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I.G.M. - Inquisition Genetically Modified

Please, consider first the below coincidences, all pressed in a short period of time, anniversaries and recurrences that are beating the time of the Novo Ordo Seclorum march – the ‘magic’ or ‘exoteric’ deceptive superficial appearance of a scientific, cold, lucid, rationale and aware programming of a world wide and millennium-lasting plan:

2010: the 140th anniversary of the Porta Pia’s Breach

2012: the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking (founding of FED, etc.)

2013: the 800th anniversary of the purchase of the English kingdom and future pertinencies (today’s America, India, etc.) by the Vatican

2014: the 200th anniversary of the restoration of the Order of Loyola

2017: the 500th anniversary of the hammering of the 95 Thesis on the doors of the Wittemberg’s castle church (31st October 1517 - probably a fake date elaborated by the Vatican the same in order to fit it in his Saturnalia numerological sequence of NWO steps)

2022: 200th anniversary of the secret Treaty of Verona (war on Freedom of Speech, etc.)

Etc. etc.

Tuesday (the day of Mars), 28th April. I was listening to the public Slovenian radio channel # 1. The speaker announced the declaration of a certain doctor Pajc, a Croatian physicist living in Mexico. Dr. Pajc (I translate so the name I heard) affirmed that the Mexican government knew well the existence of the viral threat, many time before its dramatic appearance with many deaths and ill people. Dr. Pajc – as stated by the speaker - affirmed that the government was practically doing nothing or very little to stop the threat.

What I could have learned from the statements of doctor Pajc reported by the speaker, is that the situation is very similar to the one where an occult hand is doing every efforts to spread the plague.

And now, during the explosion of the plague, and exactly at one year of distance from the papal visit to the American plantations , the “lowest negro of the army” they putted in the (Andrew) White House just visited Mexico. The same country from where the Vatican crusaders and their Mexican emperor, coming from the city of Trieste in 1864 to implement the Verona’s secret Treaty in the New World, should have joined the enemies of the man that freed all the “lowest negroes of the army”.

In the city of Trieste, just five or ten seconds of walking of distance from and linked with underground tunnels (a link once used by the Himmler’s SS) with the Jesuit International Youth centre, they are building an international university pole for medicine and biology inside the once Hapsburg’s army hospital……


Do you think that it doesn’t exist in the world a perverted occult satanic elite which controls the events beyond the daily curtains of the apparent political , ideological and religious life? An elite that usually disguises itself under the deception of many other faked and by her controlled plots, the Jewish’plot, the Bourgeoisies’ plot, …?

Do you think that doesn’t exist a satanic elite of perverted people who would be able to kill millions, tens of millions, or thousands of millions of people for their thirsty of power? Did you forget Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot – who were not the elite but the servants of the elite - so readily and quickly?

Do you think that the world is not governed by a monstrous mega machine, the NOW/NOS machine , a machine in the hands of that satanic Luciferian elite, a machine working on many sides of the reality, the media, the religious sentiment, the economy, the war, the food, the culture, the health,…..?

And don’t you think that this mega machine, with its six billions of sheeople/gear wheels/chips, is becoming more and more ungovernable? Don’t you think that the words you are reading here is just one example of the brutal raid of that unforeseeableness they hate so much because is dragging their mega-machine outside their control?

Don’t you think that exist also mathematical and physical laws which limit the governance of machines in relation of their (material or abstract doesn’t matter) complexity?

Don’t you think that now is arrived the time to reduce the complexity of the Novo Ordo Seclorum mega-machine and to clean from it all the disturbing sources of noise, which interfere with the chains of signal commands from above? Disturbing sources of noise like the ones you can see in the links list on the right side?

Well, you are not alone, he too doesn't believe to all that:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The tongue of Satan, always speaks the truth without realizing it......

The sanctification cause for pope Pious XII always comes back, with regularity, flagellating the souls as the usual flu epidemic does every year with the bodies:

(with a little addition of some minutes later - scroll down to the bottom page, coloured words )

From “Whispers in the loggia” – “The Lisbon papacy” of 24th April 2009:

“…..On 6 September 1943 – days after Italy signed the September 3 armistice with the Allies and German troops occupied Rome – Pius told key aides that he believed his arrest was imminent.

General Karl Otto Wolff, an SS general, was told to "occupy as soon as possible the Vatican, secure the archives and art treasures and transfer the Pope, together with the Curia so that they cannot fall into the hands of the Allies and exert a political influence."

Hitler ordered the kidnapping, according to historians, because he feared that Pius would further criticise the Nazis' treatment of the Jews.

He was also afraid that the Pontiff's opposition could inspire resistance to the Germans in
Italy and other Catholic countries.

Some historians have claimed that General Wolff tipped off the
Vatican about the kidnap plans and that he also managed to talk the Fuhrer out of the plot because he believed it would alienate Catholics worldwide.

The latest revelations will be seen by some observers as a further attempt by the
Vatican to bolster the case for Pius XII being declared a saint……..”.

Yes, the Vatican tongue, the tongue of the Hell, always speaks the truth, without awareness. As moved by an almighty, divine hand, it simply declares the pure moral truth. Is it a divine sign, the exposition of the same Evil from his the same mouth? Is this the Divine Mystery? Anyway, here they admit the influence of the papacy on the Hitler’s regime….

But this one is not a theological mystery. It is only a strategic and theatrical confirmation. Do you remember the Poodle of the Jesuits, the ‘duce’ of Italy, Benito Mussolini, praying his master, the Jesuit monsignor Pietro Tacchi Venturi, in order to obtain the excommunication of the Roman Catholic agent of Vatican, Adolph Hitler? Of the worst traitor of the German people, not of the last 1,000 years, but in absolute?

