious that they have to be presented in a favourable way, hence the importance of the denial of the Holocaust. The most they are hit, the most they flourish, because the hand attacking them is the left hand of the same Romanist body whose right hand then protects and cultivates them. So it is a very wonderful coincidence that maybe the most important critic against Holocaust deniers (and Berlusconi supporter) Antonio Caracciolo, has been some days after exposed as a “liar, bi-sexual, involved in mysterious corruptions” politician. All that is called: “creating anti-semitism”, and it doesn’t need to explain how it works, as it is a very simple mechanism. If interested about details and “variations on the theme”, give a look to the Barry Chamish’ articles.

The same prime minister, when informed about the video framing governor of Lazio region which was offered to one of the magazines of his media empire, ordered to refuse the offer, as evidently it would have framed also the prime minister as intent to avoid the scandals involving him with illegal means (reciprocal blackmailing). But he immediately informed Piero Marrazzo and this is a well more effective and powerful blackmailing than the first one. What emerges in these days is the nearly complete acceptance of the scandal by the centre-left coalition, which reacts in a practical opposite way than the prime minister, who immediately cried against a “plot to destroy his person”. We are in the presence of a sort of “plot” against the centre-left coalition, but its leaders are silent. Are maybe they part of this “plot” which is exploded also with an impressive timing, little before the inner election of the leftist Democratic party for a new leader? A deeper knowledge of the inner political struggle of the centre-left coalition will be useful to see who is the centre-left leader gaining a political benefit from the shipwrecking of Piero Marrazzo. During the election campaign Piero Marrazzo was illegally monitored by the right wing boys of Francesco Storace, who is under investigation by the judicial power, in an attempt to obstacle his election.

Another coincidence is the denounce by the spokesman of prime Minister Berlusconi, about the existence of a Facebook group named “Let’s Kill Berlusconi” and this just some days before the scandal of the “Holocaust denier” group in Facebook of professor Antonio Caracciolo. The astounding sequence, (exposition of “Let’s kill Berlusconi” Facebook group, immediate response with the scandal “Holocaust denial” Facebook group of Berlusconi’s supporter Antonio Caracciolo with Marrazzo’s pro-Jewish sentences and final explosion of Marrazzo sex scandal), all occurred in a range of time of a week, and the presence of the Carabineers’ army as a “red thread”, are describing a plan deeply rooted in the rotten Vatican elite ruling the Apennine peninsula. Remember the Silvio Berlusconi’s mausoleum with swastika, and that the founder of Carabineers army – king Victor Emanuel I - is linked with the persecution of Jews and Protestants. Remember also the ‘scandal’ arose in January 2008 with the proposed visit of Benedict XVI in the university La Sapienza where professor Caracciolo teaches using texts of Karl Schmitt or Carl Schmitt. Karl Schmitt was a Roman Catholic born in the Protestant Westphalia. His works were based on the Roman Catholic theology and were the intellectual nail to introduce the Romanist infection in the German concept of the state. Schmitt met personally the Duce Mussolini in a private meeting in 1936, being the Roman Catholic jurist an enthusiast admirer of the “Mytos des vitalen Lebens” incarnated - his opinion - by Mussolini.

Burning Jews but having in mind also the death of the Reform:

The three "I" of "Instigate, Identify and Inquisition"

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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Another proof of the overwhelming power of Carabineers’ army, the army founded 15 days after the 15th anniversary of the Pogrom of Siena, occurred on 28th June 1799, when the “Viva Maria!” Roman Catholic insurrection against Jesuit Napoleon occupation murdered 13 Jews, burned their corpses and some of them were still alive meanwhile the flames were devouring them.

The last July two Carabineers military policemen rushed in an apartment where the President of the region Lazio, the region with Rome as capital, Piero Marrazzo of centre-left opposition, was found together with transsexuals.

The Carabineers tried to blackmail the president with a video and asked for money. But they went discovered by the Carabineers army the same which “intercepted their communications”. The president Marrazzo paid some checks to obtain the silence of the four Carabineers. The blackmail occurred just during the campaign of the centre-left press exposing the Silvio Berlusconi prime minister as frequenting teenagers and de-luxe prostitutes who were introduced in the official residences of the government.

Probably the blackmailing was engineered by the same Carabineers army on Vatican orders in order to keep the centre-left in a very controlled operative status during the most hot phase of the campaign against Berlusconi. Using four ‘corrupted’ militaries the Carabineers army can avoid to be depicted as a subversive army. Practically the opposition doesn’t’ t exist since years and the framing of the prime minister required with the most of the probability the conscious involvement of the prime minister the same who surely is staging a role in accord with his now former wife. The government must be a continue Titanic in order to purposely shipwreck all the efforts apparently done by the coalition at government to stop the immigration invasion. Just yesterday it was announced that a boat with 200 immigrates sailed from North African coasts (of the friends of Berlusconi, Gaddafi and Tarak Ben Ammar) to reach of course the welcoming II Pontifical reign of the Apennine peninsula. Just for a Jesuit coincidence the weather condition of the centre Mediterranean sea were the optimal ones (a cyclone) to perform a choreographed (but real) shipwrecking with tens of drowned people and tens of cameras reporting the dramatic facts in every tv news or talk show, with the infinite happiness of the “Let’s welcome ‘em all in our home” Vatican multiracial pro-Islamic propaganda front. We’ll see how it will end. In any case the case of Marrazzo (and Berlusconi) is only further exposing the state of total decomposition of the society, of the people’s moral and brain, of the secular institutions in the peninsula, for the total benefit of the Syllabus of Errors principles which curse the Freedom and her institutions. The peninsula is the reign of the poisons and of the blackmailing, the bright sign which shows the total Jesuit command on the country. And the Carabineers army are the military ‘legal’ arm of this tyrannical hidden power. Worth to be noted, the president of region Lazio was found by the special Carabineers squad (“corrupted Carabineers”) in an apartment in the same building of Gradoli street (via Gradoli) which hosted a logistic base of the Terrorist Red Brigades in 1978 during the kidnapping and murder of the leader of the Christian Democratic party left area, Aldo Moro. As I reported in a previous my message, the Carabineers started the inquiries on the owner of the building which was the true nest where Aldo Moro was kept in captivity and then killed, the Caetani palace owned by Caetani descendants. And the apartment where president transex Marrazzo was found is sited in a building which is directly controlled by the Jesuit-Masonic intelligence. Remember that the Jesuit trained Gianni de Gennaro, responsible for the police brutalities of Genoa G8 summit of 2001and recently acquitted for the charge, is the actual head of the Department of Information Security of the Presidency of the Council of the Ministers and was appointed with the actual charge by P2ist Constantine order Silvio Berlusconi just immediately after the victory in the 2008 elections and the creation of the new government:

Scandal hits Italy leftist party

ROME — A scandal has rocked Italy's main opposition party on the eve of a nationwide primary Sunday designed to select a new leader and relaunch the party's sagging fortunes.

The case centers on widespread media reports that a video shows center-left politician Piero Marrazzo in the company of a transsexual in a Rome apartment. Four policemen have been arrested for allegedly attempting to blackmail the 51-year-old Marrazzo, and an investigation is under way.

The video has not been publicly seen and officials have not confirmed its existence. Marrazzo was quoted as saying in Italian newspaper La Repubblica that "the video is fake" and that he is the victim of a smear campaign.

However, bowing to mounting pressure, he said Saturday that he was stepping aside from the high-profile job of governor of the Lazio region, which includes Rome, and leaving his responsibilities to his deputy. Marrazzo said in a statement that the move paved the way for his full-fledged resignation.

"It's a personal case in which weaknesses that have to do with my private sphere have come into play," Marrazzo said in the statement. "The mistakes I have made have in no way interfered with my public activity."

However, he added, the situation has become of such public significance that his staying on was "inappropriate."

The governor, who is married and has three daughters, said he always had his family's best interest in mind.

Marrazzo has not publicly discuss the details of the case, though he said recently that he will talk to the public when the investigation closes.

The case made the front pages of all major Italian newspapers Saturday and dominated TV newscasts.

The Rome prosecutors have not discussed the case publicly. Marrazzo's lawyer could not be reached for comment Saturday.

The scandal exploded just days before center-left supporters are called to the polls to select a new secretary in a bid to relaunch the image of the battered and highly fractious Democratic Party.

The party has been in disarray since losing elections to Premier Silvio Berlusconi's conservatives in April 2008.

Berlusconi has made headlines for months over allegations of inappropriate relations with young women.

The three people vying to become the new leader are Dario Franceschini, who as incumbent secretary has shepherded the party to the primary vote; Pier Luigi Bersani, a former industry minister, and outsider Ignazio Marino.

Bersani is widely seen as the front-runner going into the vote. However, if no candidate wins 50 percent plus one of the vote, a runoff between the top two vote-getters will take place at a party assembly next month.

The three candidates discussed the scandal and in a joint statement Saturday praised Marrazzo's decision to step down as the responsible thing to do.

The four Carabinieri policemen who were arrested in the case were questioned in a Rome jail on Saturday. They are accused of extortion and violation of privacy.

The new general commander of Carabineers army is no more Giandomenico Siazzu but, from 23 July 2009 till 2013 the general Leonardo Gallitelli.

210 years after, the 13 flames of those 13 Jews....

Do Jesuit surfers love Caetani surfboards?