“…..On the 10th April 1938, father Pietro Tacchi Venturi, the Jesuit who kept the relations between the Holy See and Mussolini as regards the essential problems, has been received in audience by the pope.

In the report on the encounter it is possible to read: “father Tacchi Venturi, admitted at the presence of the Holy Father, communicated as follows, in order to illustrate his letter of the previous 8th April.

The head of the government (Mussolini) said to Pietro Tacchi Venturi in a private talk (Thursday 7th April 1938) that, in front of Hitler, it would be convenient to be more forcible, without ambiguity; not now, immediately, but waiting the most opportune moment, in order to adopt these more strong measures, for example the excommunication, and that is convenient to avoid to think that the Hitler’s phenomena could be transient, as this man obtained for Germany great successes.

It would be necessary to adopt no other means than the war to obstacle him, and the war is not wanted. This more powerful step of the Holy See would have the consensus of people,( people) who couldn’t also be liked, he knows that well, by the Holy See, but all that doesn’t avoid the necessity (Posizione/position 720, fascicolo/file 329) ”…..”.

Yes, the tongue of Satan sometimes is forced to speak the truth. They had to write a storyboard in order to confuse the world about the immense material power of Rome. Haven’t they developed the ‘dialectic materialism’ in order to hide all their immense, planetary materialistic power, to put it then in the books, on the flags and in the rallies of their puppets, the Marxists? So the Fuehrer of the pope was ordered to elaborate a kidnapping plane in order to supply then the pope with an alibi…. For what reason do you think they saved “sooooo many Jews of Rome!!” from the hands of the Nazis? For Christian pity or… to create a post war alibi? I leave to the sincerity of your soul (if you have one) the duty to formulate an answer – because I have just it. Today they can’t say to you that Hitler’s regime was literally hanged – by his bollocks – from the same hands of the mad scientist that created it, doctor Vatikanenstein. I understand them. For this purpose they have to manipulate the stuff telling to you that ...“Hitler feared a reaction of the Catholic world in case of the kidnapping”, instead to tell to you that the influence of the same “Catholic world”, at disposition of the doctor Vatikanenstein, was so powerful to influence the same Hitler’s regime and – as strict, direct logical consequence – so powerful that would have stopped any kind of rising of a whatever National Socialist power in Germany ten, fifteen years before. But stay sure, that dr. Vatikanenstein - for other purposes, clear - used all that Roman Catholic social power. Who was present - with his tens of millions of shoes - in both fronts of war? In the armies of both fronts? In the industrial-military facilities of both fronts? In the intelligence services of both fronts? The Rabbies of Israel? And could have used this presence to send information from a front to another, to control the result and the ‘collateral’ effects of the war in order to increase the power of the same dr. Vatikanenstein?..... But they didn’t use all that power to stop the Roman Catholic charismatic dictator of Germany. Because they had another magic alibi, the alibi of the Bolshevik threat… Oh yeah! It seems that it was more a threat for the last Byzantines of Russia who went massacred by the Reds, instead for the pope. You know how the businness ended. The s.c. 'Bolshevik threat' revealed to be a wonderful help for the same dr. Vatikanenstein who finally saw “killed & hanged” his historical enemy in the East, the last descendings of the cursed Orthodox Paleologus…..Meanwhile the Marxist serial killers were cutting the throats of the Orthodox priests and of the Romanoff, the Vatican was hiding his deep happiness crying that “… all that would happen here if we aren’t able to stop ‘em!”. And behinde the curtains of the Roman Catholic theatre, ready to stage another piece, there was another actor, the Roman Catholic charismatic dictator, ready to stop all that bloodshed. It seems that he was not touched by all that powerful influence of the Catholics in Germany… Instead: that powerful influence was among the claque in the theatre.

So I am not asking to you a tremendous effort of intelligence. Have you for an instance watched at least one of those B series police thrillers? The sad point is the fact that for dr. Vatikanenstein and his funders, the Jesuits and the Italian papal bloodlines, it is sufficient some metres of toilette-paper of the Hell, with some words written with the feces of the Antichrist, to be authorized to call them documents, pardon, 'Vatican documents', and to present them to the world, with a choreographed dramaturgy worth of the best works of their Richard Wagner, in oder to impress a countless army of ingénue fools….

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The short addition. I was reading again the page linked with the "The Lisbon papacy" post of Whispers in the loggia blog. The message:

On Pius, Don't Pressure the Pope

.....and again I was dragged by that sort of encrypted expression, used also by the same Vatikaners, that "...B16..." ("...Controversy notwithstanding, the Israeli invitation for a B16 visit ...") which stands for Benedict XVI. They repeat it like a slogan, but a slogan is a message and you can see it transforming the B in the number of its place in the alphabet, the second.... The Algebra of the Hell has its university in the Vatican, and as used in the common algeabric notation, letters stands for numbers, and numbers attached to letters are suggesting a multiplication.... 'B16' is the factorial of the Council of Trent, and stands for '32', like the Canon launching on you the anthema in the case you think that the idealistic immaterial and spiritual overstructure of the society is superior to the materialist structure of the material working class..., Ops! pardon! I confused myself with the many forms of Roman Catholic theology: I wanted to say that if you think that the only way of Salvation is the immaterial, spiritual, idelistic Faith in Jesus, they are ready to burn you. Mabye in the next future, after the epidemic of swine flu, in one of their 'ecological', blessed by their S. Francis garbage incinerators.....


(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)