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The three "I" of "Instigate, Identify and Inquisition"





Also today the Italian media are spreading anti-Semitism. Of course in the most effective way. Take a ‘researcher’ on the ‘lies’ of the Holocaust, and attack him with a choreographed aggression. Of course he is supported by a consistent net of “Holocaust denier” source of information. The “Holocaust deniers” are fighting against “the most powerful plot never existed in the world”, but strangely they can always supply the society with their thesis. Strange, very strange. I, who am dealing with the Jesuits’ plot, am practically living isolated, hated and despised by anyone. Why the books of Eric John Phelps, or the blog of Douglas Willinger, are nearly a fact of clandestinity? If the church of Rome is only an optional of the world global elite, why is it that you, except the usual emarginated and isolated ones, you hear nothing about the Vatican and Jesuits as creator of National Socialism, of Bolshevism, of the SS? Damn, the priests of Rome aren’t Jews, but is seems that they are thousands of times more powerful than the Jews, who aren’t able to shut the mouth of the “Holocaust lies” propaganda, at the opposite, the more they are hitting it, the more it grows….

Once, when the Jesuit Red brigades where destroying the old political balance in order to introduce the new one of the Socialist and Christian democratic parties and to pursue another step in the restoration of the Pontifical reign, the press was suggested to not publish the thesis and to not gives echo to the Communist terrorists. This strategy is applied to the ones who are exposing the Vatican and the Jesuits as the creator of the New World Order. And as the priests of Rome can’t expose themselves with their almighty control of the world events, they always spread their propaganda and their forma-mentis through puppets who are apparently not-linked with mother church of Rome, but whose personal and public life become a little pedagogical Maoist theatre to train the Masses.

Concepts and especially sentiments like the hate towards the Jews are impossible to introduce via governmental decree. The same books and ideological works are not sufficient to pursue this goal if not accompanied by a strong living theatre which will allow to the masses to experience in first line the sentiment that has to be spread in the society. Take a ‘courageous’ Holocaust deniers who is member of the party of Berlusconi, ‘beat’ him in front of the masses exactly like you are prepared to do with the Jews. Do this cause his denial of the Holocaust. At the same time you would push your papal Jews of the Latin Kingdom (Israel) in a war with their brothers Masonic Muslims of the pope of Hamas and Hezbollah. Of course the guilty for the blood poured will be exclusively putted on the shoulder of the Jews and not of the Muslims. You will not tell the people that you ‘spend’ ten Arab civilians in order to have the pleasure to see one Jew murdered. You’ll not tell the masses that the same elite of Hamas and Hezbollah are the first beneficiary of the murder of the Islamic civilians and hence are disposed to ‘spend’ them exactly like Bush jr. ‘spent’ 3,000 Americans in the Twin Towers attack.

It doesn’t need to shake it all, because the reaction is spontaneous: anti-Semitism is again, magically, created. It remains some interesting points. Meanwhile today one of the news is telling about the presence in Facebook of the “Holocaust denier” of Berlusconi, Antonio Caracciolo, who has been condemned by a “…very, but very scandalized Communist Jesuit-Masonic third tv news!…” (whose spiritual father, Karl Marx, was an anti-Semite), yesterday the Facebook group “Uccidiamo Berlusconi” (“Let’s kill Berlusconi”) captured the attention of the media.

Since September 2008 it exists a group whose title is an incitement to kill the prime minister of the Republic. What could you think about? You can only see how my “Is ‘God’ cleansing Italy?” message is confirmed. For more than a year a Jesuit intelligence group with the task to detect the potential enemies of the Roman Catholic Constantine knight Silvio Berlusconi has worked. “Instigate, identify and Inquisition”. It works so since millennium. It worked with the Cathar’s heresy (spread very probable by the assassin sect of Templars), it worked for example in China (100 Flowers’ revolution), it worked with Salaman Rushdie who helped the pope of Teheran (and the Black pope of Rome) to detect the enemies of their war all around the world. It worked and works with the Tibet clashes, which helped to instigate and detect the ‘heretics’ inside Red Jesuit China. It works with the electoral provocation of the Assassin Ahmadinejad today in Iran. And it worked very well with the instigation of the encyclical “Mit brennender Sorge” in the Germany of Catholic Hitler.


“Mit brennender Sorge”. An encyclical to instigate, identify and to purge the Roman Catholic of Germany not aligned with the extermination of the Jews policy of the puppet of Vatican, the corporal Adolph Hitler (*) . And today you have again a sort of provocation. An instigation. For more an year they classified the people thanks to “Let’s Kill Berlusconi” Facebook group. Today – with a good timing - it appears the ‘scandal’ of the “Holocaust denier” Caracciolo. Do they have to select the true anti-Semite from the false ones? But they just did the job and Antonio Caracciolo was the central key in the identification work. In less than three months it will start the 2010 and the Jesuit baits on Facebook have discharged their duty. Its time now to harvest.

I told you about the 2010, its coming, but the Chemtrails are more ‘trendy’ and especially the emotion they can give are less powerful and dangerous of the ones you feel when you are staring the Beast directly in her eyes, instead to watch her white long farts in the blue sky.

(And now two examples of censorship. First, I see that they continually are trying to hide from the front page of Google the options to change the language. I can use Slovenian, English, German and of course the Italian language. They are trying with every means to shut my mouth, I haven't doubt about that! Second.After having heard the news, I was searching on Google with the words “berlusconi + svastica + arcore + mausoleo” to see if there are images of the big svastika – a replica of the one of the first Thule society logo – on the floor of the entrance of the Berlusconi’s mausoleum in the town of Arcore near Miland....
....The svastika is hidden by the opportune black strip:
It is a not a strange link the svastika of Berlusconi with his party member Antonio Caracciolo, the “Holocaust denier”. But it occurs a strange fact when searching. Even if the numbers of the page were reaching the number “25”, I was able to search only till the page “16”. Clicking on the page “21” for example, or similar one greater than “16”, you are putted back before the page “16”. Sixteen as the half of 32, the Canon of the Council of Trent.. To have the indisputable proof I substituted the word “svastica” with the word “sindaco” (“major”) and finally the searching engine was allowing to me to reach every page over the page “16”. Google macht frei”.)

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Joke of the Minister

Have you present some movies about the Nazis? There are classical scenes in them. For example a typical situation could show some drunken SS which are joking. One tells to the other: “I think we must respect the Jews!”. In the back of the pub where they are drinking and singing Nazi hymns, a slightly mind-retarded and very drunk SS comrade arise immediately from the chair throwing bottles and glasses on the floor and rages against the comrade responsible for such an ‘ignoble’ sentence of pity towards the Jews. Suddenly the choir and the noise in the pub disappear to leave the place to a glacial silence. But in the same sudden manner, some seconds after, a powerful collective guffaw covers the echo of the hateful protester. He is a little stupid, and fell in the joke of his comrade. Of course in reality no one think to respect the Jews, but only to murder them.

A similar scene occurred just today in the political Jesuit slaughterhouse in the Apennine peninsula. The minister of economy Giulio Tremonti declared that the “stabile employment is at the ground of our society and of the family”. After years and years of propaganda for a mobile employment, made by hundreds of dismissal all along the life of a man/woman, with such a sentence, the minister seemed to have taken a bit of LSD.

The Communist opposition immediately started to bark in order to appear coherent with the fable they are telling to the society (to tell the truth not since the beginning of the Italian republic, but from the birth of Karl Marx). And, of course, to gain the usual bone from the Vatican. Even a dog could be an actor. Just look at the many “Beethoven” movies of Vaticani-wood. They invented nothing new, just get inspiration from the Apennine peninsula.
Immediately after Giulio Tremonti shacked the Italian political kennel, his boss Silvio Berlusconi agreed with him. Did they for real deny decades of feudal ‘liberism’ by them defended with passion and ardour?

Of course not. But the shocking effect didn’t spare the brain of some slightly in a sleep P2ist comrade. The head of Confindustria, the most important association of businessmen and tycoon of the economy, the Frau Emma Marcegaglia, owner of steel-factories, reacted with anger. As the Frau is accustomed to work with “hard matter” like steel and their workers, who are people not so aligned with the vicious and decadent world of the spectacle of Silvio Berlusconi’s televisions, she immediately took the sentence as a pure, frank statement.

The same did the “Venetian”, minister Renato Brunetta, who, being he native in a region where the “Salvation through hard work” is a matter of fact and not of the television shows, immediately pushed away the horrible sentence stating that “the stabile employment is a matter of the XX century”. Renato was in a real hurry for those dangerous words. He is and indefatigable worker in order to transform the Apennine society in an immense “Work Camp” where the Roman Catholic sentence “Work set you Free” will experience an enthusiastic revival.

Unfortunately the Jesuit movie director didn’t allow to us to see and hear the loud laughs of Giulio and Silvio, accompanied with vigorous slaps on the shoulder of Emma and Renato. But the words of Tremonti are very sinister. In the Italian case, considering a great majority of the society which lays on the border of the mind disturb illness or of the deficiency of consciousness (precious attributes for the building of the fortune of that Vatican prostitute called: “democracy”), his sentence was not a forcible implementation of a rigorous dialectical Jesuit Masonic technique to affirm a concept through its apparent opposite image, but really only a pure, solely joke. Minister Tremonti knows that they have to exterminate the biological basis of the Western, Christian civilization, those white (and today very deficient) inhabitant of the Apennine peninsula. Of course they start not with the Germans, who are ‘slightly’ more hard to conquer, and an attempt in this direction could lead to a very painful disaster, but with the most characterially weak population, hence with the old anarchic and chaotic Italian society. The inhabitant of the Apennine peninsula have to cease to make sons and daughters for the benefit of the future sons and daughters of the North African immigrates, and this is the true goal pursued through the destruction of the “stabile employment” contained in the opposite sentence of Tremonti. You will gain a social recognition only with an interracial and especially inter-religious marriage. The superiority of Islam on the generic Christendom is an allusion to the luciferian, satanic denial of the Faith in Christ as means of Salvation. The Council of Trent wins with the Muslim Masonic mercenaries. Being the immigrates “persecuted and without rights”, for the Communist-Roman Catholic theology they gain a moral and hence a material social superiority on the white, Christian native population. I repeat. All that starts with Italy because a sudden attack to the North Europe societies could led to a not desired reaction, which could awake old sentiment of independence, autonomy and patriotic pride especially of the Northern Germans. It is better to encircle them slowly, in silence, conquering first the most easy to conquer Southerner Roman Catholic societies. Tomorrow, even if the Germans would awake, it will be too late and they will find surrounded and totally defeated.

Remember: Silvio Berlusconi is at the centre and the propeller of the Vatican international mega-machine (“Quinta Communications”) to import Islamic immigrants from North Africa. His friend Roman Catho-Islamic Tarak Ben Ammar was member of the Confindustria section of the Lazio region, the region of Rome. The falsely anti-immigration Lega Nord party supplies Silvio Berlusconi with a false “anti-immigration drive licence” which allows him to not be stopped at the political checkpoints built with a very deficient moral of the Italian society. At the same time his government is satisfying the most perverse dream of the Communists, his false enemy and truly secret brothers. The destruction of the rights and of the dignity pursued through the economical decadence of the society is the true goal of all the Communists of every corner and every age of this sad planet. If all are living decently, the Communists have no more alibi to exist. So Silvio, Tremonti, Brunetta, Marcegaglia are the secret supporter of the Communists. At the same time the Communists are helping the arrival of the immigration tide from North Africa, shooting moral bullets in the head of anyone daring to oppose to the “anti-racist” policy of the leftist opposition and of the trade unions. The final result is a decayed society, with anarchy and chaos reigning in it, with the definitive fall of every attempt to build secular, lay institutions. The society is cooked, and the criminal communist, fascist, democratic secular cooks deliver then it directly in the hands of the priests of Rome, the only ones who “shall be able to preserve a bit and a drop of civilization”, exactly like are doing in the destroyed Africa, exactly like they did after the fall of the Roman empire in their convents. But with a fundamental difference: two thousands years ago the 'barbarians' and the priests of Rome exploiting the fall of the empire were two distinct entities, today the true ugly barbarian who are destroying the “empire” aka our common Western Christian civilization are the same who are then ready to save it (from their the same rage) in their ‘convents’. Sad to say, but this is the truth.

And don’t forget: “capitalism” is only an elaboration of the old feudal economy and not the denial of it. Marxism and dialectical materialism has been developed by Rome to hide this thin distinction. The bourgeois economy is used to implement the “Salvation through good works” dogma in a totalitarian way. The abstraction of the economy is nothing else than the purge of every secular, not submitted to the pope interface between the divine emperor of Rome (and his masters) and the generalized exploitation of the planetary slavery to the “good works” dogma, hence named “capitalist economy”. Exactly like affirmed by Marx, the final point of arrival of he world totalitarian material system of “good actions – bad actions”, and hence of the “capitalism”, is the global Communist/Socialist dictatorship, with Rome and her criminal priests at the head of the abominable pyramid.

Bye bye my sleeping sheep, and have a good drink, it is offered by the damned soul of Pious IX...

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Afghan deja vu

So it seems we are arrived to a crucial point. Will the war between America and Iran explode? Franckly I am not much interested in the real material war. I think that the material war around ideological and political subjects is the continuation of a theological war. What interest to me is to know the true background of the apparent spectacle offered by the Novo Ordo Seclorum to the masses.

Hence finally the pope of Teheran could have his “Mit brennender Sorge” encyclical. It was the recent troubles in the elections of the new president of Iran and the consequent clashes who were and are used by Rome and her Islamic priests of Teheran to individuate and destroy the “enemy within”. But all that was not sufficient. Today it is required also the physical elimination of those inner enemies. Those enemies are the ‘heretics’ for of the Catholic Islam of Iran. But the priests of Teheran couldn’t do the religious assassination of the inner ‘heretics’ without a world-wide consequence and exposition. At the opposite, they needed of a world-wide emotional screen to hide the axles of the butcher. Rome helped them, and a Roman Catholic president putted on the chair of the governor for the civil affairs of the American plantations (namely: President of United States etc.), is the best present for the pope of Teheran. Many think that two infallible popes cannot live on the same planet. Error. They can, especially if the weak one (the Iranian one) could be useful for the enlargement of he world empire of the strongest one (pope of Rome).

All that is clear and true like the sun which arises every morning to enlighten the painful valleys of this sad planet. The theological monsters of Teheran couldn’t allow such a terrorist attempt as the recent one in Sistan-Baluchistan, without to be sure that the world propaganda would have not covered in a favourable way their false flag attack. Or do you think that for real does exist an ‘American’ or ‘Jewish’ hand in those sixty dead?

Of course for the occult Roman Catholic world wide propaganda only the American and the Jews are able to create “false flag” attacks. Because they are the theological evil. The theological ‘good’, the Roman Catholicism and his ally the Islam, are “innocent, sincere and ingénue” and “never could engineer a false flag attack”. If now that terrorist attack would let the theological Padrinos of Iran to wipe definitively away all the ‘dissidents’ (read again: ‘heretics), it will be only for a quantum mechanical coincidence, of course! And not for an intentional purpose! The just-in-time previous electoral troubles, happened short before the attack, are “absolutely not linked with it”.

And then of course it is a pure casualty the fact that in that attack, the S’hia and Sunnite blood are mixed. “Sh’ia and Sunnite – united and strong against the American Satan”?
As always happens, the CIA and Mossad are ‘bad’ and ‘perfidous’, but their ‘perfidous’ actions always supply the enemy with the weapon to gain a total victory. It is not strange that just on the 13th October it was announced – in homage to the evil Templars – that Barack Obama decided to send other 13,000 American soldiers in Afghanistan. Between Sh’ia and Sunnite nations.

But I don’t believe that the terrorist attack was a “CIA and Mossad” dirty job. I believe at the opposite that the hour X is near the angle and many "van der Lubbe" of Iran have to be beheaded on the public scaffold. Terrorist supporter Roman Catholic Barack Obama is sending in the Afghan trap the best American troops. His brother Islamic Ahmadinejad is building the premises for the final extermination of the cursed American army in the Afghan trap. The Zionists-of-the-pope at power in Israel are giving the necessary aggressive alibi to Ahmadinejad to further rage on the dissidents (now described as "collaborationists of Zionist enemy"). The CIA is headed by a Jesuit trained boss, Panetta, who is working for the Jesuit agenda of the Inquisitiorial war against the White Protestant American, and is a man with sufficient power to deliver directly to the Iranian intelligence with all the proofs involving “American agents” in the terrorist attack. Among the victims of the last terrorist attack in the region of Sistan-Baluchistan there’s the Pasdaran general Nourali Shoushtari, a very important man and a strong supporter of Ahamdinejad. Hence his murder is a clear message: “the civil opposition to Ahmadinejad is in moral, spiritual compliance with the assassins of Nourali Shoushtari”. A man that assured the full military support to the same religious leaders of the country contested by the rioters. Hence they are now not only simple ‘heretics’ but also ‘assassins’ and it is an oblige to wipe ‘em all away. The terrorist group “Jundullah” which claimed responsability for the massacre is related to the Sunnite. Here's another blackmail to the Sunnite who now have to demonstrate their loyality towards the Teheran’s authorities especially supporting the repression of the opposition, if they don’t want to finish at the bar in the Religious court as "supporters of the terrorists".
And so on. A deja vu?

Hence it is not strange that in the seat of the Harlot, the Apennine peninsula, some strange facts occurred in these days. Now it is clear one of the reason for which P2ist Roman Catholic knight of Constantine order saluted president Barack Obama in Pittsburgh (recent meeting on the global warming) saying “Obama speaks with the heart!”. The sentence is not only linked with the “ ’God’ is cleansing Italy” operation. Around the day when the Italian prime minister saluted in that way his Jesuit-Masonic brother Barack Obama, six Italian soldiers went killed by an attack in Afghanistan. Again the “strategy of Carlo Giuliani”? Yes, it smells like they did in the Genoa 2001 G8 summit police brutalities. The Police brutalities involved nearly only the civil State Police and not the military Carabineers. Except for one case. Probably, in order to push away the stench of the convenience for the Carabineers’ army to see the competitor civil State Police destroyed in the dignity by the police brutalities, the Carabineers killed a violent rioter during the rally, Carlo Giuliani. No one would then suspect the Carabineers for having dealt a probable secret accord with or having gained benefit from the most violent rioters who caused the bloody answer of civil State Police. And no one will dare to imagine that the destruction of the State Police reputation simply is a plan engineered to leave the Carabineers as only true both civil and military police force in the nation.
So a pair of week ago, meanwhile the tensions were increasing in that area, six Italians went murdered by a strange attack. No one would then suspect a sort of involvement in the probable future bloody defeat of the American troops. To strengthen this impression, a week after the attack to the Italian soldiers in Afghanistan, a mysterious Libyan terrorist tried to kill himself together with the sentinel at the entrance of a military infantry base in Milan, Italy. Were those six Italian killed in Afghanistan and that mysterious Libyan kamikaze the Carlo Giuliani of today? In order to support this version of the facts some days ago the Times online published some revelations on how the Italians paid money in order to gain safety for their troops in Afghanistan. The case exploded after someone exposed his doubts about the circumstances of the dead of ten French paratroops in the same Afghan area delivered by the Italians in the French hands. It resulted that the Italian intelligence paid the Taliban leaders (defence minister Ignazio La Russa defended himself saying that only the tribal chief were paid….) in order to avoid attacks. Translation and revelation of the true religious message: the Italian (read: Vatican) intelligence paid the Islamic terrorist in order to gain a certificate of “Religious friendship with the Islamic cause”. The Romish Catho-Islamic pact is a matter of reality and it was blessed with the 17th February 2008 Kosovo independence day, where Roman Catholic Croatia and Islamic Albania won definitively on the ‘heretic’, the Orthodox Christian Serbia.

But which is the concrete role of the Italian troops in Afghanistan? To understand it you must go 70 years before, in the “Russian campaign of Mussolini”.
Afghanistan probably has to become a sort of Stalingrad of today and I am saying nothin of exceptional, just go to the Douglas Willinger's CCR blog on the right side of this page to see the source for such an inspiration. Seventy years ago the Protestant Prussia based Wehrmacht was massacred in Russia by the Red army of the Roman Catholic Stalin in front. And in the rear you had the gun barrels of the Jesuit SS-pigs of Roman Catholic Hitler. But often it went forgotten also a third presence, the stone tied at the neck consisting in the purposely not efficient Italian army of Mussolini. Today, all that has to happen again? Is this the reason of the presence today of the Roman Catholic Italian soldiers in Afghanistan together the American and British ones? So which role did have Italy in the Second World War? The Wehrmacht was slowed down by the ballast of the inefficient Italian army. Purposely. Hitler was constrained (obeying to his master Ledochowsky) to send troops in Greece to rescue the Italian army which was defeated by an army of courageous peasants. Wasting fresh energies and dragging away from the Russian front divisions. The total defeat of the ARMIR, the expedition army of Mussolini, also today is kept in the darkness. This was an army then transformed from a military ally of the Hitler’s plans to a killing stone tied to the neck of Wehrmacht, allowing the Roman Catholic Stalin (in secret accord to Roman Catholic Hitler) to decimate the same Protestant based German army. Could be the true role today of Italy in Afghanistan, Irak, Kosovo, etc., similar to the one of 70 years ago? Of course in the complete un-awareness of the same Italian soldiers and of a good part of their officials probably destined to be ‘sacrificed’ in the name of the next Vatican and Jesuit Stalingrad in Afghanistan?

Looking to the incoming events with from this historical/religious perspective, all those last events involving the Islamic world, the terrorist attacks in Iran against Iranian civil and military authorities, in Afghanistan against Italian troops, in the same Milan against military targets, the encrypted Masonic messages of Silvio, the revelations of the Times online about the bribery of the Vatic-Italian intelligence paid to the Talibans, are like pieces of a puzzles which suddenly are perfectly fitting one to the other, to form the image of an incoming nightmare. The hour “X” is coming accompanied with the “P” of the word “pope”.

I forgot just only two details. First, the day before the terrorist attack in the Iranian region of Sistan-Baluchistan, the Italian minister for agriculture Vincenzo d’Urso expressed publicly the opinion of many members of his party, the Alleanza Nazionale of Gianfranco Fini, in other words the necessity to introduce a facultative hour in the school program where the Islamic religion is teached to everyone would ask for it. Such a proposal are not “just for a case” launched in the air and are telling us that the end of the Western and Christian world is near.
And second. If I remember well, after the embassy of S. Domingo, the large foreign embassy in the city of Vatican is the Iranian emabssy. Two popes - One Steel pact.

It will take not a great effort: first you'll make explode the scandal "governmental involvement in the 9/11" and you'll obtain a divided nation. The division will kept paralyzed the army forces meanwhile the external conventional enemy will attack America. Both inner fronts of the new bloody civil war around the "9/11" truth will get in alliance with one or more of the external forces attacking America, following the convenience in order to destroy the other civil front, the rest is only a deja vu. For now only a scenario, but all the material elements of it are just present.

Deja vu?

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

210 years after, the 13 flames of those 13 Jews....

Just a coincidence. Today, the 14th of October, Wednesday, I was stopped by a Carabineers patrol near my home. They controlled my documents. A routine job for the police forces which control the documents. But not just on the 14th day. 14 is a number involved in the Pontifical reign’s restoration in this lands. I greatly exposed the presence of that number. And I never saw a checkpoint in this street. So I was never stopped by a control there. Should I now write a message with numbers, references, datas of the recent ‘encounter’, etc.? Why?

To whom would it serve? To no one. I simply am writing to myself (and to the Jesuits, to the Carabineers, to the (Vatican) civil and military intelligence, to the Masonry, to the etc…).

So I simply say: today, the 14th day of October, I was stopped at a checkpoint of the most powerful army existing in Italy, the army with the 13th flames of Baal on the forefront. Stop.

Carabineers is the army I exposed in my “Low Intensity Carabineers coupe acted by Jesuits” in the old The Unhived Mind forum. This was a coupe d’etat I re-named, after having gathered a greater amount of information, “restoration of Pontifical reign”. Today the just restored 2nd Pontifical reign (hence the double “P”, the one of the first historical papal reign, and the second of the today’s restored one, hence: “P2”) is doing the ‘divine’ cleansing of the country.

The Carabineers army has as saint patron the “Virgin Mary” or: "Virgo Fidelis". Consecrated to it by pope Pacelli in 1947. A “Virgin Mary” or "Trustful Virgin" who has the duty to protect the army with 13 flames on the forehead of the hats. But two centuries ago, precisely 210 years ago, you had another “Virgin Mary” protecting and supporting 13 flames. On 28th June 1799, the Roman Catholic anti-French and anti-modernist movement of the Centre Apennine peninsula named “Viva Maria!”, murdered 13 Jews and some of them were burnt alive in the city of Siena. Coincidence. Like those 210 years passed from the Roman Catholic pogrom in Siena to our days, alluding to the 21st/XXI century, to the next 2010 year, to the 2nd October projection of the new "B2-arbaross-A1" Vatican movie. Coincidences.

The Roman Catholic anti-liberal anti-modernist Vatican savage movement “Viva Maria!” was born in the city of Arezzo, as a reaction against the French domination. This is the reason for which the Jesuit Napoleon was in Italy, obeying to the orders of his masters the Jesuits. Because he had to provoke the most bigot Roman Catholic communities and instigate them to a savage reaction which would have wiped away the liberal and Jewish ‘heretics’. “Viva Maria was cleansing the Centre Apennine peninsula!” could have said our many fathers Kolbes of those times.

And the proud Jesuit Napoleon Bonaparte could help them to realize their dreams of religious massacres.

Fifteen years after, in 1814, when the spiritual smoke of those 13 Jews was still in the air, and in order to thanks the Jesuits who putted him again on the throne, king Victor Emmanuel I, created, with royal decree ofthe 13th of July, a trustful military police which should have continued to serve spiritually the evil forces which allowed to the king the return on the Savoy throne, the army with the 13th flames, the Carabineers’ army. And to seal his oath with the Jesuits and the Vatican, Victor the I started, as soon he regained the throne in 1814, to persecute again the ‘heretic’ Jews and Christian Calvinist Waldesians of the Alpine valleys of Piedmont, the same Waldesians whose persecutions induced the glorious Oliver Cromwell to threaten French and Savoy with an invasion one and half a century before.

Were the newly reborn persecutions of king Victor Emmanuel I carried out also with the Carabineers army? At those times, if I am not wrong, they didn’t yet exhibit the 13 flames: probably the memory of those 13 Jews burned – some of them also alive – only 15 years before in Siena was too much present in the air with the smell of human burned flesh. But not today, when the greatest part of the Apennine peninsula is filled with sentiments towards the Jews (thanks infamous traitor Jews like Olmert and Peres) which are similar of the one of the Siena’s citizens on the 28th June 1799.

Today they stop you at their checkpoints. Just when you are at two, three minutes of slow driving from your home. Of course all that is for 99.99% a routine job. But in my recent case, I have some light doubts about. Because I was stopped by the ARMY OF MARY, the army of the WAR GODDESS, the GODDESS DESTRUCTOR OF THE HERETICS like in the first Thirty Years war when the Romanist army attacked the Protestant front at Bílá Hora crying "Santa Maria!", like in the massacres of the “Viva Maria!” assassins in Siena and many other towns in Tuscany and Centre North Apennine regions 179 years later, like in the Poland of father Kolbe, like at the entrance of the Nazi extermination camps.
And that army, today, as a sort of spiritual memory, carries on the hat's forefront the sign of those 13 burned Jews , and in their name, and in name of the Virgin Goddess of War's motto "trustful till the death", they are asking the documents to me, an 'heretic'.

The Vatican-Jesuit, Discrete Religious state of Terror “of Italy", or: welcome to the "II Pontifical reign of the Apennine peninsula":

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(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)